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MagicWars and Mage - teams united

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MagicWars and Mage - teams united

Postby nantuko84 » 28 Oct 2010, 06:20

Hi, everyone

I have good and bad news for those who play MagicWars.

I will start with bad one.
You may be noticed that we didn't release new version though we planned to do so at the end of September.
It was because I was working on branch to replace rules engine by Laterna Magica (viewforum.php?f=67). Actually it works now, but... still too many things to do. It was just a try to find smth that already works, not to spend any time for inventing the wheel.

AND HERE IS BAD NEWS: MagicWars is frozen and won't be developed anymore, at least in nearest future, but most probably never.
I know it is sad, as it was pleasure to program it and for sure play it spending 4-5 hours at night playing games with my friends. But at the moment there are two many limitations for me in the program and too many time to rewrite almost everything. Actually we started working on it, but stopped because of another reason that is good news.

And here is good news: MagicWars and MAGE (viewforum.php?f=70) teams united to work together on Mage. As for me I will work on GUI, plugins and drafting. I've already made some changes, but just wait for next Mage release. Eugen is working on releasing, new cards and other things that make developer's life easier ;) (as an example, it was his initial work to bring groovy scripts to MagicWars that proved to be very powerfull and flexible concept - we programmed in java about 600 cards during first 1,5 years, and scripted 700 unique mostly not vanilla cards during two months).

Anyway, Mage is very strong and has code that easy to understand. It already has almost everything I was working on and was planning to release in MagicWars 1.5.x: dedicated server, chat rooms, ai, multiplayer, replays and much more. Yes, gui is not so good, but it will, just wait.

I believe it is the first time two projects were united, but as for me it brings more benefits than losses.

See you
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Re: MagicWars and Mage - teams united

Postby Huggybaby » 28 Oct 2010, 06:30

Thank you for the news nantuko. I know it is difficult to let go of a project you have spent so much time on. But it is wise and heartening to see that you are able to learn from what you have done and move forward. I'm glad to see you join forces with BetaSteward. This is a very interesting example for other programmers/developers. Anyone can see looking around here that there is much duplication of effort and features between all the different but similar apps. Some apps have even forked, which spreads resources, but you show the alternate way of focusing resources. This type of consolidation is logical, and something I have been expecting and waiting to see. You happen to be the first.

I'm excited about the future of Mage. Congratulations and good luck!
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