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November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

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Re: November Tournament Results (round 1 ends 11/21)

Postby jatill » 22 Nov 2010, 14:06

Results are in. Group A was a very clean break, but Group B was very close. Also, this is my first time not making round two. <weep>

jatill 37
aww 61
cognis 29
nicdanger 71

juzamjedi 51
salbei 43
shantak 38
aswan jaguar 37

juzamjedi vs aww
nicdanger vs salbei
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 2 ends 11/25)

Postby Salbei » 22 Nov 2010, 15:02

Round 2 :

Match1: juzamjedi vs aww (finished)
juzamjedi vs aww | Open
Slow start on both sides. I MindTwist the AI on turn3 for 2.
Serendib Efreet gets Swords To Plowshares the turn i played it.
Braingeysir (for 2) to fish for additional mana.Juzam Djinn enters the game this time - Wrath of God gets rid of it.
I play Ancestral Recall EOT, Juzam Djinn and Serendib Efreet during my turn.
Attack for 8 , play Serendib Djinn (Mana Drain), and a 2nd Serendib Djinn.
Attack for 13 and thats it.
Slow start on both sides again, AI plays Ancestral Recall on turn2 followed with a Time Walk. Strip Mine sets me back to 1 land.AI Mind Twists me.I´m still stuck at 2 Lands for a few turns.AI plays Serra Angel a few turns later.
My hand is back to 7, but i can´t play anything cause i´m still at 2 Lands.
AI Mind Twist me again and keeps attacking.I draw a Land and desperatly try to Wheel of Fortune to get back into the Game.Wheel reveals Lotus, Swords To Plowshares and Ancestral Recall.I sac Lotus to Swords to Plowshares his Angel.
AI Mind Twist me for 5.I draw and play a couple Lands + Moxen while the AI does nothing besides playing Lands.I draw + play mana for 7 turns straight - handsize still at 0.AI isn´t doing anything aswell.I Demonic Tutor for Time Twister. AI Counterspells it.Another few turns nothing really going on.I keep a Time Walk in my hand and play the Lands i draw into.I play Serendib Efreet at 12 life (AI discarded 3 Control Magic so far).AI Swords to Plowshares the Efreet.I play Hypnotic Spectre (AI Swords to Plowshares it EOT).So 3 Counterspell 3 Manadrain 1(?) Control Magic and 2 Swords to Plowshares left for the AI.So far so good.
I Braingeysir my hand up to full.I bait a Hypnotic Spectre - it resolves , i follow up with Mind Twist to empty the AIs hand followed by Time Walk - awesome.
I play Juzam Djinn and attack with Spectre.AI does nothing, i attack for 7 (AI discards Mana Drain)again and play Serendib Efreet.
AI is down to 12 and plays Wrath of God ... damn would have been over with the Lightning Bolt in my hand.I play Hypnotic Spectre during my turn, AIs hand is still empty.AI Swords to Plowshares the Spectre (Sword #3).I do nothing besides playing the Lightning Bolt while holding Swords to Plowshares and Balance.Again we both don´t do much.Few turns later AI plays Serra Angel.
I respond with Balance during my turn (AI discards and sacs lands while loosing the Serra Angel ... Balance aye ?).AI got 2 Serra Angel in his Graveyard and 1 Removed from the game while i´m already holding a Swords to Plowshares for his last Angel.My Library is getting thin (9 cards left vs AIs 12 cards).I Mind Twist his hand - he got no more Swords to Plowshares left now.I draw and play Hypnotic Specter (at 5 cards left - AI at 9 life).Game is getting really slow... AI plays his last Serra Angel - i Sword To Plowshares it and need more creatures, but draw Mind Twist.Spectre made him discard another Mana Drain (AI at 0 handcards) and i´m really running out of time.Another attack with the Spectre sets the AI to 9 (discard Counterspell) and i can safly play Serendib Djinn at 3 cards left.AI does nothing, i attack for 7 at 2 cards left - ai down to 2 cards (i drew another Mind Twist).I checked his graveyard and gladly see Balance in his Graveyard phew.AI does nothing again and i just attack for the win at 2 cards left.

Note: i knew i overextended into that Wrath of God, but the game would have been over the next turn this way so it was worth the risk.

Match2: aww vs juzamjedi (finished)
aww vs juzamjedi | Open
I keep a solid hand.Counterspell his turn 3 Hypnotic Specter.
Mind Twist the AI for 4 on turn 4 after the AI played another Hypnotic Specter.AI play Serendib Djinn - i Wrath of God and play Moat (afraid of Mind Twist / Juzams). AI play Demonic Tutor and then Serendib Efreet - i Control Magic it.AI Swords to Plowshares my stolen Efreet and plays Serendib Djinn ... oh oh.AI attacks for 5 and i Counterspell another Hypnotic Specter.
Wrath of God gets rid of his Djinn and we are both down to 0 cards.
AI plays Serendib Efreet.I draw and play Control Magic from the top.
AI does nothing and i draw Swords to Plowshares and attack for 3.
AI does nothing -> I draw and play Greater Realm and attack for 3 again (we are both at 14 now).AI plays Mox and Land, i draw another Swords to Plowshares and attack for 3 with the Efreet (AI11/Me13).AI plays Black Lotus and passes the turn.I play a land and attack (AI8/Me12).AI does nothing i draw Mana Drain and attack (AI5/Me11).At this point it is over.
Another attack (AI2/Me10) while still holding my Mana Drain and 2x Swords To Plowshares.AI does nothing, i draw Serra Angel and attack for the win.

I keep a solid hand.Mana Drain his Serendib Efreet on turn3.
Then Counterspell his Mind Twist.And Mana Drain his Wheel of Fortune (still ahead in cards and didn´t wanna loose that hand of Control Magic 2x Swords 1 Balance).AI plays Serendib Efreet - i Control Magic it.AI plays Efreet, i play Serra Angel (got afraid of Mind Twist and couldn´t play Swords + Angel).AI Bolts me and Swords my Angel.I sword his Efreet and attack (ai at 0 cards, i´m still holding Balance + Swords).AI plays Mind Twist.
I Strip Mine one of his Lands and attack (AI18/Me18).AI plays Mox, i draw and play Time Walk (don´t wanna lose it to Mind Twist) and attack twice (AI12/Me16).AI plays Juzam Djinn.I topdeck Greater Realm(!), play it and attack (AI9/Me15).Greater Realm prevents the Djinns damage.I draw Mind Twist and empty his hand and attack (AI5/Me14).AI plays Braingeyser for 4 and attacks - i prevent the damage again (ai down to 4 -> Juzam).I draw Mana Drain and attack (AI 1/Me13). Juzam Djinn finishes the game during the AIs next upkeep.

Match3:nicdanger vs salbei (not played cause i´m biased)
nicdanger vs salbei | Open

Match4: salbei vs nicdanger (not played cause i´m biased)
salbei vs nicdanger | Open

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Re: November Tournament Results (round 2 ends 11/25)

Postby jatill » 22 Nov 2010, 16:01

nicDanger: 7
juzamjedi: 0
Salbei: 0

aww (2-0) vs juzamjedi
Game 1: I keep a hand with only Control Magic for action, but I draw Greater Realm to stall. AI tries to come back by casting Wheel, but I clear his hand with Mind Twist.
Game 2: I am ahead with Control Magics, but AI Balances. I draw Realm and take control again.

juzamjedi (0-2) vs aww
Game 1: On turn 2, I get Twisted for 2, and then for 3 on turn 3. I topdeck Hippy, and somehow it lives to get in twice. Then it gets stolen. I try to salvage a comeback by Braingeyser for 6, drawing Wheel. Except it all gets Twited away and I die.
Game 2: I mulligan a no-black mana hand, and flood out a little. I am forced to Wheel to find an answer to Serra, and pray I don't get Twisted. I do. GG

nicDanger (2-0) vs Salbei
Game 1: Imagine my surprise when I went to Disenchant a Mana Flare, and the AI Forked, killing Control Magic. The AI had 6 turns to draw a Fireball for the win, but never managed.
Game 2: AI played Mana Flare and I thanked hum with Mind Twist.

