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November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

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November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby jatill » 11 Nov 2010, 14:53

Decks: ...

Final Round Pairings:
aww vs nicdanger

Group A:

Group B:
Aswan Jaguar

Each player in group A plays each other. Top 2 advance. Same for group B. For round 2, the winner of A will play the 2nd place of B.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby jatill » 11 Nov 2010, 18:08

I'm short on time, so I'll only be recording games I lose, and random small notes.

Cognis (0-2) vs Aww
Loss 1: AI had Sol Ring into Mind Twist for 3 two turns running.
Loss 2: Got twisted for the full7 thanks to Lotus + Mox.

Aww (2-0) vs Cognis

Cognis (2-0) vs NicDanger
Note: I could not cast Clone and it almost cost me a game.

NicDanger(2-0) vs Cognis

Cognis (2-1) vs jatill
Loss 1: I get stuck on 2 and 3 lands while Kird Apes maul me.

jatill(2-0) vs Cognis

aww (2-0) vs jatill

jatill(2-0) vs aww
Note: I had to work very hard for the wins!

aww (2-0) vs NicDanger

NicDanger (2-0) vs aww
Note: Even though the AI had me completely dominated, it went into "give up" mode and decked when I refused to play any creatures for it to steal.
Note 2: Game 2 the AI stole my Serendib and Juzam. I stuck Spirit Link on both and won without ever attacking.

jatill (2-0) vs NicDanger
Note: I attacked with a 40/1 Scryb Sprite!

NicDanger (2-0) vs jatill
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Salbei » 11 Nov 2010, 21:09

Group A

Cognis - Aww | Open
Cognis - Aww 0-2
Slow start on both sides, Aww seems to have an answer for everything the turn i play stuff.Aww is manascrewed for quite some time, while i am flooded.Few turns later my hand is empty,Aww sits at 7 and plays Serra Angel.And Control Magics the only creature on my board (PS, i ping itself so he doesn´t get it).Clone on SA -> the Cloned Serra Angel eats the 4th Swords to Plowshares.Aww counters Mahamoti Djinn and thats pretty much it.Chumpblocking with Flying Men delayed the inevitable for a turn.I draw another Mahamoti Djinn when i was at 2 hp -> aww got the Counterspell
I play Zehpirs on turn2 and 3 , Aww Swords both.Ai plays Serra Angel on turn 4 via Mox.Serendib Efreet in my hand suddenly looked as a bad follow up, so i held it.Mind Twist sets me to 0 handcards while SA is doing the job.I topdeck Serra Angel - Aww takes it with Control Magic and that was pretty much it.
Game3: -

Aww - Cognis | Open
Aww - Cognis 2-0
I either Manadrain or Counterspell his Creatures, let a Twister resolve and drain the Serendib Efreet played on the same turn.I MindTwist his hand and play a Serra Angel with double Counterbackup on the next turn - nothing he could do.The topdecked 2nd Serra Angel seales the game.Just Mahamoti could save him but i got Counters for that already.I counter his Serra Angel and my 2 Serra Angel end the game quickly.
I had to mulligan to 6 (had Strip Mine + Plains as only lands) got a decent hand and could play a Serra Angel on turn2.Swords,Drain + Control Magic in my hand - technicly it was over at that point.
I let him play Falcons + Sorceror + Serendib. I CM his Sorceror and use it on the Falcon when he blocked SA with Falcon+Efreet.His board is empty , i´m holding 2 Counterspell 2 Swords to Plowshares - Serra Angel already on the field... thats it.

Cognis - Nicdanger | Open
Cognis - Nicdanger 0-2
Turn2 Efreet via Vault gets hardcountered with a Spirit Link - Ouch.
Nicdanger plays an Efreet himself. Falcon + Unstable Mutation (turn later of course) bring me back into shape - Nicdanger steals the already Spirit Linked Efreet ... i´m in trouble.Psionic Blast + Swords keep me at no blockers while his 2 Efreets deal 6 per turn while he gains 2 Life per turn.Psionic Blast on Serra Angel cleared the path once more and it was over.
Ai starts with a turn2 Efreet (Mox)followed by a turn 3 Efreet - i managed to get one of my Efreets into play aswell,but Swords to Plowshares got rid of it. Same game, 6 damage per turn , 2 to him.
Turn4 Clone meets Swords and a 3rd Efreet on Nicdangers side.Turn5 Clone - he didn´t bother and just attack with his 3 Efreets.He plays Serra Angel.I´m at 4 hp and got a Serendib Efreet out - hes at 12 (gonna go down to 9 next turn) but got 3 Efreets and Serra Angel out - didn´t draw another blocker but Clone. Clone-> Angel.
He taunts me by playing Spirit Link on my Serra Angel and attacks with everything.

Nicdanger - Cognis | Open
Nicdanger - Cognis 2-0
I had to mulligan to 6 (just a swamp and only offcolor cards) to a relative bad hand, kept it anyway because of Ancestral Recall. Cognis starts strong with turn1 Flying Men,Turn 2 Unstable Mutation - i already got 2 Swords and a Disenchant so i let the Men hit me once and kill em with Disenchant on the next turn.
He plays Efreet, i play Efreet and Spirit Link and Control Magic on his Efreet.I Psionic Blast his Cloned Efreet and drop a Juzam Djinn.He play Mahamoti Djinn - oh oh.I do the math and attack with everything and play another Juzam.He blocks the Juzam as expected and is down to 4 hp.Unstables his Mahamoti and attacks with it (i´m down to 5 ,3 after my upkeep).I send the 2 Efreets and 1 Juzam in again and the game is over.
I start with 2 Mox 2 Lands and MindTwist for 3 on turn 2.He opens with Flying Men on turn 1,Timewalk turn2 and FM#2 and a Falcon during his Timewalk turn... nice recovery.I play Serra Angel and use both Swords when Cognis plays Timetwister (had to shuffle away a Timewalk that i was saving grrrr).I wasn´t too concerned after i saw my new hand , Ancestral Recall 2x Mind Twist Spirit Link, Swords to Plowshares Efreet + Land.
He plays Efreet and Clones my Serra Angel. I Swords to Plowshares his Cloned Angel.And Psionic Blast his fresh played Angel on the following turn.Hes down to 8 when i got Serra Angel,Juzam Djinn and Serendib Efreet out.He delayed the finishing turn with a Flying Men as a chumpblocker,but it was just too much for the AI after that.

End of Session | Open
Note: End of Session1. I´ll edit in the other games when i got time for it.This way Group A is in one post - should make scoring easier.(hopefully i can get everything into that post, i´ll link to it otherwise).
I didn´t check any of the decklists and went completly blind into the games, so some things hit me more than they should (Spirit Link especially).There is a nice variety of Decks so far and i´m really enjoying the tournament.

The Decks i´ve seen so far:
It has been a rough day for Cognis,really wished i could have won at least a single game for him.In the end i wouldn´t have played it differently afterall.Couldn´t quite pinpoint why its not working,mostly removal just kills the deck and you had some really bad matchups.
The games with/against Aww where just brutal, he got everything he need sometimes even a few turns ahead.Its a very stable deck and the AI is surprisingly good with it, good job there.
Nicdangers Djinns/Efreets + Spirit Link really got the oldschool feeling.I really like the Psionic Blasts in there.I´ve tried something simmilar, just 5color.The City of Brass + Upkeep Hurts killed me more often than i liked so i ditched that.Overall a nice choice.

Ignore this | Open
Cognis - Jatill (unfortunatly i played against Nicdangers Deck i realized way too late)

I start with turn1 Flying Men, AI Spirit Links it twice (Mox) on its first turn.
Unstable Mutation on Zephyr Falcon takes a huge chunk of hp down,the AI handles it with Disenchant on UM and followed that with Psionic Blast ... not exactly the AI at its best.
Jatill drops a Juzam Djinn while he is at 10 life.A second Zephyr Falcon and Serendib along with the Upkeep hurts from Jatills own Djinn are enough to win the race.
I open with Flying Men, AI with Ancestral Recall (and discards Juzam Djinn and Serra Angel).I draw Unstable Mutation from the top and Flying Men go to work.Prodigal Sorceror on my side meets Serendib Efreet from him.AI Psionic Blasts my Sorceror (at 9 life when the AIs Efreet deals the first damage to me).I play a Serra Angel at turn5 holding a Clone.AI Control Magics my Serra Angel.I Clone my stolen Angel and the copy gets stolen again with another Control Magic.Too much damage...and the AI wins with 3 hp left.
Mulligan to 6 (just had Plains in my first 7).Slow start on both sides, i open with a Falcon on turn 2 ,another Falcon on turn3 and Unstable Mutation at turn3.AI "counters" it with a Serendib Efreet.AI Swords to Plowshares the 1/1 Falcon and attacks.Due to the Upkeep damage i´m still ahead, but a Serra Angel on his side showed up and i couldn´t do any damage anymore (hes at 8, loosing 1 per turn / i´m at 15 loosing 7 per turn).Holding 2 Serra Angels but don´t have a single white Mana.Ai plays Juzam Djinn and it seems to be over. Meanwhile i´ve played a Sorceror and luckily draw Ancestral Recall, supplying me with 2 white Mana Sources and a Clone (cloning Serra Angel) AI loosing 2 per upkeep and is down to 5.AI Mindtwists me, but doesn´t attack.Sorceror takes him down to 4.I draw nothing, AI disenchants my Mox and didn´t attack again with Serendib Efreet , Serra Angel and Juzam Djinn -> he´s at 2 hp.Prodigal Sorceror End of his turn and once again during my turn and i win.A human Jatill would have won this easily.
Just realized this wasn´t Jatills deck (was Nicdanger instead) when i wanted to play the next match.I already played that match ... awesome.

Cognis - Jatill | Open
Cognis - Jatill 2-0
I start with a turn 1 Zephyr Falcon (Mox).AI starts with Scrypt Sprites. I Unstable Mutation the Falcon and Time Walk - attack both turns and drop a Moat.AI plays 2 Elvish Archers, but can´t do anything with it.Falcon trades for Sprite, 2nd Falcon i play trades with Sprite he played and i drop a Serra Angel.AI burns the Angel from the sky.
I play a Mahamoti Djinn - AI plays Timetwister, giving me a Time Walk and thats it.
Mulligan to 6 (Plains as only Land).AI starts with a Ghazban Ogre on turn 1.I play Falcon + Sorceror and the Ogre didn´t do anything beside his first attack and joins my army.A second Prodigal Sorcerer and i´m in good shape.I draw Ancestral Recall from the top and play a Serendib Efreet.AI Berserk my Ogre.Serra Angel on my next turn is the nail in the coffin.

Jatill - Cognis | Open
Jatill - Cognis 2-1
AI starts with Flying Men on turn 1 and trades it with my Sprites. Archers and Kird Ape took him out before he could put up a fight.Very fast game.
AI starts with Serendib Efreet and Unstable Mutation while i got no solution for it untill i was down to 9 life. AI then played Mahamoti Djinn - i didn´t draw a creature beside my initial Scrypt Sprites .
I start with turn1 Ogre. A Blood Lust + Bersek sprite goes for the kill on turn 6.

