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November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby aww1979 » 15 Nov 2010, 09:22

Nicdanger wins 2-0, +2 pts

Game 1: IE snafus and my notes are lost; however, it was an easy win for me thanks to AI missing a turn 2 land drop and me getting lots of swords, a serendib and serra, and stealing his serendib. 1-0

Game 2: Play first with Mind Twist, Sol Ring, Scrubland, Underground Sea, Serra Angel, Ancestral Recall, Island. :D:D:D
Turn 1: Play Underground Sea, Sol Ring. AI plays Island, Flying Men.
Turn 2: Draw/play Scrubland. Ancestral Recall myself, getting Mox Sapphire, Serendib Efreet, Swamp. Cast Mox and Serendib. AI plays Plains, Flying Men.
Turn 3: Take 1 from efreet, draw Juzam Djinn. Play Scrubland, Mindtwist for 5, emptying AIs hand of Mahamoti Djinn x2, Serendib Efreet, Serra Angel, Zephyr Falcon. Attack for 3. AI topdecks Unstable Mutation on Flying Men and swings for 5.
Turn 4: Take 1 from efreet, draw Serra Angel. Play Swamp, Serra Angel, swing for 3. AI attacks with the 3/3 Flying Men and Serra kills it.
Turn 5: Take 1 from efreet, Draw Control Magic, play Island. Cast Juzam Djinn, cast Control Magic on Flying Men, swing for 7. AI plays plains.
Turn 6: Take 2 from my dudes, draw land, swing for 13. Win.

NICDANGER vs AWW1979 | Open
Game 1: Play first. Mulligan Psionic Blast, Swamp, Juzam, 2x Serendib, Disenchant, Control Magic. 6 card hand is much nicer, with Juzam, Psiblast, Plains, Control Magic, Ancestral Recall, Undergrouns Sea. Keep.
Turn 1: Underground Sea, Ancestral Recall. Draw Tundra, Controm Magic, Spirit Link. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 2: Draw/play Mox Pearl, play Tundra. AI plays Plains.
Turn 3: Draw/play Plains. I have 3B and not 2BB, so Juzam sits in hand and I pass. AI plays Island.
Turn 4: Draw Juzam. Play Plains. AI plays Plains.
Turn 5: Draw Mind Twist, cast it for 4. AI loses Greater Realm and THREE Serra Angels. OUCH. AI plays Scrubland and the 4th Serra Angel. LOL.
Turn 6: Draw Psionic Blast. Play Control Magic on Serra Angel. AI is now out of win conditions, so I just debug the win for Nic. 1-0 (well, I guess there was Mishra's Factory, but I could psiblast it)

Game 2: Draw first, get Spirit Link, Serendib Efreet, 2x Disenchant, Swords, Scrubland, Underground Sea. Not that great, but I'll keep anyway.
Turn 1: AI plays Underground Sea, Mox Sapphire and Mox Jet. I draw Sol Ring and play Underground Sea, Sol Ring.
Turn 2: AI plays Plains. Draw Disenchant, play Scrubland. Cast Serendib Efreet. It resolves so I Spirit Link it.
Turn 3: AI plays Underground Sea, Control Magic on my efreet. Draw/play Tundra, play Disenchant on Control Magic, and a second one on Mox Sapphire, and still have one more in hand.
Turn 4: AI plays Plains and Wrath of God. Draw Spirit Link.
Turn 5: AI Mindtwists me for 3; I respond by Disenchanting Mox Jet and lose the rest. Draw Control Magic.
Turn 6: AI plays Island. Draw/play swamp.
Turn 7: AI passes. Draw/play Mox Pearl.
Turn 8: AI Timewalks and passes the bonus turn. Draw/play Serra Angel; it is Counterspelled.
Turn 9: AI passes. Draw Swords.
Turn 10: AI plays Strip Mine and sacs to destroy my Swamp. Draw/play Serendib Efreet; it gets Mana Drained.
Turn 11: AI plays Scrubland. Draw/play Scrubland.
Turn 12: AI plays Serra Angel. Draw Psionic Blast, play Control Magic on serra.
Turn 13: AI Swords the stolen Serra; I gain 4. AI plays Ancestral Recall, but during its end phase, so plays nothing after that. Draw/play Plains.
Turn 14: AI passes. Draw Mind Twist, cast it for 6. AI discards Swords, Scrubland, Serra, Plains, Balance, and the 6th and last card... Mana Drain. HAHAHA.
Turn 15: AI passes. Draw/play Serendib Efreet.
Turn 16: AI plays Mind Twist on me; I Psiblast AI and discard the swords. 22-16. Take 1 from Efreet, draw/play Demonic Tutor for Ancestral Recall, cast it. Draw Juzam, Mindtwist, Serra. Cast Juzam. Attack for 3.
Turn 17: AI casts Wrath of God. Crap. Draw/play Underground Sea, cast Serra Angel.
Turn 18: AI plays Scrubland. Draw Control Magic, swing for 4.
Turn 19: AI plays Island. Draw/play Scrubland, attack for 4.
Turn 20: AI plays Mox Pearl. Draw/play Underground Sea, swing for 4. AI at 1.
Turn 21: AI plays Mishra's Factory. Draw Black Lotus, Mind Twist for 1, expecting AI to have a land, but it had a Mind Twist. Attack for 4 for the win. 2-0

NICDANGER wins 2-1, +1 pts.
Game 1: Play first, keep Tundra, Mox Pearl, Island, Psionic Blast, Control Magic, Serendib Efreet, Spirit Link.
Turn 1: Play Tundra, Mox Pearl. AI plays Taiga, Mox Ruby, Mox Emerald, and two Kird Apes.
Turn 2: Draw/play Underground Sea, Serendib Efreet. AI plays Volcanic Island, Elvish Archers.
Turn 3: Take 1 from Efreet, draw Serra, play Island. Spirit Link Serendib Efreet and attack. AI casts Wheel of Fortune; I respond with Psionic Blast, debating the target awhile, but just send it straight at the AIs face. AI discards Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt :p Then AI swings for 6 and casts Time Walk. AI plays Taiga, swings for 6 again, and plays Ghazban Ogre. (My new hand is Ancestral Recall, Spirit Link, Island, Mind Twist, 3x Swords to Plowshares; I'm tapped out on AIs turn)
Turn 4: Take 1(gain it back with Spirit Link) Draw/play Scrubland. I play Mind Twist for 4, getting Scryb Sprites, 2 Forests, and Winter Orb. I swing for 3 with the efreet, making the life totals 11-10. AI gives me the Ogre and attacks with everything. Ogre chumps and I take 4. AI plays another Ogre.
Turn 5: Draw/play Scrubland. Ancestral Recall for Plains, U-Sea and Disenchant. Spirit Link my efreet again and attack for 3, gaining 6. AI gives me the Ogre and attacks with everything; I plow all three of them! 13-13. AI casts Scryb Sprites.
Turn 6: Take 1(gain 2 back!) and draw Psionic Blast. Play Undeground Sea. Efreet and Ogre attack for 5; I gain 6. AI plays Tropical Island and attacks for 1. I psiblast AIs face.
Turn 7: Take 1/gain 2. Draw Black Lotus, swing for 5 for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Draw first. Mulligan Control Magic, Mox Jet, 2x swords, 2x Juzam, Disenchant. 6 cards are 2x juzam, psiblast, Mind Twist, Scrubland, Disenchant. Ugh. Mull that, too. 5 cards are Serra Angel, Serendib Efreet, Juzam Djinn, Swamp, Scrubland. It'll have to do.
Turn 1: AI plays Tropical Island, Black Lotus, and... passes. Draw/play Scrubland.
Turn 2: AI plays Taiga. Draw Serra, play Scrubland.
Turn 3: AI plays Volcanic Island, Ghazban Ogre. Draw Mox Jet, play it and swamp, cast Juzam Djinn.
Turn 4: AI plays Volcanic Island, plays Lightning Bolt on me, and Bloodlust on the Ghazban Ogre, and attacks. I take 6. I take another from the Juzam, draw Psionic Blast, and swing for 5. AI berserks it, so it swings for 10 and dies instead.
Turn 5: AI plays two Bloodlust on the Ogre and swings with a 10/1, killing me. If only I'd had a blue mana, I could've Psiblasted that. 1-1

It might have been better if I'd kept the Juzam back to defend with on turn 4, but I was hurting either way.

Game 3: Play first. Keep Underground Sea, Tundra, 2x Mind Twist, 2x Swords, Disenchant.
Turn 1: Play Tundra. AI plays Volcanic Island.
Turn 2: Draw Disenchant, play U-Sea. AI plays mountain, Kird Ape; I swords it.
Turn 3: Draw Serra Angel. Crap; I pass, rather than Mind Twist for 1. AI passes too. Whew!
Turn 4: Draw Control Magic. AI plays Forest, Elvish Archers; I swords that.
Turn 5: Draw Psionic Blast. AI plays Tropical Island, and two Scryb Sprites.
Turn 6: Draw/play Mox Pearl. Mind Twist AI for 2, getting Regrowth and Bloodlust. (AI still has 2 cards) AI plays Taiga, Bloodlust on a Scryb, and swings for 6, then casts a 3rd Scryb.
Turn 7: Draw/play swamp, cast Control Magic on a Scryb. AI plays Ghazban Ogre.
Turn 8: Draw/play Underground Sea, cast Serra Angel. My scryb attack; AI scryb blocks. AI plays Wheel of Fortune (it had no cards) and I get U-Sea, Juzam, Spirit Link, Ancestral Recall, Serendib, Mind Twist, Plains. AI plays Tropical Island and Ghazban Ogre.
Turn 9: Draw Serendib Efreet, play U-Sea. Mindtwist for 5, getting everything (Bloodlust, Berserk, Ghazban Ogre, Volcanic Island, Timetwister) and attack for 4. AI passes.
Turn 10: Draw/play Scrubland. Play Ancestral Recall, drawing Disenchant, Scrubland, Serra Angel. Play Serra Angel, Spirit Link the first one, and swing for 4. Life now 18-15. AI gives me both Ogres, then bolts an Ogre.
Turn 11: Draw/play Tundra. Cast Juzam and a Serendib. Attack with all; scryb chump a Serra and AI takes 6. 22-9 life. AI casts Elvish Archers.
Turn 12: Take 2 from my dudes. Draw/play Control Magic on Elvish Archers. Laugh maniacally. Attack for 18 and win. 2-1

Jatill wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Play first, keep Taiga, Tropical Island, Scryb Sprites, Time Walk, Ghazban Ogre, Volcanic Island, Mountain
Turn 1: Play Tropical Island, Ghazban Ogre. AI plays Island, Flying Men.
Turn 2: Draw Berserk. Play Taiga. Attack for 2, play Scryb Sprites. AI plays Plains, Zephyr Falcon.
Turn 3: Draw Elvish Archers, play Volcanic Island. Attack with both; the AI blocks Ogre with both 1/1s and all trade; the scryb hit for 1. Cast Elvish Archers. AI plays Zephyr Falcon.
Turn 4: Draw/play Mox Emerald, play Mountain. Attack with both; Scryb trade with falcon and Elves hit for 2. AI plays Flying Men.
Turn 5: Draw Regrowth. Attack for 2. Cast Time Walk, cast Regrowth on Time Walk. Draw/play forest, attack for 2, cast Time Walk. Draw/play Taiga, attack for 2. AI attacks for 1.
Turn 6: Draw/play Scryb. Attack for 2. AI plays Tundra, Serendib Efreet.
Turn 7: Draw/cast Ghazban Ogre. (19-7 life) AI takes 1 from efreet, casts Unstable Mutation on Flying Men and attacks with both creature; I take 7.
Turn 8: Draw/play Ancestral Recall. (Chain Lightning, Timetwister, Scryb Sprites) Chain the AIs face, attack for 5 and win. 1-0

