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Postby kevlahnota » 06 Dec 2010, 08:27

for those that want to make some cards or like to help updating various cards or just want to read this post, here's some info. :lol:


Duels of the Planeswalker uses layers that modifies certain effects on an object(card, entity :shock: ).

Layer 0: This is for cards basic ability that affects itself ( First Strike, Trample, Flying ) example card: White Knight

Layer 1: This is for copy effects ( We haven't discovered the functions to use this or maybe its disabled by default ). example card: Clone

Layer 2: This is for control-changing, gain control effects. example card: Gilded Drake, Act of Treason

Layer 3: This is for text-changing effects ( This will probably not implemented in the game :?: ). example card: Mind Bend

Layer 4: This is for Subtype, Supertype changing effects ( Questionable :?: ). example card: Conspiracy

Layer 5: This is for color-changing effects ( Haven't discovered the correct syntax or maybe disabled ). example card: Shifting Sky

Layer 6: This is for ability granting/removing effects( Advanced granting of abilities is limited* :!: ). example card: Akroma's Memorial

Layer 7a: This is for variable Power/Toughness defining effects like */*. example card: Maro

Layer 7b: This is for specific Power/Toughness changing effects "target creature is a 0/1 :twisted: ". example card: Humble second effect.

Layer 7c: This is for modifying Power/Toughness changing effects "target creature gets +3/+3 #-o ". example card: Giant Growth

Layer 7d: This is for changes from counters ( If its implemented.. :shock: lots of cards to update #-o #-o :cry: )

Layer 7e: This is for switching Power and Toughness effects. example card: Transmutation

*NOTE: about layer 6, limited granting of abilities ex. Joraga Treespeaker on Level 5+ :^o

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