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New card game

PostPosted: 21 Jun 2010, 22:30
by Elementalsowner
Hey Guys,

I just wanted to invite everyone to join my forum for a new card game: Elementals. I would like to see the game succeed, so I need some discussion from people who like strategic card games such as magic. Everyone is welcome.

God Bless,

Admin of ELementals

Re: New card game

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2010, 02:40
by Huggybaby
Very nice, and good luck. :)

Do you have any cards to look at? (You could use Nate's Card Generator to make some.)

Re: New card game

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2010, 08:57
by Snacko
The name reminds me of very similar and can be easily confused.

Re: New card game

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2010, 09:58
by MageKing17
I just glanced at some cards, mind you, so I didn't read any in-depth information, but when I see things like "you gain 50 life during each of your draw phases", I've got to wonder if there's not a statistic inflation going on. Do you really need to throw around large numbers like that? I mean, the various things I glanced at looked like they were all multiples of 5... couldn't you just divide everything by 5 without changing the dynamic significantly?

Re: New card game

PostPosted: 10 May 2013, 06:42
by TJ007
Hy guys!

I wanna show you a new trading card game!

This game is talk about 2 mage fight, with:
- monsters
- adventurers
- avatars
- artifacts
- instants
- invocations
- enchantments
The rules can be overwriting by
- rule cards or
- followers
For see the game, and learn a little bit about it, search the Battle of summoner name on the YouTube!

I think, this game is awesome! Very complex, but less words on the cards. The only card game, what played 13 years ago by me. On desk, or online. At the beginning, this was a Hungarian game, but the online version is worth a mass. Try it, its free! You can buy cards, but you can play for FREE to, without any money (like me), and if you can win competitions, you can win decks. Thank you for read! See ya!

Re: New card game

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2014, 10:10
by maliha
I'm newbie here. Happy to be members of the forum.
I hope we will have great time here. And I'll try to contribute to forum develop more.
I'm positively looking forward to the forum and its members hope all will guide, share and help me to increase my knowledge.