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April Tournament Results (round 2 ends 4/24)

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April Tournament Results (round 2 ends 4/24)

Postby jatill » 01 Apr 2011, 19:44

Round 2:

Ascetic Troll vs jatill

Group D:
juzamjedi vs Stroggoii

Matches for this round are best of 5.
Results are due 4/24.
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby Stroggoii » 02 Apr 2011, 08:35

Alex Vs Aww 2-0 WIN
Game 1: This deck just doesn't afraid of anything. Best removal, great creatures, kobolds can't compete.
Game 2: The Mazes and deserts are a great deffence on top of pumped black knights killing everything as they attack.

Alex Vs Ascetic Troll 2-0 WIN
Game 1: Maze kept AI under control the whole game as it only played one threat at a time, meanwhile I built my little army and alpha striked for the win.
Game 2: I removed every djinn AI played and attacked with my pumped weenies till I won.

Alex Vs Stroggoii 2-1 WIN
Game 1: AI lets itself loose, it discarded two ball lightnings it had in hand with open mana to play, my creatures taped and no cards in my hand. And then it let 10 damage in from two white knights while it holds two onulets in the deffense line. I was at 11, it was at 8. :roll:
Game 2: Ok, now it played well, bolting all I played during the first four turns and playing three ball lightnings in chain plus kobolds running my ebon hand and thrull into the ground.
Game 3: The army of weenies overwhelmed the kobolds once I terrorized the overlord.

Aww Vs Alex 2-1 WIN
Game 1: Overwhelmed the AI with kobolds thanks to wheel of fortune re-filling my hand with four 0 cmc ones and an overlord plus the already played taskmasters.
Game 2: Drew only 0 cmc kobolds and got stomped.
Game 3: Now this was great, drew a hand full of 0 cmc kobolds, plus a wheel of fortune and a mountain, then when I could play the wheel I drew a hand with four taskmasters and alpha striked.

Aww Vs Ascetic Troll 1-2 LOSE
Game 1: Goblin war drums kept AI from blocking my kobolds.
Game 2: AI played 1 too many flyers and won the damage race.
Game 3: Got mana-screwed and faced two djinns.

Aww Vs Stroggoii 0-2 LOSE
Game 1: AI got the overlord, I didn't.
Game 2: AI bolted my overlord and played three straight ball lightnings then bolted me for the win.

Ascetic Troll Vs Alex 2-1 WIN
Game 1: Five unstable mutations on the efreet, that's brutal.
Game 2: Got mana-screwed at 2 islands and completely dominated.
Game 3: Three mutated falcons were enough to race damage in thru AI's maze.

Ascetic Troll Vs Aww 2-1 WIN
Game 1: AI managed to race my flyers in damage by playing three taskmasters in the same turn and alpha striking for the win.
Game 2: AI played 0 cmc kobolds only.
Game 3: 4 mutated flying men, feels almost like the card's flavour text.

Ascetic Troll Vs Stroggoii 2-1 WIN
Game 1: Dominated the sky with efeets and a mutated falcon.
Game 2: AI bolted my flying men and I didn't get the big creatures fast enough to recover from the ball lightnings' attacks.
Game 3: Megamutated flying men for the win.

Stroggoii Vs Alex 2-1 WIN
Game 1: Very close match, I won by keeping two Ball Lightning in hand untill AI striked into my kobold weenies and trampled for the win when we were both at 4.
Game 2: Death by Aelopile
Game 3: Thought I was done for when Hippie put me in top-deck mode but I kept top-decking Bolts and Ball Lightnings managing to trample damage in for the win.

Stroggoii Vs Aww 2-0 WIN
Game 1: I got the Overlord, AI didn't.
Game 2: This one was long, I had to punch thru with lightnings because we were equal in the field.

Stroggoii Vs Ascetic Troll 2-0 WIN
Game 1: Ball Lightning helped me race the Flying Men.
Game 2: Bolting my own Onulets helped me survive long enough for my Kobolds to beat in.

I'll do the rest later.
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby aww1979 » 04 Apr 2011, 11:27

ALEX vs AWW: alex wins 2-1 | Open
Game 1: Got screwed on black mana, having only one swamp for awhile due to bad opening hands. When I got the second swamp I started fighting back. On a key turn when I needed to draw a land, I drew Ebon Stronghold, and as things went, had it been a Swamp or any land that came into play untapped, I might've been able to recover, but it was a loss. Sorry. 0-1
Game 2: No contest. AI bent over. Even if it had played the cards it should have played, but discarded to Mindstab Thrull, I probably would've won. 1-1
Game 3: This game locked up on one of my attacks, but I'm perfectly content to give Alex the win over me. AI quit casting anything after turn 2, preferring instead to discard kobolds and wheels to my hippie and mindstab thrull, even though it had 5 mountains in play. 2-1

ALEX vs ASCETIC TROLL: Alex wins 2-1 | Open
Accidentally ran regular magic instead of limited (the Stitch Together was my first clue :p) so I aborted the game. Then I thought I did it again, because Eater of the Dead was in my opening hand for some reason, so I aborted that one too, but it was actually supposed to be in the deck :p My mistake. I haven't seen that card used in over 15 years...
Game 1: Turn 2 I hymn 2 islands away, but AI doesn't even blink, not missing a land drop until turn 6, and then only because it had no cards left. A twice-mutated Flying Men hurt me badly, but my creatures win it for me on turn 7. 1-0
Game 2: AI kicked my ass with a mutated flying men, two serendib efreets and a phantom monster; I couldn't draw any removal. A play mistake cost me 3 life on one turn, but I would have lost anyway. 1-1
Game 3: Maze of Ith pwns Unstable Mutation creatures :p Easy win. 2-1

ALEX vs STROGGOII: Alex wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Easy win, not much to say. 1-0
Game 2: Easy win again. I facepalm when Hypnotic Specter hits AI and it discards its only card, LIGHTNING BOLT, with UNTAPPED mountains, but I had so many creatures out it made no difference. 2-0

AWW vs ALEX: AWW wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Mulliganed 5x 0/1 kobolds and 2 mountains into a kobold, wheel, and 4 mountains. 3rd turn wheel got me a load of kobolds and I won on turn 5 with 6 2/x kobolds backed by raging river. 1-0
Game 2: Game froze. I was probably going to win, but I'll replay anyway, since it wasn't a sure thing.
Game 2a: Turn 6 win, again thanks mostly to Wheel of Fortune. 2-0

