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[Card Creation Tool] DotP2013 Card v2 Structure Downloader

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2013, 13:16
by BETenner
This is a command line helper tool for card creation of DotP 2013 (Card v2 format).
It reads card info from and generate a .xml file in card v2 format.
You still need to adjust some minor places (because the data on is not as perfect as it should be), but it still saves a lot of time for you, especially the multi-language part.

This tool requires Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 or higher to run. You may download and install it from

If you find any bug or have any suggestion, please post it here so I can fix or upgrade it as best as I can.

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dotpcv2sd.exe <edition> <output> [specified-index]
<edition> - Edition initial letters, you may get them from
<output> - Output folder path
[specified-index] - Optional, only download the card with the specified index (card number)

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dotpcv2sd.exe gtc d:\dotpcards
This will generate all card files for GTC (Gatecrash)

Here is a sample of the generated file:
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<?xml version='1.0'?>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="en-US"><![CDATA[Aerial Maneuver]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="fr-FR"><![CDATA[Manœuvre aérienne]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="es-ES"><![CDATA[Maniobra aérea]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="de-DE"><![CDATA[Luftiges Manöver]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="it-IT"><![CDATA[Manovra Aerea]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="jp-JA"><![CDATA[天駆ける進撃]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="ko-KR"><![CDATA[공중 기동]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="ru-RU"><![CDATA[Воздушный Маневр]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="pt-BR"><![CDATA[Manobra Aérea]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
  <MULTIVERSEID value="366294" />
  <ARTID value="GTC_001" />
  <ARTIST name="Scott Chou" />
  <CASTING_COST cost="{1}{W}" />
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="en-US"><![CDATA["When you put all of yourself into an attack, without fear or hesitation, in that instant you may attain greatness."
—Predak, Gateless freemage]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="fr-FR"><![CDATA[« Quand on met tout ce qu'on a dans une attaque, sans peur ni hésitation, la grandeur est à portée de main. »
—Predak, libremage des Sans porte]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="es-ES"><![CDATA["Cuando pones todo tu empeño en un ataque, sin miedo ni titubeos, en ese instante quizá alcances la grandeza."—Prédak, mago libre sinportal]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="de-DE"><![CDATA[„Wenn du einen Angriff mit Leib und Seele führst, furchtlos und ohne zu zaudern, kannst du in diesem Moment Größe erlangen."
—Predak, gildenfreier Freimagier]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="it-IT"><![CDATA["Quando concentri tutto te stesso in un attacco, senza paura o esitazione, in quell'istante puoi raggiungere la vera grandezza."
—Predak, mago libero Senza Cancello]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="jp-JA"><![CDATA[「恐れも戸惑いもなしにすべてを賭して攻撃する。その瞬間にこそ人は偉大になるのだ。」――門なしの自由魔道士、プレーダク]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="ko-KR"><![CDATA["두려움이나 망설임 없이 전력으로 공격하는 순간만큼은 누구나 위대해질 수 있다."
—관문 없는 자유술사 프리닥]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="ru-RU"><![CDATA[«Когда ты полностью отдаешься бою, позабыв про страх и сомнения, именно в это самое мгновение ты можешь обрести величие».
— Предак, свободный маг Безвратных]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="pt-BR"><![CDATA["Quando você dá tudo de si em um ataque, sem medo nem hesitação, naquele instante você pode alcançar a grandeza."— Predak, mago-livre Sem-portão]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
  <TYPE metaname="Instant" />
  <EXPANSION value="GTC" />
  <RARITY metaname="C" />
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="en-US"><![CDATA[Target creature gets +1/+1 and gains flying and first strike until end of turn.]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="fr-FR"><![CDATA[La créature ciblée gagne +1/+1 et acquiert le vol et l'initiative jusqu'à la fin du tour.]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="es-ES"><![CDATA[La criatura objetivo obtiene +1/+1 y gana las habilidades de volar y dañar primero hasta el final del turno.]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="de-DE"><![CDATA[Eine Kreatur deiner Wahl erhält +1/+1, Flugfähigkeit und Erstschlag bis zum Ende des Zuges.]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="it-IT"><![CDATA[Una creatura bersaglio prende +1/+1 e ha volare e attacco improvviso fino alla fine del turno.]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="jp-JA"><![CDATA[クリーチャー1体を対象とする。それはターン終了時まで+1/+1の修整を受けるとともに飛行と先制攻撃を得る。]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="ko-KR"><![CDATA[생물 한 개를 목표로 정한다. 그 생물은 턴종료까지 +1/+1을 받고 비행과 선제공격 능력을 얻는다.]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="ru-RU"><![CDATA[Целевое существо получает +1/+1, Полет и Первый удар до конца хода.]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
    <LOCALISED_TEXT LanguageCode="pt-BR"><![CDATA[A criatura alvo recebe +1/+1 e ganha voar e iniciativa até o final do turno.]]></LOCALISED_TEXT>
Download link:

Re: [Card Creation Tool] DotP2013 Card v2 Structure Download

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2013, 13:40
by thefiremind
Not to be too picky, but I think this topic would have been more fitting in the Utilities section. :P Nice work anyway. :wink:

P.S.: I know a lot about badly organized data... there's a lot of it on Gatherer, too, especially in Gatecrash (Spanish and Portuguese abilities that aren't separated by return for example).

Re: [Card Creation Tool] DotP2013 Card v2 Structure Download

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2013, 13:49
by BETenner
Yup, badly organized data are annoying...
I hope the data will be finally organized well someday...