Game 1: (0-2) AI had Sol Ring into double Twist. No shot.
Game 2: AI had turn 1 Juzam, turn 2 Serendib, turn 3 Serra Angel. Another fair one. The sad thing is I had a lethal Disintegrate if I lived just 1 more turn.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 2 ends 11/25)

Postby Nicdanger » 23 Nov 2010, 03:32

Juzamjedi vs Aww AI 2-1

Game 1: I have a really good hand. 1 Strip mine ruins it as I'm stuck on 2 land for several turns. I hit 1 Serra Angel with STP, another goes unanswered while the AI steals everything else I play.

Game 2: I get an early Hippie in while the AI is looking for blue mana, it eats Ancestral Recall with its first swing! Black and blue Djinn's take over and end it quick.

Game 3: Another 1st turn Strip Mine leaves me unable to do anything for a few
turns, but the AI doesn't have much either. It kills and steals a number of creatures before a single Serendib Efreet does all the damage for me.

Aww vs Juzamjedi AI 2-0

Game 1: Uneventful until the AI casts Timetwister, drawing me into Library of Alexandria, Mind Twist, and other neat stuff after I've got several land on the table. I steal a Serendib Djinn and win with it.

Game 2: I Mind Twist for 5 on turn 2, and Wrath of God Sweeps away 2 Serendib Efreets a few turns later. 2 Serra Angels backed with counter magic are good!

Salbei vs Nicdanger AI 0-2

Game 1: I have a decent hand, but no Mana Flare. Black Vice does considerable
damage and I'm almost able to outrace a Serendib Efreet and a Juzam Djinn, but a Mind Twist takes away my hand and a Psionic Blast kills me with the AI at 1 . . literally just needed to live until the AI's next upkeep and I would've won.

Game 2: I have to mulligan once but I have a good 6 card hand. I drop Gauntlet of Might on turn 4 and the AI drops a Juzam. Turn 5 I play a Shivan Dragon, which the AI steals while putting a Spirit Link on its Juzam and swinging for 5 (pretty sure I would've won this turn if I still had that Shivan Dragon). I answer by using Fork on a Fireball. The AI Mind Twists me and casts Demonic Tutor for Disenchant (I think) and nukes my Gauntlet of Might! Several turns and a few burn spells later I draw a Shivan Dragon which I don't play knowing the AI is probably going to steal and kill me with it. AI drops a Serendib Efreet, I play my Shivan which is hit with STP and the AI puts 2 Spirit Links on its Efreet, plays another Efreet, and swings, life totals now 27-13. I manage to burn away both creatures and we're back to draw-go for a few turns. Eventually the AI gets a Juzam I can't answer.

Nicdanger vs Salbei AI 2-0

Game 1: The AI drops Mana Flare on turn 3, which I can Disenchant but decide not to on a hunch. Sure enough a Shivan Dragon hits the table next turn, I steal it and then nuke the Mana Flare. My borrowed Shivan Dragon goes all the way.

Game 2: First turn Juzam takes the AI down to 5 before it casts Wheel of Fortune and 2 Lightning Bolts to take it down. I answer with Mind Twist for 5 but I don't have another creature. I finally draw into a Serra Angel and Psionic Blast to finish the game.

Juzamjedi - 1
Aww - 2
Salbei - 0
Nicdanger - 7
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 2 ends 11/25)

Postby Shantak » 23 Nov 2010, 20:43


Juzamjedi vs Aww (AI) - 2-0 (Juzamjedi +2 points)
1-0: Early in the game, I lose all my lands to my own Serendib Djinn after AI takes one away with Strip Mine. AI is however missing blue mana and starts discarding. My Hyps help with the discarding thing and it's an easy win.

2-0: With Black Lotus, AI Mind Twists my hand away, but not before I get to cast two bolts at him. I have two lands and two Moxes already in play so that doesn't hurt me much. I then return the favor and get rid of two Control Magics and two Swords to Plowshares. Two turns later I 1-point Mind Twist a Mind Twist out of AI's hand. The next turn I draw my third Mind Twist and again empty AI's hand. After games like this, it becomes very clear why Mind Twist was restricted. After I get Serendib Djinn to play, I can drop AI to 4 life but then my lands run out. The Deck's counterspells slow my progress, but after I fill my hand with Ancestral Recall and Braingeyser, I can't really be stopped.

Aww vs Juzamjedi(AI) - (Aww +1 point)
0-1: I mulligan a hand with no white mana but white spells and end up with five lands. This ends up hurting me as I draw nothing but counterspells and land next five turns while AI tries casting four Serendib Efreets and gets some to play. I can't then stop a Juzam and it runs me over.

1-1: AI's Serendib Efreets do some damage after he removes my Serra after Timetwister. Taking a risk, I decide to Mind Twist AI empty (mostly lands, one bolt, one juzam) and eat another six damage next turn. This turns out okay as I can sit safely with two Serras and a Moat while AI's forces eat his life away.

2-1: I take a hand with six lands and a Serra. Though I get Mind Twisted soon, I keep the Serra and soon win with it and controlled Serendib Efreet. Okay, the endgame was fun: AI cast a Serendib Djinn as a blocker. I attacked with all I had, beat AI to 1 life and lost my Serra. I then Disenchant my Control Magic to return AI his Efreet, which then kills him next upkeep.

Nicdanger vs Salbei (AI) - (Nicdanger +2 points)
1-0: Strong creatures and one Mind Twist that takes out two Shivan Dragons are the key.

2-0: This time Mind Twist takes out three Shivans. I swing some with a Serendib and fire three Psionic Blasts at AI (who nicely Forks my Time Walk).

Salbei vs Nicdanger (AI) - (Nicdanger +5 points)
0-1: I get to Fork a Demonic Tutor on my second turn and use it for Black Lotus to secure me a Mana Flare to play next turn (didn't have a third land). Then AI Control Magics my Fire Elemental and I'm forced to spend two Lightning Bolts on it. Then I draw land while AI gets Juzam and Serra to play. Game over.

0-2: I cast a Mana Flare to get a Fire Elemental in play on my third turn, but AI thanks for the Flare with a Mind Twist. Damn. No chance, no way.

