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Jan Tournament (SSA) Results - round 3 ends Jan 31

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Re: Jan Tournament (SSA) Results - round 3 ends Jan 31

Postby 240sxforever » 26 Jan 2011, 21:47

| Open
Game 1
This game was demoralizing as hell, I started with 2 Mountains and a Plains with a good mix of spells. AI got 4 strip mines, 3 of them on the 3 plains I played. The only spell I was able to play the whole game was Brittle effigy.

Game 2
Started with Mountain,Plains, Condem, Pascifisim, Gladiator and Platinum Angel. I got to stare at Cyclops gladiator, Ancient hellkite, Hoarding dragon and Platinum angel, with 5 plains in play, as all 3 of my mountains were striped away. Colossus finished the game.


I am sorry, I really did try, but AI played 4 strip mines in the first game and 3 the second.

240sxforever vs SALBEI
| Open
Game 1
Turn 4 Tetravus, Turn 5 Colossus, backed by 2 Strip mines denying access to white.

Game 2
Swinging 7 per turn with Mishra's factories, then the AI landed both titans on consecutive turns, that pretty well sealed the game.

Game 3
Not an easy win, AI resolved 2 planes walkers and hoarding dragon. Candelabra + Tron won this game. Dragon engine was swinging for 13 by endgame.

Final: 2-1

Salbei -- 0
240sxforever -- 6

My vote for the MVP card of the tourney is Strip mine Followed closely by Time elemental. I did not loose a single game where I resolved a time elemental and Strip Mine is just broken-in-half good.
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Re: Jan Tournament (SSA) Results - round 3 ends Jan 31

Postby Aswan jaguar » 27 Jan 2011, 23:07

Salbei vs 240sxforever 1-2 | Open
GAME 1 Although I had a starting hand of 4lands,AI deprived me of white mana firstly then of a 3nd mountain.I used pacifism on a guy,traded Hoarding Dragon with Tertravus and with the artifact ( Brittle Effigy) I took care of Colossus of Sardia,but I was still overpowered 2plains+2mountains were not enough to get the big guys in.

GAME 2 I won this one only because AI didn't attack 3-4 times with Mishra factory.Especially 1t before my savior,AI didn't include in his attack 2Mishra factory he had the mana to do so,I got away with 3lifes then I drew 7land and played the only card to save me Platinum Angel.

GAME 3 I mulligan once since I had only 1land,but got again 1land and didn't push my luck any further.I got stuck to 3 lands even without being hit by Strip Mine s.Pacifism on Dragon Engine didn't stall him at all,next turn 4t,Colossus of Sardia hit the table ...

240sxforever vs Salbei 1-2 | Open
GAME 1We are both mana screwed in the first turns,then AI starts to play lands I deprive his red mana with 2 Strip Mines,but Condemn ,Day of judgment and Brittle Effigy clear my guys,then AI uses Ajani Goldmane to pump his creatures,but he didn't have any!! :shock: and then in same turn he casts Serra Angel!AI cast Sun Titan and it didn't attack to my wall of Spears and Clay Statue probably because of the regeneration,but he doesn't get that I have only 1mana and can't really regenerate Clay Statue.It was a great fight and I only won 1t before AI beat me down.Yes I was celebrating and writing the comments about my victory when I saw 0-1!!what the hell,AI used Vengeful Archon s ability and redirected the damage to me.I had Vengeful Archon Tawnos Coffin ed before but had to use it on Platinum Angel to hit for the win.
GAME 2 Urzas assembly fast,Clay Statue,Triskellion do most of the damage.I used Strip Mine for the only mountain AI played and with 4plains he couldn't do much.
GAME 3 I Strip Mine a Mountain and 1more after AI got Baneslayer Angel,then AI played Inferno Titan and thinks looked really bad.Tawnos Coffin wasn't enough,when he started to pump his creatures with Ajani Goldmane there was no escape for me.
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: Jan Tournament (SSA) Results - round 3 ends Jan 31

Postby jatill » 31 Jan 2011, 13:34

240sxforever is the clear winner in the finals.
What'll your prize cards be?
For what's it's worth, this will be the last tournament that I offer 5 prize cards. From here out it's 1 per win. Luckily Gargaroz is adding cards by the hundreds!
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