Jatill - Aww | Open
Jatill - Aww 2-0
I open up with Ghazban Ogre, holding 3(!)Blood Lust.AI is down to 14 before he blocks it with a Mishras Factory.Mind Twist hits me hard.Fortunatly i draw Ancestral Recall from the top.I play 2 Chain Lightning and hold Wheel of Fortune for the next turn hoping there won´t be another Mind Twist.Wheel gave me 3 Lightning Bolt and i finish the game before Aww could maintain control.
AI opens with Black Lotus Timewalk + Land , but didn´t get a Landdrop on his Timewalk turn. I´m starting with two Kird Ape, one eats Swords, one Wrath of God.My handsize builds up since i didn´t draw anymore lands beside the initial hand. Mind Twist hits like a truck.Things look grim. AI drops Moat, making a lot of my creatures and potential draws dead.I Regrowth the Wheel of Fortune i had to discard and play it after a Time Walk.At 6 life AI plays a Serra Angel while i ran out of creatures that could pass Moat.Praying for Burn.I Berserk his Angel so i could attack with Sprites again - AI blows a ton of cards for my Elvish Archers (Control Magic and Swords). AI Swords my Sprites , still at 6 life.I keep playing creatures that can´t attack to fish for removal.Worked quite well.I finally draw my seconds burn spell and use Strip Mine to clear the path (AI just 1 blue mana available now) and take it home.
Note: intense game, been playing simmilar matches in the past so i knew exactly what to do.

Aww - Jatill | Open
Aww - Jatill 2-0
(Note: was really looking forward to this, i really enjoy playing the deck and Jatill won´t go easy on me )
I keep a dangerous hand with a lot of potential.AI starts with turn1 Ogre, i sword it.AI Ancestral Recalls and plays another Ogre ... this is trouble.I lack the 2nd white mana for the Moat i am already holding.AI Blood Lusts Ogre and i´m down to 14 - then plays another Ogre.I´m stuck at 1 Land 1 Mox and a Sol Ring, didn´t draw any land while holding 2x Control Magic 1 Moat 1 Wrath of God - a Tundra and i´m gonna be totally fine.
Ogres take me down to 10 and a Archer joins Jatills army.I get Tundra from the top (!) and Moat stops everything on the field - alright, stabilized.A couple turns nothing happens , i drew another Wrath and 2 Counters (keeping them against burn, the only remaining threat). AI plays Lightning Bolt , i counter. Then another Lightning Bolt and Timetwister (i´m down to 7)... still stuck at 2 Lands while the AI got 6.AI doesn´t play anthing and i get a Mox Jet and Mindtwist + Land from his Twister.I empty his hand, fetch Ancestral via Demonic and am in top shape. Library of Alexandria, 7 cards in Hand 3 Counters 2 Control Magic and a Serra Angel.I play the Angel and 6 turns later its over.
I keep a solid hand,AI opens with turn1 Ogre.I TimeWalk early,grab Ancestral Recall via Tutor.Mind Twist empties Jatills hand and counter a couple creatures untill i drew into Moat.
AI finally lost a couple turns later with just a single Land in play while i had complete control.Went really smooth (guess the manascrewed AI played into that a lot, only land was a Tropical Island)

Aww - Nicdanger | Open
Aww - Nicdanger 2-0
Both players with a strong start. AI with Ancestral Recall , i with a turn1 Library of Alexandria.His Serendib Efreet on turn to takes me down to 14 - meanwhile i MindTwist him twice and Library creates card advantage.I finally sword his Efreet (was waiting for him to play another so i could WoG but he didn´t play anything.Assembly Worker softens Nicdanger up, Control Magic and Serra Angel end the game pretty quick after a long setup.
I keep a questionable hand with 3 Lands a Mox 2 Serra Angel and a Moat.AI just playing lands and nothing else. I play Moat on turn3 and MindTwist on turn4 followed by Angels on the following turns.First one gets Blasted,2nd one Control Magic ... i Balance and make him discard again while i only had to sac a Land.I drain his Angel, Sword his Efreet and Control Magic his Serra Angel and this time managed to protect it long enough to end the game.

Nicdanger - Aww | Open
Nicdanger - Aww 2-1
My Serendib Efreet gets Manadrained, resulting in my hole hand gone by turn 3.
Around turn 6 i MindTwist Aww ,(he discards a ManaDrain he could have played ...), so we are even again.I made a risky move by playing Serra Angel - my hand empty and his one is empty aswell.I keep drawing Lands and nothing else and start to worry about my own Serra Angel (was scared about Control Magic).AI Swords it instead when he was down to 12, starting to soften me up with Mishras Factory.I could Disenchant his Factory a turn later, but decide to keep it for Control Magic. Aww plays a Serra Angel - i got nothing to get rid of it.I draw and play a Serra Angel a turn later.Aww plays Ancestral Recall - got a full hand and a Serra Angel in play -> Swords to Plowshares my Angel and leaves me with a empty hand and no creatures.I Spirit Link his Angel. AI plays another Angel.I try to play a Juzam Djinn, but it got countered - no surprise since Awws hand is full.His unlinked Angel got me down from 26 to 22 - i draw Swords To Plowshares from the top, but once again it gets countered.AI plays Library of Alexandria and is able to use it - i´m at 2 cards (Disenchants) and things just went worse from there on. Everything i played from there on got handled and his Serra Angel slowly won him the game.
I had to Mulligan down to 5 (1 Land,then no Land,back to 1 Land + Sol Ring).
Got a surprisingly good start anyway and could Mind Twist him early enough.I tried to Demonic Tutor, but the AI counters it ... weird play but works for me ^^
Another Mind Twist keeps him low - while my own hand is full ... i lack a second black Mana ,blue mana and the 2nd white mana to play anything . At least the AI isn´t doing anything (even had to discard). Finally drew a Mox so i could play a Serra Angel.His Control Magic doesn´t surprise me, i just went with Serendib Efreet(got countered) and Spirit Link the Angel.The AI Disenchants the Spirit Link.I play Juzam Djinn - AI Wrath of God.I play Juzam Djinn - AI Balance .AI plays Serra Angel , i Psi-blast it (still missing 2nd blue Mana for Control Magic). I play Serra Angel - AI plays Serra Angel.
I draw a second blue Mana and Control Magic his Angel.2 Turns later both Angels + Psionic Blast end the game.
I keep a strong hand and open up with Land, Mox Timewalk and Serendib Efreet during my Timewalk.AI Timewalks on his turn 2.AI Control Magic my Serendib, I Spirit Link it and play Juzam Djinn - AI Control Magic Juzam , grrr.I play Serendib Efreet.I play Demonic Tutor (AI counters it). Due to Efreet+ Juzam he is down to 8. EoT i play Psionic Blast when he was tapped out and another during my turn... phew.

Nicdanger - Jatill | Open
Nicdanger - Jatill 2-0
Had to Mulligan to 6.Jatill starts with a turn1 Kird Ape.Black Lotus from the top made a turn 2 Serra Angel possible.AI Wheel of Fortunes (discards a Berserk).I Spirit Link my Serra Angel and play a Juzam Djinn during the next turn. AI plays a couple Creatures that didn´t attack because of the Serra Angel. Djinn trades against 2 Creatures and Serra Angel went all the way while providing me with a lot of life.Was a very clean victory.
Mulligan to 6 again.I open with Underground Sea->Sol Ring into a turn 2 Serendib Efreet.
AI opens with Black Lotus-> Sprites + Elvish Archers.AI plays Ghazban Ogre - i attack and gain control of his Ogre.
AI Chain Lightning me and plays Wheel of Fortune - i respond with Psionic Blast.Got 2 Moxen, 3 Lands, Mind Twist and Serra Angel from the Wheel... good stuff.I empty his hand.
AI attacks with everything and Blood Lusts -> ouch, i´m down to 5 hp suddenly !
I draw Swords To Plowshares and play Serra Angel, attack with Efreet (ai down to 7,i´m at 4).The AI didn´t draw the Burn needed to kill me so i won the next turn (Serra Angel + Efreet for exactly 7.

Jatill - Nicdanger | Open
Jatill - Nicdanger 1-2
Am looking at my hand for a while ... 2 Mox 3 Land Ogre Berserk.Would prolly be better to Mulligan that.I played it anyway.
AI starts the match, plays Black Lotus -> Land -> Juzam Djinn on turn 1 (!) .... ouch.
I Berserk his Juzam Djinn and take 10 damage (was a misplay, should have just played the Ogre and block).I play Sprites, AI swords it.I draw another Ogre (2 in hand now but obviously way behind in hp).I draw a third Ghazban Ogre ... jesus that misplay really cost me.AI plays Serendib Efreet.I draw Wheel of Fortune and decide to go for another risky play. I Lightning Bolt his Serendib, then draw from the Wheel and afterwards play a Blood Lust (and kill the Serendib)- got the 4th Ghazban Oger from the Wheel btw^^
I play Kird Ape and Timetwister (AI swords Kird Ape).I play Sprites + Archer and finally end the turn (AI Swords Archers EoT - so i am back to 15, AI at 19).AI plays Serendib Efreet.I attack with Sprites, AI blocks, i use Blood Lust to get rid of the Efreet, then play another Scryb Sprites.AI Control Magic my flying 1/1. I draw + play Scryb Sprites - AI plays Serra Angel - i can´t keep up with this forever doing 1 for 2 trades ... playing Kird Ape. AI attacks with Angel, Sprites block and Blood Lust kills both.AI Psi-Blasts Kird Ape - then responds to my Blood Lust with Psionic Blast on the blocking Sprites (so Serra Angel lives and i´m out of Creatures).AI play Juzam Djinn - i´m doomed.
Elvish Archers chump block Juzam, but Serra Angel + Sprite take me out in 2 turns.
Note: i´ve made some really stupid misplays there, but in the end it wouldn´t have made a difference - one creature of him always cost me 2 or more cards and that last Juzam Djinn would have killed me either way.
I keep a burn heavy hand. Would have loved some Creatures in there, but i learned from that last game that i can´t really afford to take a mulligan if i want to have a chance.
I play 2x Lightning Bolt and a Chain Lightning and Kird Ape (AI Swords it) before i Wheel of Fortune.Good job so far - AI down to 11 already.AI discards 2 Juzam Djinns and a Serra Angel , perfect.
I keep up the pressure with Ghazban Ogre, Kird Ape, Sprites during my next turn.AI Swords Ogre and passes the turn.I play Elvish Archers and finish the game on the next turn with a Lightning Bolt + all in attack.
I keep the initial 7 again : 3 Lands , Timetwister , Sprites,Archer and Blood Lust.
The Game crashes before i could play a single card.
next try:
I get an amazing Hand . Mox Emerald Berserk Ghazban Ogre Strip Mine Tropical Island and Volcanic Island Ancestral Recall - a nobrainer keep.
AI Spirit Links my ogre, i Strip Mine his Tundra.Got Time Walk Kird Ape and Land from the Ancestral Recall.AI Spirit Links my Kird Ape.
I trade Sprites + Chain Lightning against his Efreet.AI Mind Twists me and Swords the Spirit Linked Ghazban Ogre for some reason instead of the Elvish Archers, then plays another Serendib Efreet.I couldn´t do much from there on. AI Spirit Links its own Serendib Efreet and i couldn´t quite race it with only 1 Elvish Archers.AI Psionic Blasts the Archers during the following turn and i need a wonder now.
AI plays Juzam Djinn. I still got nothing, just a Spirit Linked Kird Ape.I draw Ghazban Ogre, Mox Ruby , Tropical Island and just died.