AWW vs ASCETIC TROLL: AWW wins 2-1 | Open
Game 1: Won on turn 5 without a wheel. First hand had 2 land, 3x kobolds, 2x taskmaster. Ascetic Troll's deck is so fast that in the 4 turns it had (I played first) it got me down to 4 life! 1-0
Game 2: I got completely assraped. Mulliganed a couple times due to no mana, and got stuck with a single mountain and some 0/1s. AI killed me in FOUR turns. 1st turn flying men, 2nd turn 2x mutation, 3rd turn serendib, 4th turn another mutation. I never did anything after turn 1. 1-1
Game 3: AI didn't get any unstable mutations, so I didn't have much trouble. My hand wasn't great, either, but it was better than the AIs hand. 2-1

AWW vs STROGGOII: AWW wins 2-1 | Open
Game 1: Wow... a kobold mirror match. Haven't seen anything that ridiculous in a long time :p Game was a stalemate as we built up kobold armies, until I topdecked Goblin War Drums and won that very turn. 1-0
Game 2: Once again, two gay kobold armies built themselves up, but this time the AIs lightning bolts cleared two of my lords, enabling it to keep attacking for the win. 1-1
Game 3: Raging River meant that my larger kobold army had little problem getting past its smaller kobold army. 2-1

ASCETIC TROLL vs ALEX: troll wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: On turn 2 I attack with a 7/7 flying men. I think it's in the bag, but it turns out to be incredibly close, as AI has two Erg Raiders and Bad Moon out quickly. I have to stop attacking with the AI at 5 life to hold off its raiders, but I'd just played Mahamoti Djinn, and so he counterattacks and I win with 3 life. 1-0
Game 2: AI gets manascrewed and I win on turn 5 effortlessly. 2-0

ASCETIC TROLL vs AWW: troll wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Pretty easy win, with 12 life left, and about half of that was my own efreets. 1-0
Game 2: Just as easy a win; AI missed turn 2 land drop but got one turn 3. I never got any unstable mutations, but AI never got any taskmasters, so it was kind of weird, considering both decks have 10 copies of each! 2-0

ASCETIC TROLL vs STROGGOII: troll wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Flawless victory. I win on turn 5, having lost no life except to my own efreet. 1-0
Game 2: Almost as good as game 1. I win on turn 6 with 19 life (AI was at 1 on turn 5) and I would have won on turn 5, except that I didn't draw a 3rd land until turn 6 when I didn't need it, so my game was slow! :p 2-0

STROGGOII vs ALEX: stroggoii wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI slowed me down quite a bit with Maze of Ith, Terror, and two Oubliette, but couldn't get any actual threats beyond one Erg Raiders, so I won. 1-0
Game 2: Hypnotic Specter decimated my hand, but fortunately I'd gotten some kobolds out beforehand, and drew into two Ball Lightning. Topdecked Lightning Bolt for the win. 2-0

STROGGOII vs AWW: stroggoii wins 2-1 | Open
Game 1: I've got a great hand with lots of Ball Lightning, but the AI drops Wheel of Fortune and I throw them all away. AI gets a kobold army with overlord for first strike, and I don't get an overlord, and his kobolds walk all over me. 0-1
Game 2: AI got raped harder than a supermodel in prison, and I win on turn 6; the only damage I take is 5 from Eron the turn before I win. 1-1
Game 3: Ball Lightning sucks against Kobold Overlord, but Kobold Overlord sucks against Lightning Bolt :) My kobold army tramples and first strikes, and AIs doesn't, so I win. 2-1

STROGGOII vs ASCETIC TROLL: stroggoii wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Holy crap! Very close game, and I think I'm going to lose to Serendib Efreet next turn, when I suddenly topdeck Ball Lightning! I win by a hair's width. 1-0
Game 2: Another extremely close game, won again by Ball Lightning x2, only they were played earlier in the game, so the climax wasn't quite as tense. 2-0

Both games could have gone either way very easily; had AI topdecked Unstable Mutation in game 2 the last turn, I'd have lost.

Final scoring for group A: (NOTE: corrected, aswan jaguar spotted that I had given all 2-0 victories 2 pts instead of 3 pts. This means that alex got +1, aww got +1, troll got +3, and stroggoii got +2 over what I had erroneously given them. The scores below should now be correct; all of the 3s were wrongly 2s before)
Alex: 2+2+3 = 7
Aww: 1+3+2+2+1=9
Ascetic Troll: 1+1+3+3+3=11
Stroggoii: 1+3+2+3=9
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby ALEX Ryugami » 05 Apr 2011, 09:20

Group A:


ALEX => 3+2+2+0+2+3 = 12
Aww => 0+3+3+3+0+0 = 9
Ascetic Troll => 1+0+1+3+2+1 = 8
Stroggoii => 1+0+1+0+3+2 = 7

ALEX vs. Aww 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: The way not to lose this game is by killing the AI's Kobold Taskmaster, then the game is not that hard to beat by Erg Raiders and a pair of Bad Moons with Black Knights defend me.
Game 2: Same with last game, by using the lonely Ihsan's Shade and a Bad Moon to win the game.
Game 3:------

ALEX vs. Ascetic Troll 2-1
Games | Open
Game 1: This is a bit easy game because I hit two Serendib Efreets with Hymn to Tourach (how lucky!) I have one Desert to deal with two Flying Men, but I forgot to activate it :P by the way, I still win with Erg Raiders and Hypnotic Specter
Game 2: Stupid me, I just playing without paying attention of my starting hands XP and that costs me the game because I lost to double Unstable Mutation-ed Phantom Monster at eight life
Game 3: At first, I stuck with two Swamps and no Terror to deal the Unstable Mutation-ed Flying Men. Then he cast Serendib Efreet when I pull the third Swamp to cast Oubliette on the Efreet. One turn before the AI die, he cast Mahamotti Djinn, but I have Terror to seal the game

ALEX vs. Stroggoii 2-1
Games | Open
Game 1: AI puts the pressure by casting four or more(!) Ball Lightnings, but I have Terrors to handle some of them, and win by Eater of the Dead and Order of the Ebon Hand + Bad Moon
Game 2: I misclick so I am going into the combat without casting the Bad Moons first, and not holding Ihsan's Shade back so I can block Ball Lightning. But yeah, I lost because I'm not skillful
Game 3: I'm lucky that AI doesn't cast any Ball Lightnings. Without it, the game is easier to beat