Juzamjedi +2 points
Aww +1 point

Nicdanger +7 points
Salbei +0 points
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 2 ends 11/25)

Postby aww1979 » 23 Nov 2010, 22:27

JUZAMJEDI vs AWW1979 (warning: two very long games :p) | Open
Juzamjedi wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Playing first, get Scrubland, Tundra, Lightning Bolt, Mox Jet, Serendib Djinn, Underground Sea, Black Lotus. I could power out a quick Djinn, but if it gets plowed, it's all over. With the mox and lotus, I'll keep the hand, though, hoping to get a more stable creature than the serendib.
Turn 1: Play mox, lotus, Scrubland. AI plays Scrubland.
Turn 2: Draw Hypnotic Specter. Play Underground Sea, specter. AI plowshares the specter EOT. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 3: Draw/play Badlands. AI doesn't have UU yet, and I can play the djinn, and have 3 lands in play, but no UU either, so I sac the lotus to do it. AI plows serendib EOT as well. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 4: Draw Wheel of Fortune. Play Tundra. I could use the wheel, but I'm going to bolt and then use it next turn I think. AI plays Mishra's Factory. Hmm... maybe I should save the bolt for that? I don't play it EOT after all.
Turn 5: Draw/play Juzam Djinn; it's hit with Mana Drain. AI plays Mox Pearl, activates Mishra's, and attacks; I cast Lightning Bolt on the factory. AI plays Balance postcombat... wtf? I sac an Underground Sea and AI discards two Control Magic.
Turn 6: Draw/play Volcanic Island. I'm going to use the wheel right now, even with AI at one card, because it tapped its UU, so I might be able to sneak some stuff into play. AI discards Wrath of God, and my new hand is 2x Scrubland, Time Walk, Underground Sea, Swords to Plowshares, Serendib Djinn, Mind Twist. I have Scrubland and Tundra untapped, so Time Walk is the obvious play. I draw Timetwister on my bonus turn, play Scrubland, and Mind Twist for 5, getting two Underground Sea, Plains, Strip Mine, and Counterspell. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 7: Draw/play Scrubland, cast Serendib Djinn. AI plays Serra Angel; I plow it EOT.
Turn 8: Sac scrubland to SD, draw Tundra, play Scrubland, attack for 5. AI plays Wrath of God.
Turn 9: Draw/play Tundra. AI tapped all its blue, so I Timetwister, since my hand is just 2 other lands.(AI at 2 cards) Again, I'm hoping to get some creatures to resolve, and, ideally, another Mind Twist. I draw Serendib Djinn, 2x Mind Twist, Underground Sea, Serendib Efreet, Juzam Djinn, Mox Sapphire. I play the mox and twist for 5. AI discards 2x Mind Twist, Time Walk, Plains, Control Magic. AI plays Island.
Turn 10: Draw/play Badlands. Mind Twist for 2 (all AI has left) and get Disenchant and Black Lotus. I have 7 mana untapped, and cast Serendib Efreet and Juzam Djinn. AI topdecks Control Magic on my Juzam Djinn.
Turn 11: Take one from SE, draw Hypnotic Specter. Play Underground Sea, Serendib Djinn, Hypnotic Specter, and SE attacks for 3. AI takes one from JD, and topdecks Wrath of God. Damn.
Turn 12: Draw/play Badlands. Both sides have loads of mana and no hand/board. AI plays Mox Sapphire.
Turn 13: Draw Mind Twist, but AI has no hand. AI does nothing.
Turn 14: Draw Balance. AI plays Serra Angel.
Turn 15: Draw Mind Twist. AI has UW untapped only, so Balance should resolve. Unfortunately, I will lose 5 lands doing it; fortunately, I don't need them, as I'll still have 5 more plus two moxes. I sac mostly blue lands (keeping nonislands for a future serendib djinn and making sure to keep UU, R, and W manas) discard a Mind Twist, and play the other Mind Twist; AI discards Underground Sea. AI does nothing.
Turn 16: Draw/play Underground Sea. AI does nothing.
Turn 17: Draw/play Serendib Efreet; it gets mana drained. AI plays Scrubland.
Turn 18: Draw Wheel of Fortune. AI is untapped and has one card, so I hold it. AI does nothing.
Turn 19: Draw/play Badlands. AI does nothing.
Turn 20: Draw Swords to Plowshares. AI does nothing.
Turn 21: Draw Swords to Plowshares again. AI does nothing.
Turn 22: Draw/play Underground Sea. AI does nothing.
Turn 23: Draw/play Demonic Tutor; it resolves. With two plows and a wheel in hand, I feel fairly safe, but have no real offense. I'm worried AI might have a Control Magic in those six cards in hand, so I take the lone Fireball, waiting for AI to tap out. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 24: Draw Lightning Bolt. AI plays Strip Mine.
Turn 25: Draw Serendib Djinn. I'll play it, and if AI steals it, I'll plow it in response. AI mana drains it instead. AI Strip Mines an Underground Sea EOT. AI does nothing on its turn.
Turn 26: Draw Swords to Plowshares. AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 27: Draw Lightning Bolt. AI plays Library of Alexandria. I cast both bolts on the AI EOT. Life totals 26-9.
Turn 28: Draw/play Volcanic Island. I have enough mana now to Fireball for the win, but does AI have a counter? Two Mana Drain are in grave, and AI has 6 cards in hand, 28 in library. With 6 counters left, odds are extremely high it does have a counter, so I wait. AI plays Plains.
Turn 29: Draw/play Serendib Efreet. AI Mana Drains it. (It did have a counter :p) AI plays Mind Twist for 14 and there goes my hand. Ugh.
Turn 30: Draw/play Scrubland. AI does nothing.
Turn 31: Draw/play Sol Ring. I end up having to end task and restart and load the autosave because it locks up, but I just repeat this turn, so it's no big deal. AI plays Mishra's Factory.
Turn 32: Draw Time Walk. AI plays Underground Sea. (and doesn't attack)
Turn 33: Draw/play Tundra. AI does nothing.
Turn 34: Draw/play Underground Sea. AI draws with Library of Alexandra at EOT. AI plays Plains. AI discards... Ancestral Recall
Turn 35: Draw Ancestral Recall. My library is currently 5 cards smaller, so I'll be decked first whether I play that or not, so I play it. I draw 2x Volcanic Island, Tundra, and play the Tundra. AI uses LoA at EOT. AI plays Island, and discards Swords to Plowshares.
Turn 36: Draw Lightning Bolt, play Volcanic Island. AI uses LoA EOT. AI plays Scrubland, and discards Mox Jet.
Turn 37: Draw Braingeyser. HMMMMM... Play Volcanic Island. I tap out and point a Braingeyser at the AI for 16. ZOMG IT RESOLVES. AI has an empty library and loses the game during its next draw phase. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, mulligan a zero land hand into Volcanic Island, Time Walk, Underground Sea, Serendib Efreet, Wheel of Fortune, Timetwister. I'll settle for that, I suppose.
Turn 1: Play Underground Sea. AI plays Underground Sea and Mox Sapphire.
Turn 2: Draw/play Badlands. AI plays Plains and Mind Twist for 1 (not 2???) and I lose Time Walk.
Turn 3: Draw Balance, play Volcanic Island, Serendib Efreet. AI plays Island and Control Magic on the efreet.
Turn 4: Draw/play Scrubland. Balance will cost me a land, but force AI to sac the stolen efreet and discard 2 cards, so I play it, saccing my badlands. AI discards Serra Angel and Swords to Plowshares. AI plays Sol Ring.
Turn 5: Draw/play Volcanic Island. I could play a draw-7, but I think it is a bad play this turn, so I pass. AI plays Mishra's Factory.
Turn 6: Draw Demonic Tutor, and use it to get Ancestral Recall. That gets me Scrubland (which I play), Juzam Djinn, and Serendib Efreet. AI plays Scrubland and Serra Angel.
Turn 7: Draw/play Scrubland, cast Juzam Djinn. AI plays Ancestral Recall, attacks for 4, and plows my Juzam.
Turn 8: Draw Swords to Plowshares. I cast the Efreet first, hoping to bait out a counter if AI has any, so I can plow the serra. It doesn't counter the efreet, so I plow the serra and that resolves, too. AI plays Underground Sea and Wrath of God.
Turn 9: Draw Swords to Plowshares. Again, I feel a draw-7 is wrong here, so I pass. AI animates and attacks with Mishra's; I plow it.
Turn 10: Draw/play Hypnotic Specter; it resolves. AI does nothing. :D
Turn 11: Draw Mind Twist. Attack for 2, AI discards Mana Drain, which is exactly the sort of reason I attacked first before the twist. I play Mind Twist for 2 to empty AIs hand and get Scrubland and Library of Alexandria. AI does nothing. (I now have a 'soft lock', meaning unless AI topdecks an answer, specter will just keep hitting the AI and discarding whatever it draws)
Turn 12: Draw Swords to Plowshares, attack for 2; AI discards Moat. AI does nothing.
Turn 13: Draw Lightning Bolt. Attack for 2; AI discards Demonic Tutor! ROFL! AI does nothing.
Turn 14: Draw Hypnotic Specter. Attack for 2; AI discards Counterspell. Play Hypnotic Specter. AI plays Serra Angel; I plow it EOT.
Turn 15: Draw Serendib Djinn, attack for 4. AI does nothing.
Turn 16: Sac Scrubland to SD, draw/play Volcanic Island, attack for 9, AI discards Counterspell. AI does nothing.
Turn 17: Sac Scrubland to SD, draw Black Lotus. Attack for 9 for the win; AI discarding Mana Drain. 2-0