Note: Finished group A.
Note: used spoilertags to reduce the massive "wall of text"
(<Spoiler=name>text you hide</spoiler>)
// < stands for [
// > stands for ]

Note: added final standings

Standings for group A:
Nicdanger 13 (5+2+1+2+3)
Aww 11 (5+2+2+2)
Jatill 3 (1+2)
Cognis 2 (+2)
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Aswan jaguar » 12 Nov 2010, 13:14


Cognis_Unimaginative-Aww1979_The Deck 2-0

GAME 1 Some good early plays by AI,2 plowsphares,and a good balance play hit my early creatures and 2 more lands I had.Then it casts a Serra Angel,and I answer with a Mohamoti Djinn :lol: which AI takes control next turn and I am thinking I am in big trouble since I have an empty hand due to 2 Mind Steal #-o.But my next turn I get a Mohamoti Djinn.A couple of turns later I decide to Wrath since I have more life 9-2 AI,and I fear that a swords or worst a Control Magic on my Mohamoti Djinn would end the game the same turn.I win with flying men,AI got dump again since it prefers play Moat to Serra Angel,and with 1 life,Mind Twist's me and doesn't play Serra Angel to block me!!!
GAME 2 A balanced game again,in the end AI didn't attack with its Misra Factory thankfully ,only with Serra Angel so I managed to win with my 3 1-1 creatures with 1 life left!

Aww1979_The Deck-Cognis_Unimaginative 2-1

GAME 1 2 turn I got hit by a 6\7 mutated Serendib Efreet in 3 turns finishes me off, my Counterspells and Mind Steal can't deal with it.
GAME 2 A double mutated flying men brings me to 13life but I Balanced him.AI has the upper hand but I Wrath of Gods,and stabilize.Then my Serra Angel with help of counterspells win.AI never got 4 land.
GAME 3 Serra Angel helped by counterspells and Mind Steal AIs hand for the win.

Cognis_Unimaginative-Nicdanger November 0-2

GAME 1 AI casts Juzam Djinn 1turn!then Swords 2 of my creatures+ Timewalk,a Psionic Blast and its all over!!! :shock:
GAME 2 Mulligan to 4 to get more than 1land,then I try to stall his game by destroying a land but with 3 lands in play I draw only 2 Moat+2 Mohamoti Djinn I never get to play. Serendib Efreet mostly and later 2 Juzam Djinn finished me off.

Nicdanger November-Cognis_Unimaginative 2-0

GAME 1 AI never gets 3land,my Juzam Djinn and 1turn before the end my control on his mutated Flying Men win.
GAME 2 My Serendib Efreet gets cloned and in 4turn we both have 2 of them in play.I sword 1 and attack AI fights mutating his Efreet I decide not to take control of him in case AI casts a Mohamoti Djinn which I can't cope with.And yes 2 turns later Mohamoti Djinn is in play and I take control of him :lol: still very close game AI brought me to 3life.
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Aswan jaguar » 12 Nov 2010, 17:35


Cognis_Unimaginative-Old school Jatill 2-0

GAME 1 My mutated Prodigal Sorcerer hits AI and I get his 2 Ghazban Ogres,Prodigal hits 2 Elvish Archers,AI didn't play his Chain Lightning to gain time and its over.MVP is Prodigal Sorcerer.

GAME 2 Prodigal Sorcerer kills again 2 Elvish Archers,and my 1-1 fliers hit,I clone an Archer I gain life advantage and the 2 Gazban Ogre and win.

Old school Jatill-Cognis_Unimaginative 1-2

GAME 1 I kill a Prodigal Sorcerer,manage to take out Serra Angel,Prodigal Sorcerer,but AI casts another Prodigal Sorcerer and can't play my 1-1 creatures till I take him out,and can't play my Gazban Ogre either as I have less life.I got rid off the Prodigal Sorcerer but Serendib Efreet
and 2 Zephyr Falcon won me.

GAME 2 Ghazban Ogre-Blood lust - Berserk, take care of early Serra Angel and Elvish Archer and Kird Ape win.

GAME 3 Great game-genius play-hurried careless last move!
Take out of the way 2t Serendib Efreet,3t Serra Angel but got stuck with tat mean Prodigal Sorcerer,and 4t a Mohamoti Djinn appears!I decide to berserk him before he makes a lot of damage,another Serra Angel in play and 2 Zephyr Falcon still hit me,I have only Kird Ape in play, 2Berserk+Elvish Archer in hand,I draw a Bloodlust and now I have a chance to win,next turn I am certainly dead.But I fear Prodigal Sorcerer is going to ruin it by hitting my 6-1 bloodlust Kird Ape or 24-1 after berserks.AI at 18life so blockers can't stop my win.I lure AI by playing the Elvish Archer to get hit by Prodigal Sorcerer say my pray and declare attackers.Yes AI falls for it and kills my Elvish Archer :D now all I have to do is win but my enthusiasm leads me to play in a hurry double click for mana the game decides to use the wrong type of mana,and I can't play my 2nd Berserk with Volcano Island!
:oops: #-o
I lost due to a hurried mistap!I know this mana issue really really well as all of us who play this game for more than a decade,still my enthousiasm led me to defeat.
* I think as old teachers did (maybe still do)punish myself to write a 100 times tap land manually !!! :wink:
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Nicdanger » 12 Nov 2010, 21:29

Group A Results:

Cognis vs Aww AI 2-1

Game 1: Pretty uneventful. AI runs out of removal around the time I start dropping Mahamoti Djinn's.
Game 2: AI casts Mind Twist for 4 on turn 3. Follows it up with a Serra Angel and Ancestral Recall, then steals my Tim. GG.
Game 3: Mind Twist isn't nearly as devastating this time, Efreets and Tim do the work.

Cognis vs Nicdanger AI 2-0

Game 1: My turn 1 Mahamoti is answered with Spirit Link, and then STP the very next turn (stupid AI). Double Tim and Flying Men win this one for me!
Game 2: My hand is quick and the AI stalls on 1 land for 4 turns.

Cognis vs Jatill AI 2-1

Game 1: A Blood Lust 'd Kird Ape swings for 6 on turn 2, but Moat and double Serra Rainbow shut the AI down.
Game 2: I got hit with a 10/1 Scryb Sprite at 7 life. Here I was thinking the AI was bad with Berserk!
Game 3: The AI plays 2 Kird Ape 's and an Elvis on turn 1, I strip its only land and roll over the AI with Elvis look-a-likes (Clones) and Tim.

Aww vs Cognis AI 2-0

Game 1: Stalemate until I draw a 2nd source of blue and steal both the AI's Mahamoti's!
Game 2: I think this game was runner up for the longest and most boring game of Magic ever. I did win though!

Aww vs Nicdanger AI 0-2

Game 1: I counter an early Mind Twist and have to answer the first Juzam Djinn with Wrath of God, A 2nd Mind Twist leaves me crippled, and the 3rd Juzam Djinn makes my head spin.
Game 2: I have to mulligan twice but my 5 card hand is pretty good, 2 land, 1 mox, Control Magic, Serra Angel. Things start out fine when I draw another land and a volley of Control Magics and Disenchants fly around the table. I draw into lots of land while the AI draws double Serendib Efreet and a Psionic Blast for both my angels.

Aww vs Jatill AI 2-0

Game 1: The AI hits me with some early burn and then casts Wheel of Fortune and passes the turn. I drew 2 mox, Sol Ring, Mind Twist, and Ancestral Recall among other things off the wheel, I cast Mind Twist for 6 (WOW)! A lone Serra Angel backed by Counterspells make for a slow, but safe win.
Game 2: The gets in quick beats and I'm forced to use Control Magic on Scrybe Sprites and Elvis to stabalize at 6 life. Soon I get the AI locked down with Moat and Greater Realm of Preservation, then take it from 22 to 0 with its own Scryb Sprites!

Nicdanger vs Cognis AI 2-1

Game 1: Serendib Efreet > Flying Men. AI was stuck on 3 mana for a few turns before it lost, I'm betting it had a Control Magic or 2!
Game 2: Game 2 is similiar but I don't have a Spirit Link this time. I get outraced by 1/1 flyers and Unstable Mutation.
Game 3: Again, double Serendib, this time I have a Spirit Link and a Juzam Djinn to go along with them. The Flying Men just can't compete.

Nicdanger vs Aww AI 2-0

Game 1: I Mind Twist for 4 while the AI is still digging for its 2nd source of blue mana, it does have answers for all my early threats however. I have a significant life advantage but the AI casts Balance followed by Ancestral Recall and I am unable to get a creature through the wall of counter magic. I finally sneak in a Juzam Djinn with the AI at 8 after its spent 7 counters, 4 STPs, 2 Control Magic 's, and a Wrath of God. I was sure I was going to lose this game, I only had 2 creatures left in my deck!
Game 2: My plays - Turn 1: Serendib Efreet. Turn 2: Mind Twist for 3. Turn 3: Serra Angel. Turn 4: Mind Twist for 4 . . I'm not sure how anything overcomes that in this format!

Nicdanger vs Jatill AI 2-0

Game 1: The AI draws way too much land and I swarm it with double Serendib Efreet and a Serra Angel. Spirit Link also buys me my very own Ogre!
Game 2: The AI cast Timetwister and I draw enough acceleration and a Mind Twist to strip most of its hand afterward. A lone Serra Angel does most of the damage and I finish it off with double Psionic Blast.

Jatill vs Cognis AI 2-1

Game 1: I throw all my eggs into a first turn Ape, Ogre, Chain Lightning volley. Pretty soon I cast Timetwister and draw 15 points of burn (WOW)!
Game 2: Unstable Mutation can be really, really, good!
Game 3: Elvis and an Ogre do most of the damage and a Berserk ing Kird Ape does the final blow.

Jatill vs Aww AI 2-0

Game 1: Double Kird Ape goes almost all the way, then I Wheel into 12 points of burn!
Game 2: I take the AI to 6 before Balance clears my board and its hand. I then draw 2 Blood Lust s and 4 Berserk s in a row! Ancestral Recall gets me 3 land! 4 more land later I draw a Kird Ape who on my next turn gets really big and angry!

Jatill vs Nicdanger AI 1-2

Game 1: I have to mulligan once, I start out with some quick beats and a Winter Orb but the AI drops a very early Juzam. I manage to trade thanks to Bloodlust but Serendib Efreet and Spirit Link are too much.
Game 2: Elvis and Ogres are just too quick this time.
Game 3: The AI has removal for every creature I play. I burn away the first Juzam but can't touch the 2nd, I can almost outrace it but the AI drops Spirit Link on it and I'm forced to play chump blockers until I finally lose with the AI at 42 life.