Game 2: Play first, get Chain Lightning, Taiga, Mountain, Mox Emerald, Blood Lust, Tropical Island, Lightning Bolt.
Turn 1: Play mox, Taiga. AI plays Tundra, Flying Men.
Turn 2: Draw Time Walk, play Tropical Island, Chain the Men. AI plays Strip Mine on my Tropical Island.
Turn 3: Draw Kird Ape, play mountain and ape. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 4: Draw Berserk. Attack for 2. (AI has no removal so I'm content to wait a few turns before bloodlust/berserking it) AI plays Island, Serendib Efreet.
Turn 5: Draw/play Elvish Archers. AI takes 1 from efreet, plays Island, Unstable Mutation on efreet, swings for 6, and casts Prodigal Sorcerer. I Bolt AIs face end of turn.
Turn 6: Draw Regrowth. Attack with Archers and Ape; AI doesn't block, so I bloodlust/berserk one and strike for 14 and win. 2-0

JATILL vs AWW1979 | Open
Jatill wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Play first, keep Strip Mine, Kird Ape, Taiga, Regrowth, Mountain, 2x Elvish Archers.
Turn 1: Play Taiga/Kird Ape. AI plays Scrubland, Sol Ring, Black Lotus, and sacs the lotus to Swords to Plowshares my Kird Ape.
Turn 2: Draw Timetwister. Play Mountain, Elvish Archers. AI plays Plains.
Turn 3: Draw/play Black Lotus, Strip Mine. Attack for 2. Sac strip Mine to destroy Scrubland, cast Elvish Archers. AI plays Underground Sea, Time Walk. AI plays Strip Mine on Taiga.
Turn 4: Draw Bloodlust, attack for 4. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 5: Draw/play Mox Emerald. Attack and bloodlust, striking for 8. AI plays Library of Alexandria.
Turn 6: Draw/play Volcanic Island. Cast Regrowth on Blood Lust. Attack, sac lotus to cast Bloodlust and strike for 8 again for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Drawing first, keep Taiga, Lightning Bolt, Berserk, Tropical Island, Blood Lust, 2x Chain Lightning.
Turn 1: AI plays Underground Sea. Draw Strip Mine, play Taiga.
Turn 2: AI plays Tundra. Draw/play Tropical Island.
Turn 3: AI plays Island. Draw Elvish Archers, play Tropical Island, Archers. It resolves but gets plowshared.
Turn 4: AI Mindtwists for 2, getting my Bloodlust and Strip Mine. Draw Berserk.
Turn 5: AI plays Scrubland. Draw/play Taiga.
Turn 6: AI passes. Draw Lightning Bolt.
Turn 7: AI passes. Draw/play Volcanic Island.
Turn 8: AI plays Scrubland, Serra Angel. Draw/play Ghazban Ogre, cast two Chain Lightning on serra to kill it.
Turn 9: AI plows my Ogre. Draw/play Elvish Archers; its Counterspelled.
Turn 10: AI passes. Draw/play Kird Ape; AI manadrains it.
Turn 11: AI passes. Draw/play Tropical Island.
Turn 12: AI plays Mishra's Factory. Draw/play Volcanic Island.
Turn 13: AI plays Scrubland, attacks with mishra's and I bolt it. Draw/play Volcanic Island.
Turn 14: AI plays Sol Ring. Draw/play Scryb Sprites.
Turn 15: AI passes. Draw/play Forest, attack for 1.
Turn 16: AI passes, discards Mana Drain. Draw/play Ancestral Recall and get Forest, Taiga, Scryb. Play Taiga, Scryb. Attack for 1.
Turn 17: AI Disenchants its own Sol Ring. Draw/play Volcanic Island, attack for 2.
Turn 18: AI plowshares one Scryb. Draw Blood Lust. OOH. Play Forest, attack. Bloodlust and both Berserks resolve and Scryb Sprites strike for 20 for the win! 2-0

Jatill wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Keep Ancestral Recall, Volcanic Island, Lightning Bolt, Blood Lust, Kird Ape, Time Walk, Strip Mine, playing first.
Turn 1: Play Volcanic Island, Kird Ape. AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 2: Draw Lightning Bolt, play Strip Mine. Attack with bloodlusted apes for 5. AI plays Swamp.
Turn 3: Draw Mountain. Ancestral Recall for Blood Lust, Tropical Island, Scryb Sprites. Play Tropical Island, attack for 2. Cast Time Walk. Draw Chain Lightning, play Mountain. Use Strip Mine on Underground Sea. Chain Lightning AIs face, bloodlust apes and swing for 6. AI plays Island.
Turn 4: Draw Chain Lightning. Double-bolt AI for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Keep Timetwister, Forest, 2x Lightning Bolt, Mountain, 2x Scryb Sprites.
Turn 1: Play Forest, Scryb. AI plays Scrubland and plowshares the scryb.
Turn 2: Draw Bloodlust, play mountain, scryb. AI plays Scrubland and Spirit Link on the scryb.
Turn 3: Draw/play Ghazban Ogre. AI passes.
Turn 4: Draw Ancestral Recall. (Grr, no blue) Bloodlusted Ogre hits for 6. AI plowshares the ogre on its turn.
Turn 5: Draw/play Elvish Archers. AI passes.
Turn 6: Draw/play Volcanic Island, Ancestral Recall for Taiga, Chain Lightning, Tropical Island. Attack for 2 and Chain Lightning the AIs face. (23-9 life) AI Mindtwists for 1, getting one of my Lightning Bolts. Argh! (The AI had 8 cards in hand and presumably no other play, so that wasn't too bad on its part)
Turn 7: Draw Lightning Bolt, play Taiga, attack for 2. AI plays Scrubland. I play both bolts to AIs face end of turn.
Turn 8: Draw/play Chain Lightning and win. 2-0

JATILL = 6 pts (all human wins)
AWW1979 = 6 pts (all human wins)
COGNIS = 5 pts (one match was 2-1 for human)
NICDANGER = 5 pts (one match was 2-1 for human)
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby aww1979 » 16 Nov 2010, 06:47


Aswan Jaguar wins 2-0, +2 pts

Game 1: Playing first, I get Ghazban Ogre, Serra Angel x2, Cockatrice, Sol Ring, Mox Pearl, Forest. The lack of GG or WW is a bit annoying, but the hand is otherwise solid, and downright deadly if I can get another white mana by turn 2.
Turn 1: Play Forest, Mox, Ghazban Ogre, Sol Ring. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 2: Draw Forest, play Cockatrice, attack with ogre. AI plays Mountain and Chain Lightning on me.
Turn 3: Give away the ogre, draw/play forest, attack for 2.
Turn 4: Get the ogre back, AI plays mountain, Mana Flare. Sadly, I still don't have WW, since my lands are 3 forests.
Turn 5: Draw Giant Growth. Swing for 4. AI casts another Mana Flare and Shivan Dragon.
Turn 6: Draw/play Savannah. Attack with Cockatrice and Ogre. Shivan blocks Ogre, and I Giant Growth it to trade. AI takes 2 and I cast both Serra Angels. AI plays Fire Elemental.
Turn 7: Draw Forest, attack for 10 flying damage, which is just enough to win. 1-0 (saving that Giant Growth was key to the win :D)

Game 2: Drawing first, I get Armageddon, Forest x3, Karakas, Disenchant, Berserk. Not very good, but since its got plenty of land, I'll keep it. If I can get a fattie, Armageddon should seal the game.
Turn 1: AI plays Mountain, Sol Ring. Draw/play Forest.
Turn 2: AI plays Mountain. Draw Ghazban Ogre. Play forest. I keep the ogre in hand since a bolt or anything at all would make me have to give it away.
Turn 3: AI plays Mountain. Draw Lure. Play Karakas and Disenchant Sol Ring. (Should've done that last turn, but fortunately no harm came of it)
Turn 4: AI plays Mountain. Draw Erhnam Djinn, play forest and Erhnam.
Turn 5: AI plays Mountain. Draw/play Black Lotus. Attack for 4, play Armageddon, play Forest/Ghazban Ogre.
Turn 6: AI plays Mountain and Lightning Bolt on the Ogre, justifying my earlier caution. Draw/play Scryb Sprites, attack for 4.
Turn 7: AI passes. Draw/play Scryb Sprites, attack for 5.
Turn 8: AI passes. Draw Giant Growth for some overkill. Growth/zerk the Erhnam and strike for 16. 2-0

Aswan Jaguar wins 2-0, +2 pts

Game 1: Drawing first, get Scryb x2, Berserk, Forest, Disenchant, Serra Angel, Mishra's Factory. Looking at Shantak's decklist, I feel like I'm in a mirror match :p
Turn 1: AI plays Plains, Land Tax. Draw Cockatrice, play Forest, Scryb.
Turn 2: AI plays Forest. Draw Forest, play Mishra's and Scryb, and attack for 1.
Turn 3: AI plays Plains. Draw Lure, play Forest, attack for 4.
Turn 4: AI plays Plains. Draw/play Forest, attack for 4.
Turn 5: AI plays Forest and Disenchant on its own Land Tax, and then a Whirling Dervish. Draw Armageddon, attack for 4.
Turn 6: AI's Dervish swings for 1. Draw/play Scryb, attack. AI Disenchants the Mishra's, and takes 2.
Turn 7: AI's Dervish swings for 2. Draw/play Karakas, attack for 3. Cast Armageddon.
Turn 8: AI plays plains, swings for 3. Draw/play Forest, attack for 3 for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Drawing first, get Savannah x2, Llanowar Elves, Armageddon, Cockatrice, Forest x2.
Turn 1: AI plays Forest, Llanowar Elves. Draw Scryb Sprites, play Savannah, Llanowar Elves.
Turn 2: AI plays Plains. Draw/play Black Lotus, Forest. Play Scryb Sprites, sac lotus for Cockatrice.
Turn 3: AI plays Forest, Erhnam Djinn. Draw Wrath of God. Swing with Scryb for 1 and keep lands in hand.
Turn 4: Erhnam targets my elf, AI plays Llanowar Elves. Draw Forest, attack for 2 with elf and scryb, keeping Cockatrice to deter Erhnam.
Turn 5: Erhnam targets Cockatrice, AI plays Mox Emerald, Whirling Dervish. Draw/play Ghazban Ogre, attack with Scryb for 1.
Turn 6: Erhnam targets elf; AI passes. Draw Forest, Scryb and Elf swing for 2.
Turn 7: Erhnam targets Cockatrice, AI plays Plains, White Knight. Draw Berserk, swing for 1 with Scryb.
Turn 8: Erhnam targets elf; AI plays Forest. Draw/play Sol Ring. Elf and scryb swing for 2.
Turn 9: Erhnam targets Cockatrice; AI passes. Draw/play Mox Pearl. Cast Armageddon, play Savannah. Scryb swing for 1.
Turn 10: Erhnam targets elf, AI plays Forest. Draw Savannah, attack for 2 with elf/scryb.
Turn 11: erhnam targets Cockatrice. AI plays Strip Mine. Draw Giant Growth, play Forest, Growth/zerk the Cockatrice and attack for 11 in the air and win. 2-0