Wow. Painfully slow games, but I won them for Juzamjedi in the end :D

AWW1979 vs JUZAMJEDI | Open
AWW1979 wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Playing first, I get 2x Mana Drain, Greater Realm of Preservation, 2x Counterspell, Time Walk, Tundra. If I had even one more land, I'd keep this in a heartbeat, but with just one, I could really get screwed. I keep it; if I do get that land, I've basically won with this hand. If not... well, it's my own deck, so nobody else pays the price for my gamble.
Turn 1: Play Tundra. AI plays Scrubland.
Turn 2: Draw Control Magic. AI plays Badlands.
Turn 3: Draw Mind Twist. Well, should've mulliganed. Discard Control Magic. AI plays Underground Sea, Hypnotic Specter.
Turn 4: Draw Swords to Plowshares. NICE. Play it on the specter. AI plays Volcanic Island and Serendib Djinn. Uh oh.
Turn 5: Draw Moat, discard Counterspell. AI sacs Badlands to SD and plays another Badlands. AI attacks for 5, plays Black Lotus, Mind Twist on me for 2 (I lose the other Counterspell and a Mana Drain) and then AI sacs the lotus to cast another Serendib Djinn.
Turn 6: Draw Control Magic. AI sacs badlands and scrubland to SDs, and attacks for 10. The topdeck gods have heard my prayers; AI didn't play a land drop, and will lose the djinns next turn!
Turn 7: Draw Wrath of God. AI sacs its last two lands, taking 6 damage and losing both the djinns. Life totals 5-16, AI at empty board and 4 cards in hand.
Turn 8: Draw Serra Angel. I'm torn about what to discard here, but decide to throw the Wrath of God. By the time I get 4 mana, I should have either stabilized completely without it, or be long dead before then. AI does nothing.
Turn 9: Draw Counterspell. LOL, still stuck at 1 land. Discard Control Magic (same reasoning as the wrath) AI does nothing.
Turn 10: Draw Tundra!!! Woohoo, play Tundra. I could play greater realm or time walk. Time Walk is not needed right now, and since AI has no mana, I feel safe tapping out to play Greater Realm of Presevation. AI plays Underground Sea and Sol Ring. Damn.
Turn 11: Draw/play Underground Sea. I pass, keeping my mana for counters. AI plays Scrubland and Balance. I will lose a land and two cards in hand if that resolves, so I need to counter it. I use the Mana Drain to do it.
Turn 12: Draw Mind Twist. With the 2 mana off Mana Drain, I can put down either my Moat or my Serra Angel, or Mind Twist for 4. AI could have a Swords to Plowshares in hand, so I'm not comfortable tapping out for the serra without countermagic ready. I'll Mind Twist for 4, which empties the AIs hand. AI discards Time Walk, Hypnotic Specter, Serendib Djinn, Juzam Djinn. AI plays Tundra. (I think I'm good now, though the game will be extremely long, I suspect)
Turn 13: Draw Mana Drain. AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 14: Draw/play Black Lotus. I could play the Serra, but again I'd have no countermagic for a topdecked plowshares. I do have enough with the lotus now that if I mana drain something, I can get the serra out with UU available afterward. AI tries to cast Serendib Efreet, and I Mana Drain that.
Turn 15: Draw/play Scrubland, cast Serra Angel and Time Walk. My bonus turn I draw/play Strip Mine, and attack for 4. I play the Moat, since I can use the lotus for UU if I really need to. AI does nothing.
Turn 16: Draw/play Tundra, attack for 4. AI casts Mind Twist for 5; I counter it, rather than lose my counter and my own mind twist.
Turn 17: Draw/play Underground Sea, attack for 4. Mind Twist for 1, getting Wheel of Fortune. (AI has no red mana anyway, and I was keeping Strip Mine ready in case it did play a red mana) I will win next turn, but I have no countermagic if AI draws an answer. Using Strip Mine won't prevent any of the possible topdeck answers the AI has, so I don't sac it. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 18: Draw Plains, attack for 4 for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, getIsland, Counterspell, Demonic Tutor, Scrubland, Tundra, Disenchant, Underground Sea. That's about average for this deck; I keep it.
Turn 1: Play Underground Sea. AI plays Scrubland.
Turn 2: Draw Library of Alexandria. Play Tundra. (so I have UU ready) AI plays Tundra.
Turn 3: Draw Mox Jet. Play Library of Alexandria. Hold the mox in hand, because of that library. AI plays Volcanic Island.
Turn 4: Draw Tundra. Tap LoA to draw Mox Sapphire. Play Tundra, cast Demonic Tutor for Ancestral Recall. Play Mox Sapphire (so I have UU again) but not Mox Jet. AI plays Scrubland and Serendib Djinn; I Counterspell it.
Turn 5: Draw Counterspell. Cast Ancestral Recall, drawing Underground Sea, Tundra, Mishra's Factory. Play Mishra's Factory, tap LoA to draw Underground Sea. Play Mox Jet. AI plays Tundra and Serendib Djinn; I Counterspell that one, too.
Turn 6: Draw Mana Drain. Tap LoA to draw Scrubland. Play Underground Sea, attack with Mishra's for 2. AI casts Serendib Djinn #3, and I Mana Drain it.
Turn 7: Draw Wrath of God, Tap LoA to draw Scrubland. Play Underground Sea. Attack with mishra's for 2. AI plays Hypnotic Specter and Time Walk, and on its bonus turn plays Badlands, and attacks for 2 (I lose a Scrubland)
Turn 8: Draw Strip Mine. Tap LoA to draw Swords to Plowshares. Cast plow on the specter. Play Strip Mine and use it on Scrubland. (doesn't really matter what I pick with the lands it has, but I choose a nonisland land in case a 4th SD resolves) I attack with mishra's for 2. AI does nothing.
Turn 9: Draw Serra Angel. Tap LoA to draw Greater Realm of Preservation. Play Tundra, cast Serra Angel. Mishra's attacks for 2; AI plows my Serra Angel. I could play greater realm, but then I'd be down to 5 cards, out of LoA reach, so I pass. AI does nothing.
Turn 10: Draw Control Magic. Tap LoA to draw Balance. Play Scrubland, Greater realm. Attack with Mishra's for 2. AI plays Badlands and Mind Twist for 4 (not 5?) and I lose everything except Wrath of God and Balance.
Turn 11: Draw Mind Twist, play it for 4. AI loses 2x Mind Twist, Wheel of Fortune, Swords to Plowshares, meaning it should've twisted me a long time ago, and probably was able to plow my factory at some point, too. Anyway, factory attacks for 2 again. AI does nothing.
Turn 12: Draw Swords to Plowshares. Mishra's attacks for 2. AI plays Black Lotus.
Turn 13: Draw Plains. (kept in hand) Mishra's attacks for 2. AI does nothing.
Turn 14: Draw Island. Attack for 2. AI plays Mox Sapphire.
Turn 15: Draw Control Magic. Attack for 2. AI plays Serendib Efreet.
Turn 16: Draw Counterspell, tap LoA to draw Island and play it. Control Magic the efreet, attack with mishra's for 2 for the win. 2-0