Aww vs. ALEX 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: I mulligan to three Mountains(!) but luckily, I got a Wheel of Fortune when I hit three mana, so it's just like Mind Twist for seven on your opponents and drawing me seven cards :P and the AI just make some poor decisions by Terroring the lowly Crimson Kobolds instead of Kobold Taksmaster. And block the Taskmaster instead of Eron by Mishra's Factory without mana for regenerating. Then my victory is easy since he just put lands.
Game 2: AI doesn't put any pressure to me, and I win with a lot of Kobolds and two Kobold Taskmasters
Game 3:------

Aww vs. Ascetic Troll 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Put the free Kobolds, Wheel of Fortune to refill my hand, and win with a lot of Kobolds and three Kobold Taskmasters
Game 2: Goblin War Drums doesn't work as intended, but I still win at one life because I have more threats than the AI
Game 3: -------

Aww vs. Stroggoii 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Kobolds mirror! By the way, Raging River is so awesome It lets my creatures to be unblockable, and thus, win me the game
Game 2: Oh I'm wrong, Goblin War Drums still working even opponent's creature block it with single creature, the damage just go through. Goblin War Drums plus Raging River win me the game
Game 3: ------

Ascetic Troll vs. ALEX 1-2
Games | Open
Game 1: AI doesn't cast any removal, and I win with my air forces
Game 2: I almost win the game if the AI doesn't cast Ihsan's Shade and puts me under pressure and have to pull my only threat to block him when me at low life. I don't pull any Efreets and Djinns this game
Game 3: I lost the game because my threats are killed even the AI only has one life left when it wins

Ascetic Troll vs. Aww 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Four Flying Men for the win! And also single Zephyr Falcon and Serendib Efreet for the win! Without Kobold Taskmaster, the Kobolds are harmless
Game 2: My bigger fliers successfully hold the Kobolds back so they not attack me, and I win with big air force
Game 3: ------

Ascetic Troll vs. Stroggoii 2-1
Games | Open
Game 1: My air forces can't hold the horde of Kobolds back, and I die with a lot of Kobolds attacking
Game 2: Two Zephyr Falcons with two Unstable Mutations on each of them wins me the game
Game 3: The AI can't handle my big air forces

Stroggoii vs. ALEX 0-2
Games | Open
Game 1: I lost because I draw more Mountains than threats. And if I have, my threats are smaller compared to the AI
Game 2: Maze of Ith screws the game. I'm stuck with five(!) Ball Lightnings in hand and four lands, so I can't put two Ball Lightnings and damage the opponent. I lost because AI has bigger threats
Game 3: ------

Stroggoii vs. Aww 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Two Kobold Taskmasters and single Kobold Overlord are insane because that make my Kobolds more superior in combat than the AI's
Game 2: Fast game, with same set up of Two Taksmasters and single Overlord to make unbeatable Kobolds
Game 3: ------

Stroggoii vs. Ascetic Troll 2-1
Games | Open
Game 1: Three Ball Lightnings and single Kobold Sergeant do the damage even the Ball Lightning always blocked by 1/1s, then I finish the AI with Lightning Bolt
Game 2: Zephyr Falcon plus two Unstable Mutations is very problematic, and I don't have any removals to remove it. So die to Zephyr Falcon (without any Mutations on it) and two Flying Men
Game 3: My biggest mistake is I cast Lightning Bolt when Ball Lightning attacks the AI at seven life so the AI pull Unsummon to remove the Ball instead of maybe killing the AI right away if I cast the Bolt later, but I'm lucky to not get the pressure from the AI


Group B:


jatill => 3+3+3+0+0+0 = 9
Aswan Jaguar => 0+3+1+2+0+0 = 6
Juzam Jedi => 0+2+3+3+3+3 = 14
Shantak => 0+1+0+3+3+0 = 7

jatill vs. Aswan Jaguar 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: AI is poor at handling Aswan's deck, and winning is easy by using a pair of Triskelions
Game 2: Once again, a pair of Triskelions win me the game. It's interesting to see the AI hardcasting Nicol Bolas before I wipe the world by Nevinyrral's Disk
Game 3: ------

jatill vs. Juzam Jedi 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: A stream of Merfolks can be problematic for me, but I have bigger threats, so that forces the AI to make 2-for-1 or more trade. And I win easily after AI puts no more creatures.
Game 2: Early Merfolk assault can be problematic, but luckily that AI chooses to bounce my Triskelion so I can use its ability to remove threats and then use it again. And I win with Colossus of Sardia and Triskelion
Game 3: ------

jatill vs. Shantak 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Wall of Swords is problematic for my Triskelions, but I can rid it easily with Nevinyrral's Disk. Then I have to wait for some turns until I draw a threat and win with it.
Game 2: I don't know why I always have a set of Urzatron in opening hand, so mana won't be my problem :P and I win again with Triskelion and Su-Chi despite AI put a Spirit Link on my Colossus :P
Game 3: ------

Aswan Jaguar vs. jatill 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Finding Animate Dead using Bazaar and targetting Nicol Bolas with mana to keep it around. With Instill Energy, it's a sick attacker and blocker
Game 2: Once again, Nicol Bolas is very cool. Hail for Bolas! :P
Game 3: ------

Aswan Jaguar vs. Juzam Jedi 1-2
Games | Open
Game 1: Boomerang bounces my Bolas twice and I'm dead by Merfolks
Game 2: Now I have reanimated Bolas with Instill Energy so I can attack the turn it reanimated and discard AI's enitre hand, and luckily AI don't draw any Boomerangs
Game 3: I accidentally put Underground Sea to the battlefield, and that misplay costs me the game

Aswan Jaguar vs. Shantak 2-1
Games | Open
Game 1: Nicol Bolas + Instill Energy FTW!
Game 2: Lost because of Counterspells
Game 3: Colossus of Sardia + Instill Energy FTW!

