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MRD Tournament Results!

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MRD Tournament Results!

Postby Nicdanger » 03 Dec 2010, 18:16


Decks will be posted here as soon as I receive them all. Deadline for deck submission is December 8th. If there are no objections I'd like to use Jatill's scoring method (assuming I understand it properly). Deck A plays Deck B AI, then Deck B plays Deck A AI. Whichever deck performs better receives 2 points, if both decks perform the same they each receive 1 point. For example:

Deck A vs Deck B: 2-1
Deck B vs Deck A: 2-0
Deck B receives 2 points

Deck A vs Deck C: 2-1
Deck C vs Deck A: 2-1
Both decks receive 1 point

After all the results for round 1 are in. We will drop the 2 lowest scoring decks and repeat the same format. Then the top 4 decks will go into a semi-final bracket, scoring method for that bracket will be decided upon later.

EDIT: Post w/e commentary here as well, I've had a change of heart. But please fill out the list below and use that to keep the scores!

Shantak vs Jatill:
Jatill vs Shantak:

Shantak vs Aww1979:
Aww1970 vs Shantak:

Shantak vs Juzamjedi:
Juzamjedi vs Shantak:

Shantak vs Nicdanger:
Nicdanger vs Shantak:

Shantak vs Monopoman:
Monopoman vs Shantak:

Shantak vs Cognis:
Cognis vs Shantak:

Shantak vs Grinnin:
Grinnin vs Shantak:

Jatill vs Aww1979:
Aww1979 vs Jatill:

Jatill vs JuzamJedi:
JuzamJedi vs Jatill:

Jatill vs Nicdanger:
Nicdanger vs Jatill:

Jatill vs Monopoman:
Monopoman vs Jatill:

Jatill vs Cognis:
Cognis vs Jatill:

Jatill vs Grinnin:
Grinnin vs Jatill:

Aww1979 vs JuzamJedi:
Juzamjedi vs Aww1979:

Aww1979 vs Nicdanger:
Nicdanger vs Aww1979:

Aww1979 vs Monopoman:
Monopoman vs Aww1979:

Aww1979 vs Cognis:
Cognis vs Aww1979:

Aww1979 vs Grinnin:
Grinnin vs Aww1979:

JuzamJedi vs Nicdanger:
Nicdanger vs JuzamJedi:

JuzamJedi vs Monopoman:
Monopoman vs JuzamJedi:

JuzamJedi vs Cognis:
Cognis vs JuzamJedi:

JuzamJedi vs Grinnin:
Grinnin vs JuzamJedi:

Nicdanger vs Monopoman:
Monopoman vs Nicdanger:

Nicdanger vs Cognis:
Cognis vs Nicdanger:

Nicdanger vs Grinnin:
Grinnin vs Nicdanger:

Monopoman vs Cognis:
Cognis vs Monopoman:

Monopoman vs Grinnin:
Grinnin vs Monopoman:

Cognis vs Grinnin:
Grinnin vs Cognis:
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Re: MRD Tournament Results and Scoring

Postby jatill » 10 Dec 2010, 16:21

Round 1 Scores:
monopoman: 9
Nicdanger: 8
cognis: 8
grinn: 8
juzamjedi: 7
Shantak: 6
jatill: 5
aww: 5

Shantak vs Jatill: 2-0
Jatill vs Shantak: 2-0

Shantak vs Aww1979: 2-0
Aww1970 vs Shantak: 1-2 (Ulamog got Confiscated once, and Harmonic Sliver wrecked me the 2nd time)

Shantak vs Juzamjedi: 2-1 (I got overrun by 2 Merfolk Lords + Sea Drake)
Juzamjedi vs Shantak: 2-0

Shantak vs Nicdanger: 2-0
Nicdanger vs Shantak: 2-0

Shantak vs Monopoman: 2-0
Monopoman vs Shantak: 2-0

Shantak vs Cognis: 2-0
Cognis vs Shantak: 2-0

Shantak vs Grinnin: 0-2 (I got Blown. Out. Game 1 the AI had turn 2 Sphere + Lodestone. Game 2 was similar)
Grinnin vs Shantak: 2-1 (Turn 3 Progenitus)

Jatill vs Aww1979: 2-0
Aww1979 vs Jatill: 2-0

Jatill vs JuzamJedi: 2-0
JuzamJedi vs Jatill: 2-0

Jatill vs Nicdanger: 2-0
Nicdanger vs Jatill: 2-0

Jatill vs Monopoman: 2-0
Monopoman vs Jatill: 2-0

Jatill vs Cognis: 2-1 (I got stuck on 3 lands and AI had perfect aggro draw. I would have comboed off with if I had just 1 more life)
Cognis vs Jatill: 2-0

Jatill vs Grinnin: 2-1 (I played like a chump, and the AI was smart enough to Sign in Blood me)
Grinnin vs Jatill: 2-0

Aww1979 vs JuzamJedi: 2-0
Juzamjedi vs Aww1979: 2-0

Aww1979 vs Nicdanger: 2-0
Nicdanger vs Aww1979: 2-0

Aww1979 vs Monopoman: 2-0
Monopoman vs Aww1979: 2-0

Aww1979 vs Cognis: 2-1 (AI burned me out with Chandra)
Cognis vs Aww1979: 2-0

Aww1979 vs Grinnin: 2-0
Grinnin vs Aww1979: 2-0

JuzamJedi vs Nicdanger: 2-1 (AI had the perfect combination of men and removal)
Nicdanger vs JuzamJedi: 2-0

JuzamJedi vs Monopoman: 2-0
Monopoman vs JuzamJedi: 2-0

JuzamJedi vs Cognis: 2-0
Cognis vs JuzamJedi: 2-0

JuzamJedi vs Grinnin: 2-0
Grinnin vs JuzamJedi: 2-0

Nicdanger vs Monopoman: 2-0
Monopoman vs Nicdanger: 2-0

Nicdanger vs Cognis: 2-0
Cognis vs Nicdanger: 2-0

Nicdanger vs Grinnin: 2-0
Grinnin vs Nicdanger: 2-0

Monopoman vs Cognis: 2-0
Cognis vs Monopoman: 2-1 (Mull 2 no-landers, and 5-card hand got run over. Game 3 I mulled 3 no-landers, but won with the 4-card hand. With only 21 mana, this is not surprising.)

Monopoman vs Grinnin: 2-0 (Scored a turn 3 kill.. thanks, Necro for 17)
Grinnin vs Monopoman: 2-1 (I had the option for a turn 1 Negator, knowing that AI has 2 burn spells in deck. I went for it, and got blown out.)

Cognis vs Grinnin: 2-0
Grinnin vs Cognis: 2-0
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Re: MRD Tournament Results and Scoring

Postby aww1979 » 11 Dec 2010, 07:37

Shantak vs Jatill: Shantak wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Drawing first, get Mana Leak, Island, Coiling Oracle, Survival of the Fittest, Plains, 2x Forest. Keep.
Turn 1: AI plays Island, Sol Ring. Draw Island, play Forest.
Turn 2: AI passes. (!) Draw Capsize. Play Island. I can play oracle or survival; I think Survival is better at this point and play that. I could keep mana open for Mana Leak, but since AI is manascrewed, it's good odds it won't draw anything to play.
Turn 3: AI passes. Draw Lorescale Coatl, which is pretty funny, because that's what I was thinking of using Survival on. However, I get an even better idea; Harmonic Sliver! I play Plains and discard the oracle to get Harmonic Sliver, even keeping 1U for Mana Leak!
Turn 4: AI plays Ancient Den, Mana Vault, meaning it was holding one of those back for some reason. Draw Island. Play Forest, and Harmonic Sliver, destroying Sol Ring.
Turn 5: AI plays Mystical Tutor. (it didn't reveal what it picked) Draw Lotus Cobra. Play Island. Activate survival, pitching the cobra. I'd thought to get Gemhide Sliver, but that isn't actually in the final deck, so I get Indrik Stomphowler instead. Cast Lorescale Coatl, attack for 1 with sliver.
Turn 6: AI passes. Draw/play/sac Windswept Heath for Plains. Cast Indrik Stomphowler, destroying Mana Vault, attack for 4.
Turn 7: AI plays Glacial Fortress. Draw Plains, play Island, attack for 9.
Turn 8: AI plays plains. EOT I Capsize/buyback the Glacial Fortress; AI discards Island. (wtf?) Draw/play Island, attack for 10 for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, get Mulldrifter, Island, Elvish Piper, Forest, Capsize, Breeding Pool, Cultivate. Keep.
Turn 1: Play Breeding Pool tapped. AI plays Plains.
Turn 2: Draw Forest, play Island. AI plays Island.
Turn 3: Draw Progenitus. Play Forest, Cultivate for Plains into play and Island into hand. AI plays Island, Thirst for Knowledge, and discards Mana Vault, then EOT discards Fabricate. (lol)
Turn 4: Draw Stroke of Genius. Play Island and Elvish Piper, hoping it lives to pop out good old 'Cuddles', a.k.a Progenitus. AI plays Plains and Control Magic on the piper.
Turn 5: Draw/play/sac Windswept Heath for Tropical Island. AI plays Plains and attacks with the piper; I Capsize(buyback) the piper.
Turn 6: Draw/play Plains, cast Elvish Piper. I could evoke Mulldrifter, but I let it go for now, leaving Capsize open. AI plays Ancient Den and Sphinx of Jwar Isle.
Turn 7: Draw Brittle Effigy. Play Plains. Activate Piper to play Progenitus. Cast Mulldrifter, drawing Forest and Indrik Stomphowlker. Play Brittle Effigy. AI attacks me for 5.
Turn 8: Draw Merchant Scroll, play Forest, Merchant Scroll for Ancestral Recall, cast that and draw Tooth and Nail, Genesis, Forest. Activate Piper to put Genesis into play, cast Indrik Stomphowler, destroying Ancient Den. Attack for 12. AI plays Ancient Tomb, attacks for 5, and casts Bribery on Lorescale Coatl.
Turn 9: Attack and win. 2-0

Not really surprised there; jatill's deck is hard for the AI to play right, though game 1 was bad, even for the AI :p

Jatill vs Shantak: Jatill wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Play first. My first hand has only one land and big spells, so I mulligan. The six card hand is Phyrexian Processor, Plains, Wayfarer's Bauble, Tinker, Mystical Tutor, Time Vault. If I can get two lands, this is an automatic win, so I keep it, hoping I'll make it.
Turn 1: Plains, Wayfarer's Bauble. AI plays Forest.
Turn 2: Draw Sphinx of Jwar Isle. AI plays Plains, Lotus Cobra.
Turn 3: Draw Pacifism. AI plays Forest, attacks for 2, Cultivate for Plains in play (dunno what in hand) and with the Cobra landfall plays Noble Hierarch.
Turn 4: Draw/play Land Tax. YAY! AI plays Stroke of Genius on itself for 4, attacks for 3 with cobra exalted. AI discards Akroma EOT.
Turn 5: Land Tax for 2 islands, draw Azorius Signet. Play Island, Time Vault. AI plays Island, Regrowth on Akroma, attacks for 3.
Turn 6: Land Tax for 2 Plains, draw Voltaic Key. Well, that made things easier, though I already had Tinker in hand. At this point I go infinite turns with Vault/Key. The only thing the AI does is to Mana Leak an Inkwell Leviathan a few turns later as I'm setting up my win condition; after that it's tapped out, and Phyrexian Processor for 11 and Sphinx of Jwar Isle take it home. (there was a bug when Sphinx of Jwar Isle showed 'rebel' when I played it; next turn I drew Conundrum Sphinx and then the sphinx showed Thirst for Knowledge) 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, get Land Tax, Plains, Wall of Denial, Celestial Colonnade, Tolarian Academy, Fabricate, Tinker. Keep!!
Turn 1: Play Celestial Colonnade. AI plays Island.
Turn 2: Draw Elspeth. Play Land Tax, purposely missing a land drop. AI plays Forest and Everflowing Chalice with 1 counter.
Turn 3: Tax for Island/Plains, draw Ancient Tomb, play Island. Discard plains EOT. AI plays Plains.
Turn 4: Tax for Island, Draw/play Island, play Wall of Denial. AI plays Island.
Turn 5: Tax for 3x Plains, draw Compulsive Research. Play Ancient Tomb, take 2 casting Compulsive Research for Bribery, Enlightened Tutor, Martial Coup, and discard Plains. Cast Enlightened Tutor for Time Vault. Discard 2x Plains, Island EOT. AI Plays Forest, and still no spells.
Turn 6: Purposely skip land tax so I don't shuffle, draw Time Vault. Play Tolarian Academy, Time Vault, Fabricate for Voltaic Key, play Key. AI plays... Harmonic Sliver, targeting Time Vault. CRAP.
Turn 7: Tax for plains, 2x island, draw Chastise. Play Island. I cast Bribery for Progenitus; AI responds with Capsize on Celestial Colonnade. Discard Plains EOT. AI plays Natural Order (saccing sliver) for Simic Sky Swallower.
Turn 8: Tax for plains, 2x island, draw Conundrum Sphinx. Play colonnade, sphinx, attack for 10, discard 2 island EOT. AI passes.
Turn 9: Proggy attacks for the win. 2-0

Well, jatill's deck is certainly strong in the human's hands, though game 2 was hardly sporting. I think I screwed up in game 2 somewhere; I can't help feeling I could've gotten vault/key that one crucial turn earlier and not lost it, but it's a win anyway.

