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November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby Aswan jaguar » 29 Nov 2010, 17:38


AWW1979 vs NICDANGER 2-0

GAME 1 AI has a fast start and a Serra Angel with spirit link hits me twice.30-8life before I plow her.AI Mind Twist s 3times my hand, 1t I discard 2 Mind Twist.I play Moat as answer to Juzam Djinn but it gets Disenchant ed and I am at 3life now,I plow it but with no counters I am afraid of a Psionic Blast.My Mishra factory little by little clobbered AI's life and later a Serra Angel came to help.AI's "deny" to play 3 last turns helped me to win.
GAME 2 I Mulligan a no land hand,countered AI's Mind Twist and Mind Twist ed for 3(Swords to Plowshares,Psionic Blast,Juzam Djinn)AI took advantage of me tapping out and Mind Twist ed my whole hand 4(Swords to Plowshares,Serra Angel,Disenchant,Mana Drain).A Spirit Link ed Juzam Djinn gives 10 life to AI me at 10life.I countered a Serra Angel and then plowed Juzam Djinn.AI takes Magic Control of my Serra Angel only to take it back next turn,and Drain another AI Serra Angel.AI blasts me to 6 and Spirit Link s my Serra Angel!I trade the linked Serra Angel to AI's 3d Serra Angel :lol: then it steals her and I have to Wrath of God.We are at 32AI-6me life and I Mind Twist his hand twice,2nd(Serendib Efreet,Psionic Blast,Disenchant)
it seems AI surrendered again but then Time Walked,played Ancestral Recall and Serendib Efreet which I stole and AI put a Spirit Link on it so I plowed it.After that AI stopped playing at 10 life all 32 damage made by humble Mishra Factory!!!

NICDANGER vs AWW1979 2-0

GAME 1 Early Serendib Efreet gets plowed,I Mind Twist for 3(Island,Serra Angel,Ancestral Recall),Disenchant ed the Magic Control to my Juzam Djinn and it gets Wrath of God.A Juzam Djinn and 2 Psionic Blast end this.
GAME 2 AI Mind Twist s for 2(Island,Psionic Blast)I Mind Twist 2 counters,take Magic Control of his Serra Angel which gets Wrath of God.A Juzam Djinn and Serendib Efreet end this.

2 points each
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby juzamjedi » 30 Nov 2010, 15:15

Aww vs. NicDanger

Aww as human win 2-0
Game 1: I keep Library of Alexandria, Underground Sea, Ancestral Recall, Wrath of God, Control Magic, Mind Twist, Greater Realm of Preservation.
I go on the Library plan to draw extra cards. I am an idiot and counter an irrelevant Sol Ring and then on the same turn AI Mind Twists me for 4 cards. But I keep my Control Magic and steal AI's Juzam Djinn and defeat him with it.
Game 2: I keep Library of Alexandria, Underground Sea, Mishra's Factory, Mana Drain, Counterspell, Serra Angel, Mind Twist. Another strong hand just need another blue source.
I go on the Library plan again this game. AI plays a first turn Juzam Djinn (ouch), but I draw into Control Magic. AI Spirit Link 's Juzam and then plays Serendib Efreet. I Mind Twist for 2 and take his Serra Angel and land. Serendib beats me down for several turns now and I need to draw a second white source for my Wrath. I finally get one with me at 6 life and AI at 23 (but I have a full grip). I keep hitting land drops with Library and eventually have a full grip of gas. I play my Serra Angels at my leisure and protect them with Counterspells.

NicDanger as human win 2-1
Game 1: I use Ancestral Recall on AI's upkeep to draw cards turn 1. I play a threat every turn after that. Serendib Efreet eventually lives and I beat AI down to 1 life. We both have 0 cards, I use Spirit Link on Serra Angel and he plows my Serendib. AI has Mishra's Factory but thankfully is not attacking with it. I draw Mind Twist but hold it for several turns since AI hasn't played anything in a while. Eventually AI plays Greater Realm of Preservation + Demonic Tutor. I draw Serra Angel so I Mind Twist, but AI Mana Drain's it. I then play Serra which resolves. AI gains control of my Serra and yet again I have no gas left. AI casts Time walk and I lose.
Game 2: I mull into a 4 land hand with Mind Twist and Serendib Efreet. I Mind Twist for 3 on turn 4, then I play Serendib Efreet (coutnered), Juzam Djinn (countered), Serendib Efreet (goes farming), Serra Angel (countered), Serra Angel (AI goes for Control Magic and I plow it in response). I finally am out of creatures; AI plays Serra Angel and I plow it. I untap and Mind Twist AI's hand. AI topdecks Serra Angel and I topdeck Control Magic. AI topdecks Swords to Plowshares and I topdeck Serra Angel. AI finally runs out of gas and plays Sol Ring. I topdeck Juzam Djinn and play it even though AI has Greater Realm in Play. I am hoping AI will aim removal at him instead of Serra Angel. I beat with Serra a few turns and AI Wrath's. I play Serra Angel to follow up and draw Control Magic for backup. AI plays a Serra Angel and I take it. AI finally runs out of answers and I win this one.
Game 3: AI plays early Ancestral Recall. We trade my Serendib for his Swords. AI plays Serra Angel and we both play multiple Control Magic on it. AI makes a strange play where it animates Mishra's Factory and cast Wrath of God right after. AI is tapped out now so I play Serra Angel + Serendib Efreet. AI untaps to play Serra Angel; I trade my Serra with it and play the Serendib Efreet I topdecked. I decide now is the time to Spirit Link both of my men and do that. My Spirit Link 'd efreets get in 2 attacks before AI plays Mind Twist. I had been holding a Swords to Plowshares but oh well. I attack again and life totals are 36-2. AI needs to play Wrath of God or Balance to survive; he does not and I take the game.

I want to point out that in game 2 both of these control decks had 0 cards in hand for at least 5 turns in a row. Braingeyser would have been nice.
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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby jatill » 30 Nov 2010, 17:23

Looks like aww is the winner. What will your prize cards be gentlemen?
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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby Nicdanger » 30 Nov 2010, 18:00

Something I wish I had for our draft . .

Kataki, War's Wage

or if that's not doable . .

Squirrels Nest!
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Re: November Tournament Results (final round ends 12/1)

Postby aww1979 » 30 Nov 2010, 21:02

want to point out that in game 2 both of these control decks had 0 cards in hand for at least 5 turns in a row. Braingeyser would have been nice.
Hmm, I didn't really think of Braingeyser. Usually I do use a bunch of other card advantage in this sort of deck, but a lot of it the AI would have been really bad with; the AI just bombs with Timetwister most of the time, for instance. Also, the 5 artifact limit kept me from using others I sometimes put in such a deck, like Jayemdae Tome or Disrupting Scepter.

@nicdanger: I think that card would be doable. I was thinking of asking for it myself, and all that should have to be done is to make a vanilla 2/1 legend and then splice on the text from Energy Flux, except edit the 2 mana upkeep to 1 mana.


Back to Basics (hoping that shouldn't be hard to code)
Tithe (I'd think this one should be easy, based on existing cards)
Mox Opal (from the new set; hoping metalcraft can be coded)
Ezuri's Brigade (also from the new set and requiring metalcraft)

If any of these are uncodable, please code any planeswalker(s) of your choice from Scars of Mirrodin.
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