ASWANJAGUAR loses 1-2 to Juzamjedi, Juzamjedi +3 pts
Game 1: Playing first, get Berserk, Serra Angel, 3x Forest, Llanowar Elves, Mox Pearl.
Turn 1: Play Forest, elf, mox. AI plays Volcanic Island.
Turn 2: Draw Giant Growth, play Forest, attack for 1. AI plays Badlands and bolts my elf; I Giant Growth it to keep it alive.
Turn 3: Draw/play another elf, keeping forest in hand. Attack for 1. AI plays Mind Twist for 1, getting my forest.
Turn 4: Draw Serra Angel, attack for 2. AI bolts an elf on its turn.
Turn 5: Draw Forest, swing for 1. AI plays Tundra, Serendib Efreet.
Turn 6: Draw Forest, pass. AI takes 1 from efreet, plays Scrubland and attacks. I could use the Berserk as removal, but with the efreet doing 1 a turn for me, and the elf to attack, I let it hit me. AI then plays Juzam Djinn.
Turn 7: Draw/play Forest. Ugh, where's my second white mana? AI takes 2 from its dudes, Fireballs me for 4, and attacks; Elf chumps Juzam, and I take 3 more.
Turn 8: Draw/play Scryb Sprites. AI takes 2 from its dudes, plays Underground Sea, and attacks; I chump Juzam with Scryb. AI plays another Juzam Djinn. Ach Hans, Run!
Turn 9: Draw Cockatrice. I play Forest and Cockatrice, and hope that will scare AI from attacking for the win. AI takes 3 from its dudes, braingeysers itself for 3 and attacks, and I'm dead. 0-1

Game 2: Playing first, get 2x Mishra's Factory, Mox Emerald, Savannah, 2x Cockatrice, Berserk.
Turn 1: Play Mishra's, Mox. AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 2: Draw Giant Growth, attack with 3/3 Mishra's. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 3: Draw Karakas, play Savannah. Attack with both Mishra's for 4. AI plays Scrubland and Braingeysers self for 1.
Turn 4: Draw Serra Angel. Play Karakas, Serra. AI plays Black Lotus, plows my Serra, and sacs the lotus to bolt me and then play Juzam Djinn.
Turn 5: Draw Armageddon. Play Cockatrice. Juzam hits AI for 1, and it plays Serendib Efreet.
Turn 6: Draw Forest, play Cockatrice. AI takes 2 in upkeep, casts plowshares on one cockatrice.
Turn 7: Draw Lure; cast it on Cockatrice, and attack; Efreet forceblocks and dies. AI takes 1 in upkeep, plays Tundra, and attacks with Juzam for 5, and plays another Juzam.
Turn 8: Draw Disenchant. Giant Growth/Berserk the Cockatrice and attack for the win. 1-1 (Did I miss that last turn? I could've waited to see if AI blocked, and then won if it didn't. Oh, well, I win anyway)

Game 3: Drawing first, get Ghazban Ogre, Cockatrice, Giant Growth, Mishra's Factory, Berserk, 2x Forest.
Turn 1: AI plays Tundra, Mox Sapphire. I draw Swords, play Mishra's.
Turn 2: AI plays Badlands. Draw Giant Growth, play Forest, mishra's swing for 2.
Turn 3: AI plays Underground Sea, Hypnotic Specter. Draw Sol Ring, play Forest, attack with Mishra's, and Giant Growth it when Hippie blocks, saving the factory.
Turn 4: AI plays Volcanic Island and Mind Twist for 4. OWOWOW. I discard Cockatrice, Berserk, Giant Growth, Ghazban Ogre. Draw/play Mox Emerald, Sol Ring, attack with Mishra's for 2.
Turn 5: AI plays Scrubland. Draw Forest, attack for 2.
Turn 6: AI plays Tundra, and Mind Twist for 5; I lose Swords and Forest. Draw/play Savannah, attack for 2.
Turn 7: AI plays Serendib Djinn and Lightning Bolt on me. I draw a Forest.
Turn 8: AI sacs Scrubland, swings for 5, and plays Serendib Efreet. Draw/play Scryb Sprites.
Turn 9: AI sacs Badlands, takes 1 from efreet, and attacks; Scryb chump djinn and I take 3. AI plays another Serendib Djinn. Draw Wrath of God, but I have no 2nd white mana. NOOOOOO.
Turn 10: AI sacs 2 land, taking 7 during its upkeep, and then kills me with 13 in the air and a Lightning Bolt. 1-2
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Aswan jaguar » 16 Nov 2010, 14:11


Oldschool_Aswan Jaguar_Tza!-Salbei_Old school_Flare 2-0

GAME 1 AI gets a Mana Flare and Fireball s my Erhnam Djinn,I attack and trade Berserk ed Erhnam Djinn for Shivan Dragon.Me at 20life-AI11,my 3nd Erhnam Djinn meets Fire Elemental,, Serra Angel,Cockatrice fly to win.
GAME 2 Serra Angel ,Cockatrice win for me just in time, a turn before I loose.4LIFE.

Oldschool_Aswan Jaguar_Tza!-Oldschool Shantak 2-0

GAME 1 Sword his Erhnam Djinn,my Sprites with Giant Growth and Berserk get AI's Serra Angel and hit AI for 4,trade Sprites+Giant Growth for 4-4 Whirling Dervish.I Wrath of God couple of his creatures.AI Wrath of God his Serra Angel,and my Erhnam Djinn.I play another Erhnam Djinn AI another Serra Angel but I lure her to her death,then Armageddon and win.
GAME 2 Ghazban Ogre gets sword,I Berserk his Erhnam Djinn,then AI plays Serra Angel me Erhnam Djinn but AI casts Wrath of God,which was very good for me as I couldn't block his Serra Angel and had less life 10-19AI.Then another Erhnam Djinn for me again Wrath of God from AI.Next turn a Serra Angel for AI she hits me and I am at 6life but a disk came to my rescue and destroys (2Serra Angel,a White Knight,Land Tax,and Mox all AI's)My Mishra's Factory mostly and later Cockatrice,Sprites take 17 AI's life me at 2.

Oldschool_Aswan Jaguar_Tza!-Old sets Juzamjedi 2-0

GAME 1 We trade some creatures,and just in time a Serra Angel hits once draw valuable Sprites block both AI Juzam Djinn s and take 3 damage from Serendib Efreet AI looses in his turn by his own creatures.
GAME 2 AI has some mana problems at first and I manage some early blows.2Serendib Efreet stop my attacks but eat his life and my Ghazban Ogre with Giant Growth give the last blow.
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Aswan jaguar » 16 Nov 2010, 17:49


Salbei_Old school_Flare-Oldschool_Aswan Jaguar_Tza! 2-0

GAME 1 I Bolt him to 8life and Fireball a Cockatrice.But my Shivan Dragon gets plowed and I have to do with Serra Angel,Cockatrice luckily another Shivan Dragon arrives to hold them.Trade a Fire Elemental for cockatrice,and then Shivan Dragon for 2Serra Angel s and cast a 3nd Shivan Dragon.Next turn I finish the job.
GAME 2 I Bolt Llanowar Elves,a Giant Cockatrice hits me for 5.My Fire Elemental gets plowed and AI Berserks his Cockatrice just to win back his Ghazban Ogre!!AI loves this creature!A Fork ed Fireball for 8 ends it.

Salbei_Old school_Flare-Oldschool Shantak 2-0

GAME 1 Black Wise deals 10 damage to AI and a Fireball is all that it takes to win.
GAME 2 I use 3Bolt s and a Fork to deal with 2Serra Angel s.My Fire Elemental gets plowed.I Fireball for 14 and next turn Disintegrate the rest.

Salbei_Old school_Flare-Old sets Juzamjedi 2-0

GAME 1 Disintegrate a Serendib Efreet,my Fire Elemental keeps back 2Juzam Djinn and AI takes the damage it plays nothing for 3t while it has many things to do in hand,then awakes plows my Fire Elemental and I Fork it for his Juzam Djinn.Finally I Fireball ed for 27 (2 Mana Flare)Probably I would have lost if AI played 3t before (a Specter,and 2Serendib Efreet)
GAME 2 Burns from me and early Serendib Djinn with only islands to sacrifice win the day.
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby jatill » 16 Nov 2010, 17:49

Group B:
shantak: 6
Salbei: 5
aswan: 5
juzamjedi: 5

aswan (2-1) vs Salbei
Loss 1: My early creatures get burned out, and AI lands Shivan. I never get WW for Wrath and die the turn before I can activate Disk.

Salbei (2-0) vs Aswan

Salbei (2-1) vs shantak
Loss 1: AI had turn 1 and 3 Ernham, and I didn't have enough lands to set them both on fire.

shantak (2-0) vs Salbei
Note: AI Disintegrated my Llanowar when I was at 1. Smooth.

aswan (2-0) vs shantak

shantak (2-0) vs aswan

juzamjedi (2-1) vs shantak
Loss 1: I have 2 Swords but no white mana to deal with turn 1 Ernham.

shantak (2-0) vs juzamjedi

salbei (2-0) vs juzamjedi

juzamjedi (2-0) vs shantak

juzamjedi (2-0) vs aswan
Note: Both games I stole Ghazban

aswan vs juzamjedi (2-0)
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Aswan jaguar » 17 Nov 2010, 16:35


Oldschool Shantak-Oldschool_Aswan Jaguar_Tza! 2-0

GAME 1 My elves and Erhnam Djinn get plowed I plow Sprites before they get Giant Growth.I Wrath of God an Erhnam Djinn.Play my Erhnam Djinn and then Armageddon since AI has only Sprites.Disenchant mox,and Sol Ring, it's over.
GAME 2 My Erhnam Djinn gets plowed,AI plays Cockatrice and me Erhnam Djinn and have also in play Whirling Dervish, L.elves and Land Tax.Then AI makes the "genius" move to Armageddon,and to attack with Cockatrice and get 7damage,8dam.each turn and lose.

Oldschool Shantak-Salbei_Old school_Flare 2-0

GAME 1 I Disenchant his Mana Flare,AI burns my knight.I have a slow start,then my Serra Angel gets Disintegrate d.2nd Serra Angel in play and knight.AI doesn't want to trade his Fire Elemental 5-6 (Gauntlet of Might)
that serves me really well.I plow his Shivan Dragon,another Mana Flare for AI and I fear his next draw a Fireball and I am dead,it is a Fire Elemental though and win.
GAME 2 AI burns my Elves,and Whirling Dervish and casts an early Mana Flare that worries me a bit.But I play Erhnam Djinn then draw,cast Armageddon and feel great,I plow a Shivan Dragon who comes in play,get help from Serra Angel,Armageddon and game over.