Totals for group A:
Cognis 4
Aww 4
Nicdanger 13
Jatill 3
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby aww1979 » 12 Nov 2010, 22:14

Group A:
Cognis vs Aww1979: cognis wins 2-0 +2 pts
Game 1: Start out strong with land/mox/solring but AI Wraths my early falcon and sorcerer. Then my hand gets mindtwisted and my solring is disenchanted, and all the creatures I topdeck get countered. Eventually, I get a Flying Men and TIM to stick, and with 2x Unstable Mutations they attack, while AI discards Serra Angel and Wrath of God. <sigh> Next turn, when I attack with 5/5 Flying Men, with TIM on the board, and AI at 7 life, the game locks up. If the AI did nothing, as it has so far, it's over on my next upkeep, so I award Cognis the win. 1-0

Game 2: I keep (perhaps controversially?) a hand of Plains, TIM, Ancestral Recall, Serra, Mana Vault, Flying Men, and Mahamoti, reasoning that a plains will give me a Serra, and an island will give me ancestral recall. I draw Clone first, then Tundra, but by then AI has UU open, as well as W for plowshares, so I lead with Flying Men to bait out removal. It resolves, and AI next turn Mind Twists my Serra and Mahamoti. Hmm... At least he tapped out, so Ancestral is now a go. Unfortunately, all I get is Moat, TIM, Island, and I already had a moat. AI recalls, timewalks, and plays Serra, which I Clone. A few boring turns go by, while TIM pokes away. I get Mahamoti, but it's countered. I play a second TIM (with #3 and #4 in hand) but wait on the rest, because I fear Wrath of God. I keep using TIMs while AI does nothing. I could play the other two and perhaps kill its serra, but a wrath would destroy me, and I'm winning anyway. I draw and play my own serra, which resolves, and trade the other serras. (apparently AI had no answer with 7 mana and 7 cards...?) The AI then finally does something, casting a plowshares... on Flying Men! WTF? I guess I should be happy it did anything at all. Next turn, AI discards a Mana Drain, Serra swings one more time, and it's all over. 2-0
(I did a video of this match if anyone wants, but the program takes so long between matches to save and compress the video that I'm not doing it for the rest of round 1)

Cognis vs Nicdanger: 2-1, cognis +1 pts
Game 1: I mulligan to 5 to get two mana. AI opens with island, two moxes, black lotus, ANCESTRAL RECALL, and serendib efreet. Oh, crap. I drop Tundra, mox, vault, Flying men, but it's not looking so hot, though I do have Unstable Mutation in hand. I take 3, then draw Timetwister. Hmm, interesting game so far, to say the least. I play UM on the Flying Men and swing. AI swings back, and it's 14-14 at the beginning of my 3rd turn. I draw Tundra, and play a TIM and then Timetwister (my hand was empty, AI had 4 cards) I get 3x Island, Strip Mine, Serendib Efreet, Serra Angel, and Time Walk. Wheee! I swing with the Men, but AI plays Ancestral Recall (argh) and then Disenchants Unstable Mutation, killing the men. AI Spirit Links his efreet, then spirit links my TIM (?) and then Mind Twists me for 1 (hitting the serra and leaving both moxes untapped), then swings for 3. I take 1 from the vault, draw a serra, and play island and efreet. AI Psiblasts my TIM <sigh> I take 2 (efreet+vault) and play a land and Serra Angel. AI does nothing; I untap vault and swing with the Serra. It gets in, so I Time Walk. I draw Sol Ring, Efreet pings me again, serra swings again, and its 6-6; AI does nothing. I draw Clone, making another Serra, and swing again, 5-2; AI does nothing! I swing with everything and it's over, 4 to -3. (efreet blocked efreet, and AI got 3 life from that) I win, and AIs next draw is Psionic Blast... close one! 1-0

Game 2: Average hand. Mahamoti, TIM, Zephyr, Moat, Island, Tundra, Plains. Kept. AI gets turn 1 Sol Ring, and turn 2 Spirit Links my zephyr and plays Ancestral Recall. I play TIM turn 3, and AI empties my hand with Mind Twist, while it still has 5 cards in hand. Topdeck Sol Ring, ping AI, and AI gets Serra Angel. Uh oh. Topdeck Tundra. AI casts Control Magic on my TIM, so he pings himself :p My linked Zephyr chumps the Serra. Topdeck Unstable Mutation. I take 4, and AI Disenchants its own Mox (wtf?) and plays Juzam Djinn. I finally topdeck a useful card, Moat, but Serra is still unchecked. AI swings for 4 and plays a second Serra. It looks real bad now. I topdeck Island. AI disenchants Moat, and swings for 13 and I'm done like dinner. 1-1

Game 3: LOL, my opening hand is 2x serra, 2x mahamoti, Unstable Mutation, Black Lotus, Mana Vault. It would take real balls to play this as a first turn Serra hand, but if AI has plowshares, I'm screwed harder than a turtle on its back, so I mulligan it. My 6 card hand is just as funny; Black Lotus, Sol Ring, Mana Vault, Tundra x2, and Island. I'll actually keep that one; it's probably better than any 5 card hand without Ancestral Recall or Timetwister. Turn 1 I play my goodies, topdecking Clone on turn 2. AI timewalks turn 2 and plays Serendib Efreet. I draw Ancestral Recall :D getting TIM, Serra, land. I play Serra and sac my Lotus to Clone it. Muahhahahaha now its my turn to get all the broken crap :p AI plays a Juzam. I take 1 from vault, draw a TIM, play a land and two TIMS, and swing for 8. AI does nothing, dropping to 9 during its upkeep. Serras swing; efreet chumps one. I topdecked Flying Men but hold it in reserve. AI does nothing and Serras whoop ass. 2-1

Interesting games, that match. Game 1 very close, Game 2 was a complete blowout for me, and Game 3 was the reverse. I'm glad AI never saw Control Magic in game 3, but even then, I would've been in good shape.

Cognis vs Jatill:
Game 1: 2x island, 2x mahamoti, moat, flying men, timetwister. I mulligan that, and am rewarded with Tundra, Island, mahamoti, efreet, TIM, and ancestral recall Turn 1 AI drops Volcanic Island and Black Lotus but doesn't cast anything. Given this is a zoo deck, its hand must be full of instants. I topdeck and play Tundra, and wait until AIs turn to recall, so I don't have to discard. I get zephyr, plains, serra; AI plays Taiga and passes. Creatureless zoo; I think I'm in good shape :p I play Tundra and zephyr, and sure enough it immediately takes a bolt to the face. AI plays land and Kird Ape. I one-up that with land-efreet. AI does nothing, not even a land drop, and it's still got 4 cards. I'm guessing most of them are berserks; that, or the AI is making serious play errors. I attack with Serendib Efreet, and AI sacs the Lotus to... Bloodlust its Kird Ape, Berserk my Serendib Efreet, and Bloodlust its Kird Ape again. It could've had a 20/1 kird ape last turn, which I'd have been forced to chump; my response is to facepalm so hard my forehead needs stitches. AI bloodlusts its Ape (WTF?!?!?) and attacks. I could take 6... or I could trade it with my TIM in combat. I make the trade, and now have a hand of 5 cards against AI with an empty hand/board. I draw UM and play Serra Angel. AI topdecks Scryb Sprites; I draw and play Mahamoti Djinn and swing for 4. AI does nothing. Scryb chump Mahamoti and Serra swings; AI down to 6, and I play a second Mahamoti. AI plays Elvish Archers and I laugh all the way to the win. 1-0

Game 2: 5 land, Flying Men, Serendib Efreet. The Efreet is nice against this zoo deck, and this is a keeper for sure. AI drops Ghazban Ogre, and I play Flying Men. I take 2 next turn, but AI plays a land and passes. Flying Men swing, and I take another 2 from the Ogre, and AI plays Kird Ape. I topdeck an efreet, swing for 1, and play Efreet. Efreet #2 comes down, I swing for 4, and AI has to give me Ghazban Ogre, and plays Scryb Sprites. I take 2 during my upkeep, and give away the Ogre :p I swing for 6 (men trading with sprites) and play Serra Angel. AI gives me the ogre, and shockingly makes the play of Regrowth on Scryb Sprites, giving it a chump block that actually buys it a turn. Good move for once, assuming it didn't have anything better in hand. I drop AI to 2. It makes a valiant attempt to survive with Timetwister, then Ancestral Recall, and Kird Ape + Scryb Sprites, but it's not enough, and I win. 2-0

More matches to come...
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Nicdanger » 13 Nov 2010, 06:16

Group B Results

Aswan Jaguar vs Salbei AI 2-1

Game 1: An early Mana Flare allows me to drop alot of creatures. It also allows the AI to kill them all and eventually kill me with my own Ogre and a Fireball!
Game 2: Thankfully the AI uses all of its X burn spells on my creatures . . it could produce 24 mana at the end of the game!
Game 3: An Assembly-Worker and Erhnam get this one over quick!

Aswan Jaguar vs Shantak AI 1-2

Game 1: The AI plays Erhnam on turn 3 and Serra Angel on turn 4. I sweep the board with a Disk. AI drops another angel and I chump block with some Scryb Sprites. I trick the AI into blocking and Giant Growth helps take it down, same turn I cast Armageddon leaving the board empty except for my double Cockatrice.
Game 2: I have to mulligan twice and keep Savannah, Sol Ring, Giant Growth, STP, and Armageddon. The AI drops Erhnam on turn 1 but then gets stuck on land for a few turns. I can't play much else, the AI Disenchants my Sol Ring, and 2 more Erhnams later I'm scooping!
Game 3: This time its my Erhnam that gets Swords on turn 1, and its back and forth for a bit. The AI then plays 4 Serra Angel s in 4 turns while I draw nothing but land.

Aswan Jaguar vs Juzamjedi AI 2-1

Game 1: The AI explodes with a Serendib Djinn, and then literally explodes when it runs out of land and I still have 10 life! Cockatrice and mana dudes go all the way.
Game 2: My first 2 creatures get hit with Swords and pretty soon there are 2 Juzam Djinn 's staring me in the face. Giant Growth lets me trade for one, and I Wrath the other soon after, both of us at 11 life. I draw Armageddon and clear the AI's side leaving myself with plenty of artifact mana, but the AI draws into 6 more land and I draw Berserk s and Giant Growth s. A Serendib Djinn and some burn finish me off.
Game 3: I have a turn 2 Serra, and the AI again drops a turn 2 Serendib Djinn which needless to say doesn't work out that well!

Salbei vs Aswan Jaguar AI 1-2

Game 1: I mulligan my first draw, 6 Mountains and a Fork! My 2nd hand isn't much better and the AI takes me down to 3 before I can blink! I stabalize in response to Armageddon, leaving its Erhnam and my Fire Elemental staring at eachother . . I have 2 Mana Flares, so I'm still hopeful. Soon I draw a Shivan Dragon and make an epic comeback.
Game 2: Erhmageddon lives up to its name!
Game 3: The AI is able to drop Erhnam and an Ogre on turn 1. Turn 2 it casts Giant Growth on both of them and swings for 13. I burn off the Ogre and laugh as Ernhan gets hit with another Giant Growth.

