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Commander/EDH Quest Mode

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Commander/EDH Quest Mode

Postby Imakunee » 05 Oct 2018, 19:47

I'm looking through the code to see if I can shamble together a super simple Commander/EDH Quest Mode. The changes to the quest mode gameplay I'm trying to add would be enabled through a single toggle checkbox and would do something along the lines of:

1. Player starting life increased by 20.
2. Quest Deck Editor uses the commander rules for deck building.
3. Duels page creates totally random Commander/EDH decks to choose to play against each time.
4. Gameplay uses the Commander/EDH rules.

In theory, all these elements are already available in Forge in different places (namely, the Constructed section allows playing Commander with randomly generated decks). I'm just trying to read through the code and find what places I need to make modifications and that's where I'm hung up. I'm still actively reading through and searching but if there's some resource I haven't found to help give me a general idea of the code flow I'd love a link. Or if someone with more knowledge and skill than me can beat me to the chase that'd be fine too, just let me know. Thanks for any time and assistance in advance!

edit 1: I've gotten as far as looking through VSubmenuQuestData, VSubmenuQuestDeck, and DeckManager. I believe VSubmenuQuestData is where I would add the checkbox for playing a Commander quest. Trying to currently sort out where to change stuff so the quest deck a player clicks on opens a Quest Commander Deck Editor.

edit 2: I think I need to make a new "CEditorQuestCommander" that merges the functionality of the CEditorCommander and CEditorQuest for deck constructing but I'm not 100% sure I'm looking at the right things.
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Re: Commander/EDH Quest Mode

Postby friarsol » 06 Oct 2018, 03:14

I'd recommend joining the Discord. It might be easier to have this discussion in chat rather than forum posts.
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