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World Deck Development thread

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Re: World Deck Development thread

Postby icecream » 14 Jan 2021, 23:58

i've rewritten worlds file like this for now. Luckily I can use it as-is, even w/ my "comments" lines:
Code: Select all
Name:1993-1995 Shandalar|Dir:shandalar|Sets:2ED, ARN, ATQ, 3ED, LEG, DRK, FEM, 4ED|Banned:Chaos Orb; Falling Star
                                                                           ^ Fallen Empires isnt actually used but weird to skip past it to 4th
Name:1993.10 Beta|Dir:1993-10 Limited Edition Beta|Sets:LEB|Banned:Chaos Orb
Name:1993.12 Arabian Nights|Dir:1993-12 Arabian Nights|Sets:ARN|Banned:City in a Bottle
Name:1994.03 Antiquities|Dir:1994-03 Antiquities|Sets:ATQ|Banned:Golgothian Sylex
Name:1994.06 Legends|Dir:1994-06 Legends|Sets:LEG|Banned:Arena of the Ancients; Falling Star; Karakas
Name:1994.08 The Dark|Dir:1994-08 The Dark|Sets:DRK|Banned:Maze of Ith
Name:1994.11 Fallen Empires|Dir:1994-11 Fallen Empires|Sets:FEM

Name:1995.06 Ice Age, Alliances|Dir:1996-05 Ice Age|Sets:ICE, ALL
   ^error directory date is typo'd
Name:1995.10 Homelands|Dir:1995-10 Homelands|Sets:HML|Banned:Apocalypse Chime
   ^note: missing mechanics of the Ice Age set although it arrived after Alliances

Name:1996-1997 Jamuraa|Dir:jamuraa|Sets:5ED, ARN, MIR, VIS, WTH|Banned:Chaos Orb; Falling Star
   ^ weirdly, using Arabian Nights (ARN) and Alliances (ALL) stuff...

Name:1996.10 Mirage, Visions|Dir:1997-01 Mirage|Sets:MIR, VIS
                                                            ^No weatherlight?
Name:1997-2000 Starter Sets|Dir:Starter|Sets:POR, PO2, PTK, S99, S00
Name:1997.05 Portal|Dir:1997-05 Portal|Sets:POR
Name:1997.10 Tempest|Dir:Tempest|Sets:TMP, STH, EXO
Name:1998.06 Portal Second Age|Dir:1998-06 Portal Second Age|Sets:PO2
Name:1998.10 Urza|Dir:Urza|Sets:USG, ULG, UDS|Banned:Gaea's Cradle;Memory Jar;Serra's Sanctum;Time Spiral;Tolarian Academy;Voltaic Key;Windfall
Name:1999.05 Portal Three Kingdoms|Dir:1999-05 Portal Three Kingdoms|Sets:PTK
Name:1999.09 Masquerade|Sets:MMQ, NEM, PCY
   ^ needs duels/challenges
Name:2000.09 Invasion|Dir:Invasion|Sets:INV, PLS, APC

Name:2001.09 Odyssey|Sets:ODY, TOR, JUD
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:2002.09 Onslaught|Sets:ONS, LGN, SCG
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:2003.09 Mirrodin|Dir:mirrodin|Sets:MRD, DST, 5DN, SOM, MBS, NPH|Banned:Chaos Orb; Falling Star
     ^ maybe break this into two separate expansion packs, the latter scars expansion arriving 2010.09 ...

Name:2004.09 Kamigawa|Dir:2004 Kamigawa|Sets:CHK, BOK, SOK
Name:2005.09 Ravnica|Dir:ravnica|Sets:RAV, GPT, DIS, RTR, GTC, DGM, GRN, GK1, RNA, GK2, WAR|Banned:Chaos Orb; Falling Star
   ^ maybe break this into two or even three(?) separate expansion packs. Return to ravnica expansion arrived 2012.09 ...
     guilds of ravnica (GRN) is 2018.10
     Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits (GK1)  are reprints basically, 2018.11 , these are probably ok
     Why is WAR in here????

Name:2006.07 Coldsnap|Sets:CSP
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:2006.09 Time Spiral|Sets:TSP, TSB, PLC, FUT
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:2007.09 Lorwyn, Shadowmoor|Dir:lorwyn|Sets:SHM, EVE, LRW, MOR, 10E|Banned:Chaos Orb; Falling Star

Name:2008.04 Alara|Sets:ALA, CFX, ARB
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:2009.09 Zendikar|Dir:zendikar|Sets:ZEN, WWK, ROE|Banned:Chaos Orb; Falling Star
   ^ newer zendikar spinoffs are separate a few lines below

Name:2011.09 Innistrad|Sets:ISD, DKA, AVR
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:2013.09 Theros|Dir:2014-05 Theros|Sets:THS, BNG, JOU, THB
   ^ note: no challenges have Theros Reborn(THB) in here

