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From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

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From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 13 Jun 2011, 23:02

This first post will have a complete list of the decks and an attachment with all of the decks. Further posts will contain decks that are added in each column or each update of forge.

Place the decks in directly into the /res/decks/constructed/ folder.
Place the decks in directly into the /res/decks/commander/ folder.

The currently forgeable decks (version 1.6.11) from From the Lab/House of Cards are:

Coverage: 1943/2032 (95.62%)

FROM THE LAB [Coverage: 901/941 (95.75%)]
18.5.2015: Angel Surprise; Renewal Station
11.5.2015: 101 Corpses
4.5.2015: All-In Auras; Spiritual Artillery
27.4.2015: Hornet Druid; Knights of Aluren
20.4.2015: Exploitation Vat; Momentary Sacrifice
13.4.2015: Life Courier; Searing Wake
6.4.2015: Broken Scales; Phases for Dayses
30.3.2015: Bouncing Statues; Cosmic Assault
23.3.2015: Infinite Lore; Kin & Out
16.3.2015: Adam's Rally the Zuberas; CKY's Zombie Hunt; Christian Harper's Burning Trees and Making Myr; Jack's Izzet a Lightning Storm?; Kevin McHenry's Prolifer2; Nathan Barrett's Field of Rest; Rob's Puresteel Power
9.3.2015: I Want More; Temporary Allies
2.3.2015: Sprouting Hydra, Hidden Dragon; Tokentempest
23.2.2015: Cloudwalker Curio; Temur Mortuary
16.2.2015: Death's a Sucker for a Pretty Smile; Fear the Reaper (2015)
9.2.2015: Hell's Emissary; Unseenograft
2.2.2015: Golden Harvest; Lord of the Cloudscrapers
26.1.2015: Scourge of Lands; Vintage Bracers
19.1.2015: Dragonscale Guru; Sandsteppe Sage; Sekki the Invincible
12.1.2015: Marang River Altar; Phyrexian Manifesto; Reset Master
5.1.2015: Arcbound Hellion; Deathbond Surge; Pariah's Bond
29.12.2014: Soul Effort; Words Are Key
8.12.2014: Jeremy Rose's Hellboy; Kevin Mchenry's We Have to Go Back; Looverse's Deck of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Travis Comstedt's Battlestar Galactica; Will's Kino's Journey
1.12.2014: Dead Plane; Tombstone Tunnel
24.11.2014: Boshing Faces In
17.11.2014: Breath of Ascendancy; Zurgo Worldsmasher
10.11.2014: Argothian Exploration; Serious Repercussions; Sleeping Dragons
3.11.2014: Infinarset; Rituals of Ascendancy
27.10.2014: Early Rukh Gets the Worm; Reef Worm Control; Warstorm Reef
17.10.2014: 99 Swans; Counter-Intuitive; Taking Candy
13.10.2014: Everybody Dies (FtL); Tokens of the Forge
6.10.2014: Alex Cohen's Free Stuff; Garry Hough's Mardu; Jeremy Brewer's Temur Alarm; Rudy's Undying Endurance; Rudy's Zombie-Stacking Solution; Ryan Miller's Unstoppable Force; Steven Woolery's Jeskai Ascendancy
29.9.2014: At Death's Karador; Grafted Scales; Open the Doran
22.9.2014: Empty the Library; Sidisi, Butcher of Libraries
8.9.2014: Muraganda Morph; Rude Mischief
1.9.2014: Goblin Horde; Howling Fury
25.8.2014: Cyanide; Guru of Death; Serpent Soul
18.8.2014: Eon Chasm; Paradox Smoke; Time Severance
11.8.2014: Blow It All Up; Death Cloud Tron; Vigor Burn
4.8.2014: Garruk's Majesty; Lurking Lockdown; Tainted Tokens
30.7.2014: Burning Vigor; Polymorphism; Shackled
23.7.2014: Free Robots; New Recruits; The Infinite Swarm
18.6.2014: A. Hayden's The Maze-Runners; Alex Allen's Teysa's Grimoire; Alex Watkins's Journey Through Theros; Garla Mapit's Phyrexia; Raymond Hickey III's Crovax's Ascension
11.6.2014: Death Gifts; Yawgmatog
4.6.2014: Muzzio's Upgrades; Treasonous Children
28.5.2014: Artifactory; Day of the Scarecrows
21.5.2014: Eternal Combat; The Flicker Machine
14.5.2014: Nightmare Whale; Starry Nightmare
7.5.2014: Bloodstrike; Cowardly Soul; Mana Action (Chorus of the Conclave); Mike Cannon - BG Dredge; Mike Cannon - Token Ramp
30.4.2014: Grim Wave; Star Wards
16.4.2014: Ooze 4 You; Rite 2 Party
9.4.2014: Clocking Out; Time Scavenger
2.4.2014: Enduring Death; Firewalls
26.3.2014: Doubled Halves; Mana Action (Karametra)
19.3.2014: Crystal Corondor; Prophet of Ephara
12.3.2014: The Mirror; The Orb
5.3.2014: Crash Courser; Deck Eater
26.2.2014: Arcbound Infinity; Lizardcycling; Nantuko Crime
19.2.2014: Bizarre Traitor; Uba Mask; Über Mask
12.2.2014: Aura of Inspiration; Burnination Multiplication
5.2.2014: Astral Chimera; Forces of Fate
29.1.2014: Deadly Spikes; Mean-Spirited
22.1.2014: Aggro Astronomy; Meletis Madman
15.1.2014: Altar of Souls; Soul Flavor
8.1.2014: 1/8; 2014
9.12.2013: Endless Belching; Fungal Doom; Home Islands; Ib Halfheart, Saproling Mountain; Stop Hitting Yourself
2.12.2013: Gray Area; Green Lyte
25.11.2013: Can't Touch This; Pre-Cursed
18.11.2013: Elite Heroes; James Cannon's Elite Tactics; Tideslaver
11.11.2013: Ashnod's Monster; Endless Cruelty
4.11.2013: Untitled DDrew Bobulsky's Endless Possibilities: Show Yourself Outeck
28.10.2013: Seven Years
21.10.2013: Crystal Crusader; Trial by Fire
14.10.2013: Warp Speed
7.10.2013: Brian Froehlich's White Weenie; Cameron Stewart's Izzet Bounce; Jens Mueller's The Answer to Everything; Kendal Reed's Token Green Guy; Reggie Sauls's Ink-Treader
30.9.2013: Blood Cage; Grim Defense
23.9.2013: Ash; Morty
9.9.2013: Ageless Beating; Darksteel Artisan; Phyrexian Forms; Yore Doom
26.8.2013: Hazy Clones
19.8.2013: Grimfall; It's a Spawn World
10.8.2013: Cats of Agony; PyroStorm
29.7.2013: Eternal Flickering; Steel Mill; Valkastorm
22.7.2013: Life & Death; Silence
15.7.2013: Infinite Saprolings; Infinite Zombies
8.7.2013: Aurelia's Resonator; Strionic Legion
24.6.2013: Cracklin'; Razin'
17.6.2013: Rite of Fire; Shufflin' Time
10.6.2013: Anger Bridge; Saffi's Bird Thing
3.6.2013: Avery Garon's Humility Dragonshift; Benjamin Whiteman's Doubling Resurgence; Dom Camus's Hatshift!; Elliott Dent's Double, Double, Vorel and Trouble
27.5.2013: Ad Nauseam; Zur's Weirding
20.5.2013: Gates of Wrath; The End
13.5.2013: Darigaaz, the Igniter; Goblin Caves; High Tide (FtL); Snap; Tsunami
6.5.2013: Giveaway; Time Chant
29.4.2013: Chain Gang (FtL); Storm Commando
22.4.2013: Cruel Surprise; Death Stripes
15.4.2013: Mimicontrol; Progenitelves
8.4.2013: Melek's Lightning; Melek's Mind
1.4.2013: Foolish Researchers; No Search for You
25.3.2013: Benjamin's Near-Death Experience; Callum Logan's Orzhov Combo; Dean El-Homsi's Teysa's Darknesa; EsperMage's Deathless Visionary; George Lucas's Vizkopa Servitude; Jonah H-A's Orzhov Combo; Jonathan and Jay Czeisel's Teysa Combo; Lorenzo Caracò's Painting with Teysa; Max Miller's Cartel's Crusade; Ross McBeath's Endless Nightmare Horror
18.3.2013: Prosperous Death; Untap of the World
11.3.2013: Eternal Servitude; Worldshrieker