Salbei vs Shantak AI 2-0

Game 1: The AI plays first and does the following all on its first turn: Plains > Mox Pearl > Black Lotus > Disenchant targeting Mox Pearl > sacrifice Black Lotus > Balance! "OMG did that really just happen?" So we're both at 2 cards and nothing else. I keep 2 mountains, and of course draw into nothing but mountains and a Mana Flare for several turns. A Serra Angel and mana dude take me down to 7 before I draw a Shivan Dragon, then comes Armageddon! I finally draw enough burn and my dragon brings it home.
Game 2: Back to back Disintegrates for 13, GG.

Salbei vs Juzamjedi AI 2-0

Game 1: My opening hand has 2 mountains, a Sol Ring, a Wheel of Fortune, and 3 burn spells! The wheel gets me a Mana Flare and 2 Shivan Dragons . . I don't think it mattered what the AI did.
Game 2: Turn 1: Sol Ring. Turn 2: Gauntlet of Might. Turn 3: Shivan Dragon. Turn 4: A big Fireball. Turn 5: Wheel of Fortune. Good god this deck can be rediculous.

Juzamjedi vs Aswan Jaguar AI 2-0

Game 1: I have to mulligan once and my hand still isn't great. The AI swings with an Assembly-Worker on turn 2, which I hit with swords. Ancestral Recall draws me just about everything I need, Juzam, an Efreet, and a Fireball for 6 clean it up.
Game 2: Djinn's and Hippies, really really fast Djinn's and Hippies.

Juzamjedi vs Salbei AI 2-0

Game 1: Turn 2 Juzam. AI drops a Mana Flare and I Mind Twist its entire hand next turn!
Game 2: The AI stumbles on 2 land while I have double Hippies. It play Mana Flare just in time for me to Fireball it to death.

Juzamjedi vs Shantak AI 2-0

Game 1: I Mind Twist for 4 on turn 1. Then STP the AI's White Knight and its out of cards. Sadly all I can play is a Hippie and the AI strips a land away as I draw into 4 Juzams in a row (which I can't play yet). I finally draw into some black mana and multiple Juzams start flayling around the board.
Game 2: Armageddon slows me down but eventually I get a 2nd source of black mana and start sending Juzam over for social calls.

Shantak vs Aswan Jaguar AI 2-1

Game 1: We both get turn 2 Erhnams but the AI has friends to go along with it. I get swarmed holding a Wrath of God and only 1 source of white mana.
Game 2: Erhmageddon! I WIN!
Game 3: This time its Whirling Dervishageddon! Which the AI could've traded for and killed but it apparently doesn't understand how it gets bigger!

Shantak vs Salbei AI 2-0

Game 1: Disenchant and Armageddon are really good against Salbei's deck!
Game 2: My first turn Erhnam goes unanswered until the AI is at 4. The AI casts Wheel of Fortune and soon has a Shivan Dragon out thanks to Mana Flare. I got another Erhnam and a White Knight out of the wheel, Disenchant the Mana Flare and drop Land Tax. The AI chooses to swing with its dragon and loses next turn. Pretty sure it would've won eventually if it just played defensively, its next draw was a Fire Elemental, mine was a Disenchant.

Shantak vs Juzamjedi AI 2-0

Game 1: I cast Balance early taking 4 cards out of the AI's hand and setting myself up to use Land Tax. The AI counters with Mind Twist and gets both Erhnams out of my hand! Another MInd Twist 2 turns later takes the Serra Angel I was about to play. Thanks to the deck thinning power of Land Tax I draw into nothing but goodness and a 3rd Mind Twist get a handful of land. The AI kills itself with its own Juzam!
Game 2: I have to mulligan twice, but the AI casts a first turn Timetwister! The AI drops 2 Serendib Efreet s and misses two land drops. I gamble and use my Black Lotus to Wrath and Armageddon on the same turn leaving myself a Sol Ring. Its awhile before I draw into any creatures but another Armageddon right after the AI's Demonic Tutor seemed like a good idea. Two turns later I have an Erhnam that gets hit with STP right away. I get another Ernham and the AI drops Serendib Djinn. Im pretty sure I've got the game won, I drop a Serra Angel and take the AI to 8. It sacks an island to go to 5, attacks taking my to 5 (I can't block it due to forestwalk) . . then casts Time Walk and I have an "oh wtf I can't believe I'm going to lose this game" moment. Then I realize it only has 1 land left, its Djinn goes away and I swing for more than enough next turn. Very tough game!

Group B points:
Aswan Jaguar 5
Salbei 4
Shantak 8
Juzamjedi 6

Edit: Forgot to play Shantaks deck, points updated!
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Salbei » 13 Nov 2010, 08:07

You´ve missed a couple matches in group B.
Each deck should show up 3 times as active player and 3 times as AI player in each group.
Should be 12 matches, you got 8 there.

I´m not sure if i´m going to be able to play all matches,more work even on the weekend and one of my bunnies got seriously sick and needs me aswell :?

I´ll try to complete at least Group A but prolly won´t be able to finish Group B.
Is it okay if i just give everyone in Group B the same points in that case (like 2-0 for everyone or 0-0) or no score for group A aswell ?
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Nicdanger » 13 Nov 2010, 09:13

Bah, I didnt play Shantak's deck yet, thanks! I'll finish it up tomorrow
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby juzamjedi » 14 Nov 2010, 03:02

Group A
Cognis vs. Aww1979 (AI) win 2-1
Game 1: AI uses Sol Ring and Black Lotus to Mind Twist my whole hand on turn 2. I put a couple of Flying Men into play and AI never answers them. I mean how do you win after Mind Twist for everything on turn 2?
Game 2: this time AI gets Mind Twist for 3. AI plays Ancestral Recall to get kill spells for all of my guys and I lose.
Game 3: Mull to 5 and get 4 lands + Ancestral Recall. This gets me back into the game and it goes long where my Serendib does most of the work for the win.

Cognis vs. NicDanger (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: AI is stuck on 1 land for most of the game; a pretty unexciting win.
Game 2: AI gets double Spirit Link (!) on my Flying Men (?) I hold off Serendib Efreets with my mighty army of tim + 3x Flying Men and AI dies a death of a thousand paper cuts.

Cognis vs. Jatill (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: I mulligan into a hand that plays Serendib on turn 2. AI then uses Timetwister to refill my hand. Scryb Sprites lust for blood, but my Serendib is unstable. Don't mess with an unstable man.
Game 2: Turn 1 Tim, gg.

Aww1979 vs. Cognis (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: AI gets stuck on 1 land. I Mana Drain his Ancestral Recall and we are on to game 2.
Game 2: I have a lot of fast mana and play turn 2 Serra Angel. AI's first creature is Serra Angel which I take with Control Magic. Easy win.

Aww1979 vs. Nicdanger (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: turn 1 Library of Alexandria draws me a ton of cards. When I end the game my hand is 3x Mana Drain, 2x Control Magic, 2x Counterspell, and Swords to Plowshares. #stillhadallthese
Game 2: I counterspell an early Mind Twist. I use Control Magic on AI's Serra Angel. AI plays Juzam Djinn, and I Mind Twist away his hand and take away 3 removal spells :) This is a much closer game, but in the end I kill NicDanger with his own Juzam Djinn that I steal.

Aww1979 vs. Jatill (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: I keep a slow hand while AI beats me down with Scryb Sprites. I Mind Twist most of his hand. I get Library of Alexandria online, draw a ton of cards and win.
Game 2: Turn 1 Library of Alexandria, gg.

NicDanger vs. Cognis (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: First turn Serendib Efreet. Second turn Serendib Efreet. AI puts up a fight, but can't overcome my start.
Game 2: I mull twice into a bad hand. I stabilize at 1 life though and use Control Magic to take Mahamoti Djinn. Then I use Control Magic to take Prodigal Sorcerer. AI Clone 's my Mahamoti Djinn, but then I Control Magic that guy too. :)

NicDanger vs. Aww1979 (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: Game goes long and crashes my computer. Restart.
Game 1a: AI Mind Twist 's me early, but I recover by playing Juzam Djinn and riding him to victory.
Game 2: I play turn 2 Serra Angel, but AI has the Swords to Plowshares. The AI never draws a threat though. I draw a couple of creatures soon and AI cannot kill all of them. Serra Angel takes it home.

NicDanger vs. Jatill (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: AI drops a pair of Kird Ape 's and Elvish Archer. I put out Serendib Efreet to slow the attacks and then a couple turns later Juzam Djinn to apply beats. With all of the damage my creatures deal me I get all the way to one life and topdeck... Spirit Link. Must? Is.
Game 2: 2 notable things about this game. I draw all 4 spirit links to stay alive and the AI wasted a Lightning Bolt on my Serendib Efreet without actually killing it.

Jatill vs. Cognis (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: I mull into a hand with 2x Kird Ape + Scryb Sprite. AI Clone 's my Kird Ape and then uses Timetwister to refill my hand. Sweet! I now have some pump spells and burn to quickly finish this off.
Game 2: I keep a bad no creature hand that has Ancestral Recall. It digs me into action though and I have Kird Ape beats going again. Wheel of Fortune from my side allows the reload and I pump Pump PUMP my unblocked creature for the win.

Jatill vs. Aww1979 (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: AI plays Swords to Plowshares, then another one, and then a Mind Twist for 2 of my 3 cards. AI is out of gas now and animates Mishra's factory to stay alive. I push through with a couple more Kird Ape attacks and win.
Game 2: I stumble on green mana for a few turns, but AI doesn't do too much. I put Winter Orb into play. It does good work slowing down the enemy while my lone Ghazban Ogre beats down. Ogre + pump spell trades with AI's Serra Angel and then an Elvish Archer arrives to finish.

Jatill vs. NicDanger (AI) win 2-1
Game 1: I keep a 1 land hand (Volcanic) that has Time Walk, Wheel of Fortune, 2x Kird Ape and burn spells. I need a single forest to make it sweet, but alas does not happen and I lose a game I never have the initiative that I need.
Game 2: I put my hand on the table and Timetwister on turn 3. AI plays a Serendib Efreet on his turn. I attack with 2 creatures and Kird Ape is unblocked. I use Blood Lust, then Berserk + Berserk and hit for 24(!) in one swing.
Game 3: Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus, and Ghazban Ogre and Elvish Archers on turn 1. Not bad. Next turn I strip mine his land and play another Ghazban Ogre. Next turn I play another Elvish Archer. AI use Control Magic for my Ghazbn Ogre (?) but I STOMP the AI with BLOODLUST.

Group B
Aswan Jaguar vs. Salbei (AI) lose 0-2
Game 1: Salbei gets Mana Flare and then Shivan Dragon. Hmmm well couldn't deal with it that time.
Game 2: Yet again Shivan Dragon comes down before I get to play Armageddon and I just cannot beat him :-/

Aswan Jaguar vs. Shantak (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: My Mishra's Factory blocks / kills a White Knight. I play Ernham Djinn and he goes farming. I play Serra and it goes farming. AI plays Ernham Djinn and then Armageddon. I Berserk AI's Ernham, and recover with all my lands while AI plays nothing else.
Game 2: AI plays a turn 1 Ernham Djinn from Black Lotus. I Berserk it to kill it. I then get Larry Nevin's disk in play, wipe the AI's Scryb Sprite + Ernham Djinn and play my own fatties the turn after to win.