Nicdanger wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Playing first, I get Mox Jet, Psionic Blast, Mox Pearl, Scrubland, Disenchant, Spirit Link, Swamp. While I have no real threats, I do have the mox pair, so any threat I do get will come out quick. I've also got a Disenchant, and salbei has several targets for that, plus I have psiblast and spirit link if he gets creatures, so I keep it.
Turn 1: Mox, mox, Scrubland. AI plays Mountain, Black Lotus. I Disenchant the lotus, to keep him from dropping a quick shivan or something.
Turn 2: Draw Swords to Plowshares, play Swamp. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 3: Draw/play Juzam Djinn. AI plays 2 Chain Lightning on it to kill it.
Turn 4: Draw/play Scrubland. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 5: Draw Swords to Plowshares. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 6: Draw/play Tundra. AI plays Mountain, Fire Elemental. I Psionic Blast it EOT.
Turn 7: Draw/play Ancestral Recall, getting Demonic Tutor, Time Walk, Disenchant. I tutor for a Mind Twist. AI Fireballs me for 4.
Turn 8: Draw Mind Twist. Heh. Play Mind Twist for 4, getting AIs entire hand, which is Fireball, Shivan Dragon, Chain Lightning, Fork. AI does nothing.
Turn 9: Draw/play Swamp. AI does nothing.
Turn 10: Draw Juzam Djinn. Mind Twist for 2 first (in case AI has bolts) AI bolts me once in response and discards a Shivan Dragon. Then I play Juzam Djinn. AI does nothing.
Turn 11: Take 1 from JD, draw Serra Angel. Attack for 5. Play Time Walk and Serra Angel. Take 1 from JD, draw/play Plains, Spirit Link my Juzam, attack for 9. (gaining 5 life) AI plays Fire Elemental. I almost plow it EOT, but then realize if I topdeck a Psionic Blast, I win a turn earlier, so I don't.
Turn 12: Draw Serendib Efreet. Plow elemental, attack for 9, cast Serendib Efreet. AI does nothing.
Turn 13: Take 1 from SE, draw Control Magic, attack for 12 for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, I get 2x Swamp, Island, 2x Psionic Blast, Spirit Link, Serendib Efreet. Keep.
Turn 1: Play Swamp. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 2: Draw Demonic Tutor. Play Island, and Tutor for Ancestral Recall. AI plays Mountain, Mox Ruby, Black Lotus, Lightning Bolts me, and then plays Wheel of Fortune. AI discards 2x Mountain and a Disintegrate. My new hand is 2x Plains, Juzam Djinn, Control Magic, Psionic Blast, Swords to Plowshares, Tundra.
Turn 3: Draw/play Underground Sea. AI plays Mountain.
Turn 4: Draw Serendib Efreet, play Tundra, Juzam Djinn. AI plays Black Vise.
Turn 5: Take 2 from vise, take 1 from JD, draw Spirit Link. Play plains, spirit link the juzam, play the Serendib Efreet, and attack for 5. (19-15 life) AI plays a Fireball for 3, dividing it between my Serendib Efreet and me for 1 damage each. *facepalm*
Turn 6: Take 1 from SE, draw/play Scrubland, attack for 8. (22-7 life) AI plays Mountain, Fire Elemental. I Psionic Blast AIs face EOT, not that I need to.
Turn 7: Take 1 from SE, draw/play Plains, Control Magic the elemental, attack for 8 for the win. 2-0

Salbei wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Drawing first, get 2x Disintegrate, 3x Mountain, Fire Elemental, Mox Ruby. I keep it.
Turn 1: AI plays Island. Draw/play Mountain, Mox Ruby.
Turn 2: AI does nothing! pwnd. Draw Chain Lightning, play Mountain.
Turn 3: AI discards Psionic Blast. Draw/play Mountain.
Turn 4: AI plays Underground Sea, Time Walk. AI plays another Underground Sea. Draw/play Mountain, Fire Elemental. AI Psionic Blasts it end of turn.
Turn 5: AI plays Demonic Tutor. Draw/play Mountain.
Turn 6: AI plays Serendib Efreet. Draw Chain Lightning, play Mountain. I've got enough burn now that I'm going to ignore the efreet and just burninate the AIs face. I Disintegrate AI for 6. (20-12 life)
Turn 7: AI takes 1 from SE, attacks me for 3. Draw Disintegrate, play Mountain, play two Chain Lightning on AIs face and Disintegrate for 5 and it's over. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, get Mana Flare, 2x Lightning Bolt, Gauntlet of Might, 2x Mountain, Fork. I'll keep it, though I could've hoped for a bit better.
Turn 1: Play Mountain. AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 2: Draw/play Mountain. AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 3: Draw/play Mountain. I could play Mana Flare, but I'm actually going to wait, as I feel it would help AI more than me at this point. Plus, I keep Fork open. AI plays Scrubland.
Turn 4: Draw Lightning Bolt, play Mountain. Cast Gauntlet of Might. AI plays Plains, Juzam Djinn.
Turn 5: Draw/play Mountain. AI takes 1 from JD. AI Spirit Links JD and attacks; I double-bolt it. AI casts Serendib Efreet.
Turn 6: Draw Fork. AI takes 1 from SE, plays Island, and Mind Twist on me for 3. I respond with Fork on Mind Twist, getting Serra Angel, Demonic Tutor, and Swords to Plowshares, and then Bolt/Fork the efreet, and discard only the Mana Flare.
Turn 7: Draw/play Fire Elemental. AI does nothing.
Turn 8: Draw Disintegrate. Attack for 6. Disintegrate AI for 9. AI casts Juzam Djinn to stall for time. Life totals 20-3
Turn 9: Draw Mana Flare, keep in hand. AI takes 1 from JD and casts Mox Pearl.
Turn 10: Draw/play Mountain. AI takes 1 from JD and passes.
Turn 11: Draw/play Mountain. AI takes 1 from JD and dies. 2-0

-everybody won 2-0 and gets +2 pts
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 2 ends 11/25)

Postby Cognis » 25 Nov 2010, 18:38

Aww vs Juzamjedi 2-0
Juzamjedi vs Aww 1-2

Aww: 5 points
Juzamjedi: 0 points

Match 1 (Juzamjedi AI)
Game 1
: I control the board with Balance and then AI controls Hypnotic Specter and Juzam Djinn with Control Magic. Quick and painful.
Game 2: Turn 1 Serendib Efreet which was good since the AI played Mind Twist next clearing my hand. Soon I get Juzam Djinn and with AI being mana screwed I win soon.
Game 3: Mind Twist and counters made this match up extremely annoying. It’s like a slow, long march to death where you just wait for the AI to finish you off. Also the sheer number of lands I drew was ridiculous. I played Braingeyser for 5 and drew Black Lotus and 3 lands + 1 I top decked and I all ready had about 6 lands in play + moxes and Sol Ring.

Match 2 (Aww AI)
Game 1:
Turn 2 Mind Twist for 7 and the AI top decks land and then Wheel of Fortune but I get killer cards and another Mind Twist.
Game 2: This time my cards weren’t that good but I draw Greater Realm and stabilise at 10. Later in the game AI is at 6 and is starring at 2 Serra Angel. AI plays Demonic Tutor for Sol Ring. AI plays Sol Ring and loses the game. I had a Counterspell ready but it wasn’t really necessary.