Juzam Jedi vs. jatill 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Without a complete set of Urzatron, AI's deck is less scary. I win with the Merfolk swarm
Game 2: Same with last game
Game 3: ------

Juzam Jedi vs. Aswan Jaguar 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Just counter the Animate Dead and don't worry you'll lose the game
Game 2: Craw Giant + Instill Energy proved to be too problematic for my Merfolks, but AI doesn't attack with it when I have some threats. This gives me time to overboard with Merfolks
Game 3: ------

Juzam Jedi vs. Shantak 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Have easy win with army of Merfolks
Game 2: Same with last game
Game 3: ------

Shantak vs. jatill 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Moat holds the ground even I foolishly spend some cards like Spirit Link and Control Magic to the creatures that can't attack :P AI has an active Disk, so I play around it by not cast any nonland card except Serendib Efreet with Spirit Link on it. The AI finally blows the Disk a two life, but I have Phantom Monster to win on next turn
Game 2: I steal and counter every threat AI has,but still have no way to win a game until I pull a Serra Angel and win with it.
Game 3: ------

Shantak vs. Aswan Jaguar 2-0
Games | Open
Game 1: Moat holds the ground off and I win with Spirit-Linked Phantom Monster
Game 2: I give Spirit Link to the Colossus and I have an easy win since AI doesn't cast any Animate Deads again
Game 3: ------

Shantak vs. Juzam Jedi 0-2
Games | Open
Game 1: I overrunned with the Merfolks
Game 2: I have a Moat to hold the ground but the AI Boomerangs it twice, and I lost to the Merfolks
Game 3: ------
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby Aswan jaguar » 05 Apr 2011, 13:03


ALEX Ryugami-Aww1979 2-0
Aww1979-ALEX Ryugami 0-2 | Open
Game 1 -
Game 2 I never draw a third land to play 4 Wheel of fortune.

ALEX Ryugami-Ascetic Troll 2-1 | Open
Loss 3 Serendib Efreet one with mutation and I stuck to 1 land.

Ascetic Troll-ALEX Ryugami 2-0 | Open
Game 1A Zephyr Falcon with 3-4 Mutation s on it in 2 attacks end this.
Game 2AI with A Desert and a Maze of Ith stops me for a while but AI's mana screw not even one swamp, makes my win easy.

ALEX Ryugami-Stroggoi 2-0
Stroggoi-ALEX Ryugami 2-0 | Open
GAME 1 AI stupidly Maze of Ith my 2/2 creature instead of my Ball of Lightning,that gave me enough advantage to win.

Aww1979-Ascetic Troll 2-1 | Open
GAME 1 Loss by bigger army.
GAME 2 I win just before I lose with 3 life left.
GAME 3 I win just in time with 2 life left Goblin Wardrums made my wins possible both times.

Ascetic Troll-Aww1979 2-0 | Open
GAME 1 Incredible I win with a single flying men multiple (4)mutation and 1 land!!!.
GAME 2 AI never got a second land in play

Aww1979-Stroggoi 2-0 | Open
GAME 1 5 Kobold Taskmaster win.
GAME 2 Raging River made it possible for me to win.AI had mana to play his 2 Ball of Lightning but never did although I didn't have first strike.

Stroggoi-Aww1979 2-0 | Open
GAME 1 -
GAME 2 A long game,noone dared to attack but when AI played Wheel of Fortune it was a boomerang for him.

Ascetic Troll-Stroggoi 2-1 | Open
Loss I got stuck to 1 land(maybe I should have Mulligan but with 2 Flying Men,2 Unstable Mutation,2 Zephyr Falcon I just needed to draw 1 more land but never came).

Stroggoi-Ascetic Troll 2-1 | Open
GAME 1 Multiple mutated Flying men kill me.
GAME 2 Barely win with 1 life left
GAME 3 My bigger army wins

ALEX Ryugami: 11
Aww1979: 5
Ascetic Troll: 11
Stroggoi: 9
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby jatill » 05 Apr 2011, 18:22

Group A:

alex: 7
aww: 10
Troll: 10
stroggoii: 9

alex (2-1) vs aww
aww (2-0) vs alex

aww (2-1) vs Troll
Troll (2-0) vs aww

alex (2-0) vs Troll
Troll (2-0) vs Alex

alex (2-1) vs stroggoii
stroggoii (2-0) vs alex

stroggoii (2-1) vs aww
aww (2-0) vs stroggoii

stroggoii (2-0) vs Troll
Troll (2-0) vs stroggoii

Group B:

aswan: 1+2+4=7
jatill: 5+4+3=12
juzamjedi: 2+4+5=11
shantak: 2+3+1=6

aswan (1-2) vs jatill
jatill (2-0) vs aswan

juzamjedi (1-2) vs jatill (on paper I thought this was a bad matchup for me, but when the AI draws natural tron it's very hard to stop)
jatill (2-1) vs juzamjedi

aswan (2-1) vs juzamjedi
juzamjedi (2-0) vs aswan

shantak (2-1) vs aswan
aswan (2-0) vs shantak

jatill (2-0) vs shantak
shantak (2-0) vs jatill

shantak (1-2) vs juzamjedi (punted 1 game by forgetting to play around Boomerang)
juzamjedi (2-0) vs shantak
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby Aswan jaguar » 07 Apr 2011, 20:34

I am not going to score too many points Jatill so don't deprive me of the few I do score :lol:

aswan: 1+2+4=7 is the correct.
Trying to squash some bugs and playtesting.
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby AsceticTroll » 12 Apr 2011, 15:26

I didn't think to write game reports until about halfway through. I also didn't realize I should play matches with/against my own deck. Sorry about that.

Alex vs Aww (2-0)
Alex vs Stroggoi (2-0)
Alex vs AsceticTroll (2-0)
1: Maze of Ith holds off a giant Serendib Efreet and black weenies overwhelm the AI
2: The AI sits on a bunch of lands and cards in hand.

Aww vs Alex (2-0)
Aww vs Stroggoi (2-1)
Aww vs AsceticTroll (0-2)
1: Manascrewed. I kept a beautiful one-land hand and never saw the second land.
2: Raging River forced me to choose left/right bank but didn't make the AI do the same. I think I could have pulled it out otherwise.

Strogoii vs Alex (2-0)
Strogoii vs Aww (2-0)
Strogoii vs AsceticTroll (2-0)
1: It's tough to lose when you draw four ball lightnings
2: We race and I win with two life.

AsceticTroll vs Alex (2-0)
1: he Oublietted Flying Man and Zephyr Falcon over Serendib Efreets that sailed for the win.
2: Double unstable mutation on a single Efreet for the win.