Aswan Jaguar vs. Juzamjedi (AI) lose 1-2
Game 1: I play a first turn Ghazban Ogre, but AI plays first turn Serendib Efreet. I swords it after upkeep, but lose Ghazban. I draw 0 lands the rest of the game and don't get to play Larry Nevin's disk I have stuck in my hand.
Game 2: This time it is the AI's turn to be mana screwed. It Lightning Bolts my Llanowar Elf and Mind Twists for 2 and that's about it.
Game 3: Yet another game where I never see more than my 2 lands in opening hand. I wish this decklist had Land Tax.

Salbei vs. Aswan Jaguar (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: I have Gauntlet of Might + Shivan Dragon + burn. Next!
Game 2: I have Sol Ring (!) + Gauntlet of Might + Shivan Dragon + Fireball. Lots of skill, etc.

Salbei vs. Shantak (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: This game is not as explosive, but Mana Flare shows up and so does Shivan Dragon.
Game 2: Very similar for me except AI plays turn 2 Ernham Djinn. I take a few beats, but Mana Flare + Shivan Dragon take the game.

Salbei vs. Juzamjedi (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: I play Shivan Dragon on turn 2. 3 swings later and I win.
Game 2: My hand has 2x Shivan Dragons, but AI casts Timetwister before I get to cas them. AI plays Juzam and Serendib, but with all my burn I kill AI before he kills me.

Shantak vs. Aswan Jaguar (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: I use Land Tax to draw a bunch of extra cards. I cast Wrath and then Armageddon to reset. It takes me many turns later, but I beat down with Whirling Dervish and take the game.
Game 2: Turn 1 Ernham Djinn, Turn 2 Land Tax (miss land drop). I then use Land Tax + Armageddon to keep he AI off 5 mana plays and win the game.

Shantak vs. Salbei (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: I keep a hand with Land Tax and Armageddon. I keep attacking the AI's mana, but I cannot destroy all of the Mana Flare effects. Luckily I draw 3 of my Swords to Plowshares and send dragons farming before the X spells can finish me off (I won 5-0)
Game 2: I get 2 Land Tax in play and aggressively draw as many cards as possible with them. Once all my lands are out of the deck I draw a couple of my Ernhams and Serras to take the game easily.

Shantak vs. Juzamjedi (AI) 2-0
Game 1: I get an aggressive start with several creatures. AI stumbles on mana and I Disenchant a Sol Ring and Strip Mine his land. Easy win.
Game 2: AI has a fast start with Serendib Efreet and then Mind Twists my hand. I let AI play 2 creatures before I cast Wrath of God. I then Strip mine AI's only black source and win easily as they draw no more black.

Juzamjedi vs. Aswan Jaguar (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: The only creature that AI gets to play is Scryb Sprites. I accelerate Hypnotic Specter, a small Mind Twist and Juzam Djinn. AI casts Armageddon (?) with my in the lead and I win.
Game 2: The AI plays a couple of cheap creatures, but stalls at 3 mana. AI plays Larry Nevin's disk and kills my Hippie and his board. I play another Hypnotic Specter, then a Serendib Efreet and take the match.

Juzamjedi vs. Salbei (AI) win 2-1
Game 1: AI has a Black Lotus so I let him cast a Shivan Dragon and then go for Balance. I play a few lands and then Timetwister. After the draw 7 I have 3x Hypnotic Specter and Serendib Efreet. I cast a Braingeyser for 7... and the AI Forks it. Oops! I end up winning, but felt really dumb after this.
Game 2: AI plays a Mana Flare and I reward him with Mind Twist for his whole hand. I don't draw any creatures after this and lose to AI's Shivan Dragon.
Game 3: I get an early Mind Twist again. There is a scary point in the game though where AI plays Mana Flare and Gauntlet of Might. If he draws 2 X spells I just die, but luckily I have Ancestral Recall and it draws me into a couple creatures to push through damage fast. On the end screen AI's next card was... Fireball!

Juzamjedi vs. Shantak (AI) win 2-0
Game 1: AI gets a decent start with turn 3 Ernham Djinn. My Serendib Efreet + Hypnotic Specter provide a decent race. I use a Demonic Tutor to get Sol Ring, then cast Balance to take some creatures and cards from AI's hand. I win the race with a Fireball I still had in hand.
Game 2: AI goes for early Armageddon, but I have more lands in hand. I play out my Juzam Djinn and Hypnotic Specter for a pretty easy win.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Shantak » 14 Nov 2010, 10:56

Group A:

Cognis vs Aww (AI) - 1-2 (Aww +3 points)

1-0: Balance kills my first creatures. AI then Mind Twisted me once, but Timetwister was spared and refilled my hand. AI then cast nothing else but a single Serra while I had a blue army that won the game.

1-1: AI counters my good spells, but I slowly nick his life away. Things start to get worrying when AI gets three Serra Angels in play, but I luckily get Mahamoti Djinn with some smaller creatures to protect me. Then AI Control Magics my djinn and I can't recover from that.

1-2: I take a risk and cast first turn Serendib Efreet with Mana Vault and a Mox, later giving him Unstable Mutation. What happens then is that AI Control Magics him. Then comes Time Walk and Serra Angel and Swords to Plowshares and I'm losing very fast. a CLone for Serra gives me a breathing chance, but not for long... I was really surprised how well AI played the deck, or then it just got really lucky with Serras and counters.

Cognis vs NicDanger (AI) - 0-2 (Nicdanger +5 points)
0-1: AI gets Serra, I get Mahamoti, AI Controls Mahamoti... I cast another Mahamoti and get Mind Twisted... Luckily my second djinn keeps AI back, but not for long. Dead...

0-2: Third turn Mahamoti Djinn for me, gets Controlled... another Djinn, Controlled.... Dead...

Cognis vs jatill (AI) - 2-0 (Cognis +2 points)
1-0: AI gets me to ten but is stopped with my Moat (double Moat, just to be sure). Flyers do the rest.

2-0: I start the game by almost emptying my hand (Black Lotus, Island, Mox Sapphire, two Flying Men) and then cast Timetwister. Nice. Then I Strip Mine AI's first land and start swinging. Easy victory.

This deck finished the last game great, but otherwise I found myself missing very much for spot and mass removal.

Aww vs Cognis (AI) - 2-0 (Aww +2 points)
1-0: Started by drawing two cards a turn with Library of Alexander and used Mind Twist to empty AI's hand. Serra Angel backed by counterspells did the rest.

2-0: After a few quiet turns, I Mana Drain AI's spell and use the mana to empty his hand with Mind Twist. Then I pretty much controlled the game but couldn't get creatures, so it takes quite a while before I get a Serra and win.

Aww vs NicDanger (AI) - 2-0 (Aww +2 points)
1-0: Again, counter AI's spells, twist AI's hand, cast Serra (or control opponent's creatures) and win.

2-0: Same as last game. Now AI also manages to Mind Twist me to 0 cards, but not before I have two Serras in play.

Aww vs jatill (AI) - 2-0 (Aww +2 points)
1-0: AI's Winter Orb slows the game down, but after Demonic Tutoring for Moat, AI can't really touch me. I get a Serra in play and win.

2-0: Mana Draining AI's early spell and using the mana to Mind Twist is such a fun tactic! Despite that I'm dealt some damage until I get second white mana to clear the board with a Wrath and then cast a Serra to win.

The Deck wins games easily, but it's slow and so a bit boring to play.

NicDanger vs Cognis (AI) - 2-0 (Nicdanger +2 points)
1-0: I almost die after manually tapping the wrong land and denying me the chance to Psionic Blast Serendib Efreet before it gets an Unstable Mutation. I'm at 4 life when I get Spirit Link on my Serra and start regaining life and winning the game.

2-0: Spirit Link holds back AI's early Serendib Efreet. Mid-game, AI gets a bigger army than I, but doesn't attack in fear of losing a creature. This leads to AI eventually killing itself with its own initial efreet :D

NicDanger vs Aww (AI) - 2-0 (NicDanger +2 points)
0-0: AI casts Serra, I Control Serra, AI Disenchants my Control, I Spirit Link Serra and... I get Mind Twisted. Then nothing much happens and AI starts discarding useless cards like Balance. I'm soon Mind Twisted again, but get rid of that one Serra before losing my hand. Then I get a Mind Twist of my own, but with seven cards in hand, AI is sure to have a counter there, so I can't really cast it now. I try the Twist after baiting AI to use a counter with Demonic Tutor, but both are (of course) countered. Then, after I destroy AI's new Serra and believe he has no counters, I can Mind Twist him to 0 cards. Our life totals are at 22 and 19 (me) and we both have 0 cards in hand. This game is going nowhere. And in some ten turns... it crashes. Lovely.

1-0: I do much early damage with Juzam Djinn and finish with Psionic Blast.

2-0: Control Magiced, Spirit Linked Serra and then my Serendib Efreet did all the damage in this game.

NicDanger vs jatill (AI) - 2-1 (NicDanger +1 point)
1-0: AI starts with Ghazban Ogre that becomes mine once I get Serra Angel to play. They also end the game.

1-1: I soon Mind Twist AI's hand away but he keeps damaging me with Kird Ape he has in play. Then he keeps casting creatures and I just can't draw anything useful.

2-1: Superior creatures win the game.

Nice. I think NicDanger's deck combined the best parts of Cognis and Aww's decks.

jatill vs Cognis (AI) - 2-0 (jatill +2 points)
1-0: I start with three Ghazban Ogres, use Winter Orb and Strip Mine to deny AI's mana, almost casually win the game, almost casually win the game then (with double Berserk on one Ogre).

2-0: I cast Winter Orb once AI is tapped out (including his Mana Vault) and kill with double Elvish Archers.

jatill vs Aww (AI) - 2-0 (jatill +2 points)

1-0: Winter Orb slows the game down and AI starts discarding good spells it could cast (like Demonic Tutor). As I start holding spells in my hand for the fear of counters (though also fearing a Mind Twist), I wounder if I should just Ancestral Recall AI and then cast Wheel of Fortune, quickening AI's death for emptying his deck (AI has drawn pretty much with Library of Alexandria as well). Then I do just that: Draw three, draw seven, AI loses.

2-0: I start with land, Mox, Black Lotus, Timetwister to refill my hand, then get Mind Twisted a few turns later. Bit later I foolishly cast Ghazban Ogre when AI has the chance to bring my life lower than his, losing the Ogre next upkeep. I manage to stabilize and win some turns later with small creatures.

jatill vs NicDanger (AI) - 2-0 (jatill +2 points)
1-0: Victory through card advantage (Ancestral Recall, Regrowth and Timetwister) while AI had some mana issues).

2-0: Similar story, but replace Timetwister with Time Walk + Wheel of Fortune. Bloodlusted Berserked Kird Ape did 12 damage.