Shantak vs Aww1979: Shantak wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Playing first, I get Tropical Island, Capsize, Windswept Heath, Stroke of Genius, Forest, Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Mulldrifter. Seems good to me; I'll keep.
Turn 1: Play Tropical Island. AI plays Engineered Explosives for 0, and no land drop. /facepalm
Turn 2: Draw Forest. Play Heath, sac for Plains. AI plays Forbidden Orchard.
Turn 3: Draw Plains, play Forest, evoke Mulldrifter into Rampaging Baloths and Forest. AI plays Savage Lands.
Turn 4: Draw Natural Order. Play Forest. Can't NO as I have no green dudes in play. AI plays Overgrown Tomb tapped.
Turn 5: Draw Genesis. Play Plains, Genesis. AI plays Gemstone Mine, Serum Powder (giving me a spirit token) and then activates Engineered Explosives to destroy the spirit token.
Turn 6: Draw Novablast Wurm. Play Forest, attack for 4, NO for Progenitus. AI plays Swamp, Sorin Markov, and drains the spirit it just gave me.
Turn 7: Draw Simic Sky Swallower. Attack AI for 10 and play Rampaging Baloths. AI drains my Baloths for 2 and passes :p
Turn 8: Draw Standstill, attack for 16 for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, get Final Judgment, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, 2x Forest, Lorescale Coatl, Stroke of Genius, Plains. It's got mana, but all the wrong kind, so I mulligan it. Unfortunately, my six card hand is worse, and has only one land and all spells cost 4+, so that goes, too. The hand of 5 is Indrik Stomphowler, Novablast Wurm, Akroma, Island, Mox Diamond. Geez. Fortunately for shantak, I don't think I'll need much to beat the oath deck, and I have to mull this one, too. My 4 cards are Lotus Cobra, Magus of the Vineyard, 2x Plains, and that will have to do. I should've kept the first hand.
Turn 1: Play Plains. AI plays Gargoyle Castle.
Turn 2: Draw/play Plains. AI plays Forbidden Orchard.
Turn 3: Draw/play Island. AI plays Savage Lands.
Turn 4: Draw/play Forest, Lotus Cobra. AI plays Swamp.
Turn 5: Draw Forest, attack for 2, play Forest. I keep magus in hand, fearing AI might be able to pop something nice out with it. AI plays Forest and Putrefy on the cobra.
Turn 6: Draw/play Tropical Island. AI plays Swamp and Phyrexian Arena. Uh oh.
Turn 7: Draw Survival of the Fittest. Score! Play plains, survival. Activate survival, discarding Magus to get Harmonic Sliver and smash Phyrexian Arena ASAP. AI does nothing.
Turn 8: Draw/play Cultivate for Island/Forest, attack for 1. AI plays Crumbling Necropolis.
Turn 9: Draw Wall of Blossoms. Discard it to survival to get Akroma, cast Akroma and attack for 7. AI plays Forest.
Turn 10: Draw Mox Diamond, attack for 7. AI passes.
Turn 11: Draw plains, attack for 7 for the win. 2-0

Playing against my own deck is always hard, since I secretly am rooting for the AI, so I am somewhat relieved that I won with shantak, especially after that disastrous mulligan, though of course I still wish the AI had won :p

Aww1979 vs Shantak: Aww1979 wins 2-0, but only due to a serious AI misplay | Open
Game 1: Drawing First, I get Swamp, Oath of Druids (:D) 2x Forest, Engineered Explosives, Helm of Obedience, Overgrown Tomb. KEEP.
Turn 1: AI plays Island, Brittle Effigy, and Mox Diamond, pitching an island. Draw swamp, play Overgrown Tomb tapped.
Turn 2: AI plays Everflowing Chalice for 1. Draw/play Swamp, Oath of Druids.
Turn 3: AI passes. Draw Damnation, play swamp. Play Engineered Explosives for 0 and immediately detonate it, killing the mox and chalice for manascrew.
Turn 4: AI passes. Draw/play Black Lotus, play swamp, Helm of Obedience.
Turn 5: AI passes. Draw Putrefy, play Forest. I don't want to use the helm, because then AI can Oath, and I might get leyline for an autowin.
Turn 6: AI passes. Draw/play Golgari Signet, play Forest.
Turn 7: AI discards Indrik Stomphowler EOT. Draw/play Darksteel Ingot.
Turn 8: AI plays Plains. Draw/play Scepter of Fugue, activate; AI discards Regrowth.
Turn 9: AI plays Island. Draw/play Savage Lands, activate Scepter; AI discards Simic Sky Swallower.
Turn 10: AI passes. Draw/play Treetop Village, activate Scepter; AI discards Genesis.
Turn 11: AI passes. Draw/play Phyrexian Arena. Village animates and swings for 3.
Turn 12: AI passes. (I just realized I forgot to scepter AI last turn) Draw Grim Tutor and Sundering Titan. Tutor for Leyline of the Void, play it, then tap Helm for 1, exiling AIs deck. Just for fun, use scepter and see Rampaging Baloths discarded.
Turn 13: AI loses during draw phase. 1-0 (I'm a bit worried it took me 13 turns to win, given AI had horrible manascrew AND I had turn 2 Oath)

Game 2: Drawing first, I get Swamp, Black Lotus, Gargoyle Castle, Grim Tutor, Phyrexian Arena, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, Barter in Blood. Keep.
Turn 1: AI plays Island. Draw Darksteel Colossus. Play Swamp, Black Lotus. Sac lotus to play Phyrexian Arena.
Turn 2: AI plays Plains. Take 1, draw Scepter of Fugue and Engineered Explosives. Play Gargoyle Castle.
Turn 3: AI plays Forest, Cultivate for Forest and ???. Take 1, draw Swamp and Gemstone Mine. Play Swamp, Grim Tutor for Oath of Druids. (I'm at 15 life now)
Turn 4: AI plays Island and Genesis. Draw Swamp, Chainer's Edict. Play Gemstone Mine, Oath of Druids, Scepter of Fugue.
Turn 5: AI plays Plains, Mulldrifter and attacks for 4. I Oath for Sundering Titan, smashing my own swamp and 3 AI lands. (Gaea's Blessing was also Oathed) Draw Swamp and Garruk Wildspeaker. Play Swamp. I have a few choices here. I could Scepter AI and/or use Chainer's Edict. I could Barter in Blood, wiping our creatures and smashing the last 3 AI lands (and a swamp on my side) which looks good in theory, as the AI would have no board, but I'm already at 9 life and Phyrexian Arena is out. I decide to activate Scepter and pass; AI discards Confiscate.
Turn 6: AI plays Forest, attacks for 2 with Mulldrifter, and plays Coiling Oracle, scoring an Island into play. Activate Oath, hitting Gaea's Blessing and then Platinum Angel, and then taking 1 and drawing Gaea's Blessing and Jester's Cap. No surprise on the Angel; it was the only creature left in my deck, as the other two are in hand and titan is in play. Play Swamp, Jester's Cap, and attack with the titan; AI takes 7. My thinking here is the angel should keep me alive right now, and that the Cap will remove anything next turn that might threaten me. Looking at shantak's deck, only Jace and Capsize can stop me, as Confiscate was discarded already.
Turn 7: AI plays Harmonic Sliver... but plays it POSTCOMBAT, *and* targets my titan, not my angel! (okay, looks like I missed one that could've stopped me, but AI blew it sadly... man I feel bad about that one... well, sort of) I don't Oath (I know there are no creatures left, and Gaea's Blessing is in hand, so it's suicide) and draw Hymn to Tourach and Treetop Village. Play village, activate Jester's Cap to get Jace, Capsize, and Brittle Effigy (another one that could wreck me) Cast Gaea's Blessing, shuffling Cap/Titan/Swamp into my deck (my entire grave) and cantrip Golgari Signet. Attack for 4 with Angel, discard Ulamog (shuffling graveyard into library, so now I have GB and Titan back in for oathing.
Turn 8: AI plays Birds of Paradise and attacks with everything; I'm down to 1, and saved thanks to Platinum Angel. Oath finds me Ulamog, and I draw Forest and Pernicious Deed (my angel keeping me from losing to my own arena) Play Forest, Hymn to Tourach. (Ai discards Tooth and Nail, Simic Sky Swallower, and has 0 cards in hand) Play Golgari Signet, attack with angel; the birds chump block.
Turn 9: AI plays Natural Order, saccing Harmonic Sliver for Progenitus, and attacks with the Mulldrifter, which thanks to the Angel doesn't kill me. Activate Oath for Sundering Titan again, smash AIs forest/island and my swamp. Draw Imperial Seal and Nevinyrral's Disk. Cast Chainer's Edict; AI sacs Genesis. Then I do something really stupid and cast Barter in Blood, but after it resolves I realize if I sac the Angel as planned that I will die. I had planned to sac angel and titan, and then when Ulamog attacked, it would annihilate AIs board and kill him, but because I am stupid I have to keep my angel, so I sac the titan and ulamog, and titan smashes my swamp and AIs forest. AI sacs Mulldrifter and Progenitus, keeping Coiling Oracle. lol, though even proggy wouldn't help. I attack for 4. AI plays Forest and attacks for 0.
Turn 10: Draw Forest/Swamp. Play Swamp, Garruk Wildspeaker, make a beast and attack for 4 with angel. (somewhere before this turn I lost my Gemstone Mine after using it the 3rd time, just noticed now) Activate Garruk to make a Beast (so I can block the oracle if angel somehow dies, though it shouldn't unless I missed something)
Turn 11: AI Oaths up Lotus Cobra and passes. (just realized if angel dies, it won't matter if i have a beast :p darn that silly engine displaying it as 1 life when its really negative a whole bunch) Anyway, I attack with angel for the (most undeserved) win. 2-0

Shantak vs Juzamjedi: Shantak wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Playing first, I get Mana Leak, Birds of Paradise, Indrik Stomphowler, Lorescale Coatl, 2x Island, Stroke of Genius. I could wish for a lot better, but I can Mana Leak, and if I get a forest the Birds will help a lot, so I keep.
Turn 1: Play Island. AI plays Island.
Turn 2: Draw Brittle Effigy, play Island. I hold back on the effigy to keep Mana Leak as an option. AI plays Swamp and Bitterblossom. Thank heavens I kept that mana open; I Mana Leak that!
Turn 3: Draw Magus of the Vineyard. Play Brittle Effigy now, as I have nothing else. AI passes. Whew!
Turn 4: Draw/play Ancestral Recall!! I get Merchant Scroll, Windswept Heath, and Tooth and Nail. Play/sac heath, get Tropical Island, play Birds of Paradise. AI plays Island and Serendib Efreet.
Turn 5: Draw Rampaging Baloths. I have a few options; use effigy on efreet (ideally right after AI takes 1 from it). I could use Merchant Scroll, but I think Capsize is all that's left to get with it. I can also play Magus of the Vineyard and/or Lorescale Coatl. I play both, since I know I can make great use of the magus mana, so even if AI can too, I'm pretty sure I will get more out of it. AI takes one from efreet, attacks me for 3, and plays Man-o-war on my Lorescale Coatl.
Turn 6: Draw Forest. Using magus mana, cast Rampaging Baloths. AI returns an island to counter with Daze. Crap, and I had a forest in hand I was holding to play afterward for landfall. Well, I sheepishly play that forest and pass. AI takes 1 from efreet, plays Island, Sword of Fire and Ice, and swings for 5. (not bothering to equip it, even though it could've, since it used magus to play sword and still has UU)
Turn 7: Draw Akroma. Again, several options. Indrik, stroke, merchant scroll, tooth and nail, coatl, activate effigy. Some of them are really bad, though. I play Indrik Stomphowler, destroying Sword of Fire and Ice, since if AI equips that, I'm in trouble. With 2 mana left, all I can do is Merchant Scroll, so I might as well, and fortunately AI uses Force Spike on it, not knowing I have only Capsize to target with it. (If I didn't know shantak's decklist, I'd have Force Spiked that, too) Magus attacks for 1. AI takes 1 from efreet, plays Careful Consideration, discarding Empyrial Plate and Dark Banishing (Wow, what were the other two cards?) and plays an Island, then attacks me for 3 with efreet.
Turn 8: Draw Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Think it over, and play Jace. I'm down to 8 life, but if Jace brainstorm shows a land, I can use the effigy on the efreet as well. Jace brainstorms into Elvish Piper, Plains, Novablast Wurm, and I put back the wurm and akroma. Play Plains. I could attack with the Indrik, but I keep it to defend jace from Manowar. I pass. AI takes 1 from efreet, plays Watery Grave tapped, plays Sleight of Hand and responds with Pestermite. I'm not sure what Pestermite targeted, but I think it untapped an AI land. AI attacks with efreet; I exile it with Brittle Effigy.
Turn 9: Draw akroma. Jace brainstorms into Novablast Wurm, Forest, Island. I put back wurm and akroma. I got the 9th mana I was looking for! Play Forest, entwine Tooth and Nail for Progenitus and Akroma, Angel of Wrath. Indrik and Akroma attack; manowar and pestermite trade with indrik and akroma hits for 6. AI plays Misty Rainforest, sacs for island, and Cold-Eyed Selkie.
Turn 10: Draw Natural Order, play Island, NO magus into Simic, and attack for 16. 1-0

