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Question on this possibility concerning sideboard

PostPosted: 22 Mar 2014, 22:29
by gmzombie
ok so ive been fiddling around with trying to figure out if we could do a code in sort of to allow a sort of sideboard between matches. Meaning that in the perfect world the game would have a button when the match ends to goto deck builder and edit cards around. though we all know im not a coder in the least i do like to tinker around with IDA and ollydbg. my first attempt to just open deck.exe after the match ends makes the game go wonky and it starts the next round but you have no deck..weird. So i opened deck.exe first and then opened up magic.exe and they both opened up.Sweet but after the first match i played i tried to edit my deck and while it did edit it and save it when i started the next match i looked through my deck and i didnt have the cards i added..Bummer. But then i thought maybe there is a way for this to work. Im trying to figure out what code reads the .dck just before the game starts as that code would have to be injected or a jmp to that code after the first game ends and the second or third match this possible to do. What do you guys think Korath or Gargoroz

edit: im going to guess after looking through code that sub_4964D0 is the code for reading a .dck file.