4.3.2013: Priests of Pandemonium; Vigorous Act
25.2.2013: Dredge Chimes; Standard Reckoning; The Reckoning
18.2.2013: Infinite Flux; Mirror rorriM
11.2.2013: Niv-Mizzet, Bloomin' Genius; Tyrant's Hoard
4.2.2013: Shadow Fury; Tokens of Rage
28.1.2013: Duskmantle Mill Kill; Vizkopa Life & Death
21.1.2013: Altered Altruism; Aurelia, the Infinite Beater
14.1.2013: Ooze Crusade; Undying Ooze-ville
7.1.2013: Infinite Assault; Infinite Combat
31.12.2012: Alchemist's Bracers; Double Double Trouble
15.10.2012: Ultimate Lab Deck of Doom
1.10.2012: Elf Pop; Tricksy Tokens; Trostani's Troops
24.9.2012: Lost in Nothingness; Pact Power; Wild People; Wowzer's Izzetopolis
17.9.2012: Search for Soil
10.9.2012: Eating Echoes; Spell Beats
3.9.2012: Bear Death; Death Elements; Mortal Beasts
27.8.2012: Mark Schofield's Caged Control; Psycho Atlas; Walter McManigal's Slay Alive
20.8.2012: Bitter Psychosis; Flame Practical
13.8.2012: Doubling Dark; Doubling Dark (alternate dimension); Explosilence; Jace Race
6.8.2012: Engine Room; Ripped and Roaring; Slumber Party
30.7.2012: Bloody Harvest; Darker Bloody Harvest; Mirroring; Wormhole Reflection
23.7.2012: Dark Red Nobility; Jamison VanLoocke's Green-Blue Omniscience; Lone Heroics; Omniscient Demonstorm; Searing Power
16.7.2012: Know and Tell; Monomniscience; Omen-iscience; Tim 1 + Tim 2
9.7.2012: Deadeye Deception; Eternal Reward; Parallel Omens
2.7.2012: Buried Treasure; Flame World; Parks and Devastation; Touch of Tokens
28.6.2012: Milltwine; Twined Heresy
21.6.2012: Drake Dalliance; Elves in the Bushes; Forever Available; Odric's Porridge; The Mogg Mob
14.6.2012: Metal Sands; White Sands
7.6.2012: Awareness; Force; Insanity (FtL)
31.5.2012: Dragons Devour!; Haphazard Wanderings; Umbrawoods
24.5.2012: Ninjas!; Roguish Behavior; Stake Out
17.5.2012: Deadeye Dial; Deadeye Massacre; Dire Cloud; Flicker Fun; Navigator of Urabrask
10.5.2012: Phantom Drive; Vision Mania
3.5.2012: Bloodbath; Fun with Food; Primal Mania
26.4.2012: Grand Toys; Mirrored Mania; Reflected Research; Reflected Zombies
19.4.2012: Giant Numbers; Reflect the Kraken!; Tribal Reflection
12.4.2012: 'Baster Beats; Light Script
5.4.2012: Coin Chaos; Isle of Exile; Sneaky Swiping; Spiritual Swiping
29.3.2012: Angelfish Blast; Cursecraft; Light Shift; War Ghosts
22.3.2012: Archer Armada; Captain Crawl; Cold Red; Sorinsanity; Tiny Dudes
15.3.2012: Kindrazi; Memory Lost; Myco + Psycho
8.3.2012: Dragon Hour; Fate Slippage (with Slivers!); Tick Tick Boom
1.3.2012: Death Clock; Demon Days; Moonmaster
23.2.2012: Cat Power; Sometimes They Come Back...; Speedy Green; Undying Green
16.2.2012: Curses!; Unhealthy Attachment; Vaulting Wills; Wave of Wolves
9.2.2012: BioShock; COGs Away!; For the Horde!; Skynet; The Wall
2.2.2012: A Game of Shadows; Knights of the Order; Octopus's Garden; Remember Sammy Jankis; The Path to the Dark Side; Transmutation - Robert Richey
26.1.2012: After Midnight; Haven for the Guls
19.1.2012: Disappearing Friends; Life Particles; Vaporhythm
12.1.2012: Haven Hijinks
5.1.2012: Hallowed Misfortune; Mastery Mania; Oozin' Through the Cracks
15.12.2011: Doppeldevils; Renaisseism; What Was That Noise?
8.12.2011: Maniac's Playground; Rage Alongside the Machine 2.0
1.12.2011: Clone Jungle; New Essence Upon Rebirth; Reflected Aggression; SCIENCE!; Vivid Vamp Rush
17.11.2011: Eternal Insects; Poison Pike; Splinterspectrum
10.11.2011: Black-Red 117; Dream Is Collapsing; Meek Making; Red-Green 117
3.11.2011: Dream Is Collapsing (Modified Version); Psychic Squirrels; Successful Trace
27.10.2011: Give Up The Ghost; Mycostone; Self Loathing
20.10.2011: BRAINS!; Grimgond; Ooze in Boots; The Grand Finale
13.10.2011: Feast; Party!; Piety; Smoke; Syzygy; Æther
6.10.2011: Flip, Howl, Swing; Laboratory Nights; Majestic Mosh
29.9.2011: Birds; Blitz; Clog; Death; Götterdämmerung; Learn; Peace; Snikt!; Swarm
22.9.2011: Chaotic Flames; The Shrieking Shack; Trippy Tree
15.9.2011: Loomer; Sometimes; To Here Knows When; What You Want
8.9.2011: Madman's Fate
1.9.2011: Cloudstorm of the Undead; Undead Downpour
25.8.2011: Anthem Antics 2.0; Ghost Tidelands; Limbfall
18.8.2011: Scramble On
11.8.2011: Artistic Pains; Newspaper; Sun O))))))
4.8.2011: Bad Religion; Claws and Fists; Spinthirst; V for Vampires
21.7.2011: Alone Time (With Goblins); Phantom Phorces; The Empire Strikes Back (FtL)
14.7.2011: A Deadly Medley; Avenger and Tricks; Blue Blast; Garruk's Goblins
7.7.2011: Mages in Training; Opening Ceremonies; Ruhan of the Fomori; Sapiderlings
30.6.2011: ...And the Infinite Sadness; Pact of Infinity; Sunslide
23.6.2011: Acid Trip; Spore Season; Tanglesoul; Zedruuniverse
16.6.2011: Allied Crescendo; Psychic Chaos; Stranglesong
9.6.2011: Bond of Blood; Myr's Bond
2.6.2011: Liberated Glory; Torpor Snore
26.5.2011: Birth Chains; Rage Alongside the Machine; Soul Payment
19.5.2011: Germ Echoes; Pure Pegasi; Survivors of Death; The Bludgeon Battle Book
12.5.2011: Nature's Wide Grin; Psycho J; Shaepe Shifting; Speed Skiing
5.5.2011: Lima Beans; Mindgrind; Splintastic
28.4.2011: Dawnbirth; Hunted at Birth
21.4.2011: Common Nonsense
14.4.2011: A Little Mercy (Daniel's Deck); Will's Deck (Seven-Card Combo)
7.4.2011: Process of Life; Spine Transplant; Wizard Swap
31.3.2011: proliferAGE; proLIFErate; Webspawn; Windspiral
24.3.2011: Arch Anvil; Foreverflowing; Possessed Time
17.3.2011: Cryptoforces; Proliferite; Vat Vanity
10.3.2011: Flu Season; Kaldration; Mortal Kombat
3.3.2011: Natural War Zone
24.2.2011: Dragon Duo; Galvanic Haze of Weirdness; Over-Welder; Turbo Myr
17.2.2011: Nest of Death; Phantasmassacre; Shifting Psalms
10.2.2011: Battle Cry Beats; Bloody Battle Cry Beats (With Dwarves!); Gerrard's Battle Cry
3.2.2011: Glissando; Time Assembly; Trollin'
27.1.2011: Ian's Curiosity Killed; Louis's Mean Looking Blue; Nate's Spirit Pool; Nick's Blightsteel Pool; Ross's Poison the (Knowledge) Well; Sacha's Poolside Sun; Will's Sphinx-Bone Wand Deck
20.1.2011: Goblin Pool; Mindguard Off Duty
13.1.2011: Aurautumn; Spring in my Step; Summer Juice; Uncommon Cold
16.12.2010: Bodhisattva; Do It Again; The Royal Scam
9.12.2010: Fire Party; Skill Propagator; Viridian Lattice
2.12.2010: Allergic to Insanity; Clash Helix; Helix Games; Proto Prison
18.11.2010: Noel's Wurmy Burn
11.11.2010: Field of Five; Kha + Kor; Pale Myrder
4.11.2010: Bushido's Blight; Poison Was the Cur; Tainted Rogues
28.10.2010: Bryan Holtz's Broodbutcher; Charles Laviolette's Kazuul's Pest Control; Erica Socha's How to Feed Your Dragon; Fox Murdoch's The Cliffs of Insanity; Harry Readinger's Teferi Gone Wild; Jax Bateman's Kazuul, Trader of the Cliffs; Joshua Abels's Wild Card; Ryan Dimaunahan's Enduring Appeasement; Zachary Segall's Paradox Provocation