Game 2: Drawing first, get Rampaging Baloths, Genesis, Forest, Progenitus, Breeding Pool, Island, Windswept Heath. It doesn't have any early plays, but the deck's mana curve is high and this is to be expected, and I have 4 lands, so I keep it.
Turn 1: AI plays Island and Ponder. Draw Island, play Breeding Pool tapped.
Turn 2: AI plays Island. Draw/play Forest.
Turn 3: AI plays Swamp, Merrow Reejerey. Draw/play Plains.
Turn 4: AI plays Swamp, attacks for 2. Draw Coiling Oracle, play Island and Coiling Oracle, and draw a Plains with it, which goes into play.
Turn 5: AI plays Island, Sword of Fire and Ice, equip that to Merrow, attacks for 4, and sword kills my oracle. Ouch. Draw Harmonic Sliver. Heh. Play Forest, Rampaging Baloths. AI plays Silvergill Adept (for 5, not revealing anything) and taps its own sword with Merrow's ability. Draw Ancestral Recall! Play/sac Windswept Heath for Tropical Island, triggering Baloth's landfall twice for two 4/4 beasts. Ancestral Recall into Rout, Forest, Indrik Stomphowler. Play indrik, smashing sword of fire/ice, and attack with Rampaging Baloths; AI takes 6.
Turn 6: AI plays Watery Grave tapped. Draw Noble Hierarch. Play Forest (landfall for another 4/4) I play Noble Hierarch, which resolves, and Genesis, which AI Mana Drains. I attack with everything; AI chumps both tokens and takes 10 from the rest.
Turn 7: AI plays Scion of Oona. Return Coiling Oracle to hand with Genesis, draw Final Judgment, attack with everything; AI chumps a token and takes 18 damage. 2-0

Juzamjedi vs Shantak: Juzamjedi wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Playing first, I get Library of Alexandria, Scroll Thief, Thieving Magpie, Shadowmage Infiltrator, Loxodon Warhammer, Sleight of Hand, Boomerang. If that had been any other land I'd throw this right back, but LoA makes it playable, and I keep.
Turn 1: Play LoA. AI plays plains.
Turn 2: Draw Serendib Efreet. Draw Merfolk Sovereign with LoA. Discard Boomerang EOT. AI plays Windswept Heath, and gets Forest EOT with it.
Turn 3: Draw Island with LoA during my upkeep, draw Marsh Flats during draw phase. Play/sac Marsh Flats for Underground Sea, cast Sleight of Hand, seeing Force of Will and Dauthi Horror. Well, that's an easy choice. Force to hand, horror to bottom. Discard Theiving Magpie EOT. AI plays Forest, Lotus Cobra, Birds of Paradise. (I don't waste FoW on that stuff)
Turn 4: Draw Thoughtseize, play Island, draw Merrow Reejerey with LoA. Thoughtseize AI and see Indrik Stomphowler, Standstill, Novablast Wurm, Progenitus, Simic Sky Swallower. Hahaha, pwned. I take Standstill. AI attacks for 2 with cobra and passes.
Turn 5: Draw Recoil with LoA during upkeep, draw Daze. Crap, was hoping for land. Discard Recoil and Scroll Thief EOT. AI plays Forest and attacks for 2, then tries to cast Indrik Stomphowler; I cast Daze to counter it.
Turn 6: Draw Force Spike. Cast Shadowmage Infiltrator. AI passes.
Turn 7: Draw Pestermite. Shadowmage attacks for 1 and I draw/play Island. Draw Man-o-War with LoA. I have several options, but play Merrow Reejerey first, intending to use its ability. AI plays plains and passes. One more mana and AI has two 7cc creatures in hand I'll have to watch out for.
Turn 8: Draw Dark Banishing. Attack with shadowmage for 1, drawing Bitterblossom. Cast Bitterblossom. Discard Pestermite EOT. (I have LoA and Force Spike ready now) During AIs upkeep, I draw Sword of Fire and Ice with LoA. AI plays Forest and Simic Sky Swallower, and I laugh as I Force Spike that.
Turn 9: Take 1 and get a Faerie token. Draw Lord of Atlantis. Play Lord of Atlantis, using rejeerey to untap an Island, so I can play Merfolk Sovereign; I untap Library with that. Attack with shadowmage and reejerey for 5 and draw Polluted Delta. Tap Library to draw Careful Consideration. Play/sac Polluted Delta for a tapped Watery Grave. AI taps out to play Novablast Wurm. I could FoW that, but I'd rather Dark Banishing it on my turn, so I let it resolve.
Turn 10: Take 1 and get a faerie, draw/play Swamp. Dark Banishing on Novablast Wurm, play Man-O-War and bounce Lotus Cobra. Attack with everything for 14 for the win.

Game 2: Playing first, get Treachery, 3x Island, Scion of Oona, Swamp, Merfolk Sovereign. Keep.
Turn 1: Play Island. AI plays Breeding Pool tapped.
Turn 2: Draw Thoughtseize. Nice. Play Swamp, Thoughtseize, and see 3 lands, Genesis, Regrowth, Lotus Cobra, Wall of Blossoms. Well, with the Regrowth, anything I take can be recovered, so it doesn't really matter that much what I pick. I'll take Wall of Blossoms. AI plays Tropical Island and Lotus Cobra.
Turn 3: Draw Force of Will, play Island, Merfolk Sovereign. AI plays Plains, Magus of the Vineyard, and attacks with Lotus Cobra. I could block, but I don't think it's a good trade, so I take 2.
Turn 4: Draw Pestermite, play Island, Scion of Oona. (even though it has flash, I play it now to use the magus mana) Attack with sovereign for 2. AI plays Plains and Genesis, which I let resolve. EOT I flash Pestermite into play, tapping Lotus Cobra.
Turn 5: Draw Force Spike. Cast Treachery on Genesis (thanks for the mana, magus) Attack with everything for 6. AI plays Forest, and Regrowth on Wall of Blossoms. Postcombat (i.e. after letting the magus mana empty) it plays Rout, so I Force Spike it, instead of having to pitch it to Force of Will :p
Turn 6: Draw/play Swamp. Attack with scion, pestermite, genesis; magus chumps genesis and AI takes 4. Lotus Cobra attacks; I take the 2. AI tries Wall of Blossoms, but I hardcast Force of Will.
Turn 7: Draw/play swamp, attack for 10 for the win. 2-0

So far Juzamjedi's deck is the most fun, since there are a lot of subtle plays to make that are maybe not obvious to the beginner, and the decks I enjoy the most are the ones where there are many options available each turn.

Shantak vs Nicdanger: Shantak wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Wow! Playing first, I get Survival of the Fittest, Forest, 2x Island, Ancestral Recall, Magus of the Vineyard, Final Judgment. Twist my arm... I guess I'll keep :p
Turn 1: Play Island. AI plays Mox Pearl. I play Ancestral Recall EOT and get Plains, Island, Elvish Piper.
Turn 2: Draw Stroke of Genius. Play Forest, Survival of the Fittest. AI plays Stirring Wildwood.
Turn 3: Draw/play Plains. AI plays Forest, and War Priest of Thune. In response, I do what I was going to do EOT and activate Survival of the Fittest, discarding Magus of the Vineyard to get Progenitus. (since i have Elvish Piper in hand) WPoT destroys Survival :(
Turn 4: Draw Simic Sky Swallower. Play Island, Elvish Piper. AI plays Sunpetal Grove, then Journey to Nowhere on the Piper and Selesnya Signet afterward, then attacks for 2.
Turn 5: Draw Island, play Plains. AI plays Plains, attacks for 2. AI then plays Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers and Viridian Shaman, destroying its own Signet.
Turn 6: Draw Standstill. Play Island and laugh as Final Judgment comes down hard. AI plays Temple Garden tapped, Eladamri's Call (doesn't reveal) and Knight of Reliquary.
Turn 7: Draw/play Forest, cast Simic Sky Swallower. AI plays Forest. (I'm glad AI didn't have Armageddon or Ravages of War on turns 4-6, but I felt putting the lands out was my only chance, and it worked... this time)
Turn 8: Draw Confiscate. Play Island, Confiscate the Knight, and play Standstill :D Simic attacks for 6. AI animates Stirring Wildwood and attacks me for 3.
Turn 9: Draw Rampaging Baloths. Attack for 8. (life totals 13-6 now) Do nothing, because of Standstill. AI passes.
Turn 10: Draw Rout. Attack with Simic and Knight; Stirring Wildwood animates and chumps Simic; AI takes 4 (2 from knight, 2 from trample) AI plays Plains.
Turn 11: Draw Breeding Pool, attack for 8 for the win. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, get Forest, Harmonic Sliver, Indrik Stomphowler, Simic Sky Swallower, Tooth and Nail, Plains, Birds of Paradise. Keep.
Turn 1: Play Forest, Birds of Paradise. AI plays Stirring Wildwood.
Turn 2: Draw Merchant Scroll. Play Plains, Merchant Scroll for Ancestral Recall. AI discards Journey to Nowhere EOT. Ouch, manascrew, and a poor discard choice.
Turn 3: Draw Coiling Oracle. Cast Ancestral Recall for Island, Rampaging Baloths, Forest. Play Island and Coiling Oracle, who happily scores me Tropical Island into play. AI discards Harrow EOT.
Turn 4: Draw Akroma. Play Forest, Rampaging Baloths, attack for 1. AI plays Forest and Fauna Shaman. (and is probably wishing it had Journey to Nowhere right now!)
Turn 5: Draw/play Island, get 4/4 token, play Simic Sky Swallower, attack with baloths for 6. AI plays Karakas and Oblivion Ring... on my beast token. Oooookay...
Turn 6: Draw/play Genesis. Attack with baloths and simic; AI chumps but still takes 10 damage due to trample. AI plays Sunpetal Grove and Imperial Perfect.
Turn 7: Draw Novablast Wurm, attack with everything for the win. 2-0

Nicdanger vs Shantak: Nicdanger wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Playing first. Forest, 2x Plains, Sunpetal Grove, Steward of Valeron, Emeria Angel, Temple Garden. Very nice.
Turn 1: Play Temple Garden. AI plays Forest, Magus of the Vineyard. SWEET.
Turn 2: Draw Oversoul of Dusk! Good grief, this is going to be over quick! Play Emeria Angel. AI plays Island and Coiling Oracle, revealing Brittle Effigy.
Turn 3: Draw Stirring Wildwood. Play Sunpetal Grove, get a bird token, play Oversoul of Dusk, attack for 3. AI plays Forest, Brittle Effigy, and exiles it and my Oversoul.
Turn 4: Draw/play Glorious Anthem, play Steward of Valeron and Stirring Wildwood, getting another bird token. Attack for 6 in the air. AI plays Forest and Genesis.
Turn 5: Draw War Priest of Thune. Play Plains, getting another bird token. Animate Stirring Wildwood, attack with wildwood and all my flyers. AI takes 8 in the air and blocks wildwood with genesis and magus; wildwood dies, taking genesis with it. I could play the War Priest (since it says 'may destroy enchantment') but don't need it. AI tries to return a creature with Genesis during its upkeep and Manalink crashes. Loading autosave, it crashes again at the same point.

