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True HQ database

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2014, 20:56
by Takhen
Excuse me, I have a question if it is possible
I downloaded the Cockatrice's HQ database

This database downloads the "HQ" images from the site

On this site there are two tipe of images: "scute mob.jpg" and "scute mob.hq.jpg", and only the second one is the true HQ.
The "HQ" database of Cockatrice opens instread the first type, "scute mob.jpg" so we lose the very HQ of the second type

I tried to modify the database by overwriting the link of the "false HQ"
( with the link of the "true HQ" (

I did this also with other cards, for example Abuna Acolyte

The result? Some cards are normally viewed by cockatrice, and them also have the "true HQ" image (es. Abuna Acolyte)...but others totally disappear from the cockatrice view!!! (for example Scute Mob)

It is very simple to convert all the link of the database from ".jpg" to ".hq.jpg" with the option "search and overwrite all", and if you are interested I could give the corrected version to you with the happiness of being usefull to che cause
But because of this "bug" a lot of cards disappears from the cockatrice view so the new database becomes incomplete...

Could you help me to solve this problem, please?

Re: True HQ database

PostPosted: 22 May 2014, 03:06
by woogerboy21
This is possible. I'm testing the change for the configuration on the sets file offered on the woogerworks site to verify it works correctly. One thing you will have to do is clear your already downloaded card images to make the changes take effect if things do work out as expected.

change worked. simply open the oracle tool and download the set data from the default location ( then proceed to update your card database.

once complete delete your previously downloaded pictures. a guide on how to do so is available at: ... oaded-pics