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Black Vise - W/U Control

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Black Vise - W/U Control

Postby mtgrares » 18 Sep 2008, 17:18

I didn't think I would upload a deck, but Black Vise is such a fun card. This is a W/U control deck and the goal is to give the computer too many cards by using Ancestral Recall (target the computer), Timetwister, and Howling Mine. This deck is stuffed with control cards like Counterspell, Remove Soul, and Wrath of God.

You should mulligan up to three times because you are trying to find Black Vise. The backup kill condition is Serra Avenger which is a nice flying 3/3 (maybe this should be upgraded to Serra Angel).

This deck isn't perfect but it is very fun. The computer is a pretty good at using this deck also. (To make the computer a little better you might want to replace Counterspell and Remove Soul since the computer can't use those cards. I suggest something like Repulse.)

p.s. You have to have the latest beta update that I just uploaded today.
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Re: Black Vise - W/U Control

Postby Mr.Chaos » 18 Sep 2008, 18:36

Had a few games with this deck. It is NASTY!
By the way, Black Vise is NOT a fun card.
If you play it, your opponent is NOT happy.
If the ai plays it (which it did using random decks with 2 decks!) you are NOT happy.
So... Black Vise is only a fun card when YOU play it. a VERY fun card and this deck can win quickly.
2 Black Vise and Ancestral Recal and the opponent is dead! Very dead! Absolutely dead!

I have yet to play this deck vs some of the other decks on offer here. Just had to say that against random generated decks, this BV deck hurts! Seriously!

Black Vise, baddest card in MTG forge. No, not the worst. Just the baddest. :mrgreen:
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Re: Black Vise - W/U Control

Postby GandoTheBard » 18 Sep 2008, 22:03

Havent even played with it yet but I already feel the need to edit it and take out the illegal copies of Ancestral and Twister.

Thats 6 cards to replace: 1 Mox Sapphire, 4 Swords to Plowshares (its blue white control!) and of course a disenchant. :) also you have way too much land here 26 is 3 too many with the added mox. Lets add a library, replace some basics for tundras, and an extra disenchant.

My revised WhiteBlue Control decklist looks like this:
Tundra x4
Hallowed Fountain x4
Plains x6
Island x8
Library of Alexandria x1
Mox Sapphire x1
Ancestral Recall x1
Timetwister x1
Disenchant x2
Swords to Plowshares x4
Black Vise x4
Counterspell x4
Remove Soul x4 (the worst counterspell ever but *meh* you have nothing else)
Control Magic X4
Serra Avenger x4 (Probably does want to be Serra Angel but *shrugs*)
Wrath of God x4

The one thing this deck lacks is good draw...also Land/Critters is often a good idea with decks like this as an alternative to critters on the table so alternatives to consider for this deck: Impulse x 4 (instead of Remove soul maybe), and Fairie Conclave x4 instead of Islands. If Mishras worked properly Id add Mishras in for something too. Decks with 'Fat Trees' as we called them back in the day were usually an indication of a deck to beat.
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