Given that AI had no white mana, its only chance would be if it could get Mox Diamond and Plains AND have Rout, and even then I still have a War Priest in hand that is a game-winning threat in one turn, so I think giving nicdanger the win here is reasonable. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, get 2x Plains, Knight of Reliquary, Crucible of Worlds, Ohran Viper, Balance, Journey to Nowhere. Keep.
Turn 1: Play plains. AI plays Forest, Mox Diamond (discarding Island) and Wall of Blossoms. Hmm, nice start.
Turn 2: Draw Werebear, play Plains. AI plays Island, Noble Hierarch, Birds of Paradise.
Turn 3: Draw/play Sunpetal Grove, Knight of Reliquary. AI plays Plains and Confiscate on the Knight.
Turn 4: Draw/play Qasali Pridemage. AI casts Rampaging Baloths and attacks with the stolen Knight; I sac Qasali in response to destroy Confiscate.
Turn 5: Draw Gaea's Anthem. Cast Journey to Nowhere on Rampaging Baloths. Tap Knight and sac a tapped Plains to fetch Savannah, cast Werebear. AI casts Ancestral Recall and then Indrik Stomphowler, destroying Journey to Nowhere and getting its Rampaging Baloths back.
Turn 6: Draw Selesnya Signet. Cast Balance. Discard the signet; AI sacs a Forest, the wall, hierarch and birds. Tap knight to sac the tapped plains and get a Forest, so I now have 1GG to play Ohran Viper to deter attacks. AI plays plains (gets beast on landfall) Capsize on my Ohran Viper (owowow) and attacks for 10.
Turn 7: Draw/play Temple Garden tapped. Recast Ohran Viper. AI plays Plains (landfall for beast) and passes, deterred (quite rightly) by my 4/4 knight (who can tap in combat to be 5/5) and my deathtouching viper. EOT I sac my tapped forest to the knight and get Strip Mine, which I then sac to destroy AIs only Forest. Werebear gets threshold and Knight is 6/6 now.
Turn 8: Draw Tolsimir Wolfblood. Play Crucible of Worlds, play Strip Mine from grave, sac it to destroy AIs only Island. AI plays Island (landfall) and passes.
Turn 9: Draw Emeria Angel. Play it by tapping Werebear, then use Crucible to get Strip Mine (landfall; bird token) and use on that island. AI plays Forest (landfall, beast) and passes. EOT I use Knight to sac Savannah (*not* Temple Garden, due to Crucible) and get a Forest. (landfall, bird)
Turn 10: Draw Wasteland. Cast Gaea's Anthem. Play Strip Mine (landfall, bird) with Crucible and sac to destroy AIs forest. Attack with 2x birds and Emeria Angel for 8. AI passes. EOT I use knight to sac forest for a new one. (landfall, bird) Note that at any time if AI attacks, I can block with knight and get Maze of Ith with it, but I haven't needed to yet.
Turn 11: Draw Harrow. Attack for 12, all flying, for the win. 2-0

(since my giving nic the win on turn 1 due to a crash might be unacceptable, I played a third game, and won very quickly with nic's deck due to a skullclamp, armageddon, and several dudes on the board)

Shantak vs Monopoman: Shantak wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Playing first, get Rampaging Baloths, Wall of Blossoms, Forest, Plains, Final Judgment, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Cultivate. Seems nice to me, so I keep.
Turn 1: Play Forest. AI plays Tundra.
Turn 2: Draw Forest, play Plains, Wall of Blossoms, drawing Tropical Island. AI plays Flooded Strand and sacs to get Steam Vents tapped.
Turn 3: Draw Plains, play Tropical Island and Cultivate for 2 Islands. AI plays Island.
Turn 4: Draw/play Island, play Jace. Next turn I can get baloths out and have lots of lands, so I'm going to use jace to try and screw the AIs topdecks. I peek and see an Island, and leave it there. AI plays Mountain, Solemn Simulacrum, fetching Plains.
Turn 5: Draw/play Plains, Rampaging Baloths. I peek with Jace and see Mishra's Factory; I put that on the bottom. AI plays Island and Wrath of God.
Turn 6: Draw/play Forest. Jace has 7 counters now; I'm going to go for the deck exile, and keep looking at his top card. I see Bogardan Hellkite, and since he's already up to 6 mana and 6 cards in hand still, I put that on the bottom. AI plays Lightning Angel, responds with Lightning Helix on Jace, and then attacks jace for 3 more, leaving him with 3 counters.
Turn 7: Draw Akroma, Angel of Wrath. Play Plains and Akroma, attack for 6. Peek with jace, see Flametongue Kavu, and leave it there, since it would have to target itself or his Lightning Angel, as Akromia has protection from red. AI plays Hallowed Burial.
Turn 8: Draw Rout, play Island. Jace sees a plains, and I leave it on top for AI. AI plays Flametongue Kavu, and cheats by not targeting the only legal target, itself.
Turn 9: Draw Lorescale Coatl, play Forest and Coatl. Jace sees Time Walk; put on bottom. AI does nothing.
Turn 10: Draw Magus of the Vineyard. I could jace brainstorm to grow the Coatl, but I can stall and hopefully just win with the last ability. Jace sees Path to Exile; that goes on the bottom. AI plays Volcanic Island.
Turn 11: Draw/play Noble Hierarch. Jace sees Plains; leave on top. AI plays Plains and All is Dust, ruining my fun.
Turn 12: Draw/play Novablast Wurm. AI plays Wall of Reverence and gains 1 life EOT.
Turn 13: Draw/play Plains, attack with Wurm. Wall explodes and AI takes 7. AI does nothing.
Turn 14: Draw Simic Sky Swallower, attack for 7 with WUrm. AI plays plains.
Turn 15: Draw Ancestral Recall. Attack and win. 1-0
(yes, I was rather silly with Jace this game, but I felt I had control of the game, so I went for the more fun ending :) )

Game 2: Playing first, get Forest, Confiscate, 2x Island, Mox Diamond, Mana Leak, Coiling Oracle. Keep.
Turn 1: Play Island, Mox Diamond. (discard other Island) Monopoman's deck has no early threats, so I go with the Coiling Oracle right away instead of saving for Mana Leak. Coiling Oracle draws Natural Order. AI plays Steam Vents tapped.
Turn 2: Draw Standstill, play Forest, attack for 1. I keep Mana Leak open, since I don't want to play Standstill when I'll be wanting to cast Natural Order once I get one more mana. AI plays Arid Mesa and fetches Tundra.
Turn 3: Draw/play Forest, attack for 1. Cast Natural Order saccing oracle for Progenitus. AI plays Island and Show and Tell, dropping Lightning Angel. I drop Confiscate on Lightning Angel :p Thanks.
Turn 4: Draw Lotus Cobra. Attack for 13. Cast Standstill, keeping 1U for Mana Leak. Looks pretty good to me :D AI plays Plains and Flametongue Kavu; I let it resolve since it can't stop me; Lightning Angel dies, and standstill draws me 3 cards.
Turn 5: Progenitus SMASH. 2-0

Monopoman vs Shantak: Monopoman wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Playing first; Wall of Reverence, Hallowed Fountain, Wrath of God, Magus of the Disk, Plains, Lightning Helix, Island. Keep.
Turn 1: Play Hallowed Fountain. AI plays Breeding Pool.
Turn 2: Draw Counterspell, play Island. AI plays Plains and Lotus Cobra; I mull over whether I should counter that. I let it resolve, thinking something much worse might come along soon, like Natural Order, and I have several other answers in hand once I draw another land.
Turn 3: Draw All Is Dust. Play Plains. AI plays Forest (gets 1 mana from cobra) and Natural Order. Guess what; I Counterspell that :p
Turn 4: Draw/play/sac Flooded Strand for Volcanic Island, cast Magus of the Disk. AI plays Island, Noble Hierarch.
Turn 5: Draw/play Lightning Angel; AI Mana Leaks it. Attack for 2. AI plays Plains and Cultivate for Forest and ???
Turn 6: Draw Exalted Angel. Play it morphed. Magus attacks for 2. AI plays Island, Ancestral Recall, and Indrik Stomphowler (no targets on board)
Turn 7: Draw/play Plateau. I'm trying to remember whether Morph works as an instant; I can't see the Angel to know for sure, but I attack with it anyway, because I'm fairly sure you can do that in combat. AI blocks with Indrik and sure enough, morph does work in combat; I flip the angel and kill Indrik, gaining 4 life. AI plays Plains and Capsize (not buying it back???) on Magus of the Disk (??????)
Turn 8: Draw Show and Tell. Attack for 4 and cast Magus of the Disk again. AI casts Confiscate... on my PLATEAU. Exalted Angel once again breaths a sigh of relief.
Turn 9: Draw/play Mountain, attack for 6. Cast Wall of Reverence. AI does nothing.
Turn 10: Draw/play Sacred Foundry. Attack with both; Hierarch chumps magus, angel hits for 4, and Lightning Helix to the face seals the deal, and I win with 42 life. Douglas Adams would be proud. 1-0

Game 2: Drawing first, get Time Walk, Propaganda, Fact or Fiction, Lightning Angel, Eternal Dragon, Volcanic Island, Steam Vents. This is huge if I can get 4 lands on the table, and the dragon will help get one right away at least. Keep for sure.
Turn 1: AI plays Tropical Island, Brittle Effigy. Draw Electrolyze, play Steam Vents.
Turn 2: AI plays Forest. Draw Cryptic Command, play Volcanic Island. Cycle Eternal Dragon to get Tundra.
Turn 3: AI plays Island, Magus of the Vineyard. Draw Exalted Angel, play Tundra. I've got many options now, and pause to think them over. I go with Lightning Angel and swing for 3. I hope AI wastes the effigy on it, since Exalted Angel is in my hand.
Turn 4: AI sacs effigy to kill Lightning Angel and attacks for 1. Draw Bogardan Hellkite. Put Exalted Angel down morphed and cast Time Walk. Draw Swords to Plowshares on my bonus turn. I have a few options, but I opt for Fact or Fiction. AI makes the piles 1) Path to Exile + Isochron Scepter and 2) Island Wrath of God Plains. I'm a sucker for the scepter, and take pile 1, though I wouldn't mind some more land, either, but there's lots more land and no more scepters. My morphed thing attacks for 2.
Turn 5: AI plays Island, Mulldrifter and Ancestral Recall, and attacks for 1. AI discards Rout EOT. Draw/play/sac Arid Mesa for Plateau. Cast Isochron Scepter, imprinting Swords to Plowshares. Attack with morphed dude; AI blocks with Mulldrifter and I unmorph into the Exalted Angel during combat.
Turn 6: AI plays Forest, Rampaging Baloths (LOL at not the other way around) and attacks for 1. Draw/play Island, cast Propaganda. Cast Path to Exile on Baloths; AI gets a Forest. Use Isochron to Swords the Magus and attack for 4 with the angel.
Turn 7: AI plays Plains, Everflowing Chalice for 3, and then Elvish Piper. (decline to return Eternal Dragon) Draw/play Plains, attack for 4, use Isochron to plow Piper. AI casts Cultivate for Plains/??? and then casts Stroke of Genius, oddly leaving the chalic and one land untapped, which if I count tapped lands correctly means he is stroking himself for 0, so I save my Cryptic Command. I counted right, and stroke does nothing. EOT I Electrolyze the AI, drawing Magus of the Disk. Return Eternal Dragon to hand during upkeep, draw/play Sacred Foundry, attack for 4.
Turn 8: AI plays Breeding Pool and Genesis. Draw Scalding Tarn, attack for 4 and win. 2-0
(In retrospect, on turn 7 I should not have returned Eternal Dragon, but should have kept 1UUU for Cryptic Command backup. Fortunately I didn't need it)

