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My dilemma

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My dilemma

Postby takijeden » 31 Dec 2013, 19:34

Hi guys,
So I'd like to play fair extanded decks, mostly self-made because computer can't make good use of combo-decks.
So fair cards like Tezzeret, the Seeker, Bloodbraid Elf and many other are locked in and I need to pass some challenges in order to play them. I really appreciate the fact that there is an option to play challenges but I don't feel like playing them.

Is there a way to unlock those cards without playing challenges?

And another question: why aren't the power 9 and other broken alpha cards locked instead of normal, "fair" cards?
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Re: My dilemma

Postby VladVoivode » 21 Feb 2014, 12:29

I like the challenges actually. They lend another dimension to M:TG in that you are on a quest of sorts.

As to the older so-called broken cards not being locked, in my opinion - which granted is just that, an opinion - as a player since 1994, I like that I can create insanely powerful old school decks for the AI and I to use. Rules were more straightforward: 4 of any non-land card were allowed. Yep, these old decks were nasty and of course, the Channel Fireball combo was a pain, but, absent that, it's a blast to go back and play Kismet and Royal Assassin. I would also offer that having these cards ready to use at the outset is a boon to players who want to play in a setting with others which removes the restrictions of newer Magic and gives new players a sense of how this great game has evolved.

I remember epic battles and you never knew when one of these "broken" cards would be cast; it was FUN!!! Because of Manalink - and Forge and BotArena, I have gotten back into playing Magic and buying cards again. But, I was looking over the new rules and what cards are forever banned or restricted. It's sad to see cards like Dark Ritual and Hypnotic Spectre on this list. Millstone decks were a blast as was the deadly, rage inducing Black Vise and Rack!

Now you have to find tournament types which to me is a double edged sword. Sure, it levels the playing field for players in that everyone is drawing from the most recent sets, but it also continues the money sink and actually makes it more of a money sink because every two years or whatever, that deck you've been tuning may no longer be legal. My friends and I play old school and we only impose the rule that no Channel and Fireball combo is allowed. We play with the four of any non-land card, we still use manaburn (which I miss in the new Magic), and we have a blast with the game even with the new cards.
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Re: My dilemma

Postby stassy » 21 Feb 2014, 13:17

That is called causual play :D

Anyway power 9 and broken alpha cards were not locked because :
- Originally the Challenges cards reward were cards made available to players by ML developers and not the original Microprose developers (that mean newly coded and not already existing cards)
- Challenges cards reward were created from the top ten wishlist thread
- Challenges cards reward were created as Tournament prize

Those cards were mostly created for fun and as a reward, and the devs didn't take into account the whole meta deck pool available for duel or challenge mode.
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