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Nyx frame overlays for tokens

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Nyx frame overlays for tokens

Postby Korath » 11 Jun 2017, 09:29

I'm not especially proud of the Nyx frame overlays for tokens; when I made them, I don't think we'd seen any of the enchantment creature token cards yet, and we only got the artifact and white ones in Theros anyway. Born of the Gods gave us the other four colors (Centaur, Elemental, Zombie, Bird 2), and though we never got a gold (let alone colorless non-artifact) frame, that should be enough for someone more motivated and more artistically skilled than me to make better versions. We could really use better ones for the classic frameset, too.
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Re: [confirm]Daxos the Returned makes 1+*/1+* bird flying to

Postby drool66 » 12 Jun 2017, 00:01

At the risk of exploring this tangent too far in a bug report...

The tokens are using a single overlay for all colors (CardArt > Token > CardOv_Nyx.png) & look like this:

Appending the following to Token.dat:
Code: Select all
Gives us these:

Of course the colored overlays would have to be edited graphically to remove the title container/box/oval. Seems easy enough and I'd be happy to do that, although it might add some inconsistency to how they look between colors.

Alternately, the title textbox settings could be reconfigured slightly in Token.dat, but then it would be weird to have the oval show up behind the title only on tokens with the Nyx overlay. I could add the same oval graphic to the normal token frames and cut a transparency into the Nyx overlays. This would probably be even easier for me, plus the frames would look consistent color to color.

I'll also see what I can do to make decent overlays for the classic frames.


Ok, I did it. Just as easy as I thought, and they came out pretty well!
CardOv_WNyx New.png
CardOv_GNyx New.png

Small cards, compared to a normal modern frame:
Small Cards.png

Normal tokens now look like this:
Normal Token.png

Thoughts? LMK if you want the files.
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