Shantak vs Cognis: Shantak wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I think cognis has one of the strongest decks, at least in the AIs hands, for this tournament, so I expect this one to be tough. My opening hand is Lorescale Coatl, 2x Island, Simic Sky Swallower, Regrowth, Survival of the Fittest, Ancestral Recall. Very nice indeed.
Turn 1: Play Island. AI plays Mountain, Dragonmaster Outcast. I cast Ancestral Recall EOT, drawing Final Judgment, Rampaging Baloths, Indrik Stomphowler. Crap, was hoping for a Forest.
Turn 2: Draw/play Plains. Drat. Discard the Simic EOT. AI plays Forest, attacks for 1, and Quirion Dryad.
Turn 3: Draw/play Forest. There we go! Cast Lorescale Coatl. AI plays Terramorphic Expanse and sacs for Mountain.
Turn 4: Draw Merchant Scroll, play Island. Cast Survival of the Fittest, then Merchant Scroll for Mana Leak. (it was that or Capsize) Attack for 3. AI attacks for 2 and plays Goblin Sharpshooter. (proving it fails with Quirion Dryad :p)
Turn 5: Draw/play Plains. Regrowth on Ancestral Recall and cast it, drawing Forest, Tropical Island, Novablast Wurm. Attack with a 7/7 coatl. AI plays Raging Ravine and attacks for 3 (keeping back the sharpshooter)
Turn 6: Draw Harmonic Sliver, play Tropical Island. I have all the best creatures in hand already, so instead of using Survival I just play Rampaging Baloths and attack with the coatl; the sharpshooter chumps and taps to poke me for 1 damage. AI plays Verdant Catacombs and activates Raging Ravine (tapping the ravine :p) and then fetches Bayou with VC.
Turn 7: Draw/play Forest (landfall beast) Attack with coatl and baloths; dryad chumps coatl and AI takes 6 from baloths. Cast Novablast Wurm just for fun. AI plays Bituminous Blast on the beast token, and gets a free Blazing Specter, which doesn't attack.
Turn 8: Draw Elvish Piper, play Forest (landfall beast) Attack with coatl and baloths; Outcast chumps coatl and specter chumps baloths, but they still trample over for 4, which is enough to win. 1-0

Game 2: Playing first, get Noble Hierarch, Island, Confiscate, Coiling Oracle, Akroma, Survival of the Fittest, Breeding Pool. It's not the dream hand of last time, but it's still pretty nice.
Turn 1: Play Breeding Pool UNTAPPED (lose 2 life) and cast Noble Hierarch. AI plays Bloodstained Mire and sacs for Bayou.
Turn 2: Draw Jace, play Island, Coiling Oracle, drawing Cultivate. Hierarch attacks for 1. AI plays Wooded Foothills, getting Taiga.
Turn 3: Draw Merchant Scroll. Cast it for Ancestral Recall, then cast that to draw Mulldrifter, Final Judgment, Plains. Play Plains, attack for 2. AI plays Dragonmaster Outcast.
Turn 4: Draw Lorescale Coatl. Many options again, so I stop and think. I decide on Cultivate for Forest and Plains, play Plains, Survival of the Fittest. The oracle attacks for 2 again. AI plays Raging Ravine and attacks for 1.
Turn 5: Draw Regrowth. Sweet! Again, I have many options, so think about it for a bit. I figure you can't go wrong with Regrowth for Ancestral Recall, so I do that and cast AR, drawing Elvish Piper, Plains, Mana Leak. Play Plains, and again have several options. I decide to cast Lorescale Coatl and attack the AI for 2 with the oracle. I'm just going straight for the throat, now; I don't think the AI can stop all the threats I can deploy. AI plays Mountain and Sprouting Thrinax.
Turn 6: Draw/play/sac Windswept Heath for Tropical Island. Cast Akroma and swinging for 7 is clearly the best play, so I do that. AI casts Imperial Recruiter; no idea what it took.
Turn 7: Draw Rout. Akroma makes the kill. 2-0
(Wow, of all the shantak matches so far, I think those had to be the best hands by far. Regrowth into Ancestral Recall both games makes for good times)

Cognis vs Shantak: Cognis wins 2-1 (sorry cognis, couldn't beat turn 3 Natural Order, though with black mana I could've...) | Open
Game 1: Drawing first, get Boggart Ram-Gang, Oracle of Mul Daya, Wheel of Fortune, Mountain, Sarkhan Vol, Maelstrom Pulse, Forest. I'd love to have just that one more land, but this is already pretty good, assuming I draw into it, so I keep.
Turn 1: AI plays Breeding Pool. Draw Nimble Mongoose; play Forest and mongoose.
Turn 2: AI plays Plains, Birds of Paradise. Draw Dragonmaster Outcast, play Mountain and Outcast, attack for 1.
Turn 3: AI plays Forest and Natural Order (saccing birds) for Novablast Wurm. FFFFuuuuccc.... Anyway, draw/play Forest. My dudes are doomed, so I suicide attack; AI blocks mongoose with wurm and outcast hits for 1.
Turn 4: AI plays Island and attacks for 7; my outcast dies. Draw/play Awakening Zone.
Turn 5: AI plays Forest, attacks for 7, and then Indrik Stomphowler, destroying Awakening Zone. Draw Sarkhan the Mad. Crap, I really needed a swamp for Maelstrom Pulse. I have Boggart Ram-Gang and Wheel of Fortune as my only castable spells. The boggart is useless in the face of that wurm, so I cast the Wheel, though I have no clue what might save me. AI discards Tooth and Nail, Survival of the Fittest, and Progenitus (explaining why it took the Wurm with NO) and I draw 3 creatures, 2 lands, a mox, and Burst Lightning, none of which will save me, so I concede. 0-1
(sorry for the loss cognis, but the only difference I could've done would have been to play the Ram Gang on turn 3 and hope Wurm blocked it to wither it some; that would have bought me a bit of time. If I hadn't wheeled, Burst Lightning and Bloodbraid Elf were the next two draws, and I would've cascaded into Elves of Deep Shadow, and then drawn Quirion Dryad, so that was a loss, too. If I'd Wheeled, it would depend what my next couple draws were, but nothing in the new hand could stop the Wurm, though at least I did have mana. Looking at the decklist and what I'd already seen, the only way that would've worked was if I'd gotten Eternal Witness topdecked really fast and gotten Maelstrom Pulse back. Even then, I'd be in horrible shape, so that one was probably unwinnable.

Game 2: Playing first, get Shivan Wurm, Harmonize, Elves of Deep Shadow, Terramorphic Expanse, Forest, Mountain, Blazing Specter. Looks good; keep.
Turn 1: Forest, elf. AI plays Tropical Island.
Turn 2: Draw Maelstrom Pulse. Play/sac Terramorphic Expanse for Swamp, attack for 1. AI plays Forest.
Turn 3: Draw Siege-Gang Commander. Play Mountain, take 1 from elf to play Blazing Specter and attack for 2; AI discards Progenitus, who gets reshuffled. AI plays Island.
Turn 4: Draw Boggart Ram-Gang. I don't have the right lands to cast anything in hand but Maelstrom Pulse, and AI has nothing, so I just attack for 3; AI discards Tooth and Nail. AI plays Plains and Elvish Piper.
Turn 5: Draw Tarmogoyf. I could pulse the piper, which might be a good idea, as the AI probably has some fatties in hand. I could play tarmogoyf, or I could attack with the elves (and of course the specter) and hope the AI trades with the piper. If it does, I stop the piper's dangerous ability, though I lose a valuable mana source. If it doesn't, I can still pulse it. So I attack with both creatures. AI wisely takes the hit (I'm speechless!) and takes 3 damage, and discards Jace. I Maelstrom Pulse the piper. AI plays Breeding Pool. (heh, had to make a funny edit there, since Breeding Poo sounds not so good!)
Turn 6: Draw Eternal Witness. Cast Tarmogoyf (only legal play; it's a 4/5) and attack for 3, AI discarding Confiscate. Tarmo is now 5/6. AI casts Genesis.
Turn 7: Draw/play Umezawa's Jitte. Tap the elf to equip Tarmogoyf with the Jitte. Attack with both; Genesis chumps Tarmogoyf, and specter hits for 2; AI discarding Mulldrifter. The game crashes when AI activates Genesis during upkeep. (I thought that was supposed to be fixed?) This looks like it would've been an easy win for Cognis to me, especially as AI had only one card in hand and only one white mana in play, so I'll give him credit for it for now, and play another game at the end, and just give whether I won or lost. AI's only chance was to get a white mana and Rout/Final Judgment as the card in hand and draw; anything else and I'd have at least one creature to slap Jitte on for the win. 1-1

Game 3: Playing first, get Lavalance, Sarkhan Vol, Forest, Reflecting Pool, Bituminous Blast, Chain Lightning, Umezawa's Jitte. Weak in land, but strong spells; if I can draw a land or two this is very nice, so I keep.
Turn 1: Play Forest. AI plays Island.
Turn 2: Draw Sakura-Tribe Elder. Play Reflecting Pool and the elder. AI plays Island and Everflowing Chalice for 1. EOT I sac the elder for a Mountain, which as I have Chain Lightning in hand is slightly more useful than a swamp, if I happen to get two of the same mana first.
Turn 3: Draw Oracle of Mul Daya. Play Umezawa's Jitte. AI plays Breeding Pool. (dammit I had breeding poo again; maybe my L is broken? :p)
Turn 4: Draw Murderous Redcap and pass. AI plays Forest, Lotus Cobra, Coiling Oracle (into Plains) and Harmonic Sliver, destroying Jitte. OWOWOW.
Turn 5: Draw/play/sac Wooded Foothills for Badlands. Several options, but I quickly choose Lavalanche for 1, sending all 3 of those creatures to the grave and dealing 1 to the AI. AI plays Stroke of Genius for 3 and then a Plains.
Turn 6: Draw Siege-Gang Commander. I can play Sarkhan Vol, Oracle of Mul Daya, or Murderous Redcap. Chain Lightning is a waste, and the redcap is just about as useless without a target besides the AI, so it's either Sarkhan or the Oracle. I go for the Oracle, and he reveals Sarkhan the Mad. AI casts Rout.
Turn 7: Draw... Sarkhan the Mad. Surprise! Cast Sarkhan Vol, and use the first ability just for loyalty. AI plays Magus of the Vineyard (thanks!!!) and Regrowth on Rout.
Turn 8: Draw Inferno Titan. Wow, lots of options here with that free GG mana. I put down Inferno Titan, dealing 1 to the magus and 2 to the AI. Then I use Sarkhan Vol's first ability again, and swing with a 7/7 titan; he also smacks the AI for 3 more to the face with his ability. AI plays Rout again.
Turn 9: Draw Mox Emerald. MMMMmmmm... I was so hoping for a land. Use Sarkhan Vol's 3rd ability to make 5 4/4 dragons, destroying it in the process. Cast Sarkhan the Mad. See where this is going? :D:D:D Sarkhan the Mad smashes AI for 20 damage with its 3rd ability. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM. 2-1

(as promised, I played one more game just to confirm a win, and I won in 7 turns thanks to a turn 2 mox/boggart ram-gang and a turn 4 bituminous blast into harmonize. It was pretty easy after that!)

Shantak vs Grinnin: Shantak wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Playing first, get Akroma, 2x Island, 2x Forest, Cultivate, Plains. Given all those cost increasing cards Grinnin has, this might not be that bad. I'll keep it and give it a go.
Turn 1: Play Island. AI plays Swamp, Lotus Petal, and Smallpox. (AI sacs swamp and discards another swamp) I discard Akroma and sac the island.
Turn 2: Draw Magus of the Vineyard. Play Forest and Magus. AI passes. (wtf did it discard its only other swamp for???)
Turn 3: Draw Everflowing Chalice, play Island, cast Cultivate for Plains and Island, attack for 1. AI plays Swamp.
Turn 4: Draw Lorescale Coatl, play Island and Coatl, and attack with the Magus. AI responds with Contagion (ROFL, pitching Dark Confidant!) and kills the Magus and makes the Coatl 0/1. For now. AI passes.
Turn 5: Draw Simic Sky Swallower, play Forest, cast Everflowing Chalice, kicked twice. (So I can play SSS next turn) Attack for 1 with coatl. AI plays Swamp and evokes Shriekmaw to kill the Coatl.
Turn 6: Draw Coiling Oracle. Play Plains and the Simic. (not gambling that the oracle will hit a land; if it did I could play both, but I don't want to take that chance here) AI casts Diabolic Edict. Damn.
Turn 7: Draw Birds of Paradise. Cast Coiling Oracle, drawing Mulldrifter. Cast Mulldrifter, drawing Wall of Blossoms and Novablast Wurm. Cast Birds of Paradise. AI plays swamp.
Turn 8: Draw Capsize. Cast Wall of Blossoms, drawing Plains, which I play. Cast Novablast Wurm, attack for 3. AI plays Vault of Whispers and Smokestack.
Turn 9: Draw/play Plains. Capsize(buyback) the Smokestack, attack with Novablast Wurm for 7, unfortunately nuking my crappy creatures. I think I have it in the bag, when AI casts Reanimate for Shriekmaw, burying Novablast Wurm, and THEN casts Phylactery Lich, putting a counter on the Vault of Whispers. (at least that second play was stupid; Capsize on Vault will kill the lich)
Turn 10: Draw Indrik Stomphowler. Even better. Cast Indrik, targeting the vault, and the lich is sacrificed. AI stupidly attacks with Shriekmaw for 3.
Turn 11: Draw Forest, attack for 4 with indrik for the win. 1-0
(AI sure made a lot of bad plays that game! I think I would've won anyway though)

