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Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2011, 13:14
by jatill
shigadeyo wrote:Not sure if this on was mentioned or not, but if Chamber is in hand, it forces discard even if Lighthouse is already in play. Attacks do not affect if Lighthouse is in play, so Chamber should not be "revealed" and force the necessary discard.
I'm not so sure about this. Is there an FAQ entry specific to this?

Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2011, 13:23
by jatill
pinkymadigan wrote:Very cool - also, looks like the KC, KC, Goons, Masquerade bug is still not resolved. For reference, here's the turn I'm trying to set up: ... asquerade/
Looks like the problem here was Masquerade, not KC.
I just uploaded a fix.

Young Wich

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2011, 08:16
by akonstan
The Young wich adds an additonal kingdom card. In my case an 11th card. But only 10 cards are vissible the 11th card is in the game, I can see how the AI buys the card and uses it. The 11th card is always the card with the highest purchase cost.

Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2011, 16:20
by DickCheney
I am wondering if it's possible to swap out my own background JPG for the title screen, game background and even the little things (like the card back that is displayed when an AI turn starts).

Changing JPGs in the images folder only seems to work for the actual Dominion play cards.

Are the title, background and other assets hard-coded?

Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2012, 13:56
by jatill
Unfortunately, those are hard-coded

Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2012, 10:00
by rchandra
If I have 0 cards in deck, some attacks (Swindler etc.) are hitting cards in my hand instead.

I quite like the program, thank you for writing it!

Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2012, 19:58
by rchandra
I've been getting a lot of "subscript out of range" errors, though I can't reproduce them retrying the same actions after restarting (just had one with Mine/Watchtower, didn't happen next game)

Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2012, 19:00
by lohkamp

I've downloaded the game few hours ago and I have tried to play the First Game set 4 times. Each time on turn 88 it crashes and I get a "Run-time error:'13' Type Mismatch" notification.
I'm running the game under wine, therefore I'm not sure if it's a bug, or if there's a way I can fix it myself. If so, could you please give me some advice?


Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2012, 19:17
by lohkamp
I've googled a bit more, it's problably a wine problem, though I don't understand what's the cause.

I've played some more. It crashes everytime I finish the game, for instance when one victory card pile is empty.

Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 27 Jan 2012, 11:43
by Kyrion
There seems to be a bug with Inn. I haven't seen it happen properly, but I've had two game with Inn where my deck finished with most of the coppers and estates missing and no way for them to have gone (no masquerade, thief, pirate ship etc. to steal them and I bought no trashing cards), none of the other cards between the sets were the same AFAIK* and I haven't seen it happen in any other games.

*The only card that might have been in both is Scheme, but I'm fairly sure it isn't that, as I've had other games with Scheme where it was fine.

Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 12 Feb 2012, 10:25
by Tamdrik
I have two computers (both Win 7 64 bit) with different problems running Dominion (14 Nov 2011 release).

Desktop: When I try to run it, it gives me a "Run-time error '62': Input past end of file".

Laptop: When I try to start a game or pick cards, it gives me a "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch".

Any ideas how to fix either or both? Thanks!

Re: Bugs

PostPosted: 28 Apr 2012, 23:20
by PeacePlease
Both Great Hall and the Nobles cards had a "-" sign in front of the action stat instead of a "+". Great game btw :)


PostPosted: 13 May 2012, 00:06
by Elestan
Trader appear to have a glitch: When I play it and trash a card, I don't gain any Silvers. It's supposed to gain Silvers equal to the cost of the trashed card (So trashing a Gold should gain six Silvers).


PostPosted: 13 May 2012, 01:42
by Elestan
Autospend should be suppressed whenever the player has a non-basic Treasure card in their hand, or when Farmland or Grand Market are available for purchase.

Duration Cards

PostPosted: 13 May 2012, 17:03
by Elestan
It would be very nice if Duration cards had some indication of whether they were played on the current turn or the last turn.