21.10.2010: It's Clobberin' Time!; Mimiccraft; Psych Out; Splice onto Golem
14.10.2010: 'Walk the Allys; Counterlifetoken; Ignus Rites; Wildwire
7.10.2010: Geth's Golems; Para-Stax; Proliferezzeret!; Saproliferate; Tide Race
30.9.2010 (Scars of Mirrodin House of Commons): Black-Green; Black-Green Infect; Black-Red; Blue-Black Artifact; Blue-Red Control; Green-White Metalcraft; Green-White Random; Metalcraft Control; Red-Green Weenie; Red-White Artifacts; White-Blue
23.9.2010: Solitooze; Split Party; You Looze
16.9.2010: Activated Allies; Black and Blooze
9.9.2010: Battlespheric; Pinchmaster
2.9.2010: Burn Hive; The Antsy Angels of Arboria; Vital Elements
26.8.2010: Sages for the Aeons; Soul Soup; Unearthable
19.8.2010: Ley the Beats; Verdant Void
12.8.2010: Blue Machinegun; Fiery Furnace; Green Machinegun; Skele-Gro
5.8.2010: Nissa's Chosen Many; Reality Echo; Wheelshot
29.7.2010: Beetlejuice; Flowerstorm; Knightmare
15.7.2010: Garruk's Druidfest
1.7.2010: Flash Titans
24.6.2010: Erupting Season; GigantoPair
17.6.2010: Grand Arbiter's Flock; Moonflare; Seaside Villainy; Shifty Villains
10.6.2010: Mystic Mythmaking; Umbrastic
3.6.2010: 'Bent Gorger; Bouncy Gorger; Mad Gorger; Platinum Payday; Sh-Omen-Tell
27.5.2010: Fun Rain; Salvador Dali's Treasure Chest
20.5.2010: Glorycarver; Renegade Jellyfish; Wall of Splinters
13.5.2010: Echoed Discoveries; Rare Candy; Spawning Grounds
6.5.2010: Hedron Hijinks; Mad Dragons; 'Silver 'Kin
29.4.2010: GigANTic; The Harder They Fall
22.4.2010: Spawnshop
15.4.2010: Lights and Sounds
8.4.2010: TokenTime
1.4.2010: By a Thread; Disaster + Hilarity
25.3.2010: Draft Concentration
18.3.2010: Blitz Level; Cursed Highbirth; Natural Selection; The Vital Perimeter
11.3.2010: Deep-Sea Beasties; Nihilistic Nightmares
4.3.2010: Garden of Doom; Garruk's Forest; Greedi-Vess; Tezzeret's Artifact Spark; What's Yours Is Mine (EbonRose)
25.2.2010: Anthem Antics; The Green Grumble; The Red Rumble
18.2.2010: Ajani's Pride; Elspeth's Purity; Hair Metal; Hunger's Reward; The Ballad of Nicol Bolas; Together We Kill; Vengeant's Despair
11.2.2010: Maw and Claw; Memory Crusher; Terra-ble Emergence; When Plants Attack!
4.2.2010: Creeper Alert!; Firehaze; Spark Potential
28.1.2010: Selective Profits; Tomorrow's Memories; Treasure Islands
21.1.2010: Bendy Swirl; Vigorshift
14.1.2010: Booby Bamboozlement; Circus of Bruises; The Miserable Mill
17.12.2009: Fire of GoblinGoats; Mourning Tactics; Tactical Self-Destruction
10.12.2009: Hot Blooded; Jellyfishing
3.12.2009: Raze Blaster; The Cruel, Silent Ironworks
19.11.2009: Couchman's Lullz; Paradox Quell; What Not to Wear
12.11.2009: Lullscape
5.11.2009: Ally Replication; Nissasty; 'The Ally Deck'
29.10.2009: Cloning Goats; Pledge to Arms; Saprorabble
22.10.2009: Bloody Drain; Constructive Criticism; McCulldrifter; Vampires Eating Goblins
15.10.2009: Bloodsong; Moilmage's Fury; Murder Mill; Visionmage's Spite
8.10.2009: Charged Vessel; Ghastly Perils; Landmill 1.0; Landmill 2.0
1.10.2009 (Zendikar House of Commons): Blue-Red; Five-Color Allies; Green-Red-Black; Mono-Black; Mono-Blue; Mono-Green; Mono-White; Red-Green; Red-White; White-Black
24.9.2009: Balm and Clay; Bone Dry
17.9.2009: Ablazin' Ascension
10.9.2009: A Slew of Skull Symbols; Vampires of Agadeem
3.9.2009: Restock Fire
27.8.2009: Greasy Meal; McLoven!; Steel Sprint
20.8.2009: Cascade of Fate; Exile into Elfblood; Pied Piper
13.8.2009: Minnesota Masters; Proper Hydration; Quirky Lurking
6.8.2009: Eye in the Sky
30.7.2009: Adam Simpson's TwinTokens; Brett Wright's Birthday Deck; Doug Johnson's Birthday Deck; Josh Cain's Birthday Deck; Kenyon Colloran's Birthday Deck; Nate Hannon's Birthday Deck; Ray Matabichos's Murmurs about Superman in a World Made of Bant
23.7.2009: Epic Unearthing; Noel's Ninja Deck
16.7.2009: Alex van der Bie's Birthday Deck; Brandon Liley's Birthday Deck; Doug Maull's Birthday Deck; James Marsh's Jund Deathday Surprise; Mark Verkoulen's Birthday Deck; Ryan Sextro's Birthday Deck; Steven Wolf's Alien vs. Predator; Øystein Hjertvikrem's Birthday Deck
9.7.2009: Burning Mill; Burning Worship
25.6.2009: Burn Notice; Lifelink to the Past; The Rage of Age
18.6.2009: Bloom // Butts; Home Brood Squabbling Tokens; Master and Commander (and Everything Else)
11.6.2009: Assassinations; Channeled Vengeance
4.6.2009: Bouncing Scrollsnakes
28.5.2009: Enemy of the Sky; Mushy Gushy
21.5.2009: Golden Glory; Token Effort (FtL)
14.5.2009: Drain of the Dead; Sacrificial Bam (HoC); Sparks and Charges
7.5.2009: Five-Color Juggler; Mechanical Cascade
30.4.2009: Ageless Aria; Frogfeathers; 'Vinest Hour
23.4.2009: Thocca Tar; Timepieces
15.4.2009: Steel Curtain; Time Servants
8.4.2009: Dream Freeze; New York Nyx
1.4.2009: Fool's Gold; Inkwell Shminkwell
25.3.2009: Primal Plotting; ReliqRunners; Speak and Survive
18.3.2009: Blink Bribers; Drago Malfoy; Drago Malfoy 1.2; Soul Kitchen
11.3.2009: Rosheen's Mighty Mutterings; The Thorn Supilgrimacy
25.2.2009: Cycle by Knight; Recycling E-Volution; Zombiecycling
18.2.2009: Dire Strix; Disgusting; Madrox Haze
11.2.2009: Domain Stream; Magna Garden; Wander + Explode
4.2.2009: Colorful Doom; Sludgefeast
28.1.2009: Founding Farther; Pack-Sun
21.1.2009: Fear the Reaper (2009); Transmastery; TransmUUUUUting!
14.1.2009: Cult Sliver
7.1.2009: Brilliant Hoofprints; Co-Captains; Polluted Realm
17.12.2008: RE: DRUM; Reprint Mayhem; Run To The Hills
10.12.2008: Don't Mess With Kresh; Hydroloth; Plasm Tower
3.12.2008: Breeder Feeder; Necrosynergy; Shadowmorgue
26.11.2008: Broken Specimens; Cheap Funglasses; Memory Mischief; One Rhox, Two Rhox
19.11.2008: From the Astrolabe; Skill Session; The Sphinx Jinx
12.11.2008: 'Thrender; Bloated Carcasses; The Ultimatum Showdown; Titanic Tokens
5.11.2008: Animaniacs; Ooze the beatdown?; Vita-Cradle
29.10.2008 (Shards of Alara House of Commons): Among the Living; Draw, Goyle; Gargantuans A; Gargantuans B; Iguanas = Pain; Naya Zoo; Robot Beats; Troops of Akrasa; Troops of Jhess; Unpronounceable Unearthers
22.10.2008: Anti-Chroma; Manausea; Platinausea; Skeleton Crew
8.10.2008: Eternal Exaltation; Look at Me, I'm Abusing R&D!; Stoicus Quietus
1.10.2008: 'Mental Damage; Invisible Ambush; Lich's Losses
24.9.2008: 'Evo(ke)lution Deathsquad; Order of Borders; Regal Rippling
17.9.2008: Lock and Key; Mornlocked; Worms and Weights
10.9.2008: Pasteurized Blend; Rift-Raff; Saving 'Trace; Scareskitter
3.9.2008: A Cluttered Mind; Candlebearers; Hot off the Suppress
28.8.2008: Harsh Reapercussions