In group A, I probably enjoyed jatill's deck the most, as the rest were pretty similar. It didn't do that well in AI hands, though it was able to surprise sometimes.

Group A totals:
Nicdanger +10 points
Aww +9 points
Jatill +6 points
Cognis +2 points
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Aswan jaguar » 14 Nov 2010, 15:20

Aww1979_The Deck-Nicdanger November 2-1

GAME 1 AI is low on land but swords 2 Serra Angel in 2t before I can make a single blow.Drain his Mind Twist and control his S.Efreet and his Serra Angel,AI disenchants I don't know the target(games defect)and decide to sword my Serra Angel and not let AI get it,but stupid? AI takes back the Efreet oops! #-o anyway I Balance him and Jujam Djinn,cast Serra Angel counter the Psionic Blast against her,but then AI takes control of her!damn!2turns later I Wrath stolen Serra Angel,Jujam Djinn,Serendib Efreet.
Mind Twist his Ancestral Recall ,yes.Library of Alexandria is giving me extra cards having the control but no creatures to win.lots of turns later I take control of AI's Serra Angel and win after 47t.Great the first 20t!
GAME 2 Probably I badly,foolishly mulligun Black Lotus,3lands,Serra Angel,Demonic Tutor as I think early counters or removals are mvp at early stages in this deck.Next hand is really bad so mulligun to 5(island,Mishra Factory,Sword,Mana Drain,Serra Angel).AI Mind Twist,my Jujam Djinn and Sword,and Disenchant s my black Lotus.I Balance his Serra Angel and more lands he had.AI plays Jujam Djinn and Serra Angel I am stuck to 3lands no 2nd blue and loose.
GAME 3 I Mind Twist for 3(Serra Angel,2lands),AI pays it back and loose (TimeWalk,Balance).I Mind Twist again(his Mind Twist,yeees!,land,Psionic Blast)and have 3 Serra Angel s in hand.1st blasted,2nd blasted again!before I can hit a single blow!the 3nd Serra Angel AI tries to control and I sword it.take control of his Serendib Efreet AI tries to blast that too!NO sir I counter,drain his Jujam Djinn and win thanks to his 2Serendib Efreet s.1for 1against me.

Nicdanger November-Aww1979_The Deck 2-1

GAME 1 Never get a white mana and loose by a Serra Angel.
GAME 2 AI has mana trouble this time only mox sapphire and win with 2Serra Angel.
GAME 3 I manage to keep my Serendib Efreet 2 times AI tries to control it,but Disenchant both.YES that's mine!2nd Serendib Efreet and Serra Angel get countered but I still win with 1st Serendib Efreet.

Aww1979_The Deck-Oldschool_Jatill 2-0

GAME 1 Mulligan to 6 to get blue mana,I get Serra Angel in play counter his Berserk on her, Mind Twist for 5,and Serra Angel makes a walk to win.
GAME 2 I get some early beating and Wrath.I am at 6life and play Balance.I draw Great Realm and feel a lot better,sword his Elvish Archer AI26 ,me 3life.I play Serra Angel and Mind Twist his whole hand.but when I attack berserks my Serra Angel,draw another one. this time I am full of counters and win. Great Realm was MVP saved my ass 3times.

Oldschool_Jatill-Aww1979_The Deck 2-1

GAME 1 AI steals my Kird Ape but Gazban Ogre and Elvish Archer hit him.Last turn with 1life AI prefers to sword Gazban Ogre who can block and leave Sprites win.
GAME 2 AI has Serra Angel in play and me Sprites and try to delay with Orb his counters.Bloodlust and bolt to Serra Angel gets drained.A last chance with Ancestral Recall gets drained too.
GAME 3 2nt turn Balance destroys my Kird Ape and lightning and Sprites for Serra Angel,Kird Ape sworded,another Wrathed,Gazban Ogre and others unanswered win.

Nicdanger November-Oldschool_Jatill 2-1

GAME 1 1Serendib Efreet bolted but 2more and a Serra Angel sweep.
GAME 2 I blasted couple of Kird Ape but white mana or4 mana never came to rescue.
GAME 3 My Spirit Link Serendib Efreet gave me bonus a Gazban Ogre.Serra Angel arrives then and so does victory.

Oldschool_Jatill-Nicdanger November 2-0

GAME 1 1T Kird Ape,Gazban Ogre,AI Spirit Link the first and Blasts me and steals the Ogre!AI gets in play Serendib Efreet but my Wheel of Fortune brings goodies.loose couple of creatures but in my next turn Bloodlust Berserk and Lightning Bolt for the win.
GAME 2 1T Sprites,Kird Ape,Elvish Archers in,do most of the damage the rest its own 2Jujam Djinn.

Nicdanger 9
Cognis 7
Aww1979 4
Jatill 3
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby aww1979 » 14 Nov 2010, 20:26

Comment on previous match | Open
Aswan Jaguar:
GAME 2 Probably I badly,foolishly mulligun Black Lotus,3lands,Serra Angel,Demonic Tutor as I think early counters or removals are mvp at early stages in this deck.
If I'd gotten that hand, I'd have definitely kept it. It's a nice hand, especially if one of those lands is black for Demonic Tutor. You can play turn 2 Serra Angel and (if one of the lands was black) tutor for some backup after that. (I'd probably have tutored for Ancestral Recall) Nic does have ways to deal with a turn 2 serra, though, but I'd have risked it. With the game you describe, though, I think keeping the hand would probably have lost, too, so don't feel bad :p

The early counter/removals are important to my deck, but another thing to remember is you have the opponent's full decklists, and you are unlikely to need to counter anything against Nic (besides his removal) until turn 3 or so.

AWW1979 vs NICDANGER | Open
Aww wins 2-0 (+2 pts)
Game 1: I keep and play first with 2x Wrath of God, Time Walk, Serra Angel, Black Lotus, Underground Sea, and Tundra.
Turn 1: Play Underground Sea, Black Lotus; AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 2: Draw Counterspell, play Tundra. I could put out a Serra Angel right now, but then I can't counter, or use a Wrath later, as this is all my land. Usually I'd pass the turn so I can counter stuff, but Nic's deck probably won't do anything on turn 2, as it's more of a mid-late game deck. I play the Serra Angel, and if it sticks I can Time Walk, and hopefully get a land (or two) on those turns. AI plays another Underground Sea, a Mox Sapphire, and casts Serendib Efreet.
Turn 3: Draw Greater Realm of Preservation. Attack with Serra for 4 and Time Walk. Draw Control Magic, Attack with Serra for 4 again. I pass, keeping UU for Counterspell, instead of Greater Realm that won't help yet anyway. AI takes 1 from its efreet, and plays Scrubland and Juzam Djinn, which I counter.
Turn 4: Draw Serra Angel. Cast Greater Realm, as I don't have anything else to do. Serra attacks for 4. AI takes 1 from efreet, and Mindtwists me for 2 (strangely not for 3) and I lose a wrath and control magic.
Turn 5: Draw/play Mox Jet. Serra attacks for 4. AI takes 1 from efreet (down to 1!) and casts another Serendib Efreet. (LOL)
Turn 6: Draw/play Mishra's Factory. I pass the turn, and AI dies to its efreets. 1-0

Game 2: Opening Hand: Serra Angel, Greater Realm, Time Walk, Black Lotus, Island, Mishra's Factory, Underground Sea. Yes, please.

Turn 1: Play Black Lotus, Mishra's Factory. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 2: Draw/play Mox Sapphire, play Underground Sea. Play Serra Angel (saccing lotus) AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 3: Draw Sol Ring. Play Island, cast Sol Ring. Activate Mishra's, attack for 6, cast Time Walk. Hot damn! Draw Wrath of God, attack for 6 again. AI plays Tundra and passes. (wow, no psiblast or efreet, nice)
Turn 4: Draw Mana Drain. (no hax were used, I swear!) Attack. AI tries to Disenchant my Mishra's Factory, which I could counter, but I'll keep the drain to protect the serra in case Control Magic comes down next turn. With the AI at 8 life right now, I win in 2 turns even without Mishra's. AI takes 4 and is at 4 life. AI plays Tundra and passes. Ouch.
Turn 5: Draw/play Tundra. Attack and win. 2-0

Two quick wins, but I had two absolutely amazing hands with lotus, time walk and serra in both.

AWW1979 vs JATILL | Open
AWW1979 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: On the draw, keep Underground Sea, Serra Angel, Mishra's Factory, Counterspell, Swords to Plowshares, Island, Ancestral Recall.
Turn 1: AI plays Taiga, Ghazban Ogre. Draw Scrubland and play it, looking to plow ogre on AIs turn, especially if he pumps it with something first.
Turn 2: AI plays Mox Ruby, and attacks with the Ogre. I plow it. AI plays another Ogre and Kird Ape. I draw Black Lotus (!!!) and play it, Mishra's, and cast Serra Angel, as Jatill has no one card answer for it.
Turn 3: AI does nothing. I draw Greater Realm, play Underground Sea, and Ancestral Recall, drawing Library of Alexandria, Control Magic, and Underground Sea. Attack with Serra for 4; AI bolts me in response (meaning it won't give up the ogre next turn) I cast Greater Realm, tapping out.
Turn 4: AI plays Black Lotus and sacs it to Time Walk. AI does nothing on the free turn. I draw Mana Drain, play Underground Sea, attack with Serra. AI tries to Berserk the Serra as removal, but I counter it and AI takes 4.
Turn 5: AI gives me its ogre and then Chain Lightning on the Ogre. I draw Mox Pearl, play Library of Alexandria. (holding pearl for library, if the game lasts that long) Attack with Serra for 4. I could Control the Ape, but I keep the UU for Mana Drain.
Turn 6: AI plays Taiga and passes. I draw Mox Sapphire, and don't play moxes or land (LoA) but just attack with Serra. AI tries to Berserk it and I Mana Drain it. I change my mind at this point and play Island, Mox Sapphire and Control Magic the Kird Ape, threatening the win next turn, and AI has only 1 card in hand, so it looks good.
Turn 7: AI casts Scryb Sprites. I draw Swords to Plowshares, kill the sprites with it, and attack for 7. AI has no bolt so I win. 1-0

