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PostPosted: 07 Jan 2010, 05:28
by lord of 13
DraftMaster is designed for use as a drafting application and possesses superior logic and a new and unique AI for the player's rival drafters. At the end of your draft, when you save your draft, DraftMaster automatically creates a deck for you that fits your two most commonly drafted colors and provides a sideboard should you wish to revise it. About half of M10 comes with DraftMaster on initial download. Currently, the decks are only saved as smart-draft files and are compressed.
Google Code:
RAR: 1-6-10.rar
ZIP: 1-6-10
Now, DraftMaster is not complete. Far from it! Its AI and logic can be improved, such as by making the AI take into account card effects and tags - for example, by drafting removal frequently.

This rudimentary to-do list contains a few things that could be done to improve it. Please suggest features or let me know about bugs to be fixed.
To Do:
  • Allow DraftMaster to download card images and sets from the Internet
  • Change the AI to factor in card tags

Re: DraftMaster

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2010, 07:47
by nantuko84
wow, it's very nice!
while looking for such program (I didn't found any one), I got service where you can play any draft versus bots and then build your decks. The only disadvantage is that you should pay if you want to play more that 3 per day.
As far as I know they use another algorithm: bots (mostly at the beginning) take most valuable cards based on values that are determined automatically by statistics. Let's say a player has Baneslayer Angel in his\her booster, pretty sure it will be taken as first pick. So this service give it the percentage rating. Moreover it seems once I saw such rating on their site, so may be it can be used in your program as well.

While playing, I got a booster with 4 Borderland Ranger! It is not impossible in real life (the only exception is two copies where one is foil). I've read in daily that Wizards uses some non random algorithm to create boosters. So I guess it's a feature\bug.

Allow DraftMaster to download card images and sets from the Internet
for sure, this task has the highest priority.
what can I say, MagicWars (you may find it here) downloads images by set name and collector id that was easy to implement and saves a lot of time. and all card information are generated from Gatherer spoilers using perl script. if u want I may share them (or you can get them from svn as it's open source).
also you may use already generated file from (thanks to Marek14 and Arch for this)


Re: DraftMaster

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2010, 22:44
by lord of 13
DraftMaster currently comes with about half of the M10 set - with around 10 commons. That's on my to-do list as well, but not as a programmer. Anyone can do that - just use CardAdder.exe (included with download) and add cards to the M10 set file. If anyone wants to and adds a significant amount of cards (at least 30), post here with an a zip file as an attachment and I'll add it to the release.

About ratings:
DraftMaster's Artificial Intelligence comes from its Player Rating System, which takes the average turn a player picked a card and, if the card has been drafted at least 10 times, is used by the Logic to evaluate the card instead of the default rating.
This may or may not be similar to what you are talking about, but it allows for DraftMaster to adapt to a player and their valuation of cards. For example, if you force red every time and highly pick red cards, over time, the AI will start drafting red more often, leaving you with fewer red cards than you used to get. As you stabilize, the AI will stabilize to your values, and become more "entrenched" in its old "ways of thought", making it harder for you to change its perception of a card's rating or value.