HOUSE OF CARDS [Coverage: 1042/1091 (95.51%)]
21.8.2008: Gond, Baby, Gond; Man-o'-War Elves; Spriggan Traps; Wild Pairing
14.8.2008: Crone-o'-Triggers; Impel Inside
7.8.2008: Alan Comer's Red Deck Decks; Black-Green Spawnwrithe; Blue-green Helix Pinnacle; Furystoke Merfolk; Furystoke Warriors
31.7.2008: Command and Constable; David Williams Pro Tour - Hollywood Day One; My Prerogative: Part 2; Spawnwrithe Stompy
24.7.2008: Modified GroATog (Highlander); Mono-Blue Control (Highlander); Mono-Blue Control (Highlander Alphabet Soup); Mostly Blue Control (Highlander Alphabet Soup)
17.7.2008: Acme Game-Winning Machine; Cloudgoat of Arms; Goat of Arms; Overbeing There
10.7.2008 (Shadowmoor House of Commons): Black-Red Aggro; Blue-Black Aggro; Blue-Red Combo; Green-White Aggro; Green-White Control; Mono-Black Aggro; Mono-Black Control; Mono-Blue Millfolk; Mono-Green Aggro; Mono-Red Aggro; Mono-White Scarecrows; Red-Green Fatties; White-Blue Aggro
3.7.2008: Bairnburner; Gilt-y Pleasure; Polypsistic
26.6.2008: Anarchy in the mUltiKolors (with Sygg Vicious); Cross-Unblock Synergy; Grim Prophets; Hysteria
19.6.2008: Counter-Spelunker; Knoll Retreat, Knoll Surrender; Valleyball
12.6.2008: Argh!; Herd Above The Din; Hit or Mist; Mischievous Plans; The Omens
5.6.2008: Kelp Attack; Kelpieside Crusher; Looter il-Kelp
29.5.2008: Mana Boon; Mana Rage; Thought Mana
22.5.2008: Energy, Wheeled; Killer Wheel; Moments of Mist; Power-Raid
15.5.2008: Good Grief; Oysters FTW!; Wither or Not
8.5.2008: Black Hoser-y; Blue Period; Grindhouse; War Paint
1.5.2008: Good Evening; Moitié-Moitié; Mr. Cleanse; Scarecrew
24.4.2008: Deep-Slumber Party Massacre; Don't Wake Daddy
17.4.2008: Gemini Man; Robbin' Leech
10.4.2008: Newt Technology; Thou Wilt Beat Down
3.4.2008: Auntie Land; Cat-o'-Nine-Lives; Notions' Prey; Straight Is the Gate
27.3.2008: Infinitely Weird; Jolly Branchers; Sunflaring Pain
20.3.2008: Boon Doggle; Chorus Line; Slithery Stocker; Super Grover
13.3.2008: Big Durk; Mama's Pryin' Bar; Rent
6.3.2008: Oros, the Avenger
28.2.2008: Consult Oracle; In the Knavey; Sniper Riffle; Throng Song
21.2.2008: Benthic Behemoths; Bosk Pair; Flight or Blight; Vast Lorwyn Conspiracy
14.2.2008: Knights of Vigor; The Grafters; The Humans Are Dead; Vigor Eight
31.1.2008: Chub Alarm; Grow a Paragon; Thrilla in Vanilla; Trample-ine
24.1.2008: Curious Gorger; Safe Aven
17.1.2008: A Low Down Dirty Shaman; Slabs of Beef
10.1.2008 (Lorwyn House of Commons): Black-Green Elves; Black-Green Treefolk; Black-Red Elementals; Black-Red Goblins; Blue-Black Faeries; Blue-White Merfolk; Four-Color Elementals; Mono-Blue Merfolk; Mono-Green Elves; Red-Green Giants; Red-White Changelings; Red-White Giants; White(-Black) Kithkin
20.12.2007: Dead/Gauntlet; Hydropon de Replay; Secret World; Solidarity (HoC); The Tree Amigos; Two Cedar; White Weenie Pauper
13.12.2007: 5cElementals; Ashling's Leprechauns Redux; L3R; Merieke Ri Berit (EDH); Palladia-Mors (HoC Dec 2007)
6.12.2007: Fires of Aboroth; Keld Surprise; Mind Stone Giant; Misery Loves Grumpany; Projected Urnings; Urn Your Snipes
29.11.2007: Aged to Perfection; Ashling's Leprechaun; Conley Woods's Blink … Blink … Blink? (Momentary Blink Hybrid); Dear Incendiary; Killhaste; Ritsu Shimono
15.11.2007: Blinknapper; Macroserfs; My Sweet Lords; Tribal Unity
8.11.2007: KITH Army; Militia's Intent; Momentarily Blunk; Monkey Powder; Shadow Militia
1.11.2007: Clash and Burn; Clashical Gas; Harmful Intet
25.10.2007: A Johnny Goldmine; Scorn Roast; Snails Alive!
18.10.2007: Cod's Wallop; Edward R. Merrow; Sygg'd
11.10.2007: Boggart 'n' Hellkite; Element(als) of Surprise; Haakon Goes Lorwyn
4.10.2007: Dread White; Evokeswagon; Gilt-Reader
26.9.2007: Soulbright Changelings; Soulbright Elementals; Soulbright Shamans
19.9.2007: "42" Land (designed by Devon O'Donnell); "Ernham"-Geddon (designed by Chad Casarotto); An Ode to Jamie (designed by Sean McKeown); Chia Pet (designed by Jon Tschida); Choose Your Destiny (designed by Scott Dang); Cultural Exchange (designed by Michael Kuenzli); Elves! (designed by Hideki Okamura); Illusions-Donate w/ A-Z Artists (designed by Julian Palermo); Legendary Puppets (designed by Michael Wiles); Mizzium Transreliquat-Time Vault Combo (designed by Alexandar Ortloff); Reanimator (designed by Eric D., a.k.a. Seeker After Chaos); Red-Green Hate (designed by Martijn Hennink); Sanctionary Deck (designed by David V. Messina); Suicide Black (designed by AJ Sacher); Test of Endurance (designed by Wayne Smith); Thunderbluff (designed by Josh Epstein); Transformers (designed by Callan Archer)
12.9.2007: Amped; Corpse and Robbers; Craw Uncle; The Rebel Angels; Um... Elves!
5.9.2007: Barbsie Doll; Free-Spell 'Barbs; Hecatomb Redux; Man-'o-Barbs
29.8.2007: Bread to Rites; Chris Campbell's Nether Sliver; Flash Abundance; Millweaver; Riddleweaver
22.8.2007: Clerical Terrors; National En-Squirer; Wolfman Has Gnarrs
15.8.2007: Might of the Hunter; Overkilling
8.8.2007: Creative Death Match; Men-o'-War and Merchant Scrolls; Pauper Orzhov
1.8.2007: Comes-Into-Play Freely; Hate-Legged Freaks; Packed Like Sardians; Twitch City
25.7.2007: 20th Sentry BloX; Waiting to X-Hail; X-hausted Evil
18.7.2007: Sliver; Verse, Chorus, Verse
11.7.2007: Clock-Locket; Clocksgrinning; W-I-L-D O-U-P-H-E
27.6.2007: Deep Im-Pact; Ill Coronet; Rigger Mortis
20.6.2007: Brandy and Craig; Coward's End; Terrible Lizards; The End is Nihilith