Oldschool Shantak-Old sets Juzamjedi 2-0

GAME 1 Mulligan to 5 to get more then 1 mana source.plows my Elves and 2t Serendib Djinn is in and have no removals.2nd Elves get plowed and can't cast Serra Angel now.Thankfully no lands for AI and has to sac the Serendib Djinn.Now I have Erhnam Djinn in play and 3-3 Whirling Dervish who gets bolted but Serra Angel joins and win.
GAME 2 1T Serra Angel hits once and gets plowed.Play another one cast Armageddon and let her toy with Serendib Efreet.

Old sets Juzamjedi-Oldschool_Aswan Jaguar_Tza! 2-0

GAME 1 Fast start for AI with 2moxes,land Ghazban Ogre,2t an Erhnam Djinn who I block with stolen Ogre.then he Berserk s 2 times Erhnam Djinn and hits for 16.I don't have w to plow him.I cast Juzam Djinn at 4life and AI Berserk s it and gets to 7 life.I play another Juzam Djinn plow in time Sprites and win with 1 life left.
GAME 2 I get an early beating by Giant Growth Ghazban Ogrex2times,then I play a bad balance destroy little creatures and a land but lose 5 good cards.I still have Serendib Efreet to play.Later I Mind Twist (Serra Angel,sword,Ghazban Ogre)play Juzam Djinn and win again with 1life left!

Old sets Juzamjedi-Salbei_Old school_Flare 2-1

GAME 1 AI has 1t Mana Flare 2t Gauntlet of Might.I play Serendib Djinn and AI Shivan Dragon,unfortunately AI doesn't want to trade creatures,or burn it,Fireball s me 2 times and I loose.
GAME 2 Bolt and Hypnotic Specter for Shivan Dragon,Juzam Djinn for Fire Elemental,Mind Twist( 2Fork s,and mountain)2Serendib Efreet Timewalk,one gets Fireball ed,but now is my turn to Fireball and win.
GAME 3 I have to mulligan to 6,and I have a slow start.While AI 1t mox ruby,Sol Ring,2t Gauntlet of Might 3tMana Flare,things don't look so good for me only 2lands but Mind Twist 2bolt and 2Mountain.Another Mana Flare for AI,I put 2 Hypnotic Specter s in,I fear of fireballs and 1 hits me for 12 but my Fireball arrives first and burn for 25.

Old sets Juzamjedi-Oldschool Shantak 2-0

GAME 1 Mind Twist for 3(Forest,Strip Mine,Whirling Dervish)my Juzam Djinn gets plowed and AI clears my hand with Balance but my Mystical Tutor brings me another Juzam Djinn.AI prefers to plow my Serendib Efreet,then desides to Armageddon and makes my life easier.
GAME 2 I Mind Twist for 4(Serra Angel,plains,Disenchant,sword)but AI has 2nd sword for my Juzam Djinn.AI casts Armageddon and plows my 2nd Juzam Djinn.Play another one who gets plowed again!I am at 33life.Braingayser for 6 and get 4 Hypnotic Specter s in a row!!!what are the chances?

Aswan Jaguar 6
Salbei 6
Shantak 6
Juzamjedi 5
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Shantak » 17 Nov 2010, 20:35

Group B:

Aswan Jaguar vs Salbei (AI) - 0-2 (Salbei +3 points)
1-0: My Ghazan Ogre keeps changing owners for a few turns, but Giant Growth + Berserk on Ernham Djinn end this quickly.

1-1: Mishra's Factory deals my damage while Nevinyrral's Disk sweeps two of AI's Fire Elementals. I Disenchant AI's Mana Flare as it hits the table, but he has two spares. I count that AI couldn't beat me with a single X spell still, and I feel lucky. Well, AI casts Disintegrate and Forks it, one turn before I would have won.

2-0: Ghazban Ogre feels bad when playing against a burn deck, AI casts a X=1 Fireball on his second turn and gets my ogre. I'm lacking mana, and I have to Berserk the ogre just to get rid of it, but AI continues with Fire Elemental... and kills me!

Aswan Jaguar vs Shantak (AI) - 2-0 (Aswan Jaguar +2 points)
1-0: AI kills my second turn Ernham Djinn with Wrath of God. I cast Armageddon despite AI's land tax as I still have Nevi's Disk out and have mana artifacts. Then I use disk and cast Armageddon after floating mana for Ghazban Ogre when AI has Serra in play and just one card in hand. My ogre's reign of terror lasts one turn before a Swords to Plowshars. This slows the game down to a crawl, but I get my Ernham Djinn first, Giant Growth it and Berserk it and win.

2-0: Plenty of mana sources to start with (Moxes, Sol Ring, elf) so I'm not afraid of Armageddons. AI deals damage to me with White Knight, I to him with Mishra's Factory and Ghazban Ogre. I'm faster.

Aswan Jaguar vs Juzamjedi (AI) - 2-0 (Aswan Jaguar +2 points)
1-0: I let AI's Serendib Djinn to stay in play for some turns to destroy his lands, and then blow away everything we both have with Nevinyrral's Disk. After that I don't get any remarkable creatures and AI gets Juzam Djinn that I can't deal with. However, then AI refills my hand with Timetwister. I remove the Juzam and its cousins to come while Serra and Ernham Djinn kill AI.

2-0: I have plenty of lands but no white mana to cast Serra. My Cockatrice stops AI when I'm at 6 life. AI already has a winning crew in play when I draw Black Lotus and am able to cast my Serra to help in blocking. Once AI Timetwists, I get all the blockers I need and let AI's dijnn's and efreet kill him.

I like this deck, it was kind of like a more creative approach to Ernhamgeddon. Giant Growths and Berserks were really nice, but Lure was useless in each game.

Salbei vs Aswan Jaguar (AI) - 2-0 (Salbei +2 points)
1-0: I mulligan once, Lightning Bolt AI to gain his Ghazban Ogre and burn AI to crisp with Shivan Dragon on my sixth turn. AI was at three mana, all forests.

2-0: I burn AI's creatures away with Fork's help, grab AI's Ghazban OGre with Disintegrate and finish AI with lightning.

Salbei vs Shantak (AI) - 2-0 (Salbei +2 points)
1-0: AI removes all my threats (which, after three Swords brings me to 36 life). I'm about to get a finishing blow with my third Shivan Dragon, but Wrath of God kills it. Forked Fireball then wins the game.

2-0: 20-point Disintegrate as a finisher with two Mana Flares in play.

Salbei vs Juzamjedi (AI) - 2-0 (Salbei +2 points)
1-0: AI's creatures start fast and I'm in problems before improving my game with Gauntlet of Might. My creatures get StoPed but luckily that gives me some life to survive the aggressive attacking. After an extra Time Walk turn AI hits me to 2 life, but after Juzam Djinn and Serendib Efreet have nicked away his life, my 10-point Disintegrate is enough to win.

2-0: I start burning really early with Black Vise's help and refill with Wheel of Fortune. Then Disintegrate finishes.

Lovely deck. I considered something similar for my own deck (with a blue splash), and as we next find out, I probably should have done so.

Shantak vs Aswan Jaguar (AI) - 0-2 (Aswan Jaguar +5 points)
0-1: The game is really even initially. Midgame Armageddon gives me the advantage, but AI changes things with a removal and his own Armageddon and Ernham Djinn. I lose.

0-2: I'm seriously lacking white mana, but can at least manage an Ernham Djinn to play until AI Wraths it away. My hand consists of seven great white cards, but I have only four green mana available. I get one Plains for Land Tax, but we have equal amount of lands. A sucky way to go, probably blowing all my own chances to advance :(

Shantak vs Salbei (AI) - 2-0 (Shantak +2 points)

1-0: Now AI is stuck with one mana and keeps Lightning Bolting me while I get Serra Angel to play. I secure my win with Armageddon and Serra ends the game.

2-0: In the end, it's two Serras against not enough burn.

Shantak vs Juzamjedi (AI) - 1-2 (Juzamjedi +3 points)

0-1: AI has his hand full of creatures and I can't compete with a Serra.

1-1: Similar game to the previous one, I keep drawing land while AI has creatures. I'm on a two turn clock when I luckily topdeck Wrath of God. I Armageddon when we're both at no creatures to give me more time as I've been saving lands in my hand. This lets me soon cast Serra Angel and Ernham Djinn who proceed to kick the crap out of AI. However, when he's at 2 life he topdecks Black Lotus which is used to cast two Swords to Plowshares. I'm still not in the clear. My second Ernham is met with a third Swords to Plowshares. Then AI casts Juzam Djinn and I'm happy to take a swing just to get AI to kill himself.

1-2: Not enought removal, not enough creatures, too many AI creatures.

Too bad about that :( I had too little removal (never seemed to draw those Wrath of Gods), not enough good creatures and plenty of useless cards (I didn't have one good use for Disenchant - I guess I was so scared of Control Magics that I put four Disenchants to the deck. Armageddon isn't very useful when opponent has better creatures in play and that was a situation I faced a lot.

Juzamjedi vs Aswan Jaguar (AI) - (Juzamjedi +2 points)
1-0: Mind Twisted AI's best two cards away, did the initial damage with Serendib Djinn and finished with a 7-point Fireball.

2-0: AI lacked white mana, allowing me to win with Serendib Djinn and the crew, gaining some ogres in the process.

Juzamjedi vs Salbei (AI) - (Juzamjedi +1 point)
1-0: I respond to AI's Mana Flare by Mind Twisting his hand away and swing away with Juzam and Hyp.

1-1: I again Mind Twist after two Mana Flares, but AI gets Shivan to play (which I promptly exchange with my Juzam). Another turn, another Shivan, which I now kill with Serendib Efreet and Lightning Bolt. With two Flares in play, just one hit would be enough to burn me to crisp. Finally I don't have an answer to a Fire Elemental and I die.

2-1: I take a 1 land + Mox hand, which then lets me play two Hyps on my second and third turns (the second one sticks). I do some damage with that and Serendib Djinns, but I screw up when I forget both Djinn's die when I lose my lands. Well, that leads to Balance which takes out three of AI's lands as well. Then I topdeck some lands, Demonic Tutor a Juzam Djinn, swing few times with it and fittingly finish the burn deck with Fireball.

Juzamjedi vs Shantak (AI) - (Juzamjedi +2 points)

1-0: Mind Twist and Hyp keep AI's hand empty (though he doesn't draw that well either). I Time Walk, cast Timetwister and on my next turn Timewalk again, taking three turns in a row. This allows me to Mind Twist away AI's Timetwisted hand. That's mean. My Juzam then wins.

2-0: I cast all my four Hypnotic Spectres on my first six turns. Only the last one stays in play. That Hyp and Serendib Djinn win me the game.

Group B Totals
Salbei +9 points
Aswan Jaguar +9 points
Juzamjedi +8 points
Shantak +2 points
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby Cognis » 17 Nov 2010, 21:08

Group A

Aww vs Cognis 2-1
Aww vs Jatil 2-0
Aww vs Nicdanger 2-0

Cognis vs Aww 0-2
Cognis vs Jatill 2-1
Cognis vs Nicdanger 1-2

Jatill vs Aww 2-0
Jatill vs Cognis 2-1
Jatill vs Nicdanger 2-0

Nicdanger vs Aww 2-0
Nicdanger vs Cognis 2-0
Nicdanger vs Jatill 2-0

Aww: 10 points
Nicdanger: 9 points
Jatill: 5 points
Cognis: 1 point

Match 1 (Cognis AI)
Game 1:
An easy victory overall.
Game 2: I got mana flooded. Really mana flodded. My starting hand included Ancestral Recall, Balance, Mox, Black Lotus, Mana Drain. Unfortunately the only creature I ever had in play was Assembly-Worker which did deal 12 damage overall, but not even Mind Twist, WoG and 3 counters didn’t save me. If I got Control Magic or something else I would’ve stood a chance but I just didn’t have anything to play.
Game 3: AI played Timetwister which allowed me to empty its hand and end it quickly.

