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Grant ability

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Grant ability

Postby Scion of Darkness » 30 Apr 2013, 18:49

How many abilities can a card grant? I want to grant 1 ability To select a mana ability, a static ability continuos action layer to store the choice and then i will need 5 mana abilities one for each color.
The card i made to test with 7 grant abilities dont work :( can someone sugest me an alternative please?
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Re: Grant ability

Postby RiiakShiNal » 01 May 2013, 02:08

I've had no problem granting multiple abilities. Sensei Golden-Tail grants 3 abilities per activation to any given target creature (Triggered for the pump, Static for the "reset", and Static for the "increment") and I've activated it at least 6 times on a single given creature before (that is at least 18 [3 abilities * 6 activations] granted abilities).

I don't know how you are trying to choose/grant the mana abilities, but as far as I know it is not possible for a granted ability to grant another ability because resource_ids don't transfer as part of the ability granting process. I don't think there is a problem with the number of abilities granted due to custom Cloudpost (modified to support more loci without tokens, 10+ resource_ids defined) and Sensei Golden-Tail (granting multiple abilities with each activation, potentially infinite granted abilities) together cover the areas that would possibly have issues with limits to granted abilities.

If your problem is trying to have granted abilities grant other abilities then I think you can get around that problem. You have 1 granted ability to select a color, 1 granted ability to set up a default color if one doesn't exist and to set up a custom characteristic to identify the card to the granting (source) card. On the source card you would have a non-granted static ability with a continuous action that scans all affected cards and grants the appropriate coloured mana ability to the affected card(s) based on the data in that card's DC as setup and stored by the previously granted abilities.

So the setup would be something like this:

Source Card:
  • Static Ability to grant abilities 6 & 7
  • Static Ability to grant Mana Ability based on info stored in card's DC.
  • resource_ids 1-5: Mana Abilities
  • resource_id 6: Activated Ability to choose colour and store in card DC.
  • resource_id 7: Static Ability to setup custom characteristic & default colour (should only store colour if one is not already stored).

Target Card (no code required so should be able to work with all permanents):
  • Granted Ability 6 from source card.
  • Granted Ability 7 from source card.

Just make sure you pick a DC register that is unlikely to be used by the target card so that you don't overwrite any data that card needs and it doesn't overwrite anything you need. I used ids 1-5 for mana abilities so that you can match up the abilities with the COLOUR_* constants and the colour return to keep code to a minimum.

As for another alternative you could simply grant an ability that uses mana tokens instead of mana abilities then you would only need to grant a single ability.
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