13.6.2007: Ana and the King; Goyf; Keeper; Three Keepers
6.6.2007: S.W.A.T.H. Team; The Wizard of B-Oz.
30.5.2007: Rift Slide; Riftleveler
23.5.2007: GrinBall; Memorial Day March; Swap Meet
16.5.2007: Mr. and Mrs. Sliversmith; The Scrydiggers; Vanilla Scry
9.5.2007: About Time; Clash of the Titans; Sprout It Out
2.5.2007: Boomstalker; Not Easy Being GGG; Weird Chant
25.4.2007: Glint Eastwood; Shifty-Eyed; Squint
18.4.2007: Descent Into Heck; Mmm...Braids
11.4.2007: UG Hunting Pack; UR Draw-Burn
4.4.2007: Au Pair; Blinkbroker; Roil Call; Roil Call 2
28.3.2007: Arcades Sabboth; Garza Zol, Plague Queen (HoC); Palladia-Mors (HoC Mar 2007)
21.3.2007: Radiape; Sock Monkey
14.3.2007: Mercilicious; To Hellion Back; Tsetse
28.2.2007: B/G Volrath the Fallen; U/G Masumaro, First to Live
21.2.2007: Appreciation of my Token; Conspiracy of Leaves; Reclusive Control
14.2.2007: Flankenstein; Flankie and Johnny; Woolly Bully
7.2.2007: Acidic GU; Drift of pH; Mane-o'-War; Modals, Inc.
31.1.2007: Dark Phoenix; The Avengers; The Enchantress
24.1.2007: Echo Base; Editions of You; For Your Pleasure; Wheeled Warriors; Wurmweaver Helix
17.1.2007: Kabloom!
10.1.2007: Blue-White Retether; Green-White Retether (Extended); Green-White Retether (Standard); Red-White Retether; Voodoo (2007)
3.1.2007: Black Madness; Mesatog; Planar Chaos
13.12.2006: Citizen's Brigade; Psionic Commandos; Vat's the Spirit
6.12.2006: Faeries Wear Cloaks; Great Forest Spirit; Pennant Winner; They Probably Are Giants
29.11.2006: Kjeldoran Army; Snow Birds; The Horror!
22.11.2006: 'Dron and Quartered; Growing Shadows; Norin-demonium; Vamp-demonium
15.11.2006: Dralnu's Got Some Stones by AzureAngel13; Mishra-monium; Strategic Gruul Locations; Tami Loves Dralnu by Matopi
8.11.2006: B/U/R/n Dralnu; Donating Dralnu; Dralnu the Broken; Dralnu's Crusaders; Dralnu, Lich Lord Rock Star; Shhhh!
1.11.2006: Disk-o-tech; Enthrulled; Shear Genius
25.10.2006: 100% Relentless Rat Free; Black Fog; Blink of Disaster
18.10.2006: Coconut Banger's Cabal; Sway of Annihilation; Time Spider
11.10.2006: Gargadon Sunrise; My Friend Flickers; You Got Zurved
4.10.2006: Merfy's Law; Tim Walk
27.9.2006: Boros Darien; Darien Goblins; Sweet City Woman; Truth or Darien
20.9.2006: Bee Gee Hypergenesis; Highlandergenesis
13.9.2006: Blue Haze; Thallid Haze
6.9.2006: Arcane Mishra; Mishra's Mill; Myr-shra's Factory
30.8.2006: Cats!; Chimpan-A; K.G. Bird
23.8.2006: Dead of Knight; Let it Tree; Surge Protector
16.8.2006: Chain of Pain; Get 'Bent; Right Stone, Right Knife
9.8.2006: Blue Blood; Praetor Natural; Sanguine Spirit
26.7.2006: Gorge-ous; Knighty Night; The Boros Angels of Ravnica at Sunhome
12.7.2006: Australian for Broken; Co-Ping Mechanism; Crazy Pirate Ninjas; Fishing with Bob Nezumi
5.7.2006: Fertility Clinic; Night of the Creeps; Snake Mountain
28.6.2006: Eidol Hands; Power Plant; The Replacement Killers
21.6.2006: 50 Centaurs; Barbs-B-Q; Foghorn Plaguehorn; Mr. Veins
14.6.2006: Akromarids; Alphabet Status; Angelescence
31.5.2006: Commemorative Plax; Snakestone; UGly Beast; Vat's Incredible!
24.5.2006: Measure of the Void; The Number One Threat; Top Seeded
26.4.2006: Braindead; Peen-Knuckle; Tumor and Alibi
19.4.2006: Additional — Jeffrey Chen; Assault of the Earth; Hatch-It Job; Mizzium Curator; State-Based Awesomeness
12.4.2006: Bramblin' Man; Circulating Bloodthirst; Elf Help
5.4.2006: Big Impin'; Black Skies; Evil Otto; Lady of Cursed Scrolls
29.3.2006: Dirt Cheap; Freeride; Ghost Grand-Dad; Modestly Priced Receptacle v.1.0; Modestly Priced Receptacle v.2.0
22.3.2006: Force of Donature; Leviathans!; Repossessed; Unladen Swallower
8.3.2006: Crimson Tide; Eternal Warrior; Eternal Warrior Redux; Harry Plotter; Un-Tidaled
1.3.2006: Blood Gulch; CTRL Freak; Like a Hurricoin; Moulin Rouge
22.2.2006: BEEF - A Green Deck; BURN - A Red Deck; FIVE - A Deck; KILL - A Black Deck; SKIES - A Blue Deck; WRATH - A White Deck
15.2.2006: Heed of the Congregation; Major Blood; Major Blood Re-Vamped; Terra Ridiculis
8.2.2006: Exhibit Z; Scourge of the High Z's
1.2.2006: Don't Be Gruul; Frontier Hierophantry; Gargantua et al.
25.1.2006: Das Böse; Deck Clark; Hinder, Broker, and Dismisser
17.1.2006: Spirit of the Season; The Doublingers; The Ugly Stick
10.1.2006: (Elvish) Piper at the Gates of Dawn; Get Your Arch On; Mi Casa, Su Casa; Power Lack
21.6.2005: Needle Lift; Toil and Trouble
14.6.2005: Cool Hand Luke Deck; Kataki, War's Wage
7.6.2005: Freed from the Leafcaller; Miser Foundry; Rule of Erayo
31.5.2005: Burn, Baby, Burn; Fire in the Hole; You're Fired!
24.5.2005: Cage Match; Kuon's Promise; Leonin Battlemage Goes to School v.2
17.5.2005: Avalanche!; To the Ground
10.5.2005: Wicked Clerics; Wicked Weenies
3.5.2005: Earnest Rats; Fractured Take; When Lands Attack You
26.4.2005: Deck of Cards; Seven Deadly Sins
12.4.2005: Empty Handed; The Probulator; Warped Breach
5.4.2005: Disassembly Line; Fillet Dominion; Grog's Revenge; Headaches
29.3.2005: Deck 'Em All; Ertai's Weave
22.3.2005: Fist of Myojin; Mesmeric Mulch; Will of the Ninja!
10.3.2005: Glimpse of Hell; Heroes in a Half-Shell; Verdant Snakes
3.3.2005: Spirifact; Yes You Kanzashi
24.2.2005: Opal Essence; Spiritdance; Starstruck
17.2.2005: Divinity Infinity; Impwrath; Ronin Along
10.2.2005: Aggravated Snakes; Family Reunion; Severance Pay
