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[OPT Discussion] Work to be done for the 1.0 beta release.

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Re: [OPT Discussion] Work to be done for the 1.0 beta releas

Postby modernlifeiswar » 18 May 2011, 20:00

Don't know where to post it.
Is it possible to make more options for solitare mode? I mean, random card discarding for any players and, the main thing, looking player's sideboard through.
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Re: [OPT Discussion] Work to be done for the 1.0 beta releas

Postby Error Ash » 31 Aug 2011, 00:18


just wanted to know if you are still working on this project? I just found out about OPT yesterday and think it's awesome but it seems like no one has posted here in a while. Here are some suggestions:

1) OPT should remember windows positions of the main window and also of the "hand" and "library". Right now i have to fullscreen the program every time i start it and also have to move the hand and library to where i want them.

2) The interface needs an overhaul. I played with some friends today and we had a hard time figuring out how to create a table (why isn't it in the menu bar?) and how to join games and make teams. I know there is a manual on how to do it, but something basic like this should be self explanatory imo.

3) It seemed like the teams we created had no influence on the game. We tried to play two headed giant so i created a team and a friend joined my team. Two other guys did the same. After we started the game, the teams were mixed nontheless.

3) Double click on untap step to untap all permanents and that other stuff should be turned on by default. Also it should be default that you can join a server without creating an account first. If you just want to play a fast game it's just tedious and if people want to register their name they can still do it anyway.

4) I have crops and fulls in my picture folder (fulls with .full.jpg ending). It works most of the time, but for some cards graphic (like Mutavault or Hovermyr for example) the cropped version of the graphic gets loaded, which looks really bad (it's stretched to fit the card). The files for the full version are definately there and other programs recognize them correctly. Also when i delete the crop it will load the full as it should.

5) A friend of mine always gets an error when he sets the program to full screen (or maybe even if he just resizes, not sure). I think OPT still works after that, but it isn't nice nontheless. If you need more detail i can ask him what exactly happens and when.

6) When i start solitaire mode, the opponents deck and library are not shown by default.

7) ctrl+m for servers plz :)

8) Why not add the shortcut for ctrl+t to create a token? I know it can be done quite fast by right clicking, but some people prefer keyboard shortcuts over mouse and i see no reason not to add it.

9) It seems like Momir and Jhoira doesn't work at all?! When i click Momir and a number nothing happens at all.

10) The token -> token to battlefield menu should be scrollable with mousewheel or structured differently (for exampe put all angels in one slot, all beasts in one slot, and when you hover over it another menu opens where you can select angel 1/1 or whatever).

11) Personally i like it more how life totals are changed in MWS (right click on life, select -10 to +10). Would like to see something like this here too, especially for multiplayer because in THG you can only change the life total in steps of 2 which is tedious (and looks bad in the chat screen) if you lose a lot of life.

12) Prettier graphics for background and especially for tokens and menu items (a well with a white border for RFG?) would be nice.

13) Card name should be diplayed an the cards by default.

14) A friend of me was randomly disconnected during a game. But that could have been his shitty internet connection... But it would be nice if the whole program was a bit more stable, heard of some crashes and errors here and there :/

15) What is the "editor program" option doing in the "sealed" tab? There are other reasons to open the editor than playing sealed.

16) Chat box in the middle of the screen looks kinda out of place and is in the way of where most people put their hand. It should be right under the message box by default.

17) Documentation on what all the settings are there for would be a "nice to have". I don't get some stuff like the whole "hover" tab for example. But this is not really important.

18) For the server, the M flag should include all the flags below it, same goes for A, O and so on...

19) The path to the counters in "game data" on the server settings is wrong by default. It leads to ".../data/gamedata/counters" instead of ".../data/common/counters".

20) The tabs in "users" and "bans" on the server settings are much too small by default.

21) It would be nice to have a grid to attach cards to.

22) Maybe add a "beginner view", where a lot of menu items that are not used by beginners are hidden (like a lot of the stuff under "extras" and "themes" which someone who doesn't play a lot will most likely never change). Or make it so that menu items that aren't frequently used are hidden unless you click a small arrow on the bottom of the menu (like in some office programs).

23) Don't write "much superior to MWS" in your documentations all the time... Yes your program IS superior to MWS, but don't rub it into the faces of people you want to "convert" to OPT...

24) Artifact lands should be placed in the same line as lands, not as artifacts.

25) Is THG implemented yet? I couldn't find it. Would be easier if there was one life total for both players, but it's not a big problem.

Thats all i can think of right now :) I really hope you still work on OPT, because as i said it's awesome and i would love to see it get more popular!

26) The padding on the right side of the "Messages" box doesn't work.

27) Some pictures are not loaded at all, although they are definately there. For example brainstorm, infernal tutor, dark ritual, underground sea and chrome mox. I haven't found anything they all got in common and also couldn't find a reason why they wouldn't load.
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Re: [OPT Discussion] Work to be done for the 1.0 beta releas

Postby Error Ash » 31 Aug 2011, 00:30

Jorbes wrote:OPT has multiplayer, so we cannot speak in terms of "opponent" anymore, much like wizards speaks only of "any opponent" or "opponents"
But you are saying in MWS you can end the turn for someone else?
Isn't this open for abuse? Like constantly ending the opp's turn? :)
When you got no rule enforcement EVERYTHING is open for abuse... So i see no reason not to add it.
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