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DOTP13 Share cards here.

User-made mods in DLC (Downloadable Content) form.
Get MTG cards here for your DotP that aren't available anywhere else!

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DOTP13 Share cards here.

Postby alexandreonly » 06 Aug 2012, 00:16

As my cards are frankensteins made with parts of different cards, i would like to have all the cards made by modders in one folder, so my suggestion is to everyone upload a .zip with all their cards. You can use deck editor rev to search for card abilities and copy them in the edit ability window, paste on your card, etc...

Also, to keep the topic clean, i suggest everyone just edit their posts instead of make a new one for updates.

I will start with my cards:

Total: 29
Bugged: 2 (Necratog and Everglades)
Not elegant: Ashen Powder (because you can't cancel once you cast, and it allow the player to make bullshit, since its possible to cast even if the opponent do not have cards in the graveyard, but work if you know what you're doing. If someone fix, thanks.
Wrong on purpose: Gallowbraid, because the cumulative upkeep 1 life make this card total crap, so i replaced with a simple upkeep cost 1 life to make the card at least playable, since i like it. I think i will make Morinfen the same way.

Well, i'm waiting for your cards, so i can use them to make others.
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Re: DOTP13 Share cards here.

Postby STKL » 08 Jan 2013, 10:06

I know this topic has been dead for a while, but I thought this would be a great idea to compile a master list of cards that were created, and cards that can't be done.
I looked on the card request forums and put together a lot of cards that were uploaded there along with cards that were put in coding.
Here is a file with card:
1. xmls that were uploaded on request a card topic
2. a bunch of tdxs
3. a bunch of cards that I tried to code but so far most don't work just to let you know what I am doing :P

Cards That Can't be made:
Snapcaster Mage
Yawgmoth's Will
Enduring Renewal
Celestial dawn
Grinning totem
Paradox Haze
Torpor Orb
Magus of the moon

EDIT: I forgot the link lol

Also many of the cards are from TheFiremind's mods and advice or from RiiakShiNal & Kevlahnota & sumomole

If you don't know how to mod your own deck of 60 cards here is a basic tutorial I made on youtube based on Rick's post:

EDIT2: Ok, I was doing some stuff and found a card resurrection that was miscoded, it screwed up wadedit and I had to painfully search all the cards to find the culprit.
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