Nicdanger vs Salbei 2-1
Salbei vs Nicdanger 2-0

Salbei: 2 points
Nicdanger: 1 point

Match 1 (Salbei AI)
Game 1:
Black Vise destroyed me since I had no blue mana. Mana Flare allowed me to play Serra Angel but I had to exile it just to survive. I was burned quickly.
Game 2: This time no Black Vise and I use Mana Flare before Disenchant to play Serra Angel.
Game 3: Disenchant on Black Lotus, next turn on Sol Ring while the AI has one land gave me an advantage that I took.

Match 2 (Nicdanger AI)
Game 1:
I manage to burn AI to 0. No Mind Twist thankfully.
Game 2: AI nearly won at 1 with Time Walk but on its extra turn it plays 2 Psionic Blast to bring me to 4 and killing itself in the process. If it attacked before I would be dead or if it played Spirit Link on its Juzam Djinn or Serendib Efreet instead on my tapped Shivan Dragon.

As far as I can see we'll have a mirror match in the finals.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 2 ends 11/25)

Postby Aswan jaguar » 25 Nov 2010, 18:51


Nicdanger vs Salbei 2-0

GAME 1 AI's Mana Flare lets me put in 2 Juzam Djinn+Serendib Efreet,moreover I steal his Shivan Dragon and play Serra Angel in addition she gets burned but I win.
GAME 2 It took 3 Mind Twist s,2 Juzam Djinn s and a stolen Fire Elemental to win.


GAME 1 Lots of removals and creature trades.After a Wheel of Fortune a Black Wise does damage for me and later (AI emptied my hand),a Mana Flare + Fireball for the big burn.
GAME 2 AI not having blue mana to play his spells was critical,Mana Flare Disintegrate + Fork and 2 Fireballs made the difference.

JUZAMJEDI vs AWW1979 2-0

GAME 1 2 Juzam Djinn s passed the counters and 1 made it to the end.Mind Twist s damaged AI more than me.
GAME 2 Mind Twist (Serra Angel,Sword of Plowshares, Mishra Factory ).I plow Serra Angel,AI plows a Serendib Efreet and drains another one,Serendib Djinn gets countered.My Hypnotic Specter discards a Serra Angel
AI could have played in his turn,next turn sames happen with Wrath of God.Then plows Hypnotic Specter and discards a Serra Angel but not play it,a wild guess is that AI prefers to draw cards with Library of Alexandria but never play them.It discards another Wrath of God.Finally a Serendib Efreet and a 1hit Juzam Djinn finished this.AI could have stolen both of them,AI's simple mind stuck, thinking it is better to maintain 7 cards in hand to draw with Library of Alexandria (which is good of course) but not as good as playing the cards when needed.

AWW1979 vs JUZAMJEDI 2-0

GAME 1 2 Serra Angel s defended well against 2 Serendib Efreet and a Hypnotic Specter to the end.
GAME 2 AI Mind Twist ed for 1 and got my Mind Twist,then Mind Twist ed Serra Angel and Control Magic.I was in trouble when AI's Timetwister turned things in my favor.A Serendib Efreet and Juzam Djinn who joined my army "willingly" and a Serra Angel ended this.

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Re: November Tournament Results (round 2 ends 11/25)

Postby juzamjedi » 26 Nov 2010, 15:14

Aww vs. Juzamjedi

Aww as human win 2-0
Game 1: We both have slows starts and AI uses Timetwister which I allow. AI goes for Mind Twist and I counter. AI goes for Wheel of Fortune that I allow, I Mana Drain his Serendib. Next turn I Mind Twist his whole hand and cast Serra Angel same turn. Easy to win after that.
Game 2: Mana Drain the turn 3 Serendib Efreet, untap and Mind Twist for 6. Close game, lots of skill, etc.

Juzamjedi as human win 2-0
Game 1: I Mind Twist the AI twice for 2, plays Serendib Efreet and last card in AI's hand is Swords to Plowshares. Rats. I get stuck on 3 lands for many turns in a row. I cast Ancestral Recall and eventually have to Demonic Tutor for land. Hmm. AI Plays a Moat and blanks my Juzam Djinns. **** I land Hypnotic Specter and get in some swings. Many turns later I Fireball for 10 which goes uncountered, and win.
Game 2: I Mind Twist for 5 on turn 2, play a Juzam Djinn and it gets sent farming again. So another long game ensues; eventually I Fireball for 7, untap and Baingeyser for 7, and win from all those new cards.

I should have play more Fireballs!!! Serendib Djinn wasn't very good.

NicDanger vs. Salbei

NicDanger as human win 2-0
Game 1: I mull twice (1 mana source each time) into a 2 land, 2 Serendib Efreet, Ancestral Recall hand. I play a both Serendib's; AI kills one and plays Wheel of Fortune. My new hand is sweet; I play Juzam Djinn, then I steal AI's Shivan Dragon; then I Disenchant AI's Mana Flare and steal his next Shivan Dragon. :)
Game 2: AI plays a turn 1 Black Vise (ouch), but then plays Mana Flare to help me get out of it. AI plays another Mana Flare so now I get to put all my creatures onto the board and win. :)

Salbei as human
Game 1: AI plays Ancestral Recall before I get the mana to Fork it. I Disintegrate the first Serendib Efreet. I Fireball the second. AI Mind Twists me (I tapped out) I play Shivan Dragon and he goes farming. AI plays Juzam Djinn and I play a topdecked Shivan Dragon. He gets a Spirit Link. So I can't attack now, but AI plays a second Juzam Djinn and (predictably) doesn't attack with them. AI plays a Serendib Efreet and I might actually win this. I am holding back my Fireball a bit to try to maximize its value. AI taps out for Serra Angel and I fireball for 8. I pull the trigger now because AI was at 14; 14 - 8 is 6 so even if I lose Shivan he dies in 2 turns. This is what happens and I win a game I should have lost.
Game 2: Again with turn 1 Ancestral Recall. Hmm. Well this time I have Mox Ruby + Mana Flare. AI plays Juzam Djinn, I play Fire Elemental to block it, AI steals it. I double bolt Juzam and AI just plays another. I have a Fireball in hand but it's not good enough to threaten AI or kill 2 creatures. I lose a couple turns later to my Fire Elemental and a newly cast Serendib Djinn.
Game 3: I play turn 1 Black Vise on the play, yaus! I have Mana Flare, but decide to double Lightning Bolt instead. AI misses land drops and stays at 7 cards. I draw my 3rd Lightning Bolt (yaus) and Black Vise finishes AI. 12 damage from the vise, Brutal.
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Re: November Tournament Results (round 2 ends 11/25)

Postby jatill » 26 Nov 2010, 18:30

Looks like aww vs NicDanger for the finals.
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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby aww1979 » 27 Nov 2010, 06:14

Woo my first finals! Made it to the semis a few times, but this is the furthest I've gotten. Funny thing is it's with the (I thought) most unfriendly AI deck I've submitted, other than that silly Battle of Wits thing that wasn't at all serious.
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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby Nicdanger » 27 Nov 2010, 15:09

Aww vs Nicdanger AI 2-1

Game 1: The AI gets an early Serendib Efreet before I Strip Mine one of its lands, it takes me to 14 before I STP it. With the AI stuck at 2 mana I have all kinds of time to draw into stuff. When it finally gets some land it steals my Serra Angel after I countered 2 attempts to remove it. I use Wrath of God to clear it and a another Serendib Efreet, life totals 11-14. AI has a Juzam but I'm holding a Moat. Then the AI drops another angel and things aren't looking so good anymore. AI drops another Efreet and I steal its Serra Angel on my turn. The AI then steals it back and wins next turn as I realize I drew almost 20 land/moxes vs. 11 spells :(

Game 2: The AI keeps a 1 land hand and I start beating with an Assembly-Worker early. 4 turns later the AI drops a mox, which I Disenchant! I could've let the manland go all the way but the AI finally plays a creature, which I steal and use to win faster!