Name:2014.09 Khans of Tarkir|Sets:KTK, FRF, DTK
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:2015.09 Battle for Zendikar|Sets:BFZ, OGW|Banned:Chaos Orb; Falling Star
   ^ missing duels/challenges for the zendikar spinoff

Name:2016.04 Shadows over Innistrad|Sets:SOI, EMN
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:2016.09 Kaladesh|Sets:KLD, AER, MPS
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:2017.04 Amonkhet|Dir:Amonkhet|Sets:AKH, HOU

Name:2017.09 Ixalan|Sets:XLN, RIX
   ^ needs duels/challenges

Name:Main world
Name:Random Standard
Name:Random Pioneer
Name:Random Modern
Name:Random Commander
Name:Random Core Set|Sets:LEA, LEB, 2ED, 3ED, 4ED, 5ED, 6ED, 7ED, 8ED, 9ED, 10E, M10, M11, M12, M13, M14, M15, ORI, M19, M20, M21
Name:Core M10,M11,M12|Sets:M10, M11, M12
Name:Core M13,M14,M15,ORI|Sets:M13, M14, M15, ORI
Name:Core M19,M20,M21|Sets:M19, M20, M21
Name:Non-Block Sets|Sets:IKO, THB, ELD, WAR, RNA, GRN, DOM, HML, FEM, DRK, LEG, ATQ, ARN, JMP, CNS, CN2, BBD, MB1, MMA, MM2, EMA, MM3, IMA, A25, UMA

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Re: World Deck Development thread

Postby icecream » 16 Jan 2021, 02:41

Onslaught -- tried my hand at creating a world, but have some problems.

I converted some decks from online to the Forge .dck "Duel" format. After getting Forge to load without crashing (weird how important giving duels a "Name=" line is , lol), I began dueling. I created a wall of creatures and waited for the AI to act, but noticed in some cases it was getting a full hand and then discarding.

This is one of their decks:
Code: Select all
Name=The Claw by Darwin Kastle
Title=The Serpents
Difficulty=very hard
Description=The Claw by Darwin Kastle
Icon=The Serpents.jpg
Deck Type=constructed

2 Contested Cliffs|C13
11 Forest|RTR
8 Mountain|RTR
4 Wooded Foothills|KTK
4 Goblin Clearcutter|LNG
4 Imperial Hellkite|LNG
4 Kilnmouth Dragon|LNG
4 Krosan Tusker|C13
4 Ravenous Baloth|C13
3 Rorix Bladewing|ONS
4 Wirewood Elf|ONS
4 Explosive Vegetation|CN2
4 Starstorm|C14

2 Insurrection|CMD
4 Naturalize
4 Shock
4 Silklash Spider|C14
1 Slice and Dice|C13
This is a 6th place deck from one of the Block tourneys at the time. While some of the cards might have different editions listed inside this deck, I know for sure that these cards were present in either Onslaught, Legions, or Scourge.

AI was discarding Imperial Hellkite and Kilnmouth Dragon, (strangely i'm missing pictures for these two as well). When hovered over them in the graveyard, I got a message to the effect of "Forge does not support this card".
I suspect the AI was also holding onto Rorix Bladewing , but not totally sure. Dragons are broken...?
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Re: World Deck Development thread

Postby icecream » 16 Jan 2021, 09:17

I've managed to make a script to convert some real decks from an "mwDeck" format, like found in the mtgtop8 site, into the .dck one Forge likes. Initially I threw it at a few I found for Onslaught (sadly too few), and as I mentioned previously, the AI cant seem to play its star dragon cards =( Maybe in the future these cards will be fixed ;D

Anyway, attached are some Duels!
- 2002.09 Onslaught troublesome duels due to broken dragon cards
- 2016.04 Shadows over Innistrad duels based on great decks from the big Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, Sydney 2016, near the end of the block, Standard format. I've manually added how these decks have placed in their names. I've played against a few, and the AI seems to be playing these fine.
- 2016.09 Kaladesh duels based on great deck decks from the big Pro Tour Kaladesh, Dublin 2017, near the end of the block, Standard format. Here too the decks have placements in their names. Only played a little, but seems okay.

I only have duels here; challenges still needed.

1) extract to res/quest/world
2) change res/quest/world/worlds.txt to have these lines:
Code: Select all
Name:2002.09 Onslaught|Dir:2002.09 Onslaught|Sets:ONS, LGN, SCG
Name:2016.04 Shadows over Innistrad|Dir:2016.04 Shadows over Innistrad|Sets:SOI, EMN
Name:2016.09 Kaladesh|Dir:2016.09 Kaladesh|Sets:KLD, AER, MPS
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Re: World Deck Development thread

Postby icecream » 16 Jan 2021, 21:44

I had typos for Onslaught legions edition that were causing the cards to not work (I had LNG, when it should've been either LE or LGN). Attached is fixed Onslaught and a challenge, "Break the Bubble". Enjoy =)
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