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graphical selection from libraries, graveyards, etc.

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2019, 21:50
by pfps
Right now, selection of cards from most Zones (in particular selection from
the player's library) is done using text selection boxes. It would be
better to permit selection from a visual depiction of the Zone itself.

Most of the code is already present for this, at least in the desktop GUI,
as cards in FloatingCardAreas are selectable. The changes needed are to
track the selected status of cards, to make the cards visible as necessary,
to show all cards in the area if appropriate, and to control the visibility
of the areas themselves.

I have already done the first two parts using interface components that
should work for all GUIs. I also added the last part, but for the desktop GUI only.

I have attached a screenshot.

Re: graphical selection from libraries, graveyards, etc.

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2019, 15:17
by twosat
In some cases graphical selection is a nice feature. But on some devices and resolutions the card pictures are very tiny. So selection isn't much fun.
And scrying on a commander deck is a pain in the ass. :? (Sorry for my blatant speech.) It's uncomfortable to drag cards to the bottom. The older textbased function was more usable.

Reverting by setting UI_SELECT_FROM_CARD_DISPLAYS=false in forge.preferences does not realy work. Some cards, like Kodama's Reach, are broken then, 'cause you can't select more than one card anymore. This has been reported somewhereelse in this forum.
Maybe someone can have a look into this issue.

At the moment neither variant is satisfactory. Sorry. [-X