Match 2 (Jatill AI)
Game 1:
I was able to take control of the match early on and wrapped it up without many problems.
Game 2: AI had me beat until I played Greater Realm. After that it was just a matter of time. Assembly Worker finished the job.

Match 3 (Nicdanger AI)
Game 1:
A long match with lots of removal and similar cards, Control Magic turned things around in my favour and after that AI’s djinns pinged the AI to death.
Game 2: Early Mind Twist and a few counters allowed me to take control from the start and finish with a lone Serra Angel.

Match 4 (Aww AI)
Game 1:
AI decimates my hand with 3 Mind Twist. I am able to bring it to 3 but get so mana flooded that I don’t play anything the whole match except 2 Flying Men that get exiled on entering, 2 Prodigal Sorcerer and Unstable Mutation. I was able to bring the AI down to 3 but not much more.
Game 2: Great, 4 U cards and 3 plains in the starting hand. Mulligan into Black Lotus, Mox Sapphire, Tundra, Prodigal Sorcerer, Sol Ring and Clone. I draw another Clone so I copy my creature so because I don’t wont it discarded and sure as hell AI plays Mind Twist on the next round. I get the AI to 5 but then it plays 3 consecutive Serra Angel. I manage to top deck Timetwister but it gets countered. Why the hell I didn’t include Psionic Blast and StP I’ll never know. Guess that’s what happens when you try to build a deck in 5 minutes. Idiot.

Match 5 (Jatill AI)
Game 1:
I get 5 land, Black Lotus and Unstable Mutation so I mulligan. I get Moat but no W mana, figures. Elvish Archers is the only creature AI plays which I clone to stop it from attacking and my fliers finish the job. I drew 3 Moat and only 1 W mana source. I miss fetch lands.
Game 2: 1 land so I mulligan into no lands so I mulligan into 2 W mana and 3 blue cards but I decide to risk it since it’s Prodigal Sorcerer and Time Walk and it can hardly get better with 4 cards. I manage to play Moat and get the AI to 6 and then I get bolted AI plays Time Walk and draws another bolt, aaargh.
Game 3: I have a crappy hand but decide to play turn 1 Moat and hope for the best. Thanfully AI plays Wheel of Fortune, although it had Ancestral Recall and doubly unstable Efreet ends it quickly.

Match 6 (Nicdanger AI)
Game 1:
AI gets mana screwed and I take advantage of it by using an unstable efferent, dropping 2 Moats, playing Strip Mine and finishing the game before the AI can recover. Finally a decent hand for me.
Game 2: I might’ve stood a chance if the AI didn’t play 2 Spirit Link on its Serendib Efreet, later AI stabilised, played lots of removal and 2 Serra Angel.
Game 3: Again 2 Spirit Link on Serendib Efreet made this a short game. My deck sucks but I feel it would’ve done better in the other group since Aww and Nicdanger have decks that are very unfavourable to my deck.

Match 7 (Aww AI)
Game 1:
Lots of removal on AI’s side but little by little I was able to wear it down.
Game 2: Winter Orb locked the game and allowed me a comfortable win.

Match 8 (Cognis AI)
Game 1:
I had horrible a hand, first no lands and then all lands. I didn’t even consolidate my forces and the AI had Flying Men with 2 Unstable Mutation, my Ghazban Ogre and Serendib Efreet while I had Elvish Archers. A truly horrible hand which seems the only way my deck can win.
Game 2: AI plays Mana Vault and 2nd Plains so I play Strip Mine to avoid Serra Angel but then AI gets Island and plays Serendib Efreet. Next turn Strip Mine leaves me at 1 Forest and efreet gets 2 Unstable Mutation. I block it with Scryb Sprites once. I draw Mox Ruby and lock the game with Winter Orb. AI goes all out leaving me at 7 but thankfully my Elvish Archers did enough damage so Chain Lightning finishes the job. I don’t know how I won but I did.
Game 3: Again a 1 land hand to a no land hand. I don’t recall when I had to mulligan so much as I did in this group, mostly with my deck. I finished the game with 1 land, Mox Ruby and 2 Blood Lust. Just barely.

Match 9 (Nicdanger AI)
Game 1:
I had some problems with R mana but Ancestral Recall and Regrowth for the same card solved that problem and I was able to finish it quickly with 2 Blood Lust and burn.
Game 2: I control the game with Winter Orb and the AI plays Disenchant but taps out. I use the opportunity and play Blood Lust and Berserk to put the AI at 1 and the AI responds with discarding Elvish Archers and leaving my hand empty and proceeds to play Serendib Efreet and, off course, losing.

Match 10 (Aww AI)
Game 1:
We went back and forth for about 40 rounds neither gaining the upper hand when the game froze and I will replay this again, aaaargh >:(
Game 1: Another match full of counters and us trying to get an upper hand, I was mana screwed in the beginning but I was able to steal Serra Angel and win the game.
Game 2: I play Juzam Djinn on the first round but then AI plays Balance; I lose a creature and AI loses a land. AI plays Serra Angel and I respond by Control Magic then the AI plays Control Magic, then I play Control Magic and discard WoG from the AI’s hand and it top decks…Control Magic >:( I get tired and put Spirit Link on it. I draw Demonic Tutor, go for Ancestral Recall and draw Disenchant to get control of Serra Angel again. At that point I’m at 25 and AI at 20. I have 3 Psionic Blast in my hand and patiently wait until the AI taps out playing creatures and waiting to play all its counters. Finally it plays Mind Twist for 15 and I have 9 mana to put it down to 0 with three blasts.

Match 11 (Cognis AI)
Game 1:
A close match overall but Control Magic for Serra Angel and Mahamoti Djinn proved decisive.
Game 2: An easy victory overall. Off topic but I can’t believe I used Clone instead of Control Magic.

Match 12 (Jatill AI)
Game 1:
I get down to 4 when I finally draw Spirit Link for Serra Angel that brings me back up. AI plays Berserk on Serra Angel and after I gain 8 life I exile it for another 8 and take Ghazban Ogre which gets bolted. After that 2 Serendib Efreet deal the finishing blow. I wasn’t able to draw my second U mana for Control Magic but I managed to win.
Game 2: Turn 1 Juzam Djinn with Spirit Link that got Berserk put the AI to 5, I play another one and AI attacks with his last creature leaving the djinn to deal the last 5 damage.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby juzamjedi » 17 Nov 2010, 23:06

Shantak wrote:Juzamjedi vs Shantak (AI) - (Juzamjedi +2 points)
1-0: Mind Twist and Hyp keep AI's hand empty (though he doesn't draw that well either). I Time Walk, cast Timetwister and on my next turn Timewalk again, taking three turns in a row. This allows me to Mind Twist away AI's Timetwisted hand. That's mean. My Juzam then wins.

2-0: I cast all my four Hypnotic Spectres on my first six turns. Only the last one stays in play. That Hyp and Serendib Djinn win me the game.
This match is the nut high for what my deck could do. Basically play as many broken cards as possible with some big creatures. It seems like many match reports come down to "Juzamjedi Mind Twists for a lot, plays a couple ridiculous creautres, and ride them to victory" :mrgreen:
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby jatill » 18 Nov 2010, 13:14

When you're done testing a group, please list the final scores all together. Thanks.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby aww1979 » 19 Nov 2010, 22:16

Group B, continued:

SALBEI vs ASWANJAGUAR (click on this one, game 1 is effing hilarous!) | Open
Salbei wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Playing first, my opening hand is Disintegrate and 6x Mountain. Newer players might mulligan this (and it might be a good idea) but I'm from the old school where mulligans on such a hand weren't allowed. And as long as I draw some spells in the next few turns, this is actually pretty good, since most of Salbei's spells benefit from having so much mana on the board, so I'll keep it.
Turn 1: Play Mountain. AI plays Forest, Ghazban Ogre
Turn 2: Draw/play Mountain. Cast Disintegrate on AI for 1, because then he has to give me his Ogre :p AI gives me the Ogre, plays Savannah, plows the ogre, and plays Scryb Sprites.
Turn 3: Draw/play Mountain. This isn't according to plan... AI attacks for 1 and passes, and I breathe easier.
Turn 4: Draw/play Mountain. Should've mulliganed... AI swings for 1 and passes.
Turn 5: Draw/play Mountain. wtf? AI swings for 1 and plays Ghazban Ogre. I have 5 mountain in play and 5 in hand and nothing else.
Turn 6: Draw Shivan Dragon. Yeah, baby! Play mountain and Shivan. AI passes.
Turn 7: Draw Fire Elemental. Play Mountain, attack with the dragon. Scryb Sprites chump it, so I'll be able to cast the elemental with the mana I was going to pump shivan with. Then, AI commits one of the biggest blunders I have ever seen (and that's saying something) by casting Berserk on the Shivan Dragon! I respond by pumping the shivan 7 times and the AI takes 23 trample damage! PWNED, and I only cast two spells all game. 1-0

Game 2: Drawing first, get Fireball, 2x Mountain, Mana Flare, Chain Lightning, 2x Fork. Kept.
Turn 1: AI plays Forest, Sol Ring. I draw/play Mountain.
Turn 2: AI plays Savannah, Erhnam Djinn. Uh oh. Draw/play Mountain.
Turn 3: AI plays Forest, swings for 4, plays Llanowar elves and another Erhnam Djinn. Draw/play Mountain, Chain/Fork an Erhnam.
Turn 4: AI plays Forest, attacks for 5, and Giant Growths the elf for 3 more. Draw Lightning Bolt, play Mountain, bolt/fork the other Erhnam.
Turn 5: AI plays Black Lotus, attacks for 1 with the elf. Draw Wheel of Fortune, play Mountain and Mana Flare.
Turn 6: AI plays Forest, attacks for 1. Draw/play Black Lotus, cast Fireball on AI for 12. Life totals 6 to 8.
Turn 7: AI attacks for 1 and passes. Draw Chain Lighting. I cast it on AI, who declines to copy it (could've with Black Lotus) Then I cast Wheel of Fortune and pray for burn. AI discards a Forest and a Plow. I get in the 7 new cards a Disintegrate and cast it for the win. 2-0

Salbei wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: IE craps out and I lose the report. It was a 20+ turn game, and I thought I made some very good plays, so it's a shame. One key turn I fireballed two creatures (5/5 dervish and 4/5 erhnam) instead of the AI directly for almost all of its life, which was the right call since AI had Armageddon ready right after. Later on, once I'd drawn some mana, I started throwing all my burn at the AIs face, and won before the AI could get any creatures. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, get 3x Mountain, Fire Elemental, Mana Flare, Gauntlet of Might, Fork.
Turn 1: Play Mountain. AI plays forest, mox emerald, llanowar elves.
Turn 2: Draw Disintegrate, play Mountain. I could disintegrate the elf, but I save that for the AI later. AI plays Plains and... Balance. wtf? I discard Fork and Fire Elemental; AI sacs the elf.
Turn 3: Draw Disintegrate, play Mountain and Mana Flare. AI plays Plains, Llanowar Elves, Serra Angel.
Turn 4: Draw Mana Flare. Cast Gauntlet of Might and Mana Flare. AI attacks with Serra for 4 (holds back elf) and casts another Serra.
Turn 5: Draw/play Mountain, Disintegrate the AI for 15. (16-5) AI attacks for 9.
Turn 6: Draw/play Mountain, Disintegrate AI for 19 for the win. 2-0