AsceticTroll vs Aww (2-0)
1: unstable mutation plus zephyr falcon
2: Unstable Flying Men outrace his FOUR taskmasters

AsceticTroll vs Stroggoii (2-1)
1: Same old same old
2: Blue stalls out and Ball lightning comes across to win the race
3: This is the only game that stretched out long enough to play a Mahamoti, and he sealed the deal.


Group B

Aswan vs Jatill (2-0)

Aswan vs Shantak (2-1)
1: I only had enough answers for his threats, so once he took my stuff it was over quickly
2: He didn't get past two lands
3: Nicol Bolas!

Aswan vs Juzamjedi (2-0)
1: He boomeranged my 1st turn Collossus! ..and then sat on 7 cards and 8 islands, discarding counterspells.
2: Boomerang just wrecks this deck. Oddly, though, the AI again just stopped and goldfished. My sympathies to Juzamjedi--his deck really should have won both games.

Shantak vs Jatill (2-0)
1: I had more Moats than he had Disks. I ended the game at 28 life.
2: Moat on turn 3 sealed it up.

Shantak vs Aswan (2-0)
Not much to report. Blue control beats old school reanimator every time.

Shantak vs Juzamjedi (1-2)
1: Moat stopped the merfolk tide with me at 2 life. Lucky land draw
2: Overrun by island-walking merfolk
3: He boomeranged the moat with enough attackers to win

Juzamjedi vs Aswan (2-0)

Juzamjedi vs Shantak (2-0)

Juzamjedi vs Jatill (2-0)
1: He got stuck at three mana.
2: Squeaked out a win past two (2) Colossi of Sardia.

Jatill vs Shantak (2-0)
1 & 2: Jatill's deck worked the way it is supposed to. Disks take out Moats, Colossus/Triskelion for the win.

Jatill vs Juzamjedi (2-0)
1: A long stalled-out game. Triskelion won the day.
2: Same.
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby Aswan jaguar » 12 Apr 2011, 18:17


Aswan Jaguar vs Jatill 1-2 | Open
GAME 1 Early Urza Assembly put me into a corner and kicked my ass.
GAME 2 A 3turn Nicol Bolas ruled the game.
GAME 3 AI hits first, I cast Nicol Bolas+Instill Energy at 6 life but with only 2 City of Brass to activate him I drain my life 1turn before I can kill him.

Jatill vs Aswan Jaguar 2-0 2 really easy wins.

Aswan Jaguar vs Juzamjedi 1-2 I've got boomeranged.
Juzamjedi vs Aswan Jaguar 2-0 2 easy wins.

Aswan Jaguar vs Shantak 2-1 | Open
GAME 1 Fliers trouble.
GAME 2 2 Colossus of Sardia win but it is an Animate Dead Wall of Swords that saves my ass.
GAME 3 2Turn Nicol Bolas :D

Shantak vs Aswan Jaguar 2-0 | Open
GAME 1 I mulligan to 5 to find a single land but as usual AI screws himself with Bazaar.
GAME 2 Easy win.

Jatill vs Juzamjedi 2-0 | Open
GAME 1 AI Power Sink ed a Triskelion and a Colossus of Sardia 2 Boomerang stalled Colossus of Sardia but not enough.
GAME 2 Triskelion army kick ass.

Juzamjedi vs Jatill 2-1 | Open
GAME 1 Race quickly to win before AI cast anything.
GAME 2 I almost win only with Merfolks of Pearl Trident and Power Sink s but when a Triskelion passed the counters it was all over.
GAME 3 Controlled the game with Power Sink and won easily.

Jatill vs Shantak 2-0
Shantak vs Jatill 2-0 | Open
GAME 1Moat stops AI and a Spirit ed Serra Angel swings AI at his worst doesn't kill her with 2Triskelion in play nor with 2 Neviryal Disk wrongly put in play.Unfortunately AI doesn't get that his superior forces are worthless with Moat in play so he doesn't use the disk.AI doesn't understand what Moat does so it thinks don't use disk as in it's turn will attack for the win,but....
GAME 2 Moat stops AI who makesbad use of Triskelion s.

Juzamjedi vs Shantak 2-0 | Open
GAME 1 Hit fast.
GAME 2 Long game even forces till AI cast a Neviryal Disk to my benefit as it destroyed Moat.

Shantak vs Juzamjedi 2-1 | Open
GAME 1 AI hits me hard and I can't stop 5/5 islandwalkers.
GAME 2 AI gets me to 4life then I get Moat and win.
GAME 3 Moat stops AI he bounces it once I recast it and win.

GROUP B Points
Aswan Jaguar 4
Jatill 12
Juzamjedi 11
Shantak 9
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby Stroggoii » 13 Apr 2011, 08:56

I won't be able to play group B since my laptop got totalled and I can't load the game into the pc that a friend lent me :(
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby aww1979 » 15 Apr 2011, 09:25


ASWAN vs JATILL: aswan wins 2-1 | Open
Game 1: ROFL! Turn 1, mox mox bazaar, dump colossi, animate one. Turn 2, swamp animate 2nd colossus, instill energy, attack for 16. Turn 3 attack for the win :)
Game 2: This one didn't go as well. Turn 1, drawing first, I purposely miss my 1st land drop and discard a colossus, and animate it on turn 3. Instill Energy next turn and two attacks, but AI has Nevvy's disk ready just in time. After my second attack, I Oubliette my own colossus (AI had nothing yet) so that if it disks later, I get it back. Unfortunately, I drew nothing but land and Nicol Bolas after that, and AI drew 3 straight Triskelion. I ended the game with 4 Nicol Bolas in hand and 7 mana in play... :( 1-1
Game 3: I mulligan a couple times due to crappy hands, and end up keeping pure crap at 5 cards. Fortunately, AI has dick all as well, and we screw around for 4 or 5 turns doing nothing. I am the first to recover, by animating Nicol Bolas and instill energying it, and he goes all the distance. Despite my absolutely horrendous start (I animated bolas on about turn 7) the AI cast nothing but black lotus all game. 2-1

