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Why is there lag?

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2019, 02:18
by NavoMan
Hey, I just started, so I'm not sure where to ask questions like this. I downloaded Forge to test my unbuilt EDH decks. It seemed like the perfect tool at first, but then 30 minutes into the game it starts to lag. After 2 hours I'm basically waiting 5 minutes for the game to load each action I take. I'm looking for either a way to correct this issue, or a completely different program to test my decks.

Re: Why is there lag?

PostPosted: 28 Apr 2020, 16:57
by BlasterRobYT
I would like to know if there is a fix on Android. EDH 4-player works great on my PC. But last night while testing the same deck that ran great on PC near the end bogged to the point it took minutes to through each phase per player. I had technically been in a winnging scenario but I had to force close because it was just way too slow. Is there a command line to change settings in Android? If so, how? I do have access to a PC if it is required. I love the Android version as much as the PC due to the mobility say I'm waiting on the wife to get done shopping or something I can just pick up and play.