SALBEI vs JUZAMJEDI (Game 2 is kinda funny here too :p) | Open
Salbei wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Drawing first, I get 2x Chain Lightning, 2x Shivan Dragon, Mana Flare, Fire Elemental, and Mox Ruby. Mulliganed into 2x Mountain, Fire Elemental, Black Lotus, Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt. Much nicer; kept.
Turn 1: AI plays Underground Sea. Draw/play Mountain, Black Lotus.
Turn 2: AI plays Scrubland. Draw Fireball, play Mountain, sac lotus to play Fire Elemental.
Turn 3: AI plays Tundra, Hypnotic Specter. Draw Fire Elemental, play Mountain, Chain Lightning on the specter, attack for 5.
Turn 4: AI Mind Twists me for 2; I could bolt in response, but I decide not to. I lose bolt and fireball, keeping Fire Elemental. I draw Shivan Dragon, and elemental attacks for 5.
Turn 5: AI mindtwists for 2 and I lose my hand. (should've bolted...) Draw Chain Lightning (could've won right now if I bolted...) Attack for 5.
Turn 6: AI plays Timetwister, Tundra, Mox Jet. In response to the Jet (the first time I get priority after Timetwister) I bolt/fork the AI directly with the nice new hand the AI kindly gave me. 1-0

Game 2: Drawing first, get Gauntlet of Might, 3x Mountain, Fire Elemental, Chain Lightning, Fork. Kept.
Turn 1: AI plays Tundra. Draw Fork, play Mountain.
Turn 2: AI plays Tundra, Balance, saccing a Tundra. I discard both Forks. Draw Fireball, play Mountain.
Turn 3: AI plays Scrubland. Draw Mana Flare, play mountain and flare.
Turn 4: AI plays Underground Sea, Serendib Efreet, Hypnotic Specter.
Turn 5: Draw/play Mox Ruby. I have a few options here, but I go with Gauntlet of Might and Chain Lightning on the specter, letting the efreet live for now.
Turn 6: AI takes 1 from efreet, Mindtwists me for 1 (not 2???) and gets my fireball. I take 3 from the efreet and AI taps out to play Serendib Djinn. (I guess the reason it only did twist for 1) Draw/play Mountain, Fire Elemental.
Turn 7: AI takes 1 from efreet, sacs Scrubland, swings for 8, and plows my Fire Elemental. Draw/play Shivan Dragon. I'm starting to see why that dragon is my brother's favourite card. (he's a bit of a timmy :p)
Turn 8: AI takes 4, saccing Tundra, plays Mox Jet, and another Serendib Efreet. Draw/play Mana Flare, and pass.
Turn 9: AI takes 5 from the serendib army, saccing Underground Sea (and then Serendib Djinn) Draw/play Mountain.
Turn 10: AI takes 2 from serendibs, plays Scrubland, Juzam Djinn. Draw/play Mountain.
Turn 11: AI takes 3 from his army and passes. Draw/play Shivan Dragon. I could attack to trade a Shivan for 2 efreets, but either way he dies in two turns, so I hold back.
Turn 12: AI takes 3 from his army and passes. Draw/play Mountain. I could attack, but it's irrelevant, so pass.
Turn 13: AI takes 3 during his upkeep and dies, without me having done a single point of damage to him! 2-0
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby aww1979 » 20 Nov 2010, 21:22

Group B, continued:

Shantak wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Playing first, get Whirling Dervish, Llanowar Elves, Serra Angel, Sol Ring, Savannah, Black Lotus, Erhnam Djinn. Sweet!
Turn 1: Play Savannah, Black Lotus, Sol Ring. Choice between Serra or elf+erhnam; I choose Llanowar Elves + Erhnam Djinn, saccing lotus, since if I get W mana I can still play serra with the elf. AI plays Savannah and Ghazban Ogre. LOL.
Turn 2: (ogre forestwalks, whee...) Draw/play Forest, play Whirling Dervish, attack with Erhnam for 4. AI gives me the ogre, plays Forest and Scryb Sprites.
Turn 3: Draw Swords to Plowshares, cast on Sprites. Attack for 8. AI plays Forest.
Turn 4: Draw/play Plains. Attack for 9. Turn 4 win! Woo! Go dream hand!

Game 2: Playing first: Plains, 2x Disenchant, Mox Pearl, Whirling Dervish, Wrath of God, Mox Emerald. This one's a bit awkward. My initial thought was to keep it, but looking at the disenchant pair and lack of GG, I'm not so sure. What the hell, it has two moxes; I keep.
Turn 1: Play plains, mox/mox. AI plays Savannah, Scryb Sprites.
Turn 2: Draw Balance. Hmm... I'll keep it for now, but I think I'm very likely to use it soon. AI plays Forest, attacks, and plays two Giant Growth, hitting me for 7. Oof.
Turn 3: Draw/play Savannah, play Whirling Dervish. AI plays Mishra's Factory and attacks for 1.
Turn 4: Draw Swords to Plowshares. Attack with dervish. AI activates Mishra's; I Disenchant it before it can block. AI berserks my dervish as removal, so AI takes 2. AI plays Forest and attacks for 1. I could plow it, but I wait.
Turn 5: Draw/play Erhnam Djinn. AI Disenchants my Mox Pearl and plays Llanowar Elves, and attacks for 1.
Turn 6: Draw/play Forest, attack for 4. AI casts Armageddon; I respond by plowing the elves. (since it's a mana source) Scryb attack for 1.
Turn 7: Draw/play Plains, swing for 4. AI plays forest, swings for 1, then plays Llanowar Elves.
Turn 8: Draw/play Savannah, attack for 4. AI attacks for 2.
Turn 9: Draw/play Llanowar Elves, attack for 4. AI attacks for 1 with Scryb.
Turn 10: Draw/play Land Tax. Geez, I haven't used that card in ages, due to my hatred of basic lands. I attack with erhnam (elves chump) and my other elf hits for 1. Life totals 5-2. AI swings for 1.
Turn 11: Draw Serra Angel, attack for 5 for the win. 2-0

Shantak wins 2-1, +1 pt
Game 1: Playing first, get tons of land; 3x Plains, Forest, Savannah, Swords to Plowshares, Erhnam Djinn. I keep it.
Turn 1: Play Savannah. AI plays Mountain, Sol Ring.
Turn 2: Draw/play Plains. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 3: Draw/play Savannah. AI plays Mountain, Fire Elemental. I could plow it EOT, but I wait, since next turn I can drop Erhnam.
Turn 4: Draw/play Mox Pearl, play Plains, Erhnam Djinn. AI plays Mana Flare.
Turn 5: Draw/play Serra Angel. Attack with Erhnam; Fire Elemental blocks to trade. I could've plowed the elemental, but I'm worried about a Shivan Dragon later. I also keep my lands in hand, as I'll want to Armageddon later, and with Mana Flare and 4 out already plus a Mox, I don't need any more land in play. AI plays Shivan Dragon, and I plow it EOT.
Turn 6: Draw Plains, attack with Serra Angel for 4. AI plays another Shivan Dragon. Uh oh.
Turn 7: Draw Forest and pass. AI Chain Lightning me for 3 and Disintegrate me for 4, which is incredibly stupid, but whatever. Then it attacks with the Shivan. (all its red is tapped and I'm at 13 life) I'm probably screwed whether I chump block now or not, but I'll take the hit and pray.
Turn 8: Draw Forest. Yeah, great. Attack for 4. AI plays Chain Lightning on me for 3, then Fork and Lightning Bolt on my Serra Angel (instead of killing me directly) and then attacks with Shivan Dragon, which does kill me. That really stunk, 5 mana in opening hand, and 6 of my 7 draws were more mana; I had 3 spells all game, not counting the mox as a spell. 0-1

Game 2: Playing first, get Erhnam Djinn, Armageddon, Plains, Savannah, Forest, and 2x Llanowar Elves. I like this hand.
Turn 1: Play Forest, Llanowar Elves. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 2: Draw Armageddon. Play Plains, Llanowar Elves, attack for 1. AI plays Mountain, Mox Ruby, and Mana Flare.
Turn 3: Draw Land Tax. I play Land Tax and Erhnam Djinn, and attack with the elf that I didn't tap for mana, saving Savannah in hand for Taxing and for the Armageddon I'll likely drop next turn. AI plays Mountain and Disintegrate on my erhnam for 5.
Turn 4: Tax for Forest/2x Plains, draw Swords to Plowshares. Cast Armageddon, play Savannah, attack for 2. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 5: Draw/play Black Lotus. Keep land in hand, attack for 2. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 6: Tax for 2x Forest, Plains, draw Swords to Plowshares. Play Forest, Armageddon, attack for 2. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 7: Tax for 3x Forest, draw Erhnam Djinn. Play Ernham using lotus, so elves can still attack. Discard 2 forests EOT. (taxing thinned my deck of lands, so this is fine) AI plays Mountain and Lightning Bolt on an elf.
Turn 8: Tax for 3x Plains, draw White Knight, play plains and knight, attack for 5. Discard 2 plains EOT. AI plays Mountain and finally gets that Shivan Dragon I denied him so long with the two armageddons.
Turn 9: Tax for 3x Plains, draw/play Strip Mine & use on a mountain. Plow the shivan for 5 and attack for 7 (life totals 20-3) Discard 2 plains EOT. AI plays Fire Elemental.
Turn 10: Draw Savannah. Attack with everything; elemental trades with ernham and elf+knight get 3 damage in for the win. 1-1

Game 3: Playing first, get Mox Emerald, 3x Plains, Forest, Savannah, Erhnam Djinn. Well, this completely flopped game 1, but that was because I drew almost all lands, so I'll try it again.
Turn 1: Play Mox Emerald, Forest. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 2: Draw/play Llanowar Elves, play Plains. AI Lightning Bolts elf end of turn. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 3: Draw Swords to Plowshares, play forest, Erhnam Djinn. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 4: Draw/play Llanowar Elves (holding lands) and attack for 4. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 5: Draw Swords to Plowshares, attack for 5. AI plays Mountain, Fire Elemental; I plowshares it EOT.
Turn 6: Draw White Knight, play Savannah so I can play White Knight, attack for 5. AI plays Lightning Bolt on the knight on its turn.
Turn 7: Draw Forest, attack for 5. AI plays Mountain, Shivan Dragon, which I plowshares EOT.
Turn 8: Draw/play Llanowar Elves, attack for 5. (20-6 life now) AI Fireballs an elf for 1, strangely sparing my erhnam.
Turn 9: Draw Plains, attack for 5. (20-1 life) AI plays Mountain.
Turn 10: Draw/play Armageddon. Attack for 5 for the win. 2-1