ASWAN vs JUZAMJEDI: aswan loses 0-2 | Open
Game 1: I had everything needed for the animate combo... animate, instill, creatures, bazaar... but I didn't get a second land until turn 4, despite using the bazaar. When I did get the combo, the AI used Boomerang. (funny enough targeting Animate Dead instead of the Colossus!) I replayed the combo a second time, and it boomeranged animate dead again! By this point I was doomed, and I was dead next turn. 0-1
Game 2: Mulliganed to 6 due to crap hand. I had everything needed for the animate combo... except a creature, despite using the bazaar. Got the colossus down turn 3 or 4 I think, and got one hit in with it, but then next turn AI had too many merfolk, and I had to attack into it to trade with some of them, or else it would have attacked for lethal. Next turn my Oubliette on a lord gets Power Sinked and I'm done like dinner. 0-2 (very sorry aswan, had piss poor games, but I think it was a bad matchup as well)

ASWAN vs SHANTAK: aswan wins 2-1 | Open
Game 1: Now THIS is what aswan's deck was meant to do! By turn 6, I had reanimated THREE colossi! AI stole one of them and I STILL kicked its ass! Thanks, Oubliette! :) 1-0
Game 2: Mulliganed poop hands to 5 cards, then keep using bazaars and seeing no animate deads. By the time I finally got one, AI had creatures aplenty and control magic at the ready. I had no chance. 1-1
Game 3: Incredibly good game! Had Colossus and Bolas out early, but AI spirit linked the colossus and traded a serra (and blocked with a wall) with bolas. Oubliette held off another serra, and bazaars got me more goodies. A second Bolas stalled against a Serra + wall of swords on the other side for a long time, and then the AI blew up a disk, getting its angel out of the oubliette. In the nick of time I topdecked Animate Dead (had already used 2!) and got back bolas, instilled it, knocked out the AIs hand, and held the fort against the serra, until Nicol Bolas, the mighty Planeswalking Dragon, went the rest of the way on his own like the fooking awesome dude that he is! 2-1

JATILL vs ASWAN: jatill wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: The AI isn't very good with aswan's deck :p It did manage to use a bazaar to discard bolas and animate it by turn 2, but it didn't have the BRU upkeep to pay for it. It also threw away a castable Oubliette with bazaar the turn after I played Colossus I had Colossus turn 3, Triskelion turn 4, and win turn 5. 1-0
Game 2: Colossus turn 3 and 4 spells win on turn 5. AI managed to animate Craw Giant, but all it got to do was chump block uselessly. 2-0

JATILL vs JUZAMJEDI: jatill wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Again I get a Colossus turn 3, but instead of urza's set + lotus, this time it is 2 lotus + 3 non-set lands, so he does wall duty for awhile. Eventually I get the Urza's Tower I need, play Triskelion, and trick the AI into blocking with 3 3/3s, then trike the lord and wipe everything! The victory comes shortly afterwards. 1-0
Game 2: Triskelion deters an army of merfolk until they get to 4/4. Then the AI attacks and I blow up my Disk. After that massive card advantage, AI quickly dies. 2-0

JATILL vs SHANTAK: jatill wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI gets Wall of Spears and Phantom Monster, but on the same turns I cast Triskelion and Colossus of Sardia. Guess who wins? AI did manage to Spirit Link the colossus on its last turn, but I didn't even need it by then. 1-0
Game 2: Mulligan to 6 due to 1 land in the 7. Black Lotus gives turn 3 Triskelion, but it gets spirit linked. I sit on 4 mines and a powerplant for awhile, unable to do anything. AI gets spirit linked Serra Angel, and I finally get a tower. It has a Disk out, so I bait with another triskelion; sure enough, it attacks for 4, then disks. I follow up with colossus, then another one. AI steals one with Control Magic, and I trade them, and play two more Triskelions, and they take it home. 2-0

JUZAMJEDI vs ASWAN: juzamjedi wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Turn 4 win; AI never cast a spell. Merfolk, lord, lord, lord, game. Literally took 15 seconds to play. 1-0
Game 2: Incredibly weird game. AI plays Underground Sea, then 3 Bazaars, and proceeds to dump everything into its grave, never casting a spell except a mox all game. I, on the other hand, am so manaflooded that when I -finally- win on turn 12, the only things I have done are play TWELVE islands and two Merfolk of the Pearl Tridents, which did all 20 damage! My hand at the end had Boomerang, two Power Sink for spells that AI never used, a *13th* island, and a Lord of Atlantis that I topdecked on the final turn but didn't need by then, as the AI was at 2. 2-0

Just looking at the two games, I realize that a grand total of SEVEN spells were cast in the entire match! 4 Merfolk in game 1, and 2 merfolk and an AI mox in game 2.

JUZAMJEDI vs JATILL: juzamjedi wins 2-1 | Open
Game 1: AI has 3 powerplants and a tower, but literally cannot find Urza's Mine to save its life. Su-Chi gets powersinked, and I Boomerang Nevinyrral's Disk twice, stalling just long enough for my merfolk to take it home before the Disk ever gets to untap. 1-0
Game 2: AI gets the urza's set on turn 3, and my power sinks are totally useless because AI has so much mana. Triskelions and merfolk stare at each other for awhile across the board, until eventually AI blows a Disk and pops out a Colossus, which I am one mana short of being able to powersink, and I get run over. 1-1
Game 3: Once again, AI gets urza's set on turn 3, and my power sinks are epic fail. However, Boomerang proves to be epic win, as I unsummon colossus over and over while my merfolk run over his triskelion and then over him. 2-1

JUZAMJEDI vs SHANTAK: juzamjedi wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: Islandwalk proves key to a turn 4 win. It would've been a win without it, just another turn or two slower. 1-0
Game 2: Islandwalk again proves key to a turn 4 win. I deal 19 damage in 4 turns, and Serendib Efreet goes quisling, killing the AI during its upkeep. 2-0

SHANTAK vs ASWAN: shantak wins 2-0 | Open
Game 1: AI throws all its useful stuff to bazaars, casting nothing but a mox all game. Serra Angels take it home. 1-0
Game 2: I have a crap start, mulliganing to 6 and getting nothing but useless walls out for quite awhile. AI throws all its good stuff to bazaars, so I'm in no danger. Eventually I get two Serras out and they take the AI down to 6, when it manages to animate Nicol Bolas. It has the BRU upkeep, but it needs to tap City of Brass to do it, so I wait two turns until it dips down to 4 life, then the serras tag team the AI, one dying to bolas while the other strikes home. 2-0