Game 2: Drawing first, get Ancestral Recall, Plains, 2x Island, Noble Hierarch, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Progenitus. Keep.
Turn 1: AI plays Swamp and Chrome Mox (imprinting Stinkweed Imp, a pretty good choice IMO) and then casts Nantuko Shade. Yikes. Draw/play Forest, Noble Hierarch. That helped a lot :)
Turn 2: AI attacks with Nantuko; I let it through and AI pumps to the max for 5 damage. Draw Genesis, play Island, attack for 1.
Turn 3: AI plays City of Traitors and casts Contagion (pitching Ambition's Cost, a terrible choice), targeting the hierarch twice. I respond with Ancestral Recall, drawing Tropical Island, Survival of the Fittest, Capsize. AI attacks with the shade and pumps it for 1, dealing 3 damage. Draw Forest, play Tropical Island, cast Survival of the Fittest.
Turn 4: AI plays Vault of Whispers (saccing City of Traitors) and attacks with the shade and pumping it all the way, dealing 6 damage. Life totals 6-18. EOT I activate Survival, discarding Genesis to get Wall of Blossoms. Draw Coiling Oracle, play Plains, cast Coiling Oracle (getting a Forest!) and cast Wall of Blossoms, drawing Akroma. (Genesis will let me chump and recur the wall repeatedly) AI plays Ashes to Ashes on oracle and the wall, removing them from the game (killing the Genesis plans) and attacks with the shade, pumping to the max for 4 damage. Life totals 2-13. EOT I discard Progenitus to Survival, getting Rampaging Baloths. Draw Tooth and Nail, play Island, play Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and use the 3rd ability to Unsummon that $%#^$# shade.
Turn 5: AI plays Swamp, Phyrexian Negator, Nantuko Shade. Good grief! EOT I discard Akroma to Survival for Magus of the Vineyard. Draw Brittle Effigy. Nice. Play Rampaging Baloths, play Forest (4/4 beast from landfall) and cast Magus of the Vineyard. Then I use Jace to Unsummon the Phyrexian Negator.
Turn 6: AI casts Phyrexian Negator and Smokestack, using the GG my magus provided. Draw Standstill. Entwine Tooth and Nail for Progenitus and Simic Sky Swallower. (the reason I took the Magus back there) Attack with Rampaging Baloths, 4/4 beast token, and Magus of the Vineyard, which will cause the AI to either take massive hits or else block something with the Negator, forcing sacrifices. The AI blocks the token with the Negator, sacrificing 2x Swamp, Chrome Mox, Vault of Whispers, and takes 7 from the rest. Then I use the last loyalty counter on Jace to unsummon the Negator again.
Turn 7: AI plays Mishra's Workshop, and Phyrexian Negator, using GG off the magus. Sac a Forest to Smokestack, draw/play Forest, Capsize(buyback) the shade, and attack with everything for the win. 2-0
(The AI played a tough game that second time; even with the misplay pitching Ambition's Cost to Contagion (rather than drawing 3 cards and pitching the worst) or the misplay with City of Traitors.)

Grinnin vs Shantak: Grinnin wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Playing first, get Grave Titan, Swamp, Chrome Mox, Nekrataal, Sphere of Resistance, Su-Chi, Night's Whisper. I'm happy with that; I like playing this style of deck.
Turn 1: Play swamp, Chrome Mox (imprinting Grave Titan) and cast Night's Whisper, drawing Swamp and Juggernaut. Very nice. AI plays Forest and Magus of the Vineyard.
Turn 2: Draw Diabolic Edict, play Swamp. Several strong options here, but I opt for Juggernaut. If AI manages Natural Order I can just edict the fattie. Funny enough, that's exactly what AI does, plays Plains and Natural Order (saccing Magus) for Progenitus.
Turn 3: Draw/play Swamp, cast Diabolic Edict. (duh) Cast Sphere of Resistance, attack for 5 with juggy. AI casts Brittle Effigy.
Turn 4: Draw Cabal Ritual, attack for 5. AI plays Windswept Heath, Everflowing Chalice for 1 (which ignored the Sphere of Resistance) and then sacs the Heath for Tropical Island (which if done in the other order would have resulted in a legal play of EC for 1)
Turn 5: Draw Stinkweed Imp, attack for 5. I could have sworn Stinkweed Imp cost 4B, not 2B, so I guess I can play it even with the Sphere in play, so I do. AI plays Wall of Blossoms, and then a Plains that it presumably drew.
Turn 6: Draw Abyssal Specter. Attack for 6 for the win, as the nonflying wall cannot block the flying imp or the Juggernaut. 1-0 (bringing back unpleasant memories of an incredibly close sealed deck game I lost back in the mid 90s when Juggernaut rolled over my Wall of Stone to kill me)

Game 2: Drawing first, get Nekrataal, Innocent Blood, Smokestack, Graveborn Muse, Swamp, Abyssal Specter, Ashes to Ashes. I'm not comfortable keeping that hand, so I mulligan it. I get Nekrataal, 3x Swamp, Stinkweed Imp, Juggernaut, and am a lot happier with that.
Turn 1: AI plays Forest, Magus of the Vineyard. Draw/play Swamp, cast Stinkweed Imp.
Turn 2: AI plays Plains. Draw Ambition's Cost, play Swamp, Juggernaut, and attack for 1.
Turn 3: AI plays Plains, and commits the usual AI blunder of attacking into an untapped Juggernaut (it never considers it as a legal defender) and I block the magus with Juggy, killing it. Draw Shriekmaw, play Swamp, attack for 6.
Turn 4: AI plays Island. Draw/play Vault of Whispers, attack for 6, cast Ambition's Cost, getting Contagion, Thorn of Amethyst, Swamp.
Turn 5: AI plays Plains and Mulldrifter. Draw Stupor, play Swamp. Cast Nekrataal, killing Mulldrifter, and attack for 6, life totals 17-1.
Turn 6: AI plays Ancestral Recall, then Elvish Piper, and discards Progenitus EOT. Draw/play swamp, attack for the win. 2-0

The rest of my games are a few posts down; the forum complained that this post was getting too long! :oops:
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Re: MRD Tournament Results!

Postby jatill » 11 Dec 2010, 15:21

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Re: MRD Tournament Results!

Postby Cognis » 11 Dec 2010, 16:29

like this | Open
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Re: MRD Tournament Results!

Postby Cognis » 12 Dec 2010, 21:20

Juzamjedi: 9 points
Cognis: 9 points
Jatill: 8 points
Monopman: 8 points
Shantak: 7 points
Nicdanger: 6 points
Grinnin: 5 points
Aww1979: 4 points

Shantak vs Jatill 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I had Tooth and Nail, Progenitus, Noble Hierarch and Simic Sky Swallower in my starting 7 so it was all about getting the necessary mana. Jace, the Mind Sculptor helped mi with that and Capsize helped clear big creatures from the AI’s side of the board.

Game 2: Again Progenitus in my hand with Noble Hierarch but this time with Elvish Piper. I outraced the AI’s Sphinx of Jwar Isle, but it also helped that while at 12 AI paid 8 life for Phyrexian Processor. I would’ve won either way but still a bad play.

Jatill vs Shantak 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Fabricate for Time Vault and I top deck Voltaic Key (but I had Transmute Artifact and Coalition Relic in play so it would happen either way.) The AI was tapped out so it was game over, especially when I used Mystical Tutor for Bribery and took Progenitus.

Game 2: Fabricate for Voltaic Key, Mystical Tutor for Tinker for Time Vault and another Bribery for Progenitus.

Shantak vs Aww1979 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Elvish Piper + Survival of the Fittest = Progenitus

Game 2: Some fun with Capsize allowed me to control the entire match.

Aww1979 vs Shantak 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Magus of the Vineyard the AI played allowed me to drop Oath of Druids so I played Imperial Seal for Darksteel Colossus which allowed me to win quickly.

Game 2: Sundering Titan wreaks havoc and oath gets me Darksteel Colossus and AI gets Progenitus but since AI’s at 1 that is not a problem.

Shantak vs Juzamjedi 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI takes my Genesis with Sower of Temptation but I take its Sea Drake with Confiscate. AI plays Sword of Fire and Ice, equips Sower of Temptation and attacks and I use Elvish Piper to play Harmonic Sliver, destroy SoF&I kill Sower of Temptation and take back Genesis. 2 turns later it was over.

Game 2: AI plays Sea Drake and I respond with Jace bouncing it back two times. Third time it sticks but I already have 6/6 Lorescale Coatl and Simic Sky Swallower.

Juzamjedi vs Shantak 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I take a hit from Akroma but take it with Sower of Temptation. I also have Bitterblossom and Scion of Oona. I played Forbid on Simic Sky Swallower and Thoughtsieze on Natural Order.

Game 2: Cold-Eyed Selkie with Loxodon Warhammer, Empyrial Plate and Lord of Atlantis does wonders and although lifelink from Loxodon Warhammer didn’t work I won.

Shantak vs Nicdanger 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I didn’t draw a single blue land the entire game but that wasn’t a problem. I would surely lose to the weenie army if it hadn’t been Tooth and Nail and Progenitus in hand.

Game 2: AI was mana screwed and I used Jace to make it stay that way but eventually AI got a second land and played Balance so I lost 4 lands and 3 creatures 1 turn before Progenitus would come into play. I play Standstill, wait for Jace to go ultimate and play Ancestral Recall on the AI, breaking Standstill, decking him and winning the game, lol.

Nicdanger vs Shantak 2-0 | Open
Game 1: We both make an army but I manage to put of Crucible of World + Strip Mine. Everything looks great until AI plays Novablast Wurm. I play Balance and equip Terravore with Skullclamp and attack, it dies but I draw Journey to Nowhere, whew, I had Maze of Ith in play but still this was better. I keep destroying land and pumping tokens with Imperious Perfect, fetch Wilt-Leaf Liege and overrun.

Game 2: AI plays 1 land entire game and I overrun with an aggro start.

Shantak vs Monopman 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I kept Lotus Cobra and Natural Order but Lightning Helix foiled my plan for turn 3 Progenitus, damn. Took me 3 turn to get another creature and it was Elvish Piper which the AI disposed with Wrath of God and killing its own Kitchen Finks that persisted. I am mana flooded but at least have enough mana to buyback Capsize. I have to return Kitchen Finks but then I get Tooth and Nail to play on the next turn and the AI taps his blue mana out to play Cryptic Command to draw a card and tap my nonexistent creatures but follows with Magus of the Disk which again puts a damper on my plans but I draw Lorescale Coatl and play Natural Order for Progenitus to make the magus go boom. AI is at 34 and I put Progenitus and Akroma into play and the AI plays Hallowed Burial, aaargh. AI plays Bogardan Hellkite but I have Brittle Effigy just waiting for him. I Capsize Mulldrifter and attack with Novablast Wurm. AI plays Show and Tell for Emrakul and I play Mulldrifter. I Capsize Mulldrifter, attack with the Wurm and play Mulldrifter again. I had Final Judgement waiting for Emrakul but Novablast Wurm brought the win.

Game 2: I start without green mana and Bird of Paradise but I have Ancestral Recall, it doesn’t help since I draw plains. I have 3 creatures that I could play but no green mana. I pain myself with Breeding Pool to play Harmonic Sliver to get rid of Veldaken Shackles. I manage to get Progenitus into play. AI has 5 lands but only one white mana source so just to be sure I Confiscate it a turn before I would won just to be sure. AI didn’t get another white mana source into play but before dealing the killing blow I couldn’t resist and checked out its hand and there it was, Wrath of God, but it seems I didn’t need Confiscate after all but best to be sure.

Monopman vs Shantak 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I remove all the weenies AI puts out and wait for my fourth land to imprint Counterspell and after that it was pretty much game over. AI played Jace and I responded with my own Jace just to kill the other one. The AI uses only its Brainstorm effect but I didn’t want to risk it. I even played Moat, I don’t think anyone would stood a chance against such a great hand, I even finished with a full hand of goodies and let Yosei do all the dirty work.

Game 2: While the AI managed to play anything Mishra’s Factory overrun it. For the killing blow I play Show and Tell, AI played Progenitus and I played Bogardan Hellkite to deal 5 damage to the AI although I needed only 1.