Shantak wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Playing first, get Forest, 2x Plains, Serra Angel, Erhnam Djinn, Whirling Dervish, Mox Emerald. Looks nice to me.
Turn 1: Play forest, mox, dervish. AI plays Tundra and plows the dervish.
Turn 2: Draw Forest, play Plains. AI does nothing!
Turn 3: Draw Wrath of God, play Plains, Erhnam Djinn. AI plows it EOT and does nothing on its turn.
Turn 4: Draw/play Plains, play Serra Angel. AI plays Mox Sapphire.
Turn 5: Draw Plains. (start holding lands) Attack for 4. AI passes, discarding Lightning Bolt.
Turn 6: Draw/play Sol Ring, attack for 4. AI plays Volcanic Island and Serendib Efreet.
Turn 7: Draw Armageddon. Even though I have 4 land out and AI has 2, I know it doesn't have any more, so I play it. It's huge card disadvantage, but probably seals a win as the AI will have almost no way to come back. Play Plains after and attack with serra for 4. AI takes 1 from its efreet and passes.
Turn 8: Draw/play Erhnam Djinn, attack with serra; AI takes 4. AI takes 1 more from efreet, plays Scrubland and passes.
Turn 9: Draw Llanowar Elves, attack with serra+erhnam; AI can block only one and takes 4 and is dead. 1-0

Game 2: Drawing first, get 3x Plains, Disenchant, Forest, Whirling Dervish, Mox Emerald. Not that great, but I hate mulliganing unless it's totally unplayable, and this at least has hope, so I keep it.
Turn 1: AI plays Scrubland. Draw Balance, play mox, forest, dervish. AI plows it EOT.
Turn 2: AI plays Underground Sea. Draw Erhnam Djinn, play Plains.
Turn 3: AI plays Mind Twist on me for 1 (no land drop) and I discard a Plains. Draw Armageddon, play Plains, Erhnam Djinn.
Turn 4: AI does nothing. Draw Disenchant. Attack for 4. Again, armageddon is huge card disadvantage, but I know for certain it will buy me at least two turns here, so I play it. I've also got the mox still in play, and nothing useful in hand anyway, so I play Armageddon. (I waited until postcombat in case it had a plowshares in response to my attack, which it did not)
Turn 5: AI plays Badlands. Draw/play Black Lotus, attack for 4.
Turn 6: AI does nothing. Draw/play Erhnam Djinn, saccing lotus, and attack for 4.
Turn 7: AI plays Tundra. Draw plowshares, attack for 8 for the win. 2-0

Juzamjedi wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Drawing first, get Scrubland x2, Mind Twist, Volcanic Island, Black Lotus, Juzam Djinn, Lightning Bolt. Love it!
Turn 1: AI plays Forest, Scryb Sprites. Draw Underground Sea, play Black Lotus and Scrubland. I can now either Mind Twist for 3 or play the Juzam. I generally prefer to play discard before creatures, and I already have the land in hand that I know I'll have juzam on turn 4, so I play the Mind Twist for 3, saccing lotus. AI discards Swords to Plowshares (excellent!), Wrath of God, and Giant Growth.
Turn 2: AI attacks for 1 and plays Llanowar Elves, missing a land drop. Ouch; he didn't even discard any lands. Draw Juzam Djinn, play Volcanic Island, and Lightning Bolt the elves to deny mana.
Turn 3: AI plays Forest, attacks for 1, and adds 3 more with Giant Growth. Draw Balance, play Underground Sea.
Turn 4: AI plays Mox Pearl, attacks for 1. Draw/play Mox Jet, play Scrubland and Juzam Djinn.
Turn 5: AI attacks for 1 and plays Ghazban Ogre. Take 1 from Juzam, draw Plowshares, attack for 5, play the other Juzam.
Turn 6: AI attacks with Scryb; I plowshares it. Take 2 from juzams, draw Serendib Efreet, attack with both juzams. AI should've chumped, but takes the hit from both AND plays Berserk on one of them, so he takes 15. Life totals now 10-1. I play Serendib Efreet, and the zerked juzam dies EOT.
Turn 7: AI gives me the ogre, plays Savannah, and Erhnam Djinn. Take 2 during upkeep, draw Time Walk (lol) and attack with everything for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, get Time Walk, Mox Jet, 2x Scrubland, Badlands, Hypnotic Specter, Mind Twist. Great hand; only thing that could be better is a blue mana.
Turn 1: Play Mox Jet, Scrubland. AI plays Forest, Sol Ring.
Turn 2: Draw Juzam Djinn. Play Badlands, Hypnotic Specter. (could've mindtwisted for 2, but I think baiting with specter is better, then twist and then juzam, so the odds of removal hitting juzam is almost zero) AI plays Mishra's Factory and Nevinyrral's Disk.
Turn 3: Draw/play Volcanic Island. Attack with hippie for 2; AI discards Scryb Sprites. Juzam with Nevvy's Disk out is obviously stupid, so I Mind Twist AI for 3, getting Disenchant, Forest, Llanowar Elves. AI activates the Disk and does nothing else.
Turn 4: Draw Hypnotic Specter, play Scrubland, Juzam Djinn. AI does nothing.
Turn 5: Take 1 from JD, draw Hypnotic Specter, attack for 5. Play specter. AI does nothing.
Turn 6: Take 1 from JD, draw Serendib Djinn. Attack with JD, specter. AI activates Mishra's, but DOESN'T BLOCK, and takes 7, discarding Lure. I was going to Time Walk anyway, but AI giftwrapped a quicker win by activating but not blocking; it has no more mana to activate on the time walked turn! So I timewalk, draw a plow, and swing for 7 for the win. (AI discarding Giant Growth) 2-0

JUZAMJEDI vs SALBEI (Game 1 is ridiculously funny, and please look and see if I made any mistakes) | Open
Juzamjedi wins 2-1, +1 pt
Game 1: Playing first, get Tundra, Mind Twist x2, Swords to Plowshares, Hypnotic Specter, Lightning Bolt, Volcanic Island. Looks great, but where's the black mana??? Bolt is almost a dead card vs Salbei's deck, so this really isn't as good as it looks. The plowshares is also a dead card until the AI gets at least 5 mana, so I mulligan the hand. (I probably would've kept it against a weenie deck, as plow/bolt would be far more useful to stall, whereas here salbei's burn deck can just do whatever it wants and I can't stop it without black mana)

The new hand is 2x Underground Sea, Mox Ruby, Scrubland, Juzam Djinn, and Mind Twist. Definitely made the right call here; I keep that.
Turn 1: Play Mox Ruby, Underground Sea. AI plays Mountain, Sol Ring, Mox Ruby, and Wheel of Fortune, rendering the entire agonizing decision to mulligan completely meaningless! AI tosses 2x Mountain, Fork, Lightning Bolt, and my new hand is Mox Jet, Mind Twist, Underground Sea, 2x Badlands, Hypnotic Specter, Demonic Tutor. MMMmmmm...
Turn 2: Draw Balance. Play Mox Jet, Underground Sea, and Mind Twist for 3. AI discards Fork, Lightning Bolt, and Mountain. AI plays Mountain and Fire Elemental.
Turn 3: Draw Serendib Efreet. Play Badlands. With 5 mana and that tutor in hand, I have quite a few options. I tutor for my usual favourite target, Ancestral Recall. I can play hippie or serendib now, and I go with the hippie. AI plays Mountain, Disintegrate on the specter, and the elemental swings for 5.
Turn 4: Draw Serendib Djinn. Ancestral Recall gets me Fireball, Scrubland, Hypnotic Specter. Play Scrubland, Fireball the elemental for 4. (there were a lot of options there; I don't know if that was the best one but it felt right to me) AI plays Mountain, Shivan Dragon.
Turn 5: Draw Juzam Djinn. Play Badlands. I can either Balance the dragon away (but AI has only 1 card so I'd lose a lot of fun stuff) or I could play the Serendib Djinn, as well as a hippie, and as the AI only has that one card, the Serendib Djinn should survive to keep Shivan at bay, so I play those two. AI plays Mountain and another Shivan Dragon.
Turn 6: Sac Badlands to the djinn. Draw Lightning Bolt. I play the Juzam and pass. AI plays a third Shivan Dragon. EOT I play the bolt directly on the AI, foreseeing I will probably need to play Balance soon and will lose that card anyway.
Turn 7: Sac badlands to SD, take 1 from JD, draw Badlands. Attack with the juzam; AI blocks with a dragon to trade. Play Badlands and Serendib Efreet. Unless something horrible happens, my flyers will deter the dragons for awhile, and eating my own land with the Djinn is ok for now, since I can Balance eventually and AI will have to sac most of its lands at that point. AI does nothing.
Turn 8: Sac Badlands to SD, take 1 from SE, draw Wheel of Fortune. I choose to pass; the Wheel is a terrible idea, as is Balance at this point, and attacking with the djinn just trades with one shivan and weakens my side of the board. AI does nothing.
Turn 9: Sac Underground Sea to SD (taking 3) and take 1 from SE. (sacced the blue to keep Scrubland, my only white, in play) Draw/play Tundra and pass, for the same reasons as last turn. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 10: Sac Scrubland (as I have Tundra for white now) and take 1 from SE. Draw another Serendib Efreet. Life totals are 8-17, and AI has 6 mountains, a mox and a sol ring, so I am fearing X-damage at this point. I suicide-attack my specter and efreet into the dragons and then Balance. AI sacs 4 mountains and a shivan dragon. AI plays Mountain and passes.
Turn 11: Sac Tundra and take 3. Draw Swords to Plowshares. ffffuuuuc..... :evil: Oops. (though if I'd sacced the U-Sea instead, I could plow the dragon and hit for 5, but still lose my djinn anyway next turn and have just the moxes left for mana, which isn't that great, either, though it would have been slightly better than this situation) Well, I can play either the efreet or the wheel, and playing the efreet dooms my djinn next turn, which means the Dragon can start hitting me; first chumping with efreet, then killing me Same thing happens if I do nothing, only one turn faster. Therefore playing the Wheel is my best hope. AI discards Chain Lightning and Fireball (wtf? Then I should already have lost this game...) and I draw Sol Ring, Hypnotic Specter, Tundra x2, Scrubland, Black Lotus, Lightning Bolt. I play the Black Lotus and the Scrubland. I can't bolt and play specter this turn, so I play Sol Ring, as that doesn't limit my options at all. Then I sac the lotus to play Hypnotic Specter. To win, AI needs an X-damage or two bolt cards. If I attack with Djinn, AI needs only one bolt to win (for the specter) and so my best chance (still a terribly slim one) is not to attack; I pass the turn; AI bolts specter EOT. On its turn, AI plays Mountain and Chain Lightning on me, leaving me at 2. ROFL, that's the second time it passed up a win this game.
Turn 12: Sac Scrubland to SD (being at 2 life, U-Sea kills me) and draw Mind Twist. Play Tundra. If I were playing against a human, this would be a game loss, as I am guaranteed to die to my djinn saccing an island next turn. However, I am against the AI, and I know how the AI thinks, and I see a way out. I Lightning Bolt my own Serendib Djinn and attack. The Shivan Dragon BLOCKS IT to trade!!! (it would've taken the hit if I hadn't bolted the djinn first) Then I tap out to Mind Twist the AI for 4. It discards Mana Flare, Fire Elemental, Disintegrate (wtf!) and Fireball. (WTF!!!!!) AI plays mountain and passes.
Turn 13: I really shouldn't be alive at all by this point, but I am. Draw/play Badlands. AI plays Mountain and FINALLY decides to end it, Disintegrating me for 3. (though not for 8 as it could have) 3 is enough, though, and my cinderella dreams of winning this game are over. 0-1 (there were an awful lot of very tough decisions to make this game, but on review, I think I did my best, and had AI actually fireballed me for lethal damage, I'd have died by turn 9 at the latest, and facing 3 shivans by turn 6 is not very nice)

