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Cube Sealed

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Cube Sealed

Postby billyhewlett » 15 Mar 2016, 05:38

I have a way of building your own cubed sealed deck and playing sealed cube on Manalink.

I have attached a python script (editRarity.txt) and a shell script (updateCards.txt) which take a list of cards from Common, Uncommon, and Rare and replace your 4th edition packs with cube packs of the appropriate rarity.

These scripts (and files) go into your magic_updater folder. Then you rename the file "Manalink.csv" in magic_updater to something like "ManalinkBackup.csv". Finally you run the python script (which you rename to .py) and the shell script (which you rename to .sh)

When you next startup manalink, you should be able to build a sealed deck and see your ancestral recalls and jaces. Of course, you don't have to use my cube, use whatever cards you like (including your favorite sets). Just edit Commons.txt, etc.

Here's an example of me running:

Billy@Belgareth /cygdrive/.../Manalink 3.0/Program/magic_updater
$ python ManalinkBackup.csv Commons.txt Uncommons.txt Rares.txt

00h 50h
Blast from the Past

This means that it couldn't find Aetherling (probably because of weird Ae character) and Blast from the Past (Unglued). It still runs though, after I call the script:

Billy@Belgareth /cygdrive/.../Manalink 3.0/Program/magic_updater
$ sh

I will note that I successfully updated to the latest set, and it still works (I had to recreate ManalinkBackup.csv and run the two commands again post update). I have been playing sealed with my own cube for months and it's great for testing (although the AI almost always plays green)

I will also note that you should never trust code you find on the internet, including this code, so I recommend that you read through it and see what's going on (or have someone you trust do it).

Let me know if this works for you.
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Re: Cube Sealed

Postby foolosopher » 30 Mar 2016, 20:57

As it is, one can still create a custom deck like cube from existing cards like when creating a new draft set, by following instructions below


although it's probably more of a hussle than running your scripts
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