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How to extract art from MTG Arena

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How to extract art from MTG Arena

Postby thefiremind » 13 Apr 2018, 11:10

In case someone needs it, I'll explain how anyone can extract art from MTG Arena, in order to use it on modded cards. Quality is about the same as in DotP games.

Note that, given the beta state of the game, anything can change at anytime, so maybe some of the following information will be wrong in the future.

Here's the direct link to the game installer.
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You don't need to have the closed beta invitation to install it, and the resources will be downloaded before it asks for registration, so anyone can do it.

Install the game, then run it. It will download additional files, which will be saved in
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C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\Temp\Wizards Of The Coast\MTGA\AssetBundle
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When the downloads end and the real game starts, you can Alt+F4 out of it.

The downloaded files have .mtga extension, but they are just compressed Unity asset bundles. In order to extract resources from them, you need the Unity Assets Bundle Extractor, UABE for short. Search for it on Google (the download links are on a forum and I'd feel bad linking a different forum here). At the time I'm writing, the latest version is 2.2 beta1.

Since I found the UABE to be not very intuitive to use, I'll make a brief guide on how to use it.
  1. Start AssetBundleExtractor.exe.
  2. Choose File->Open, and navigate to the AssetBundle folder I mentioned earlier. (Remember that AppData is a hidden folder, you might need to tell Windows to show hidden files and folders.) Choose a file whose name contains "cardart", those are obviously the ones with the art.
  3. You'll be asked if you want to unpack the file. Choose Yes and save the uncompressed version somewhere (call it whatever you want, extension doesn't matter). The uncompressed version will be automatically open.
  4. Click on the Info button. The "Assets info" window will open. Here you can see what the bundle contains.
  5. Select the content with type Texture2D that you wish to extract (you can select more than one at a time by using Ctrl or Shift), then click on Plugins and choose "Export to .png". You'll be asked for a filename in case of a single selection, or a folder in case of a multiple selection. Confirm your choice, and you're done!
Note that the art will be 512x512 in size, and stretched vertically. I think it's because Unity manages only square textures. Use your favorite image editor and resize it as needed (DotP art was 512x376, I guess it's the correct size here as well).

Here's a sample of what you get (no resizing done yet):
Dominaria's Llanowar Elves | Open
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Re: How to extract art from MTG Arena

Postby Zambooo » 05 Dec 2018, 12:17

Do you still happen to have the .mtga files of Arena?
After the transaction from Closed to Open Beta they removed Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonkhet, and Hour of Devastation. Do you still happen to have those files?
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