3.2.2005: Adding Insult to Ninjary; Sure I Can; We Are a Hedge
27.1.2005: Lockness; Shriek & Flip; The Weak Shall Inherit
20.1.2005: Sisay's Mood Ring; There Goes the Cemetery
13.1.2005: Freeze
6.1.2005: Composite Sketch; Something Wicked; Tilt-a-Swirl
16.12.2004: Gobbodeath; Phat Beetz; Wing and a Prayer
2.12.2004: Time After Time
18.11.2004: Cantiref Enchantroyf; Sit, Uba, Sit; Strangely Powerful
4.11.2004: Moonachie; The Barter Battle Book; Waiting in Line
28.10.2004: Mutated Sheep; The Dumbest Deck Ever?; Whispering Dragons
21.10.2004: Crafty Spirits; Rat Extraction; To the Top
14.10.2004: It's a Draw; Petals to the Mettle; Zu TV Tour
7.10.2004: Godo Gadgets; Training Day; Why'd It Have to Be Snakes?
30.9.2004: Death from Death; Kiki-Jiki/Intruder Alarm; Seizan/Plagiarize
23.9.2004: Reforestation; Shopping for Pants; Tender Feet Running on Lava
16.9.2004: A Deck with Deadapult in It; Arson City; Midnight in Washington Square Park; Sleeping & Peeping
9.9.2004: Presents of Mind; That Spell Again?
2.9.2004: New York Basement Apartment; Rat of Succession; Rodentology
26.8.2004: Denying Flames; Nothin' Lives; Phenom; Shard Truce; Wrath of Fallen Empires
12.8.2004: Curse of the Nefarious Lich; Huge Tracts of Land; Scry Your Eyes Out
5.8.2004: Paint It Black; The Imps of War
29.7.2004: Batting Avarice; Sick as Thieves
22.7.2004: Bully for You; WarStorm; Who's Buried in Transmogrant's Tomb?
15.7.2004: Teferi Ride; Urza's Erosion; Urza's Mixer; We'll Have a Gaea Old Time
8.7.2004: Dawn of the Demons; Leshrac's Right; panDEMONium (HoC)
1.7.2004: Calisthenics; Domainburst; Portal Kombat
24.6.2004: Gateway to Heaven; Loses to Mudhole; Loses to Spawning Pit
17.6.2004: Affinity for Fatties; Shake Your Fist
10.6.2004: Across the Quad; Turbo-Shuffle; You Got Servitored!
3.6.2004: Crucible of Seismic Routes; Look What I Found!; Rotten Eggs
27.5.2004: Interchangeable Parts; Rotten to the Core; Salvaging Operation
20.5.2004: FungusWumpus; What's That Pinging Sound?
13.5.2004: Self-Phagellation; Whispers of the Harpy
6.5.2004: Balancing Balance; Brain Surgery
29.4.2004: Abandon All Hope; Kill 'Em All; Random Hall; The Legacy
22.4.2004: Blue Crush; Demon DNA; Hammer It Home
15.4.2004: Aberrant Construction; Bad Medicine; Soft Lock
8.4.2004: Chimney Sweep; Murky Dyin' Masks; Scouring Bubbles
25.3.2004: Decree of Dingus; Recycled Animals; The Bigger They Are
11.3.2004: Masked Slivers; Sliver Hatchery; Vial Slivers
4.3.2004: Colossus Shmolossus; Confusing Chaos; Confusion in the Desert; Heavy Lode
26.2.2004: Arcbound Scourge; Keeper of the Pulsing Oath; Unpainted Gate
19.2.2004: Bug Off; Home Furnacings
12.2.2004: Landlocked; Null and Void; Switch Off; The Shaper of Things
5.2.2004: Cloak and Dagger; Clouded Judgment; Rat-a-Tat-Tat
29.1.2004: Stay Healthy, Stay Smart; Thumb Your Nose; Vial Fiends
22.1.2004: Birds & Stuffing; Death Spawn
15.1.2004: KarstoShards (The Aura Kind); KarstoShards (The Crystal Kind)
8.1.2004: Any Blocks?; ElfClamp (HoC)
18.12.2003: Allergic to Lace; Block Us; Brand Name
11.12.2003: Astral March; Grab the Wall; PyroFinity
4.12.2003: All Apologies; Bands with Others; Them Bones; Until the End of the World
27.11.2003: Dawn of the Worms; Root Drive; Timegate
20.11.2003: Flight Attendance; Flyswatter; Weight of the World
13.11.2003: Double Acrostic; Elvis Costello's "She"; Most Wonderful Time; Shakespeare's Macbeth; The Empire Strikes Back (HoC); Very Bad Cards
6.11.2003: CAPSIZE CONTROL; CHARLES DARWIN; CONTROL MAGIC; Gary Cyr - Lord of the Rings; Goat Lord - Mark Gottlieb; Scott Miller - What Is the Matrix?; SHARPSHOOTERS
30.10.2003: Galling Gallery; Hallow Specter; HALLOWEEN; Halloween Party
16.10.2003: Ability Capability; Breaking Out in Hives; War-What Is It Good For?
9.10.2003: Back to the Future; Edward P. Beard, Jr.; Touchdown March
2.10.2003: Librarian's Nightmare; Skeleton Key LITE!; To Affinity... and Beyond!
25.9.2003: Counter Clockwise; Silent Fountain; Slithen Up
18.9.2003: Coiling Goblins; This Mortal Coils; Wallwisher
11.9.2003: Shuffle Off
4.9.2003: Magmanimous Wizard; Wall, Rinse, Repeat
28.8.2003: Captain Crunch; Color Culler; Overlord Overload; Rorix Redux; Seton Hall
21.8.2003: Contract of Breach; Primc-Time Enchantress; Urza's Wayfarer; Wheeler and Deal; Where'd Everyone Go?
14.8.2003: Curious Pirates; Inquiring Minds; Instant Nothing
7.8.2003: Angel Retentive; Lord of the Undead Dance; Primitive Call
31.7.2003: Blue LD
24.7.2003: Bouncy Beasts; Come Out and Play; Out of Ideas
17.7.2003: Elvish Intruders; Nine Million Gales
10.7.2003: Orm Harm; Ormistice
3.7.2003: Ancient Elves; Flip Out; Take One for the Team
26.6.2003: Forestry Service; Sight Unseen; Spicy Wings
19.6.2003: "A Farewell to Kings"; "Defeat You"; "OK Computer"; "Pink Cadillac"; "Ruff Stuff"; "UH-OH"
12.6.2003: Dentist's Nightmare; Tooth Decay; We Are Supermen
5.6.2003: "Die, Die, My Darling"; "The Edge of Darkness"; "The March of the Black Queen"; "The Narrow Way"; The Power of Equality
29.5.2003: Brigadier Brigade; Camouflaged Army; Expendable Troops
15.5.2003: Droverdrive; Suture Fight
8.5.2003: Biodome; X-tremely Big
1.5.2003: Beast Breath; Bog Breath; Check My Breath
24.4.2003: In Good Spirits; Meow Mix; Revenge of the Mealworms; Wallmart
17.4.2003: Horsefeathers; Much Maligned; Set Phasers to Stun; Zirilan's Kiln
10.4.2003: Claim Jumper; Echoing Trumpet; I'm Gonna Win; Tim's Revenge
