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Re: Legacy-effect card development

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2013, 23:31
by Sonic
Korath wrote:If |c was ever properly replaced, it no longer is, and always falls through into drawcardlib (where it gets displayed as the Planechase chaos symbol).
I seem to remember it working for the 'lace' cards when I was working on the all ASM coded ISO install. But it seems Mok adapted the |C code for the planechase Chaos symbol when he expanded the ManaSymbols.pic strip to include the hybrid and phyrexian mana symbols.
I checked the lace cards and they were all showing the chaos symbol in their effect cards rather than the expected color text.

So I did a test and replaced the current |C codes in the lace cards effect text entries with |S(color).

The result being; you can still 'Sleight of Mind' a cast lace card, its target will change to the sleighted color and the lace's effect card shows the sleighted color in uppercase.
Result! :D

Re: Legacy-effect card development

PostPosted: 22 Sep 2013, 14:27
by Sonic
Sorry - been really busy of late and haven't had much time to make any real progress on this project. If someone wants to chip in it would be useful.

Re: Legacy-effect card development

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2014, 03:49
by Korath
Both selection of |#1 |#2 etc. alternate text, and combining power/toughness effects, can be done pretty easily from the software side now.

Power/toughness effects can't be combined if the same effect also adds an ability of any sort, or does anything else besides change power and/or toughness - for example, two activations of a Carrion Howler 's effect could be combined into " Carrion Howler gets +4/-2 until end of turn", but two activations of Cloudgoat Ranger 's " Cloudgoat Ranger gets +2/+0 and gains flying until end of turn" effect couldn't be.

As I mentioned some time ago, it'll also only display correctly for specific combinations of power/toughness gain: +|n/+|n, +0/+|n, +|n/+0, -|n/-0, and +|n/-|n. -0/-|n, -|n/-|n, and -|n/+|n are missing. They could be added, with a bit of effort.

Mostly I just need either a list of cards whose effect text has been updated to use |# and |n, or access to the canonical xls files and a list of cards people especially want this for. (I especially want this for Wake Thrasher, myself.)

Re: Legacy-effect card development

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2014, 15:39
by Sonic
Sorry been so long - busy and all that (as you probably already know. :wink: )

There isn't what we could really call a set of canonical xls files, as my and Gargaroz's files are in a constant state of update between one update and the next. The closest we have to a current reference is the csv files included in the magic_updater folder released with each patch.

If you're going to be code testing the updated Effect/Legacy entries using a manalink.csv file of your own. A possible way round updating the Effect/Legacy entries en-mass would be to construct an Excel sheet which uses a simple 'lookup name/cell offset' formula to check and update the required column entries for insertion into the main manalink.xls file whilst doing the main data entry for a forthcoming patch.

Stassy and I use a similar arrangement so I can insert the updated Base Values I receive from him for the manalink.xls 'AI Base Values' column. Works just as well on multiple columns.