Game 2: On the play, keep Swords, Mox Pearl, Serra, Control Magic, Tundra, Scrubland, Greater Realm.
Turn 1: Play mox, tundra, greater realm. AI plays Volcanic Island.
Turn 2: Draw Black Lotus. (!) Play it and Scrubland. I cast Serra Angel, praising the topdecking gods as I do. AI plays Taiga, and then Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt on my Serra to kill it.
Turn 3: Draw Counterspell, pass. AI plays Volcanic Island, Elvish Archers, which I swords EOT.
Turn 4: Draw/play Underground Sea. (UU open now for Counterspell, and I can use Control Magic if needed, too) AI plays Tropical Island, Scryb Sprites, which I let resolve, as I'll steal it next turn.
Turn 5: Draw Time Walk. Control Magic the sprites. AI plays Forest.
Turn 6: Draw/play Island, swing for 1. AI does nothing.
Turn 7: Draw/play Plains, swing for 1. AI does nothing.
Turn 8: Draw Mind Twist, play for 5 (all my mana and all AIs cards) getting Forest, Bloodlust, Berserk, Chain Lightning, Regrowth. <sigh> Swing for 1. AI topdecks Chain Lightning and this time decides the Scryb are a threat, and kills them with it.
Turn 9: Draw Swords, pass. AI plays Mox Emerald.
Turn 10: Draw/play Tundra. AI does nothing.
Turn 11: Draw Mana Drain. (this game is gonna be uber boring, but it's in the bag :p) AI does nothing.
Turn 12: Draw/play Underground Sea. AI does nothing.
Turn 13: Draw/play Island. AI plays Tropical Island.
Turn 14: Draw/play Tundra. AI does nothing.
Turn 15: Draw Mind Twist, play it for 4 to empty AIs hand. AI bolts me in response, and I use Greater Realm to prevent the damage. AI discards Mountain, Volcanic Island, Bloodlust. AI does nothing.
Turn 16: Draw Island. Keep it in hand, finally remembering LoA is in the deck somewhere. AI does nothing.
Turn 17: Draw Demonic Tutor. I have a few plays here. I could get Moat, which combined with Greater Realm shuts down every win condition besides Scryb Sprites. I could get a Serra Angel and be very likely to protect it and go all the way. Or I could get Ancestral Recall, just because it rocks. I grab the Serra to speed things up, thinking it should survive. I play my Island and then the Serra. (so I have UUUU open) AI bolts me; I use Greater Realm and still have UU open.
Turn 18: Draw/play Mishra's Factory. Attack for 4. Cast Time Walk. Draw Swords to Plowshares, attack for 6. AI does nothing.
Turn 19: Draw Counterspell, attack for 6. AI does nothing.
Turn 20: Draw Counterspell, attack for 6 and win.

AWW1979 vs Cognis | Open
AWW wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: On the play, keep Mind Twist, Island x2, Control Magic, Counterspell, Underground Sea x2.
Turn 1: Play Sea. AI plays Tundra, Sol Ring. Ugh.
Turn 2: Draw Serra Angel, play Sea #2. AI plays plains, Prodigal Sorcerer. I could counter that, but I let it resolve.
Turn 3: Draw/play Tundra. I can either Mind Twist for 2 or save UU for a counter. I go with the Mind Twist; since this deck is so creature-heavy, any threat is going to be a creature, and if it's scary enough, I'll just steal it with my Control Magic I have in hand. AI discards Moat and Unstable Mutation. AI plays another TIM.
Turn 4: Draw/play Mox Sapphire, (AI tims me in response) play Island. I'm about to cast the Serra with my 5 mana when I realize I have only 4W, not 3WW. Crap! I pass the turn. AI casts Flying Men; I let it resolve.
Turn 5: Draw Mind Twist, play Island, Twist for 3, emptying AIs hand and keeping UU open still. AI loses Clone, Serra Angel, and Zephyr Falcon. TIMS strike for 2 EOT. AI plays Island and attacks for 1.
Turn 6: Draw/play Scrubland, play Serra Angel. TIMS strike for 2 EOT. AI casts Mox Pearl.
Turn 7: Draw Swords to Plowshares, attack with Serra; TIMS strike me in response. AI takes 4. I then Swords a TIM and Control Magic the other one, since they are both tapped :D AI plays Unstable Mutation on Flying Men, and I realize that autotapping to cast Control Magic left me without UU that I could've had, so I take the 4 he attacks me with. Oh, well.
Turn 8: Draw Balance. Attack for 4. AI plays Island and attacks with 3/3 Flying Men. Since AIs hand is empty, no combat tricks are possible, and I just block with Serra to kill it. I TIM AI EOT. (yay acronyms)
Turn 9: Draw Wrath of God, attack for 4. AI casts Zephyr Falcon, which TIM uses for target practice.
Turn 10: Draw/play Moat, attack for 4. AI tries to Clone something, and I counter it. TIM hits AI EOT.
Turn 11: Draw Serra, attack and win. 1-0

Game 2: On the play, I mulligan a terrible hand and keep the 6 cares of Control Magic, Demonic Tutor, Swords to Plowshares, Serra Angel, Scrubland, Mox Sapphire.
Turn 1: Play Scrubland, Mox, Tutor for Ancestral Recall. AI plays Island, Flying Men.
Turn 2: Draw Scrubland. Cast Ancestral Recall, getting Underground Sea, Control Magic, Mind Twist. Play Underground Sea. AI plays Plains and attacks with the Men; I swords it since I have 2 Control Magic in hand for anything better. AI plays Zephyr Falcon.
Turn 3: Draw/play Scrubland, cast Mind Twist for 3 (AI has 5 cards beforehand) and discards Plains, Unstable Mutation, Strip Mine. AI plays Unstable Mutation on the falcon and swings for 4.
Turn 4: Draw Balance. Play scrubland, Serra Angel. AI attacks with 3/3 falcon, and I see no possible tricks, so I block and kill it.
Turn 5: Draw Counterspell, swing with serra for 4. AI does nothing.
Turn 6: Draw Mind Twist, play it for 4, emptying AIs hand, consisting of TIM, serra, Clone, Serendib Efreet. Attack for 4. AI topdecks Zephyr Falcon.
Turn 7: Draw Wrath of God. Control Magic the falcon :p Serra swings for 4. AI does nothing.
Turn 8: Draw/play Plains, swing for 5. AI does nothing.
Turn 9: Draw Scrubland, attack for 5 and win. 2-0
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

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Group B

Aswan jaguar vs Juzamjedi 2-0
Aswan jaguar vs Salbei 2-0
Aswan jaguar vs Shantak 2-0

Juzamjedi vs Aswan jaguar 2-0
Juzamjedi vs Salbei 2-0
Juzamjedi vs Shantak 2-0

Salbei vs Aswan jaguar 2-1
Salbei vs Juzamjedi 0-2
Salbei vs Shantak 2-1

Shantak vs Aswan jaguar 2-1
Shantak vs Juzamjedi 2-0
Shantak vs Salbei 2-0

Juzamjedi: 11
Aswan jaguar: 6
Shantak: 5
Salbei: 2

Match 1 (Juzamjedi AI)
Game 1:
Erhnam Djinn + Giant Growth + 2 Berserk.
Game 2: AI’s own creatures pinged itself to death.

Match 2 (Salbei AI)
Game 1:
Berserk on Assembly Worker put the AI at 0. Should’ve lost this one but AI played Disintegrate on Scryb Sprites instead for saving them for me since it played 2 Mana Flare.
Game 2: AI didn’t play much but was full of cards after Wheel of Fortune and I played Armageddon and won comfortably.

Match 3 (Shantak AI)
Game 1:
AI’s three consecutive Serra Angel were almost too much but by topdecking two mana sources I was able to play one of mine to block the last remaining angel. I was at 4 the AI at 2 and was able to win by Cockatrice.
Game 2: AI was at 16 and exiled my 20/5 Assembly Worker (Giant Growth + 2 Berserk) putting me at 44 life. It followed up by 2 Wrath of God to which I played Armageddon and won in few turns.

Match 4 (Aswan jaguar AI)
Game 1:
Turn 1 Juzam Djinn pretty much did all the work.
Game 2: An army of djinn which got forestwalk from the AI’s Erhnam Djinn made short work of the match.

Match 5 (Salbei AI)
Game 1:
Demonic Tutor for Time Walk with Juzam Djinn in play was nice. When Serendib Djinn came in to help it was all over.
Game 2: The AI’s at 2 and I’m at 1 and have Serendib Djinn in play who attacked and 2 Tundra on the table, but luckily I just topdecked Demonic Tutor so I go for Lightning Bolt to end the match. It was close the AI pressured me with a 1st turn Black Vise and some burn I was down at 12 on the 2nd turn.

Match 6 (Shantak AI)
Game 1:
Good cards, lots of fat creatures.
Game 2: AI plays turn 2 Serra Angel and I topdeck StP. After I played Hypnotic Spectre AI plays Armageddon and I wipe his hand with my flyer and with one land in play I finish in a few turns.

Match 7 (Aswan jaguar AI)
Game 1:
Lots of mana and nothing to play with it. The opposition flew over me after the AI played WoG and took out my Shivan Dragon.
Game 2: Turn 1 Black Vise on my part, Erhnam Djinn on the AI’s part but I kill it with Chain Lightning + Fork. A little later AI has Serra Angel and Ghazban Ogre while I have 2 Fire Elemental. First it blocks and kills one of my creatures and we’re both at 9. Brilliant move number 1: AI destroys every non land permanent by activating disk. On my turn I play Shivan Dragon and the AI responds by brilliant move number 2 and on its turn it responds with… Armageddon!? After that it was all over, but honestly there was nothing for the AI to do, I checked it’s hand and it had Lure and another Ogre so there was no way to survive.
Game 3: Few Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt and Black Vise with Wheel of Fortune and Mana Flare made this a short match.

Match 8 (Juzamjedi AI)
Game 1:
Had to mulligan to 5 to get some lands. AI played Timetwister and Wheel of Fortune after I played Black Vise and it was close but unfortunately AI got 2 Hypnotic Specter out and discarded all the cards that would let me win like Mana Flare and Shivan Dragon. AI finished at 3 while the army of Djinn flew over my defenses.
Game 2: I started with a good hand but then AI played Timetwister and I got 5 lands, Mana Flare and Lightning Bolt. AI Mind Twist ‘ed my hand and by the time I got something other than a land it was too late. I was at 4 and Shivan Dragon couldn’t block 3 djinns.

Match 9 (Shantak AI)
Game 1:
Mana Flare + 4 Disintegrate in hand, but 3 were enough.
Game 2: I had the upper hand but 2 Armageddon made my Mana Flare useless so I couldn’t get rid of Erhnam Djinn, damn Armageddon.
Game 3: A close match where the AI put me down to 5 but I was finally able to play 3 Shivan Dragons I drew. One got exiled but two stayed to oppose Erhnam Djinn and 2 Serra Angel when AI played WoG. I put Fire Elemental into play and finished the game in a few turns with Mana Flare and Disintegrate.

Match 10 (Aswan jaguar AI)
Game 1:
Lots of Forest and even more W and WW cost cards. StP, 2 WoG, Balance, Serra Angel, Land Tax and Disenchant were the cards I finished with but no way to cast them.
Game 2: A long match that went about 30 rounds and neither of us had much to play. I dropped 2 Armageddon and 2 Land Tax which allowed me to draw a Serra Angel on the turn cca 20 and win few turns later.
Game 3: Armageddon and Land Tax controlled the game and it was just a matter of time when will I win.

Match 11 (Juzamjedi AI)
Game 1:
Quick start allowed Serra Angel to give a fast victory.
Game 2: Land Tax and Armageddon allowed me to control the game and 2 Erhnam Djinn made short work of the AI.

Match 12 (Salbei AI)
Game 1:
AI’s Mana Flare worked against him after I played Armageddon and started pumping out Erhnam Djinn and Serra Angel.
Game 2: A very quick match with turn 1 Erhnam Djinn.
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