Game 2: Opening hand has zero lands, so I mulligan it (no point listing 7 spells) and get Swords to Plowshares, Juzam Djinn, Ancestral Recall, Underground Sea, Time Walk, Scrubland. Very nice.
Turn 1: Play Underground Sea, Ancestral Recall and draw Mox Jet, Tundra, Hypnotic Specter. Play the Jet. AI plays Mountain, Sol Ring.
Turn 2: Draw/play Black Lotus, play Scrubland. Play Juzam Djinn and Time Walk. Take 1 from JD on bonus turn, draw Swords to Plowshares, play Tundra and Hypnotic Specter, attack for 5. AI plays Mountain and Mana Flare.
Turn 3: Take 1 from JD, draw/play Volcanic Island, attack for 7, AI discarding Mana Flare. AI plays Mountain and Shivan Dragon; I plow it EOT.
Turn 4: Take 1 from JD, draw Fireball!!! Cast Fireball for 8 and attack for 7 for the win, AI discarding Mountain. 1-1

Game 3: Drawing first, get 2x Tundra, Serendib Efreet, Balance, Swords to Plowshares, Hypnotic Specter, Black Lotus. I'll keep it.
Turn 1: AI plays Mountain, Mox Ruby. Draw Juzam Djinn, play Tundra, Black Lotus, and sac lotus to play Juzam.
Turn 2: AI plays Mountain and Wheel of Fortune (discarding Fireball, Sol Ring, Disintegrate, Lightning Bolt) and I draw 2x Mind Twist, Ancestral Recall, Underground Sea, Scrubland, Mox Ruby, Badlands. Thanks! Take 1 from JD, draw Juzam Djinn. Play Mox Ruby, Underground Sea, and Mind Twist AI for 2, getting 2 Mountains. Attack for 5.
Turn 3: AI plays Mountain. Take 1 from JD, draw Serendib Djinn. Play Scrubland, Ancestral Recall for Volcanic Island, Hypnotic Specter, and Scrubland. I could twist for 2 or play the specter. Hmm... well, Juzam swings for 5, and I play the Mind Twist for 2 to further cripple the AI, hoping Juzam can go all the way. AI responds by pissing a Lightning Bolt away on the Juzam, and discarding a Shivan Dragon and Gauntlet of Might.
Turn 4: AI passes. Take 1 from JD, draw Braingeyser. Play Badlands, attack for 5. Play another Juzam Djinn.
Turn 5: AI passes. Take 2 from JDs, draw Sol Ring, swing for 10 for the win. 2-1

JUZAMJEDI vs SHANTAK (game 2 has an incredible ending) | Open
Juzamjedi wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Get a great opening hand, playing first, with Serendib Djinn, Juzam Djinn, Hypnotic Specter, Mox Jet, Mind Twist, Badlands, Tundra.
Turn 1: Play Jet, Badlands. AI plays Savannah, Land Tax.
Turn 2: Draw Scrubland. I could hold back on playing a land to deny Land Tax, but I think it is better to play Scrubland and the Hypnotic Specter. AI Taxes for Plains, plays Forest, and Whirling Dervish.
Turn 3: Draw Badlands, play Tundra. Attack for 2, AI discarding Wrath of God. I can Mind Twist for 3 or play the Juzam. I think I'll play the Juzam, against my usual rule of discard first, because the AI could just grab 3 lands with the Tax, whereas if I play Juzam, it already has 5 cards in hand and might Tax for less. Plus, I know the AI is too stupid to keep the dervish on the defensive for the juzam. AI Taxes for Plains, plays Savannah, and attacks for 1 with Whirling Dervish.
Turn 4: Take 1 from JD, draw Wheel of Fortune. Play Badlands, attack for 7, AI discarding Disenchant. AI has 5 cards in hand, 2 of which I know are Plains. I play Mind Twist for 4, getting Strip Mine, 2x Plains, and Armageddon. AI Taxes for Forest (nothing else???) and plays Plains, and swings for 2 with dervish.
Turn 5: Take 1 from JD, draw/play Underground Sea, attack for 7, AI discarding Forest, which means I don't know what the AIs last card in hand is. I could play a Serendib Djinn, but I keep it in hand in case AI topdecks Wrath of God. AI Taxes for a Forest and plays it, and attacks for 3 with the dervish, and plays Erhnam Djinn.
Turn 6: Take 1 from JD, draw Hypnotic Specter. Attack with specter and juzam; erhnam chumps juzam and specter hits for 2, AI discarding Plains. Life totals 11-2. I play Serendib Djinn, guaranteeing that only a topdeck of a Wrath (2 in 44 chance) can save it, as its hand is empty and one wrath is in the graveyard already. AI plays Llanowar Elves.
Turn 7: Take 1 from JD, sac badlands, draw braingeyser, attack for 7 in the air for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Drawing first, get 2x Serendib Efreet, Swords to Plowshares, 2x Juzam Djinn, Scrubland, Mind Twist. Sad as it is to see those spells mulliganed, one land means I have to do it. My 6 card hand is 2x Volcanic Island, Mind Twist, Underground Sea, Badlands, Hypnotic Specter. I keep it.
Turn 1: AI plays Plains, Black Lotus, and passes. Draw Ancestral Recall (woo!) and play Underground Sea.
Turn 2: AI plays Plains, Mox Emerald, and sacs Black Lotus to play Serra Angel. Uh oh. I play Ancestral Recall EOT, even though it means if I don't get a mox that I'll have to discard a card, because I need a plow or something asap. I draw Underground Sea, Mox Ruby, and Swords to Plowshares. Unfortunately, no white mana yet. Draw Badlands. Play Mox Ruby, Badlands, and Hypnotic Specter.
Turn 3: AI plays Strip Mine and attacks for 4. When I decline to block, AI strip mines my badlands and plowshares my specter. I draw Timetwister, play Badlands and Mind Twist for 2, emptying AIs hand, getting Serra Angel and Wrath of God.
Turn 4: AI attacks for 4. Draw/play Scrubland, Plow the Serra Angel! Hooray!
Turn 5: AI plays Savannah, Erhnam Djinn. Draw Braingeyser, play Underground Sea and Braingeyser myself for 3, getting Sol Ring, Serendib Djinn and Scrubland. I'm tapped out, so I pass.
Turn 6: AI plays plains and attacks for 4. (AIs hand is empty) Draw Hypnotic Specter, play Sol Ring, Serendib Djinn, Hypnotic Specter.
Turn 7: AI plays Savannah. Sac Badlands to SD, draw another Serendib Djinn. Play Volcanic Island. Life totals are 10-24, so I am unsure whether I should attack with the Djinn or not, and whether to play my second Djinn (I have 5 lands in play and 1 in hand, but 4/6 are islands) I think the right play is to attack with the Djinn until I absolutely need to hold it back. (looking ahead shows I will kill myself if I play the second Djinn, unless I draw at least one nonisland land in time) So I attack for 7 in the air, life totals 10-17. I keep Timetwister in hand for now.
Turn 8: AI attacks for 4 and passes. Sac Scrubland to SD, draw Serendib Efreet. Play Volcanic Island and Serendib Efreet, and attack for 7; AI discards Disenchant. (which it could've used!) Unless AI draws an answer next turn, I win.
Turn 9: AI topdecks and plays Balance. NOOOOOOOO. (though at least it means it didn't matter if I played the Djinn; who knows what would've happen had I played Timetwister...) I discard my hand (timetwister, serendib djinn), and ponder which creature to keep. If I keep the efreet, I can chump block,. If I keep the specter, I take 4 now and have a chump blocker, so 2 turns to get an answer. If I keep the djinn, I take 4, and have to keep the djinn for defense unless I topdeck an answer, and even then I have only Scrubland to feed it with before I would have to sac an Island and then die for taking 3 damage. Unless I manage to topdeck the Fireball (only 1 copy) I think I have to sac the djinn, so I might as well sac the efreet too, sparing me pain during my upkeep. So I sac both serendibs. AI attacks for 4, life totals 2-10. I draw Wheel of Fortune and decide to play it. AI has no hand to discard; I draw Juzam Djinn, Serendib Efreet, Underground Sea, Juzam Djinn, Lightning Bolt, Black Lotus, Fireball. WOW. Okay, then... Play Underground Sea, Black Lotus, Bolt the AI for 3 and Fireball him for 7, and I win! 2-0

(I listed the cards in order of draw, juzam was first, fireball last, and so you can see I would have lost if I hadn't played the Wheel, though assuming AI didn't kill me next turn by topdecking a plowshares, it would have worked to wait a turn. If the AI had Disenchanted my Sol Ring instead of just letting it go to waste, I could have still won by doing the last 2 points of damage by attacking with the specter, assuming AI didn't get a plowshares in that new hand)
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby aww1979 » 21 Nov 2010, 07:59


6 pts - Jatill (2+2+2 for 3 2-0 wins)
6 pts - Aww1979 (2+2+2 for 3 2-0 wins)
5 pts - Cognis (2+2+1 for 2 2-0 wins and a 2-1 win)
5 pts - Nicdanger (2+2+1 for 2 2-0 wins and a 2-1 win)

8 pts - Juzamjedi (2+2+1+3 for 2 2-0 wins, a 2-1 win, and a 1-2 loss by aswanjaguar to the AI)
6 pts - Salbei (2+2+2 for 3 2-0 wins)
5 pts - Shantak (2+2+1 for 2 2-0 wins and a 2-1 win)
4 pts - Aswan Jaguar (2+2+0 for 2 2-0 wins and 0 for a loss to juzamjedi AI)
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby juzamjedi » 21 Nov 2010, 18:42

You're right; game 1 against Salbei's deck was really funny :)

I think you played it well and frankly I would not have even thought about bolting my own Serendib Djinn to get AI to trade with Shivan Dragon. The only thing I might have done different was the stalled board state with Serendib Djinn eating your lands. At that point I probably suicide the Djinn and Wheel, hoping to draw into a Swords to Plowshares. (or suicide all guys with chump blocking and then Balance if that was a reasonable option).

Overall I should have played Mahamoti Djinn instead of Serendib Djinn to reduce the tension of this kind of game state. But oh well still pretty happy with the deck.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby aww1979 » 22 Nov 2010, 07:10

If I recall, I was nervous about playing Balance because I had something like 5 cards in hand and AI had none or very few. (Also the reason I was scared to Wheel and give the AI a fistful of burn to kill me with!) I know I thought about suiciding the Djinn into the AIs dragons to trade with one, and I had the Efreet and Specter, but I had been worried something as simple as 'AI bolts specter' would cause two shivans to start smashing face. I did end up suiciding the little guys in an attack and balancing. I'm pretty confident that I timed the balance and wheel as best I could, but I'm not really sure whether I should've attacked with the Djinn earlier.
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