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Release Thread - 0.99t

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Re: Release Thread - 0.99t

Postby pinecones » 20 Jan 2011, 08:18

i just wanted to second some of the ideas gwar had... and add a little of my own insight

Gwar wrote:1) The Fixing of the placing cards over tapped cards bug. This is, imo, a dealbreaker, as it makes the program feel clunky and unrefined.
there is bugginess in general with card placement when double clicking from hand/stack. a setting for minimum distance between cards would also be nice... and being able to set up a grid to snap cards into would also be helpful.

9) Have cards that always come into play tapped automagically do so even if you don't Control+Alt Click them, as well as have cards that come into play with a set (or minimum) number of counters come into play with them, similar to how Planeswalkers do.
it would be even better to have a player controlled macro filter type thing. where users can either set up filters for matching keywords to actions, or add cards to lists for certain actions. this would make OPT future proof in case you stop working on it and wizards decides to do something cute like change "enters the battlefield" back to "comes into play". and it would also let players set up their own options, such as having morph spells always enter the battlefield/stack face-down. i doubt i, personally would have a real use for this, but it's something to consider.

10) Submenus for the token menu as it's OMFGHUEG!
similarly to the last thing i suggested, it might be nice to add the possibility for creating your own context menus. the settings could be in a text file and basically refer to objects focus with a symbol and sub-menu nestling with ":" or something... you'd wind up with something looking like:
:"Draw X."@draw.x
:"... from Bottom."@drawfrombottom
::"Reveal top X..."
::"Show top card to opponent..."
:::"Show x top cards to oppoennt."

with # denoting the object of focus (what you right click on)
: showing what level of the menu it is
@ telling OPT what action to take

or something to that effect. might be more trouble than it's worth, though it might just be easier to do the system once and have a modular way of adding new content, and then leaving it up to the user community to sort the menu system out for you.

11) The ability to dock zones to different parts of the board.
please! <3

13) Change the Default colour for text when Browsing (for example) the library. Pink is hard on the eyes. This MIGHT be a fault of Wine however, so if it's not supposed to be pink, ignore this.
this happens to me in win7. and i think it's because you're using the mana icon set i put in my theme. i tried doing everything possible with the PNG file. the background of the mana icons ARE set to be transparent correctly... but they still show up pink in zone lists... and for some reason make the text of cards have pink borders in zone lists.

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