SHANTAK vs JATILL: shantak wins 2-1 | Open
Game 1: I mulligan a one land hand into 6 with a couple islands. AI drops black lotus and su-chi turn 1, and I suck it in 5 turns. I have 3 islands and 3 spirit links, but no white mana, and nothing but spirit links and 4-drops. I hate basic lands... 0-1
Game 2: Mulligan another one land hand into 4 land + serra + control magic; keep. AI *passes* its first turn. I get Phantom Monster turn 4, and AI manages black lotus, land and disk, so I hold back on the rest until it blows. I get a serra, AI finds another lotus, some lands, and triskelion, which I steal. It actually thinks to throw the counters in response, but two are thrown at the serra, and only one is thrown at me. I hold the rest of my creatures, keeping Power Sink at the ready, but AI never casts another spell, so I win a bit slower than I could have, but playing it safe is usually the right call. 1-1
Game 3: AI misses its first turn land drop again! I get a turn 3 Moat and turn 4 Serra Angel thanks to Fellwar Stone. AI dumps a crapload of creatures with all its urzalands, but they are all stuck behind the Moat. (I feel like Weissman with my Moat and Serra Angel here... shit, I'm old) AI has a Disk in play, but won't use it, because it also has Su-Chi, Colossus, and Triskelion. I keep attacking with the Serra, taking it down to 4 life. I attack again, thinking surely NOW it will use the Disk, since it will die otherwise. Nope... apparently its board position confused the hell out of it, valuing its phat more than my lethal Serra and Moat that made all its phat useless. 2-1

SHANTAK vs JUZAMJEDI: shantak loses 0-2 | Open
Game 1: I have to mulligan ANOTHER one land hand to 6. I get stuck at 3 mana while AI gets a crapload of merfolk off of two Ancestral Recall, and I never get a spell off all game. On my last turn I draw a 4th land, and could cast something, but not even a tapped Disk will save me, and sadly I don't have a Moat in hand, which would have saved me. 0-1
Game 2: Finally, a hand I don't have to mulligan, with 3 lands. Sadly, Islandwalk blows right past my Wall of Spears, and a 4th turn tapped disk is too slow to save me; AI wins in 4. One more turn and I could've disked... 0-2

I thought shantak's deck would be the tournament favourite, at least in human hands, but it's just too slow, and doesn't abuse the 10 card limit like most others did. When a turn 4 Disk is too slow to go off, that's bad news for control

Total Points for group B:
Aswan: 2+0+2 = 4
Jatill: 1+3+3+3+1 = 11
Juzamjedi: 3+3+2+3=11
Shantak: 1+3+2=6
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Re: Aprin Tournament Results

Postby Aswan jaguar » 15 Apr 2011, 13:08

Ascetic Troll you missed a game Jatill-Aswan Jaguar.Although the result is known before hand by 99%. :lol:
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Re: April Tournament Results

Postby juzamjedi » 18 Apr 2011, 04:34

Group A

Alex vs. Aww win 2-0
Game 1: I terror Kobold Taskmasters twice and clean up with Hypnotic beats for an easy win.
Game 2: Bad Moon makes my creatures much stronger than theirs.

Alex vs. Ascetic Troll win 2-0
Game 1: AI has 3 Flying men on turn 2, Unstable Mutation turn 3. I don't have Terror, but I have Bad Moon and enough creatures that I outrace the AI.
Game 2: This is even scarier because I don't have Bad Moon and AI has Serendib with 2 Unstable Mutation (and I have no Terror). I get AI to 1 life when I am at 3, and AI does on his last upkeep :)

Alex vs. Stroggoii win 2-0
Game 1: Desert does a lot of good work killing creatures this game.
Game 2: Bad Moon + black creatures is a winning combo again!

Aww vs. Alex win 2-0
Game 1: Drop my hand, play Wheel of Fortune, and drop it again. Yes it's good enough :)
Game 2: Almost exactly the same as game 1.

Aww vs. Ascetic Troll lose 0-2
Game 1: I keep a slow-ish hand with 3 mountains, several 2 drops and Wheel. AI plays Zepher Falcon with Unstable Mutation, then Serendib, and then Phantom Monster. I don't ever have enough monsters to swarm and lose handily.
Game 2: I have lands a 0 drop and Kobold Taskmaster so I keep. This time AI has Flying man, 2x Unstable Mutation and outraces me easily.

Aww vs. Stroggoii win 2-0
Game 1: The game stalls with a bunch of kobolds on both sides. I draw Wheel, cast it, dump my hand full of Taskmasters and run over the AI in one fell swoop.
Game 2: Similar to game 1, I load up on taskmasters and win.

Ascetic Troll vs. Alex win 2-0
Game 1: AI Hymn's me and it's painful. Game stalls out and I get time to cast 2x Mahamoti Djinn. Nothing else is bigger than my Djinns and I win in the air.
Game 2: T1 Flying Men, T2 2x Flying Men, T3 3x Unstable Mutation (!)

Ascetic Troll vs. Aww win 2-0
Game 1: 3x Unstable Mutation, really easy win.
Game 2: exactly the same, another easy win.

Ascetic Troll vs. Stroggoii win 2-0
Game 1: 2x Unstable mutation + fliers wins pretty easily.
Game 2: 2x Unstable mutation. This deck seems really strong and is winning easily.

Stroggoii vs. Alex win 2-0
Game 1: Erg Raids + Mishra's Factory do all 20 damage. Hymn to Tourach + Aeleopile took out 2 Ball Lightnings.
Game 2: T2 Black Knight, T3 Hypnotic Specter, T4 2x Bad Moon. Seems good!

Stroggoii vs. Aww win 2-0
Game 1: The game stalls out again. In this case, I have Lightning Bolt to clear the AI's creatures that matter and connect with 2x Ball Lightnings to make it a faster win.
Game 2: I draw more taskmasters AND I have a Lightning Bolt that wrecks the AI when I kill his Taskmaster and wipe most of his field.

Stroggoii vs. Ascetic Troll win 2-1
Game 1: I have 2x Lightning Bolt's that wreck the AI. I kill Flying Men in response to Unstable Mutation and clean up with random kobolds.
Game 2: I keep a 1 land hand with 3x Lightning Bolt. Unfortunately this time AI plays 2x Serendibs while I miss land drops and can't keep up.
Game 3: This time AI stalls on 2 lands, and I play 3x Ball Lightning. WOW easy win.

