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Questions about Forge

PostPosted: 09 Apr 2017, 00:10
by AuranReign
Hi everyone. I'm new here so I apologize if my questions have already been asked. I love this program and wanted to help provide some feedback.

First, I've noticed a couple programming errors.

One of my commanders is Bosh, Iron Golem. I've noticed that whenever I copy his ability (Illusionist's Bracers, Kurkesh, etc), the copy of the ability always does 0 damage.

In my Doran deck, I use Permeating Mass. With Doran in play, the Mass should kill any creature it damages (provided that creature is not being buffed by anything) as it would do 3 damage and then turn the creature into a 3 toughness Mass. The problem I've encountered is that if I have any buffs on my Mass, the damaged creature gets those buffs as well.

Second, I've found that the game will crash as soon as the opponent hits its untap step if I have Dovin Baan's emblem. It seems unable to decide which lands to untap. It even happens if all their lands were already untapped. I haven't tried Winter Orb.

Third, when downloading the card art, there are 23xx images that won't download. I've tried multiple times and it always skips those images.

Fourth, I've noticed that any of the Conspiracy set cards that have abilities during the drafting process have been excluded from the app. Or at least they're not available to use in Commander. My understanding is that they should be usable. Specifically, I wanted to put Deal Broker into my Bosh deck as it would be cheaper to use than Jalum Tome.

Thanks for help, and again, I'm loving this app. Thank you for making it

Re: Questions about Forge

PostPosted: 09 Apr 2017, 01:01
by friarsol
Please take a look at the links in my signature... We ask users to post bugs in specific areas, so it's easy to keep track of what version of the game they are talking about..

I'll quickly go through your points:

1) Sounds like the copy isn't copying over the paid cost list.

2) Can you specify what type of buffs you are talking about? As my bug reporting thread mentions, screenshots and specifics help.

3) Please post crashes when you get them.

4) As it mentions in the faq, not all card images are available through the downloader at all times. This is expected behavior for now.

5) Deal Broker and other "draft matters" cards have not been implemented in Forge at all, not specifically excluded from commander mode.