Game 3: 2 early Mind Twists take 3 Serra Angels, a Psionic Blast, and a Spirit Link from the AI's hand. I nuke a mox and the AI does nothing for several turns while my Assembly-Worker starts slapping the AI with nuts and bolts again, dealing all 20 points of damage over 10 turns!

Nicdanger vs Aww AI 2-0

Game 1: I have to mulligans once, and my 6 cards aren't great but I draw into
Ancestral Recall which gets me a mox and a Mind Twist. My Serra gets hit with STP and my Juzam stolen. I steal it back and drop another Juzam, having hit a Wrath of God with the Mind Twist I decide to go all in. It pays off and I win 3 turns later after the AI chump blocks with an angel.

Game 2: I have a really nice hand until the AI Mind Twists taking 2 of the 3 land I had drawn. Several exchanges later the AI has stolen a Serendib Efreet with Spirit Link and Mind Twists me for the rest of my hand. The AI drops a Serra Angel and I play a Juzam, the Spirit Link I put on the Serendib Efreet has done about 8 damage to the AI while gaining me 8 life when it finally casts Wrath of God, life totals 12-3. 2 turns later the AI still hasn't played anything and I draw into Demonic Tutor, AI has 4 cards and has only played 2 counters all game. I tutor for Psionic Blast and pass the turn, AI still does nothing and doesn't counter the blast!

Nicdanger -2
Aww -1

Random thoughts: Didn't see a single Black Lotus in all 5 games on either side. Spirit Link and Disenchant were surprisingly good in this tournament. And I wonder if the last game was one of those "the AI just gave up" moments.
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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby Shantak » 27 Nov 2010, 17:13


Aww vs Nicdanger (AI) - 2-0 (Aww +2 points)
1-0: The Deck plays hard, and after a few turns I Mind Twist AI's hand with Black Lotus. Then Serra army stomps AI.

2-0: AI starts better but I take control of the game after a Wrath of God. It starts to go worse when AI gets a Serra to block and my two Controlled Serendib Efreets hurt me. A third Control Magic later the Serra is mine and AI dies.

Nicdanger vs Aww (AI) - 2-0 (Nicdanger +2 points)

1-0: I survive being Mind Twisted with two Serendib Efreets in play, but they die to a Wrath of God. After my hand is empty, the game turns slow. I collect good cards to my hand, but AI counters my creatures. When AI casts Serra and taps out, I Control the angel, but it gets StoPed. When I finally think AI runs out of counters and removals, it then buries my my new Serra with Wrath of God. Then after some turns, my hand gets Mind Twisted away (I hit AI with Psionic Blast first). After AI fills its hand to seven ands starts again drawing with Library of Alexandria, I get the feeling that this game will only end when AI runs out of cards. Then he starts discarding Serras, so it seems we have reached that phase in the game when AI won't do anything other than react to my spells. Luckily he has no more counters and I can kill him with two more Psionic Blasts.

2-0: I decide to take a hand with one land and a Sol Ring. It works fine, but AI responds to all my threats. After some turns AI taps out to cast a Serra. I respond by Mind Twisting his hand away (two counters, two Control Magics, a removal). The next turn I Control Magic and Spirit link the angel. AI has no more answers.

Two points for both Aww and Nicdanger.
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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby aww1979 » 29 Nov 2010, 00:54

Final Round:

AWW1979 vs NICDANGER | Open
Aww1979 wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Playing first, my opening hand is Balance, 2x Island, Wrath of God, Underground Sea, Control Magic, Time Walk. A bit below average, I think, but I hate to mulligan, so I keep it.
Turn 1: Play Underground Sea. AI also plays Underground Sea.
Turn 2: Draw/play Underground Sea. AI also plays Underground Sea :p
Turn 3: Draw Mana Drain, play Island. That makes me feel safer. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 4: Draw/play Scrubland. Also good, as Balance is now an option if needed. I could actually play Time Walk and Balance right now; while I'd lose a land, the AI would have to discard 3 cards. I think I'll do that. I sac the Island and AI discards Psionic Blast, Serra Angel, Disenchant. On my bonus turn I draw Greater Realm of Presevation, and play the Island and GRoP. AI plays Swamp and Juzam Djinn. I could Mana Drain it, but I have Control Magic in hand so I let it resolve.
Turn 5: Draw/play Plains, Control Magic the Juzam. AI plays Island and Serendib Efreet.
Turn 6: I use GRoP to prevent the 1 damage from Juzam, and draw/play Underground Sea, and attack for 5 with juzam. AI takes 1 from efreet, plays Mox Sapphire, and attacks me for 3. It tries to play a second Serendib Efreet; I could Mana Drain that, but I think I will actually let that resolve, and keep the drain for anything threatening my Juzam. If things get real bad I can still Wrath of God.
Turn 7: GRoP prevents 1 from juzam, draw/play Tundra, attack for 5. (17-9 life) AI takes 2 from efreets, attacks me for 6, and then tries to Disenchant my Control Magic. That's what I was afraid of, so I Mana Drain it. (11-7 life)
Turn 8: GRoP prevents juzam's damage, draw Mox Pearl. Attack for 5. AI takes 2 from the efreets during upkeep and dies. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, I mulligan a zero mana hand into 2x Island, Tundra, Mox Sapphire, Mana Drain, Greater Realm. Again, could be better, but I'll play it.
Turn 1: Play Tundra, Mox Sapphire. I could play Greater Realm, but I want Mana Drain open in case AI has black lotus + something. AI plays Underground Sea and Mox Jet.
Turn 2: Draw Plains, play Island. AI plays Swamp.
Turn 3: Draw/play Plains, cast Greater Realm. (UU still open for me) AI does nothing.
Turn 4: Draw Mana Drain, play Island. AI casts Mind Twist for 2; I Mana Drain it.
Turn 5: Draw/play Mox Jet, play Plains. This is looking bad. AI has full hand and I just have a Mana Drain. AI plays Underground Sea and Juzam Djinn; I let it resolve because Greater Realm + 7 mana in play makes it no threat.
Turn 6: Draw Mind Twist. Now the tricky part; how much do I twist for? I can do up to an x=6, which is how many cards the AI has. I also have Mana Drain in hand and Greater Realm for the juzam, which costs 1W to activate. I just twist for 6 and hope the AI doesn't topdeck some badass. AI loses 2 Serra Angel, 2 Psionic Blast, Disenchant, and Swords to Plowshares. AI takes 1 from JD, plays Island (whew!) and swings for 5.
Turn 7: Draw Counterspell. AI takes 1 from JD, and attacks; GRoP prevents the damage.
Turn 8: Draw/play Tundra. AI takes 1, and GRoP stops JD again.
Turn 9: Draw Counterspell. AI takes 1, and casts Spirit Link on the juzam; I let it resolve. AI casts Psionic Blast on me; I let it resolve. GRoP prevents Juzam's damage to me. (11-14 life)
Turn 10: Draw/play Scrubland. AI uselessly attacks again and does nothing else.
Turn 11: Draw Wrath of God. AI plays Tundra and attacks for 0.
Turn 12: Draw Swords to Plowshares. AI attacks for 0 and casts another Juzam Djinn; I let it resolve.
Turn 13: Draw/play Serra Angel. AI takes 1 from JD, attacks with both. GRoP prevents both hits, but I tap out to do it. Fortunately, AI doesn't cast anything after.
Turn 14: Draw/play Underground Sea. Serra attacks for 4. (11-9 life) AI attacks with both juzams, but I have all my mana now, and just prevent it, with loads of countermagic backup ready. AI casts Time Walk, and I let him have it, I have that much mana ready. AI takes another 1 from JD, and prevent both hits. AI casts Serendib Efreet, and I tap my last two mana to Counterspell it.
Turn 15: Draw/play Serra Angel, attack for 4. AI takes 1 from JD, and tries to plow one of my Serras; I counterspell that.
Turn 16: Draw Ancestral Recall, attack for 8 for the win.