Group B

Aswan Jaguar vs. Jatill win 2-0
Game 1: T1 Bazaar and mox, discarding Craw Giant and Nicol Bolas. Turn 2 Badlands Animate Craw Giant. T3 City of Brass and animate Nicol Bolas!!!!
Game 2: T1 Bazaar and mox, discarding Colossus. T2 Underground Sea and animate colossus. T3 Animate Dead Nicol Bolas and Instill Energy him :P T4 Instill Energy on Colossus and win.

Aswan Jaguar vs. Juzamjedi win 2-1
Game 1: I am able to reanimate a craw giant, but AI boomerang's it. I play animate dead again while AI plays a second lord. Now all his men islandwalk and I can't outrace him with my fattie.
Game 2: I reanimate a Colossus, but have no way to untap it. AI builds up a team of merfolk and by the time I draw Instill Energy I can't profitably attack. AI sits back doing NOTHING for several turns, giving me time to reanimate a Nicol Bolas (I have City of Brass for Blue) and win with attacks in the air.
Game 3: I reanimate a Colossus, give it Instill Energy, then animate Nicol Bolas with City of Brass to pay the blue. AI has a team of merfolk, but not enough to outrace my start. Success!

Aswan Jaguar vs. Shantak win 2-1
Game 1: I reanimate Colossus, and AI takes it before I can attack. AI plays 2x Serra Angels and I oubliette them. I reanimate Nicol Bolas, AI takes it. I reanimate Nicol Bolas (after AI can't pay upkeep) and instill energy for the swing in. AI plahys a Nevinnyral's disk, but never uses it to save himself so I win :-/
Game 2: The AI steals my Colossus this game. AI never untaps Colossus with the Instill Energy on it but beats me anyway with Serra Angel.
Game 3: This game I play a much slower, controllish game. I Oubliette the Serra Angels and reanimate NIcol Bolas (Bolas is safest because AI can't pay upkeep). Eventually I assemble Animat Dead + Instill Energy and swing. AI disk's at 2 life. I oubliette the Serra and dig for Animate Dead + Instill Energy again.

This was a really intersting game, probably the most fun matchup I played :)

Jatill vs. Aswan Jaguar
Game 1: Tron gets online. AI Oubiette's my first 3 guys. I use disk at end of AI's turn, untap and clean house with Colossus'.
Game 2: AI puts 2x Bazaar in play, and does nothing but draw/discard. Pretty easy.

Jatill vs. Juzamjedi win 2-0
Game 1: My opening hand has 2x Black Lotus, ROFLMAO. I play Suchi, and then draw Tron naturally and Trike his lords for an easy win.
Game 2: This hand is a little slower. This time I I Nevinnyral's disk and get 3 for 1. I play Suchi, then Triskelions come online and it's easy from there.

Jatill vs. Shantak win 2-0
Game 1: I have a slowish hand. This time I use Nevinnyral's disk to 3 for 1, then trike (which suicides for some damage when AI tries to Control it), then I drop a Colossus, Trike and Suchi to clean up.
Game 2: Pretty similar to previous game, except I assemble tron faster and start pushing out Colossi on turn 4.

Juzamjedi vs. Aswan win 2-0
Game 1: I get the mega-lord draw and run over the AI easily.
Game 2: I hold back a little bit, and Power Sink the Animate Dead's. I add merfolk slowly, and cast Ancestral Recall at end of AI's turns it doesn't cast a spell. Very different, but works well.

Juzamjedi vs. Jatill win 2-0
Game 1: I have the mega-lord hand. AI plays a turn 1 disk, so I only play 1 lord. AI pops disk, I rebuild with lords while AI is stuck on lands. I hold up power sink for shenanigans that don't come and win.
Game 2: T1 Merfolk, T2 bounce a tron land. T3 bounce a tron land. T4 Lord of Atlantis with Power Sink backup (counter the Triskelion).

Juzamjedi vs. Shantak win 2-1
Game 1: I end up playing this one too slowly. I keep up countermagic for early turns when I should have just played out my men. AI wins for exactsies while I had lethal swingback :-/
Game 2: T2 Boomerang the land, T3 Boomerang land and merfolk, T4 Lord and Boomerang another land. Pretty easy to win when I am that far ahead!
Game 3: this hand is slower, but I have 2 Lord of Atlantis. I play out my lords and they are not killed on site. I ride Power Sinks to victory from there.

Shantak vs. Aswan win 2-0
Game 1: AI plays double Bazaar and mills like crazy. AI does reanimate a Nicol Bolas, but doesn't pay his upkeep so I win :-/
Game 2: I get stuck on 3 lands, but it doesn't matter. AI reanimates Nicol Bolas and doesn't ever pay his upkeeps.

Shantak vs. Jatill win 2-0
Game 1: Game stalls when I play Moat. AI has a disk, 2 actually, and never uses them. A human probably would have won, but dumb disk AI loses this game :-/
Game 2: The epic stupidity of the AI was at an all time high this round. AI has 4 Nevinnyral's Disk in play at one point! Easy win but a human opponent would have won.

Shantak vs. Juzamjedi lose 1-2
Game 1: I drop a Moat early. AI tries to bounce it, but I power sink the boomerang and AI doesn't attack again after that.
Game 2: This game I resolve Nevinnyral's disk, but AI doesn't play many creatures. I eventually blow it for 2 creatures while I'm at low life. AI topdecks 2 lords right afterward and I die a couple turns later.
Game 3: I mulligan and get Moat. Unfortunately I never get to 4 lands and AI kills me with an aggro / Lord draw.
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Re: April Tournament Results

Postby jatill » 18 Apr 2011, 12:50

Round 1 is over, and here are the standings:

Group A:
Troll: (13+11+10+11+8+11+8) = 72
Stroggoii (14+9+7+9+9+11+8) = 67
Alex: (10+7+12+11+7+9+9) = 65
Aww (4+9+9+5+10+5+6) = 48

Group B:
Juzamjedi (14+11+11+11+11+11) = 69
jatill (9+9+12+11+9) = 59
Shantak: (9+6+9+7+6+8)=45
aswan: (6+7+8+4+4+7) = 36

So for round 2 we have:

Ascetic Troll vs jatill

Group D:
juzamjedi vs Stroggoii

Matches for this round are best of 5.
Results are due 4/24.
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Re: April Tournament Results (round 2 ends 4/24)

Postby ALEX Ryugami » 18 Apr 2011, 14:05

A bit disappointed to see me just left behind by two points and not past the next round :P but I've done better than last round :D

Wait for my report here, I'll do it near the deadline because I have some real life business first
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