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Race for the Galaxy

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2018, 00:14
by Fizanko
Race for the Galaxy is a card game (not a CCG/TCG) up to 4 players that have opponents racing for getting the most victory points by settling more worlds, make more development and etc... than the other.

At each turns, each player choose an action (explore for getting more cards in hand and discarding some, develop for playing development cards and paying their cost, settle a new planet and pay the costs when required, consume goods when you have some in exchange for more cards or victory points, produce goods)
The main difficulty is in the learning phase as you have to get acquainted with all the symbols on each cards, fortunately the automated rules help when your develop cards and other things give you some ability/bonus.

There is a vs AI program that allows you to play this game against an AI, using either the base game or any of its expansions and has a very well done interface that makes it interesting.
As a bonus it even allows multiplayer :

It is open source and they can also be downloaded on the site

Thanks to the source code, there's a slightly updated version (support "more or less" one more expansion) but only for modern OS :

Rules for the game (and expansion) are available in PDF for free on the site of the publisher : ... s-Imperium ... ink-of-War ... ring-Storm

The base game isn't very balanced, as the production strategy is very dominant in comparison to the military one, the various strategy get more balanced when playing with an expansion (that not only add obviously new cards, but add different new rules and game mechanic).
But for learning stick first to the base game, each expansion adding different rules and mechanics can become overwhelming.