NICDANGER vs AWW1979 | Open
Nicdanger wins 2-0, +2 pts
Game 1: Playing first, I get 2x Underground Sea, Disenchant, Plains, Serra Angel, Sol Ring, Tundra. I like the quick Serra here. I hope that I'll be able to play the game fairly, given that I'm facing my own deck in the final round. Here goes...
Turn 1: Play Underground Sea, Sol Ring. AI plays Plains.
Turn 2: Draw Underground Sea, play Tundra. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 3: Draw Swamp, play Plains and cast Serra Angel. AI doesn't have UU, so it resolves. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 4: Draw Mind Twist. Play Underground Sea and cast Mind Twist for 5, but AI counters with Mana Drain. I'm surprised; AI doesn't usually bother countering discard. Serra attacks for 4. AI plays Plains and Control Magic. (using 2 drained mana so WW still untapped)
Turn 5: Draw/play Scrubland, Disenchant the Control Magic to get my Serra Angel back. AI plowshares the serra EOT, but after I got it back, so I get the 4 life instead of the AI :p AI does nothing on its turn.
Turn 6: Draw Island, play Underground Sea. AI does nothing, which is nice, because I have only land in hand and play.
Turn 7: Draw/play Serendib Efreet; AI Counterspells it. I play Island. AI plays Island, Serra Angel. Crap.
Turn 8: Draw Juzam Djinn, play swamp and Juzam. AI tapped out for serra so it resolves. AI casts Control Magic on Juzam (damn) and attacks with serra for 4.
Turn 9: Draw Control Magic. Which creature to take? Hmm... I think about it and take the Juzam, because if I topdeck Psionic Blast later, that can handle an angel but not a juzam. AI plays Greater Realm of Preservation, then plows the Djinn and attacks for 4. Life totals 21-16.
Turn 10: Draw Psionic Blast. Haha, I'm 1337. I psiblast the serra angel. (19-16 life) AI plays Underground Sea, Mind Twist on me for 1 (which is retarded because my hand is empty) and then casts Serra Angel. (AI also has no cards in hand now)
Turn 11: Draw/cast Serra Angel. AI plays Ancestral Recall (hax!) and Underground Sea, then passes.
Turn 12: Draw Time Walk. I don't really see any point using it yet. I attack with the Serra, because I'm scared of Control Magic or removal; I think I'd rather have an empty board than a Serra on each side. AI blocks to trade them. AI Mind Twists me for 1, and I lose the Time Walk. Darn, but I could have only cantripped it anyway.
Turn 13: Draw Juzam Djinn. I don't play it, because AI has Greater Realm, and if it got stolen, I'd be in deep trouble. AI does nothing.
Turn 14: Draw/play Mox Jet. AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 15: Draw Swords to Plowshares. Good; I was getting pretty nervous there with no removal. AI plays Mox Jet.
Turn 16: Draw Spirit Link. AI does nothing.
Turn 17: Draw Disenchant. Hello! I cast it on Greater Realm; it resolves. I try to cast Juzam Djinn, but Mana Drain counters it. AI does nothing.
Turn 18: Draw Swords to Plowshares. AI does nothing.
Turn 19: Draw/play Juzam Djinn, but AI casts Counterspell on it. AI casts Mox Pearl.
Turn 20: Draw/play Scrubland. AI does nothing.
Turn 21: Draw/play Plains. AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 22: Draw/play Ancestral Recall, getting Control Magic, Swords to Plowshares, Psionic Blast. AI plays Island.
Turn 23: Draw/play Tundra. AI plays Scrubland.
Turn 24: Draw/play Juzam Djinn; it resolves! AI plays Island.
Turn 25: Take 1 from JD, draw Psionic Blast. Spirit Link my juzam and attack for 5. AI does nothing.
Turn 26: Draw/play Underground Sea, attack for 5. Cast both Psionic Blast on the AI to finish him off. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, I get Demonic Tutor, Mox Jet, Underground Sea, 2x Scrubland, Spirit Link, Control Magic. Kept.
Turn 1: Play mox, Undeground Sea, Demonic Tutor for Ancestral Recall. AI plays Underground Sea.
Turn 2: Draw Psionic Blast. Play Ancestral Recall, drawing Swords to Plowshares, Serendib Efreet, Swamp. Play Scrubland. AI has no 2nd land, and discards Control Magic.
Turn 3: Draw/play Underground Sea, play Serendib Efreet and Spirit Link on it. AI discards Swords to Plowshares. <sigh>
Turn 4: Draw swamp, play scrubland, attack for 3. AI plays Island.
Turn 5: Draw Spirit Link, play Swamp. Spirit Link my efreet again and attack for 3. AI casts Mind Twist for 1, I respond with Psionic Blast on the AI, and lose the plowshares to mind twist. Then AI plays Mox Sapphire... I guess it wants nicdanger to win, lol.
Turn 6: Draw/play Spirit Link, play swamp, attack for 3. AI does nothing.
Turn 7: Draw/play Serendib Efreet, but it gets Mana Drained. Attack for 3. AI uses drained mana so it can cast Control Magic on my efreet.
Turn 8: Draw Control Magic. (2 in hand now) Cast one on the efreet to get him back. AI plays Ancestral Recall, then Time Walk, and discards a Mana Drain. On its bonus turn it still has no land, and discards a Mind Twist!
Turn 9: Draw/play Underground Sea, attack for 3. AI does nothing, and discards Demonic Tutor. BLAH.
Turn 10: Draw Serra Angel, attack with efreet for the win, having 70 life from all those spirit links! 2-0

Including my results, I count the scores so far as:
Nicdanger 6
Aww1979 5
More testers? :cry:
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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby jatill » 29 Nov 2010, 14:19

The match turns decidedly in aww's favor:

aww: (2-0)
Game 1: Strip Mine + Lotus + Mind Twist. Academic.
Game 2: Tutor for and play Ancestral. Turn 2 Twist for 3. Serra Angel changes teams a couple times, but my card advantage takes it down.

nicdangeR: (0-2)
Game 1: My opened has 2 Mox, Lotus and Twist. Awesome. Except I clicked the Momir button and it gets replaced with basic lands...
Game 1b: Mulligan into Ancestral. Fair enough. I tutor for Mind Twist, but get it Twisted away. We are stuck on lands for a few turns, and when I get ahead, the Ai has Balance. Eventually, I have a hand of 7 removal spells, but every creature I play is also dealt with. Gonna have to win by making the AI just give up probably. When Twist for 6 hits the AI, and he discards counterspell, I know it's over. Or so I thought... the AI still played defensively, and I decked!!!
Game 2: The AI had 3 Serra Angels (one mine), each wearing my Spirit Link. The game took another million turns, but eventually the AI won.

aww +7
nicdanger +0
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