Shantak vs Cognis 2-1 | Open
Game 1: I play Simic Sky Swallower and lock the game with Standstill which the AI breaks and I put Akroma which I drew in play just as a bonus. AI had Umezawa’s Jitte but didn’t equip it to anyone.

Game 2: I had a good start with Lotus Cobra and Birds of Paradise but the AI had a solution for everything. Goblin Sharpshooter, Bituminous Blast, Lavalanche Siege-Gang Commander I drew as many cards that I could but got mana flooded in return.

Game 3: AI had a good hand but I managed to make Elvish Piper stick and put Progenitus in play.

Cognis vs Shantak 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I play Boggart Ram-Gang and equip Umezawa’s Jitte to take care of a fresh Lorescale Coatl before it grows but the next turn Harmonic Sliver destroys it. I play Bloodbraid Elf into Burst Lightning on the Sliver, attack and the AI is at 7 when AI plays Final Judgement. I have only one card left and that is Wheel of Fortune and the AI discards Natural Order which it would play on its turn. Dragonmaster Outcast and Sarkhan the Mad finish the game.

Game 2: I leave a 5 land hand because of Wheel of Fortune. I proceed to draw extremely well and the AI can’t manage more than 2 lands and by the time AI manages to play something I run it over with a huge army.

Shantak vs Grinnin 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I keep a one land hand because of Ancestral Recall, Everflowing Chalice, Brittle Effigy and Standstill. Hm, I played Standstill, AI played Stupor and I countered it, Standstill went to the graveyard but I didn’t get my cards, damn. I put Elvish Piper which puts Akroma and its game over.

Game 2: AI played Ashenmoor Gouger followed by Tangle Wire but thankfully kept tapping it twice. Then it played Lodestone Golem but at 9 life I had enough mana to play Final Judgement. I combo off with Lorescale Coatl and Jace, Confiscate Smokestack and play Standstill.

Grinnin vs Shantak 2-1 | Open
Game 1: I have great cards and 2 Swamp but the only land I draw in 10 turns is Mishra’s Workshop. I’m able to stall with Smokestack and Tangle Wire but Progenitus finishes me of. I think I would’ve won if I got more lands or I would at least have a shot since the AI finished at 9 life and I was left with Vampire Nighthawk, Nekrataal and Phylactery Lich in hand.

Game 2: I have to mulligan a one land hand but this time I get much better cards. Lodestone Golem gets countered but I Reanimate it next turn and finish the game with Smallpox sacking Dark Confidant.

Game 3: Again I mulligan because I only get Mishra’s Workshop to a 2 land hand and draw Mox Jet for a turn 2 Stupor. I stall with Thorn of Amethyst and play Phylactery Lich on it only to have it capsized the same turn, aargh. Dark Confidant gave me a definite card advantage and Smokestack locked the game. AI losses all its permanents and juggernaut finishes the game.

Jatill vs Aww1979 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Time Vault + Voltaic Key, AI had Leyline in play but I was too fast.

Game 2: Time Vault + Voltaic Key, there are really a lot of combinations to get this combo of and I use a different one each time.

Aww1979 vs Jatill 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI didn’t really played much although I could’ve hard catsed Inkwell Leviathan by activating Azorius Signet, it wouldn’t be enough but still. I tutored for Perniciuos Deed so even if it played the combo I had a solution.

Game 2: Hymn to Tourach for leviathan and Wall of Denial, yay, 2 creatures with shroud in one swoop. AI was mana screwed and Sundering Titan didn’t really help, AI had Tezzeret and Bribery so it could’ve gone very differently.

Jatill vs Juzamjedi 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I decide to risk a 6 land hand with 2 artifact lands, Thirst for Knowledge and Tolarian Academy and what do you know I draw Tezzeret and Pacifism for AI’s Sea Drake and combo of on the 5th turn. I manage to do some broken stuff before I pull the plug and end the game since the AI was tapped out and I was able to get 3 extra turns per turn.

Game 2: An interesting match which I won by using Gideon Jura, Mana Vault Voltaic Key and Bribery for Sower of Temptation which took Serendib Efreet, after that AI took it back with Treachery. I made them attack by using Gideon Jura but the efreet didn’t attack. It didn’t matter since I top decked Time Vault on my last turn before the AI died by self inflicted injuries.

Juzamjedi vs Jatill 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I use Ponder to set up Force of Will and Daze and use them both. First FoW on Conundrum Sphinx, and Daze the next turn on Martial Coup. I put a few creatures in play and win. AI used Bribery for Shadowmage Infiltrator and I played Boomerang on it and it didn’t return to my hand.

Game 2: I had to mulligan twice. AI skipped its land drop for 2 turns although it had the blue artefact land which I saw with Thoughtsieze. Only on the 3rd turn it played Arcane Sanctum but didn’t play Seat of the Synod the next turn. AI played very little the entire game, Land Tax, Conundrum Sphinx, Azorius Signet and Forcefield. The sphinx got hit in the face with Forbid with buyback so maybe that’s the reason. In the end I had a bunch of goodies and saved Timetwister from the beginning but never really needed to play it.

Jatill vs Nicdanger 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Gaddock Teeg hampered me a little but fortunately I had more than enough turns to play around him with Time Vault.

Game 2: I was with 2 lands and Time Vault in play. AI had a good start and I top deck Voltaic Key. Game over.

Nicdanger vs Jatill 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I slow down the AI with Wasteland and proceed to end the game in a few turns with Fyndhorn Elves, Imperious Perfect and Glorious Anthem.

Game 2: AI presses me hard in the beginning of the match with Conundrum Sphinx and Keiga and then in stead of Wilt-Leaf Liege or Imperious Perfect I lose an elf token when Keiga goes to the graveyard. I stall and play Baneslayer Angel which is enough to win although AI had Tezzeret in play.

Jatill vs Monopman 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Turn 3 Forcefield, turn 4 Elspeth, turn 5 Bribery for Emrakul and I thought it would be game over when the AI responded with Hallowed Burial. Sphinx of Jwar Isle and Compulsive Research allow me to see some 6 lands in a row but during that time Elspeth goes ultimate and AI responds to that with All Is Dust, damn. I keep drawing mana sources and out of 19 cards I drew 13 were mana sources until I get Spirit Link to play on Lightning Angel. I have 0 cards, AI 7, I’m at 13 life, AI at 3 and yet I draw another land, 13th in play + Coalition Relic, one plains in the graveyard + Silver Myr. Then a weird bug appeared when I got hit with Electrolyze for 4 damage. I draw Keiga, the Tide Star and the AI plays Remand but I have more than enough mana to play it again then the AI exiles it so I don’t even get a creature. Some weird thing kept happening with Forcefield and Spirit Link. Lightning Angel attacks for 3 (but with Spirit Link) and Magus of the Disk runs into the Forcefield and I lose 6 life. I had to use the debug mode to keep accurate life totals because it had nothing to do with what was on the board, oh, and I draw Tolarian Academy. Again the AI attacks and I lose 7 life even though I should lose 1, or 5 if there wasn’t Spirit Link and Forcefield involved. I get Gideon Jura and kill Magus of the Disk. AI attacks with Lightning Angel that has Spirit Link and I take 7 damage although I shouldn’t take a single point of damage. The savegame is attached and I decide to play this one over since there were some weird bugs in play here.

Game 1: I get a 5 land hand but I decide to keep since I have Tinker, I proceed to draw Enlightened Tutor and since I have Wayfarer’s Bauble in hand I wrap it up quickly.

Game 2: I start with Tezzeret the Seeker and end it before it really started with an army of artifacts gaining 2 turns on each of my turns because of untapping with Tezz and Voltaic Key, oh, I also had Worship :)

Monopman vs Jatill 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI plays Voltaic Key but I keep a few counterspells ready and waiting for Time Vault. Interestingly, the AI untapped Veldaken Shackles to get its creature back, sometimes AI surprises me in a good way but I still Disenchant it. After that the AI never really makes a threat.

Game 2: I get rid of creatures with shroud with Hallowed Burial and the rest fall to an imprinted Path to Exile. AI played Martial Coup for 4 when I had Moat and Lightning Angel so it effectively wasted a card, too bad, could’ve prolonged the match but in the end the AI just gave up and didn’t play anything till the end while I hard casted Emrakul which AI stopped for a turn with Forcefield.

Jatill vs Cognis 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I start with Time Vault and Transmute Artifact. AI plays two lands and jitte.

Game 2: Turn 2 Bribery for Broodmate Dragon.

Cognis vs Jatill 2-1 | Open
Game 1: Turn 3 Tinker for Inkwell Leviathan was too much. If it came a turn later I would be able to handle it with Sarkhan the Mad, or if the blasted thing didn’t have shroud.

Game 2: I kill everything that hits the table and overrun with Quirion Dryad and friends.

Game 3: AI plays Compulsive Research and discards Fabricate and Transmute Artifact and plays Time Vault, wow, unbelievable. AI plays Pacifism on a saproling instead of a 5/5 dragon and the saproling dies. AI plays Bribery for Yavimaya Elder which is a strange choice. Wow, AI discarded it’s win condition, my deck would be no match for Jatill’s in human hands.

Jatill vs Grinnin 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I start with Voltaic Key and Tolarian Academy so it was easy to combo off.

Game 2: Mystical Tutor for Enlightened Tutor for Voltaic Key to help Mana Vault and Phyrexian Processor. Tangle Wire slowed me down and I was down to 2 before I was able to pull off the combo. When Time Vault is tapped I wasn’t able to untap Mana Vault at the beginning of my upkeep even though I had enough mana. I had to leave Time Vault untapped and Chastise Lodestone Golem to finally untap Mana Vault. After that Bribery for Grave Titan ended the game in two turns.

Grinnin vs Jatill 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Turn 1 Phyrexian Negator, turn 2 Lodestone Golem, Thorn of Amethyst and Sphere of Resistance to lock the game and it was over pretty fast.

Game 2: AI skipped its land drop and played Tinker for Silver Myr, wtf? I had enough cards to make it sacrifice a creature but still. I removed everything AI played and overrun in the end.

Aww1979 vs Juzamjedi 1-2 | Open
Game 1: To say I was mana flooded would be an understatement. I began with Gemstone Mine, Gargoyle Castle, Felwar Stone, Swamp, Putrefy, Gaea’s Blessing. I proceeded to draw 6 lands, Golgari Signet and Channel. I was holding my own since the AI didn’t have much to play but Empyrial Plate was the finisher.

Game 2: I draw 6 lands and Putrefy so I mulligan. After that it was a close match which I won because of The Abyss, Oath of Druids and Platinum Angel.

Game 3: For the first time I didn’t have enough mana. I played Pernicious Deed to stop the early offensive but after that didn’t have many useful cards. I played Barter in Blood which was semi-effective because of Forbidden Orchard, I had Yawgmoth’s Will but not enough mana to play anything after it, I even played The Abyss but it was too late at that point.

Juzamjedi vs Aww1979 2-0 | Open
Game 1: A lot of merfolks and some counter spells made it a comfortable win.

Game 2:
Another match without many problems.

Aww1979 vs Nicdanger 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I don’t have much of a hand with 2 Forest and black cards but I start with Leyline in play and Imperial Seal in hand so I keep. I tutor for Helm but AI plays Qasali Pridemage and kills Leyline although I had Engineered Explosives in hand. I oath for Darksteel Colossus and play Sorin Markov, I blow everything with disk and cruise to victory after I remove dangerous cards with Jester’s Cap.

Game 2: I tutor for oath and get Sundering Titan which dies from Qasali Pridemage and after that I get Ulamog which sorts things out.

Nicdanger vs Aww1979 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI tutors a lot but doesn’t really get much out of it and I run it over.

Game 2: WG army overruns the AI quickly.

Aww1979 vs Monopman 2-1 | Open
Game 1: I start the game with Leyline of the Void. I play Sorin Markov and Liliana Vess, First I tutor for Helm of Obedience, then Sorin Markov goes ultimate, I play the helm and win.

Game 2: I have helm but can’t get 2 Swamp for Grim Tutor. AI plays Show and Tell for Emrakul and I put Phyrexian Arena and topdeck Swamp and Barter in Blood which get countered and Emrakul plows over me. If I got a black mana source sooner I could’ve played Grim Tutor but it came to late.

Game 3: Hymn to Tourach and Mind Twist get rid off 4 cards. AI plays Show and Tell and plays Flametongue Kavu and I play Darksteel Colossus, good thing AI discarded Emrakul and Path to Exile.

