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Star Wars the Gathering

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Star Wars the Gathering

Postby GamerDadDave » 28 Jul 2017, 16:13

There was this really cool Magic set created in the Star Wars universe called "Star Wars the Gathering". I've wanted to play it on Forge so I've started scripting the cards. I've finished about 11 so far, but have run in to a problem I can't figure out. One of the cards is "Security Droid". It has an ability called "Repair" which adds repair counters to the creature when it dies and then at the beginning of your upkeep you take off a counter. Once all of the counters are removed you may cast that card from the graveyard until end of turn. I've figured out how to add the counters to the creature when it goes to the graveyard (I've used HEALING counters for now since Magic doesn't have REPAIR counters). I'm having trouble getting the "cast from graveyard until end of turn" ability to work. Here is the script I have so far.

Code: Select all
Name:Security Droid
ManaCost:1 W
Types:Artifact Creature Droid
Text: Repair 3

T:Mode$ ChangesZone | Origin$ Battlefield | Destination$ Graveyard | ValidCard$ Card.Self | RememberObjects$ TriggeredCard | Execute$ TrigPutCounters | TriggerDescription$ When this creature dies, put three repair counters on it.
SVar:TrigPutCounters:DB$ PutCounter | Defined$ TriggeredCard | CounterType$ HEALING | CounterNum$ 3 | SubAbility$ DBCleanup
SVar:DBCleanup:DB$ Cleanup | ClearRemembered$ True

T:Mode$ Phase | Phase$ Upkeep | ValidPlayer$ You | IsPresent$ Card.Self+counters_GE1_HEALING | PresentZone$ Graveyard | Execute$ TrigRemoveCounter | TriggerZones$ Graveyard | TriggerDesription$ At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a repair counter.
SVar:TrigRemoveCounter:DB$ RemoveCounter | Defined$ Self | CounterType$ HEALING | CounterNum$ 1

T:Mode$ CounterRemoved | ValidCard$ Card.Self | CounterType$ HEALING | NewCounterAmount$ 0 | RememberObjects$ Card.Self | Execute$ TrigRepair | TriggerZones$ Graveyard | TriggerDescription$ When the last counter is removed, you may cast CARDNAME from your graveyard until end of turn.

SVar:TrigRepair:DB$ Play | Defined$ Card.IsRemembered | Ammount$ All | Controller$ You | WithoutManaCost$ False | Optional$ True |  SubAbility$ DBCleanup | Description$ You may cast CARDNAME from the graveyard until end of turn.
SVar:DBCleanup:DB$ Cleanup | ClearRemembered$ True

T:Mode$ ChangesZone | Origin$ Any | Destination$ Battlefield | ValidCard$ Card.Self | Execute$ TrigToken | TriggerDescription$ When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 colorless Droid artifact creature token.
SVar:TrigToken:AB$ Token | Cost$ 0 | TokenAmmount$ 1 | TokenName$ Droid | TokenTypes$ Artifact,Creature,Droid | TokenOwner$ You | TokenColors$ Colorless | TokenPower$ 1 | TokenToughness$ 1
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