3.4.2003: Gas Food Lodging; Tainted Slivers; Under the Sea; What's for Dinner?
27.3.2003: AggroSlivers; Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Slivers; Shapeshifting Slivers
20.3.2003: Call for Backup; Greed is Good; Perchance to Dream; Thieving Birds
13.3.2003: Azure & Alabaster; Crimson & Kelly; Cyan & Scarlet; Pearl & Pitch
6.3.2003: Accursed Theft; Deep Grave; Rise Up & Beat Down; Shallow Grave
27.2.2003: Cover Me!; Easter Bunny Gone Nutty; First at FNM; First at FNM II; Infinite Squirrels; Land Shuffle; Lost in a Maze of Telekinetic Brokering; Slide of Darkness; Solitary Haven; The Cantrips; Verdant Succession; Worldgorger Type 2
20.2.2003: Death Is but a Door; Rotlung's Wrath; Serious Effectiveness; Sligh
13.2.2003: Dinner Bells; From the Shadows; Lies & Whispers; Wiz-Bang
6.2.2003: Feathers; Iron Gate; Off-White Gates
30.1.2003: The Druid Deck; The Elf Deck; The Goblin Deck; The Goblin Sharpshooter Deck; The Land Deck; The Last Laugh Deck; The Wall Deck
23.1.2003: Chain Lightning; Pitch Black; Simple Scion
16.1.2003: The Elf-Wall-Rebel-Whatever-Thing; The Flying Blue Barbarians; Very Sappy; Voodoo (2003)
9.1.2003: CHARGE!; Goblin Echoes; Recharger; War and Struggle
19.12.2002: Big Butt; Enchant-A-Thon; Funky Fish; The Bunny Hop
5.12.2002: A Bad Twist; Green Smoke (December 2002); Robo-Glade; Tribal Twister
28.11.2002: Chess Onslaught; Endgame
21.11.2002: 12 x 2GG; Bouncy-Doodle-Do; Jackalope; The Blue Zone; The Shambler
14.11.2002: Attack of the Bird Beast; Black Prowler; Rip-Beast; The Summoner
7.11.2002: Praying for Glade; Scalpelexis? Nooo!!!!; The Shortest Decklist; Whew
31.10.2002: Beastwords; Clerical Error; Lord of the Walls; The Mists; When a Soldier Is a Wizard; Zombo Combo
24.10.2002: Big Green; Blanchwood; Fist of Wood; Fungus Among Us
17.10.2002: Beast-O-Geddon; Goblin Combo, Baby!; Goblins Like to Blow Stuff Up; Holly Monk, Will You Marry Me?; Imagecrafting; Intimidating Beasts; Oversold Bestiary; Plug It In, Plug It In; The Grim Reaper; Who Casts Creatures Anyway?
10.10.2002: Chain of Fools; Goblin Droppings; Mmmm... Shiny
3.10.2002: 5cQ; Hit Or Myth; Jack; Wall of Bears; Y? Why????
26.9.2002: CleriCon 2002; Doubtless White; Fear the Clerics!
19.9.2002: A Dragon's Life; Dragon Blitz; Dragon Mist; Red Rooster; Vampire Roost
12.9.2002: Murder, Inc.; Pick and Choose; Sir Morph-a-Lot; The Hunt; Unholy; Waltzing By
5.9.2002: Life-a-Lot; Nantooooko!; Norwood
29.8.2002: 5 Lands, 8 Guys, a Lot of Rares, and a Whole Bunch of Winning; Challenge? What Challenge?; Coalition Endurance; Epic Combat!!!; How Lucky You Died; Infinite Wood
22.8.2002: Battle Blitz (HoC); Black and Forth; Chain Gang (Food Chain); Hope and Pray
8.8.2002: "Unblockable Blue"; Erhnam-'Geddon 2002; The Bottle; Wood 2002
1.8.2002: 1-2-3; Ace of Diamonds; Liber-Licker?; Suit 'Em Up
25.7.2002: Furry Epic; Pork; Reprocessor; Squirrel Titan; Standard Squirrels; Weird Passage
18.7.2002: Dementists; Krosan Forest; Laquatus; Mer Empire - Aboshan; Mer Empire - Llawan; Pardic Tribes; The Cabal; The Order
11.7.2002: "Super-Monger" (Five-Color Incarnation); Angry Red; Brawny Green; Filthy Black; Four-Color Incarnation; Ode to Viparas; Three-Color Incarnation; Valorous White; Wondrous Blue
27.6.2002: Genesis 1:1; Lose-Gain-Draw; Transcend!
20.6.2002: Cheshire Cat; I Hate You; The Booby Deck; Toga Party
13.6.2002: Death By Pinging (HoC); Grim; Mystic Fire; Play It Again, Sam
6.6.2002: Birrds; Enchant; Epic Struggle/Nature's Revolt; Ernie's Back!!!; Green Mana Machine; Let's Make Some Noise!; Megamana; Test of Endurance!; Waking Walls; Who Needs Genesis?
30.5.2002: Acculturation; Battle Squadron; Dork-Laugh; Radiance; Tap-Dance
16.5.2002: A Bear's Life; Bear Necessities; Bearing Arms; Grizzly Fate; The Bear Tribe
9.5.2002: Druid-Ball; Green Trees; Mister Ivy; The Great White Globular Mess; Thornscape
2.5.2002: Flaming Nuts; Rector Set; The Diet Bullet; The Golden Bullet
25.4.2002: 5-Land, Shuffle; Draw-No! Surprise!; Play; Shifty Angels; Size Matters
18.4.2002: 4cSister; Sister Act; Sparkle; Wicked Sister; Y-Force
11.4.2002: Big Stick; Green Machine; Pinky; rk sewater ("irk-seawater"); The Sorcerer
4.4.2002: Blue LD (April 2002); Green Smoke (April 2002); MystiGeddon; Rotting Earth; The Vice
28.3.2002: Bald Men; OBC WW; Sky Blue; Swedish G/W; The Boneyard; Tightrope
21.3.2002: Dwarves of the Crimson Peaks; Icatia; Thallid Uprising; The Thrull Rebellion; Vodalia
14.3.2002: 5cGreen 2002; 8FTK; Bad Breath; King Kong; Lite-Go
7.3.2002: Eureka!; Kher Keep; The King
28.2.2002: B.F.M. (Big Furry Mob); No Squirrel for You!; Public Library; Ye Blessed Shrine
21.2.2002: Ace of Spades; Icky; Nantuko Revolt; North Star; Swamped
14.2.2002: Chain Reaction; Chernobyl; Pushin' Up Daisies; Red Devil
7.2.2002: Looter; Shred-Head; True Blue (HoC)
31.1.2002: Black Attack; Drool.dec; Flash!; Loco; Short Pact; Shroomie; The Cog; The Shovel; Threeborn
24.1.2002: "Anti-Amy"; Tale of an Angry Wurm; The Angry Deck; Wurmy
17.1.2002: Bigger Than That; Dreadlocks; Sack-Back; Thrill-iterate; Thriller
10.1.2002: Chain Gang (Theme Deck); Soul Food; Sweet Dreams; The Butcher
3.1.2002: The Bird Soldier Horror Soldier Deck!; The Color-Changing Bird Soldier Horror Insanity Deck!; The Flaming Bird-Soldier-Horror-A-Geddon Deck!; The Super Threshold Bird Soldier Horror Deck!
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks Update