Monopman vs Aww1979 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI didn’t put up much of a threat and the amount of lands I drew was ridiculous.

Game 2: AI has 8 mana and 7 cards but just discards until I cheat Emrakul into play.

Aww1979 vs Cognis 2-1 | Open
Game 1: I get Oath of Druids and get Darkstell Colossus, play Channel for Sundering Titan and destroy AI’s 3 lands (2 duals). It was over 2 turns later.

Game 2: I start with Leyline in play and AI starts slowly. I play Grim Tutor and the turn before I can put it into play AI plays Wheel of Fortune and explodes powered by Oracle of Mul Daya, Goblin Sharpshooter + Siege-Gang Commander. I put disk into play but to no avail. I had the win in my hands and suddenly it was gone, damn, sorry aww, maybe I could’ve mulligan since I only had 2 lands but I started with Leyline and Grim Tutor, if my 3rd land I got didn’t enter the game tapped I’d be able to play Darksteel Ingot a turn earlier and win the game but the AI even attacked me with Raging Ravine and to make matters worse my next draw was Damnation.

Game 3: AI starts with Land Grant, I manoeuvre Oath of Druids for Sundering Titan leaving it without lands, control the board with Drop of Honey and win comfortably.

Cognis vs Aww1979 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I start with 2 lands but AI starts with Scepter of Fugue and discard on turn 1, I lose a lot of cards and can’t seem to get lands quickly enough, but I manage Yavimaya Elder to which AI responds with Damnation. I play BbElf, get Goblin Sharpshooter and AI responds with Barter in Blood. I burn the AI with Lightning Bolt, kicked Burst Lightning and Murderous Redcap. AI had 2 Swamp and Fellwar Stone + Gemstone Mine it lost after all the spells he used on me and it died with 7 cards in hand.

Game 2: Turn 1 Elves of Deep Shadow, turn 2 Putrid Leech, turn 3 Sarkhan Vol, turn 4 Harmonize. AI responds with Barter in Blood amd I play Nimble Mongoose, Tarmogoyf and Burst Lightning to finish the match on turn 5.

Aww1979 vs Grinnin 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Didn’t have a very good hand and could’ve lost if the AI didn’t have Graveborn Muse and Necropotence + Mana Crypt. I was at 3 with 3 lands and AI at 1 when I drew Demonic Tutor for Black Lotus and played Damnation, but I would’ve won either way since Mana Crypt dealt the killing blow.

Game 2: I get 5 lands, Black Lotus and Channel but I decide to keep hoping for a fatty. I don’t get a fatty but Engineered Explosives, Putrefy, Leyline of the Void and Liliana Vess which off course goes for Helm of Obidience. AI ended at 5 without me ever attacking it because of Mana Crypt.

Grinnin vs Aww1979 2-0 | Open
Game 1: A straight forward win with Lodestone Golem. I was left with Pox, Diabolic Edict and Smokestack that didn’t even trigger once but that wouldn’t be a problem since I had spirit tokens because of Forbidden Orchard.

Game 2: I ride turn 1 Nantuko Shade to victory.

Juzamjedi vs Nicdanger 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I keep a 5 land hand because of Bitterblossom and Lord of Atlantis, I draw another land but the AI misses its turn 1 land drop. In the end the faeries bring me victory with the back up of a few counterspells, AI had Oblivion Ring but didn’t target Bitterblossom.

Game 2:
AI again misses turn 1 land drop and plays only mox. I keep a hand with SoF&I and Bitterblossom. AI didn’t play a land for 3 turns although it had 5 lands, but on turn 4 it played Stirring Wildwood.

Nicdanger vs Juzamjedi 2-1 | Open
Game 1: Empyrial Plate on Looter il-Kor was unstoppable.

Game 2: I hid behind Gaddock Teeg and Emeria Angel and waited until AI’s Serendib Effret did enough damage to attack for the win.

Game 3: All out aggro assault.

Juzamjedi vs Monopman 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I have Bitterblossom and draw Scion of Oona and the AI responds by imprinting Disenchant on Isochron Scepter but it never activates it and I win comfortably.

Game 2: AI plays Show and Tell but thankfully only for Solemn Simulacrum. Sword of Fire and Ice wins the game for me. I expected these matches to be longer because of my previous encounters with Monopman’s deck but it was over rather quickly.

Monopman vs Juzamjedi 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Shadowmage Infiltrator and Empyrial Plate got me worried a little but I had Exalted Angel to offset the damage and Bogardan Hellkite that finished the game as soon as it came into play.

Game 2: Had to mulligan because I had 2 Island and no blue cards. I got a decent draw and wrapped it up quickly first with Lightning Angel, than Flametongue Kavu and finally with Yosei.

Juzamjedi vs Cognis 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Bitterblossom + Sword of Fire and Ice did most of the work.

Game 2:
Sword of Fire and Ice shined again,

Cognis vs Juzamjedi 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I put early pressure on the AI but get stopped with Man-o-War with Empyrial Plate. I block with Nimble Mongoose and then Sakura-Tribe Elder. I top deck Wheel of Fortune and play Siege-Gang Commander and that was the end of the game. I also got Goblin Sharpshooter but there was no need for that.

Game 2: Both the AI and me stand at 2 lands for a while until AI plays Timetwister and at that point I go into aggro mode and overrun in a few turns.

Juzamjedi vs Grinnin 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I keep a 1 land hand with Sleight of Hand, Empyrial Plate and other goodies that cost 3 mana max. AI plays Grave Titan but I Boomerang it and discard with Thoughtsieze. AI has Graveborn Muse and so pretty much kills it self with it and Necropotence although a human player would have won because it had 3 zombies and 4 life and decided to go to draw 3 cards with Necropotence although I was at 2 life without any creatures. Poor play.

Game 2: AI plays turn 3 Necropotence for 18. A good card rendered nigh useless in the hands of the AI, that’s why I decided not to play Fireblast, AI just sucks with some cards. In the end a single Biterblossom token was enough to win, although it had Empyrial Plate.

Grinnin vs Juzamjedi 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I lock the game early with Sphere of Resistance and Thorn of Amethyst. I play Nantuko Shade which I lose to Sower of Temptation. I play Contagion killing the faerie, play Animate Dead, take the faerie and AI’s Scroll Thief. AI takes Vampire Nighthawk with Treachery but too little, too late.

Game 2: AI has few lands which I reduce with Smallpox and then play Sphere of Resistance and the AI doesn’t really play anything because it’s over very quickly.

Nicdanger vs Monopman 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI stalled with Wall of Reverence, Moat and Veldaken Shackles but I drew Ravages of War followed by Seal of Primordium and after that my army finished everything in one swing.

Game 2: AI played Yosei, the Morning Star 3 turns in a row and 3 times I bounced it with Karakas but the AI couldn’t grasp that fact so it was a pretty easy win overall.

Monopman vs Nicdanger 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Moat locked the game and after that it was just a matter of time.

Game 2: I had only one land but Show and Tell and Emrakul in my starting hand so I waited a few turns until I got two more lands and put my winning condition in play.

Nicdanger vs Cognis 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Weenie army wins without much problem thanks to cheap creatures and some white removal.

Game 2: Maze of Ith keeps a massive Tarmogoyf at bay the entire match, I have the upper hand but can attack only with flyers because of Tarmogoyf, Murderous Redcap and Goblin Sharpshooter. Thankfully AI made a huge mistake when it played Wheel of Fortune discarding Sarkhan the Mad and Dragonmaster Outcast while having 6 lands, I hade 0 cards in hand, then Lavalanche takes out my entire board except Knight of Reliquary. I play Ravages of war and pump the knight after a while, Eldamari’s Call for 29/29 Terravore and finish the game although there is no way I would’ve won against a human player in this situation.

Cognis vs Nicdanger 2-0 | Open
Game 1: The AI doesn’t play much weenies since it has to take care of my threats and my aggro start. Little burn and some creatures make it a comfortable win.

Game 2: I get a land advantage with Elves of Deep Shadow and Yavimaya Elder and when Inferno Titan enters followed by Goblin Sharpshooter and Siege-Gang Commander AI has no chance and plays Armageddon while I have 8 creatures compared to 0. I win.

Nicdanger vs Grinnin 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Emeria Angel fuelled me to victory after I played Strip Mine on Swamp and Viridian Shaman on Mana Crypt.

Game 2: I was hard pressed by turn 2 Phylacetry Lich, then Abyssal Specter but I had Llanowar Knight block the lich and was able to play Viridian Shaman to despose of the lich. AI discards all of my cards but one, I top deck Plains and play Baneslayer Angel at 7. AI manages to get rid of all my creatures except the angel and I pull off a win.

Grinnin vs Nicdanger 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI plays Balance while I have Su-Chi. I play Contagion to decrease my cards to 2 and I have to sacrifice a land but the AI needs to discard 5 cards. I manage to control the board with Pox and Smallpox and I cruse to victory although I ended at 6 life.

Game 2: Ashenmoor Gouger and Vampire Nighthawk gave me a quick win.

Monopman vs Cognis 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I play Impulse and have to choose between Mox Sapphire, Path to Exile, Veldaken Shackles and Bogardan Hellkite. I took shackles because I had enough mana and the AI didn’t have an immediate threat. I had to discard the next turn because of Blazing Specter but I took control of it when my turn came around. I Incinerate Siege-Gang Commander and the AI plays Maelstorm Pulse on Blazing Specter instead of Veldaken Shackles. I play Fact or Fiction and choose Moat deciding to wait when I can put Emrakul into play and in case of emergency I had Magus of the Disk. A few turn later I get Show and Tell.

Game 2: At one point AI had an army but I took care of that with All Is Dust and took control with Exalted Angel and counters.

Cognis vs Monopman 2-0 | Open
Game 1: I keep a 5 land hand with Blazing Specter thinking if I can control the AI’s hand I’ll make my match much easier. I played Sakura-Tribe Elder and a fetch land and still I drew 2 lands in a row, for now 8/10 cards were lands. I hope I’ll draw Violent Ultimatum. I play Blazing Specter only to have it Incinerated ‘d. AI plays Wall of Reverence and I play Chandra Nalar while the AI plays no creatures. Chandra explodes and my Inferno Titan gets countered but I have to kill it next turn to get rid of Exalted angel with the help of Bituminous Blast. I play Dragonmaster Outcast and the little bastard sticks, I have 11 lands and 2 in hand. I keep holding back land and creatures out of fear of removal which AI’s deck has an abundance of. Blightning passes, AI discards Propaganda and Show and Tell + 2 dragon tokens and AI is at 0. Checked AI’s hand before the dragons dealt damage and it had 3 lands. Both of us were mana flooded but thankfully I had a slightly better draw with the Dragonmaster Outcast.

Game 2: I had a fast star, Sarkhan Vol helped. AI’s Magus of the Disk reset the field but Raging Ravine and Boggart Ram-Gang dealt the necessary 7 damage.

Monopman vs Grinnin 2-1 | Open
Game 1: AI had a good start while I only had 2 Island and lost one to Pox but then AI played Phyrexian Negator which I targeted with Lightning Helix and Incinerate. AI also played Smokestack and lost all its permanents. Jace also helped tons.

Game 2: Turn 1 Lodestone Golem, turn 2 Su-Chi, turn 3 Tangle Wire. I stood no chance against that.

Game 3: This time I get a broken start with turn 2 Emrakul. Didn’t expect Monopman’s deck to lose a single match, but I really don’t know what kind of a hand I would’ve need to have to survive game 2.

Grinnin vs Monopman 2-1 | Open
Game 1: I decided to keep a 5 land hand because of Mishra’s Workshop, Graveborn Muse and Innocent Blood and luckily I did because the AI played turn 3 Emrakul which I gladly made the AI sacrifice. Nantuko Shade goes on the offensive with Tangle Wire but I get hit by Wrath of God, I play Phylactery Lich but lose it when AI disenchants Thorn of Amethyst, aargh. AI plays Exalted Angel and I Reanimate my muse to get some cards in a desperate move and the AI plays Veldaken Shackles and I lose the muse. That deck has an answer to everything.

Game 2: Turn 1 Vampire Nighthawk does 8 damage before the AI kills it. I remove all the AI’s threat and even Wrath of God wasn’t able to save it from Phylactery Lich.

Game 3: We remove all the creatures that enter the field for a few turns but then Abysmal Specter starts reducing the AI’s hand and Lodestone Golem keeps the AI at bay although it has imprinted Disenchant but it never uses it.

Cognis vs Grinnin 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI pressed me hard in the beginning but Inferno Titan changed the tide. He got killed but