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Release Thread - 0.99m

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2009, 15:45
by Jorbes
Download at :

Please do not use this thread for feature request and bugs, use
TODO: 0.99n for feature requests and use BUGS: 0.99m for bugs, thanks.


[X] There may be a problem with large (+1024x768) images, like the table background. It goes 'blank'. Maybe check for size and cut up into 4 pieces. Fixed by recursive cutting up of the image when the surface is larger than 40000 pixels (200x200)

[X] Cube draft, where the server has several cubes available.
To be loaded via decklist(s) on the server, similar to how sets are loaded.

[X] Change counters (add/remove/all) for all selected

[X] Shortcut list: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=1707 -> Hardcoded, to simplify creation of guides and offering help on say IRC.

[X] Show OPT Security Codes for all players after a draft is complete, stored in .ini file untill overwritten by a next draft. Added menu item under "Extra" to show them and copy them to the clipboard.

[X] Verify the server can do drafting for sets that contain no commons, uncommons or rares, this may result in the the no-cards-in-booster oddity, which is fine, but it should not crash the server. This test is needed for CUBE drafting, where a CUBE could consist of rares only. Booster override (*.booster files) should handle this for CUBES via the 15 * [CUBE-ID] entry, which simply takes 15 random cards from the CUBE to put in the booster pack.

[X] Alert players when a booster pack is empty, caused for example by a booster override solely referencing a set that isn't loaded. Test for empty booster. Also check for "incomplete" booster, where the override is partially loaded.

[X] Check for new clients and provide link to download zip/exe.

[X] Make cards a bit smaller for multiplayer:
As of 99m, with 2 players, 13 cards can fit on a single row, with 3 or 4 players, 20 cards, with 5+ players, 27 cards will fit on a single row, allowing for about 8-9 cards side by side per player, which should be enough.

[X] Make sure the program doesn't crash when no sound device is available.