Postby gos » 13 Jun 2011, 23:06

9 decks from From the Lab/House of Cards are made forgeable by the new version, 06122011.

17.2.2011: Phantasmassacre
1.10.2009 (Scars of Mirrodin House of Commons): Red-White
1.7.2004: Domainburst
15.4.2004: Bad Medicine
19.6.2003: "UH-OH"
5.12.2002: Robo-Glade
9.5.2002: Druid-Ball
11.4.2002: Green Machine
4.4.2002: The Vice
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks Update

Postby gos » 24 Jun 2011, 17:16

16 decks from From the Lab/House of Cards are made forgeable by the new version, 1.0.14:

21.4.2011: Common Nonsense
3.2.2011: Glissando
1.10.2009 (Zendikar House of Commons): White-Black
16.7.2009: Brandon Liley's Birthday Deck
7.8.2008: Black-Green Spawnwrithe
22.11.2006: Growing Shadows
19.4.2005: Pit — Markus Beyreder
30.9.2004: Kiki-Jiki/Intruder Alarm
26.6.2003: Forestry Service
29.5.2003: Expendable Troops
22.8.2002: Battle Blitz
30.5.2002: Battle Squadron
18.4.2002: 4cSister
17.1.2002: Dreadlocks, Sack-Back, Thrill-iterate
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 12 Jul 2011, 01:32

2 decks from From the Lab/House of Cards are made forgeable by the new version, 1.0.15:

28.10.2010: Erica Socha's How to Feed Your Dragon
16.7.2009: Mark Verkoulen's Birthday Deck
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 15 Jul 2011, 17:25

1 deck from From the Lab/House of Cards is made forgeable by the new version, 1.1.0:

26.9.2002: Fear the Clerics!
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 29 Jul 2011, 21:13

7 decks from From the Lab/House of Cards are made forgeable by the new version, 1.1.1:

10.2.2011: Gerrard's Battle Cry
7.10.2010: Geth's Golems
5.11.2008: Ooze the beatdown?
29.10.2008 (Shards of Alara House of Commons): Draw, Goyle
3.4.2008: Cat-o'-Nine-Lives
19.9.2007: Elves! (designed by Hideki Okamura)
11.12.2003: PyroFinity
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 01 Aug 2011, 19:22

Oops, I missed one. Version 1.1.1 of forge also adds:

26.8.2004: Phenom
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 09 Aug 2011, 18:39

I seem to have mislabeled one From-the-Lab deck as belonging to the Single Card Strategy column. This is hereby fixed.

30.7.2009: Josh Cain's Birthday Deck
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 19 Aug 2011, 15:07

7 decks from From the Lab/House of Cards are made forgeable by the new version, 1.1.2:

10.1.2008 (Lorwyn House of Commons): Black-Red Goblins; Mono-Green Elves
14.6.2006: Angelescence
8.3.2006: Crimson Tide
24.10.2002: Big Green
30.11.2010: Copy-Paste
31.10.2007: Wizards Curiosity Combo
10.7.2007: (Mostly) Ravnica Block Infinite-Mana Combo
1.2.2005: Untargetable Cowards
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 12 Sep 2011, 13:09

12 decks from From the Lab/House of Cards are made forgeable by the new version, 1.1.3:

2.6.2011: Torpor Snore
3.2.2011: Trollin'
10.9.2009: Vampires of Agadeem
20.8.2009: Exile into Elfblood
28.5.2009: Enemy of the Sky
10.1.2008 (Lorwyn House of Commons): Red-White Changelings
1.11.2007: Clashical Gas
25.7.2007: X-hausted Evil
22.7.2004: Who's Buried in Transmogrant's Tomb?
27.11.2003: Dawn of the Worms
14.3.2002: Lite-Go
31.1.2002: Loco
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 23 Sep 2011, 16:09

6 decks from From the Lab/House of Cards are made forgeable by the new version, 1.1.4:

22.9.2011: Randy Buehler's Counter-Phoenix
15.9.2011: Loomer
11.2.2009: Domain Stream
10.1.2008 (Lorwyn House of Commons): Mono-Blue Merfolk
6.12.2006: Faeries Wear Cloaks
30.8.2006: Chimpan-A
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby Hellfish » 23 Sep 2011, 18:44

Thanks for doing this, gos! It is, has been, and will be very appreciated :D
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 23 Sep 2011, 20:38

Hellfish wrote:Thanks for doing this, gos! It is, has been, and will be very appreciated :D
Thank you! It's good to know that people are enjoying it :)
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 29 Sep 2011, 09:08

Blitz, from today's From the Lab, is forgeable:

29.9.2011: Blitz
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Re: From the Lab/House of Cards Decks

Postby gos » 18 Oct 2011, 13:16

39 decks from From the Lab/House of Cards are made forgeable by the new version, 1.1.6:

25.8.2011: Anthem Antics 2.0; Ghost Tidelands
5.5.2011: Splintastic
7.4.2011: Spine Transplant
17.3.2011: Vat Vanity
24.2.2011: Turbo Myr
16.12.2010: The Royal Scam
14.10.2010: 'Walk the Allys
9.9.2010: Mystery Deck
28.1.2010: Selective Profits
1.10.2009 (Zendikar House of Commons): Blue-Red; Five-Color Allies; Mono-Black; Mono-Blue
31.7.2008: Command and Constable
20.12.2007: White Weenie Pauper
6.12.2007: Urn Your Snipes
1.8.2007: Hate-Legged Freaks
13.12.2006: Citizen's Brigade
4.10.2006: Tim Walk
23.8.2006: Surge Protector
29.3.2006: Modestly Priced Receptacle v.2.0
20.1.2005: There Goes the Cemetery
12.8.2004: Huge Tracts of Land
22.1.2004: Death Spawn
20.11.2003: Flight Attendance; Weight of the World
21.8.2003: Urza's Wayfarer; Wheeler and Deal
13.3.2003: Pearl & Pitch
30.1.2003: The Elf Deck; The Land Deck
23.1.2003: Pitch Black
9.1.2003: War and Struggle
5.12.2002: Tribal Twister
12.9.2002: Waltzing By
5.9.2002: Norwood
22.8.2002: Black and Forth
30.5.2002: Tap-Dance
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