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Release Thread - 0.99p

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Release Thread - 0.99p

Postby Jorbes » 16 Mar 2010, 10:53

Download at :

So, I figured it was time for you guys to toy around with this version. The list became quite large, while I thought this was going to be a small release, so who knows what will happen for the next version. It will be 0.99r, because I have some plans to change the server and therefor the client, so no 1.0 just yet.
One of the things I want to improve is the way you rejoin/watch a game, it needs to be much faster (less than 10 seconds on a broadband line for a full game).

One thing you will see right away, or should I say, won't see.
Your hand is gone! No, actually, the hand and library have joined the other floating zones like RFG and graveyard. This will allow you to position them anywhere you like. You could also make your hand vertical. One thing I have not addressed is the backgrounds for hand and library. Because I would like you to be able to have different backgrounds for each zone (a nice scary graveyard for example), this will be in the next version.

Note: I have also released an updated version of the server (0.6.2) for this client, it would be wise to upgrade it also.

Please do not use this thread for feature request and bugs, use
TODO: 0.99r for feature requests, thanks.


[X] Remove DirectSound (DirectX) from the project to fix the Vista/D3DRM issue.

[X] Change shortcuts that only have Shift to something else.

[X] Make the hand and library float like reveal, look, grave and rfg. This gives the user a potential full overview of all hands and libraries in a single view.

[X] Comment out the handzone slider, it's useless with the change to the hand zones above.

[X] Doubleclicking a card in multiple selection should just perform the action on all the selected cards without deselecting them. In short this means that single-clicking a
card that is already selected does not change the selection.

[X] Check out dash character support for used fonts and change default font where needed. (Landfall cards)

It's not a font problem, but a problem with TStringList not supporting unicode encoding. Solved in the source (cards file), but may require an update later on, that's gonna cost some $$$

[X] Error when shift clicking a non-highlighted card in play.

[X] Remove the 'Red Zone'. I was intended for combat, but that's out the window, since you can just line up the blockers and attackers to show what's blocking what.

[X] Being able to create (draft) tables on the server without being a participant in them, so called 'tournament tables'. You need the J(udge) flag for this.
req. from magic-league

[X] Being able to edit the seating order of a table, before it starts obv.
req. from magic-league

[X] Support for large drafts. Draft needs to be filled though, starting a non-filled draft will be a feature in 1.0

[X] Revise attach system. Let OPT know what cards are attachable and allow forced attach via Ctrl key

[X] Fix bug in cards updater, 2E (unlimited) keeps popping back up in the update list. Caused by AN and 2E having the same release date in mtg.sets. If this is the case, go by string value so it's always the same order for every app.

[X] Add option so you can either select within a floating zone with ctrl, or move that floating zone with ctrl. Without ctrl, it would do the other thing.

[X] Each player should have it's own arrow. This means new arrow images for each player in the graphics folder. May also want to define a "me" arrow image so your arrow is always the same. Note that this does not mean all players will see the same color arrow for each player, because graphics are defined per user. Therefor, one cannot ask in a game "Who is the blue arrow?". If this becomes an issue, a hard color coding could be determined before the game begins. (reminds me of the good old Red Alert 2 online gaming)

[X] Investigate Random actions access violation bug. -> Confirmed, will be fixed. ( was i drunk when i wrote that code? wtf, noob mistake )

[X] Improve "" so that split cards appear as they did before (with the // )

[X] Same for flip cards (put flipped version in card text with formatting)

[X] Cards are not unselected after Action -> Random Discard/Reveal. They are when manually moving to another zone, but need to make this generic for it to always happen on zone changing, else odd situations can occur where cards from several zones are being 'actioned' upon simultanious.

[X] When updating sets, first remove all the cards from those sets, then add the new data. This will ensure deleted cards will also be deleted from the database, in case of a misname in oracle that needs fixing (XXValor comes to mind)

[X] Fix the bug where you do not always see the faceup version of a card in the highlight card when you click on a card in any library.

[X] Allow counters to be placed / removed on cards in RFG (might as well add graveyard too, in case WOTC goes nuts with some new mechanic). Was already working, just drag and drop.

[X] Chat "bar" dockable and resizable in width only. Give game/draft one and the lobby it's own.

[X] Investigate synching bug, where players are unable to end their turns. -> Workaround: Change step/pass priority first. Will be auto-fixed when game state moves to the server completely.

[X] In solitaire mode: When you browse an opponent's library and you close it next, the library is not shuffled, although the option "Shuffle after close" is checked.

[X] Remove the weird AE versions of cards from the data file, because they can show up twice while drafting and the full's do not work anyway.

[X] Added utf8 display support by doing a utf8 decode on the data file for each item loaded.
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