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Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

by BetaSteward

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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby escplan9 » 11 Apr 2016, 21:53

Your login is specific to the server you're on. You need to register on the other server.
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby escplan9 » 12 Apr 2016, 02:19

There does appear to be some major server issues at the moment. The servers are automatically rebooted at 7am EST (GMT-4, ~9 hours from now)
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby Mulsiphix » 12 Apr 2016, 02:33

  • Where?
    In the Deck editor.
  • Details?
    Using the drop down menu to only view Starter 2000 cards, using the filter buttons to only show land cards.
  • Problem?
    Two of each basic land is shown when only 1 basic land of each type should be shown.
  • Additional Note #1
    I added a basic land to the S00 image directory, named it "Forest.262.full.jpg" and in XMage it shows card art for both forest entries.
  • Additional Note #2
    If you select all 10 lands shown in card browser frame and click on the button that adds the selected cards into the deck area, you can see there are now only 5 basic lands each land has a quantity of 2.

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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby FierceFirst » 13 Apr 2016, 01:26

Hello! First off, I'm a big fan of xmage and I appreciate all your hard work!

I've been having a recurring issue with this version. When I get to the "Do you want to download the images?" question and I hit "no", the game hangs. The "No" button appears depressed, and I get a loading cursor. The client never recovers past this point.
stuck after hitting no.png

I have been able to get past this by hitting "yes", but of course the images never fully download so it's quite a long wait before playing. I have had this same problem on two different machines so I believe it's reproducable. Also, this is the patched version and not the standalone.

I hope this helps! Keep up the good work :) Attached a screenshot of the issue - I re-installed a couple times to make sure this was a real problem.

spjspj: There's an option 'Check for new images on startup' in preferences to not download the images which may help.
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby kroot » 13 Apr 2016, 02:14

I've been having connection issues for a while. Here's a console log from the most recent:

Code: Select all
INFO  2016-04-12 21:11:14,559 connection to server lost - Could not connect to server!                                   =>[Thread-4162] SessionImpl$ClientConnectionListener.handleConnectionException
java.lang.Exception: Could not connect to server!
   at org.jboss.remoting.Client.notifyListeners(
   at org.jboss.remoting.LeasePinger.stopPing(
   at org.jboss.remoting.MicroRemoteClientInvoker.terminateLease(
   at org.jboss.remoting.ConnectionValidator$
   at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
NFO  2016-04-12 21:11:14,560 RECONNECT - Connected: true                                                                =>[Thread-4162] SessionImpl.reconnect
INFO  2016-04-12 21:11:14,560 DISCONNECTED (NO Event Dispatch Thread)                                                    =>[Thread-4162] MageFrame.disconnected
INFO  2016-04-12 21:12:02,354 DISCONNECT (still connected)                                                               =>[AWT-EventQueue-0] SessionImpl.disconnect
INFO  2016-04-12 21:12:02,677 Disconnected ...                                                                           =>[AWT-EventQueue-0] SessionImpl.disconnect
INFO  2016-04-12 21:12:02,677 DISCONNECTED (Event Dispatch Thread)                                                       =>[AWT-EventQueue-0] MageFrame.disconnected
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby Rhakka » 13 Apr 2016, 02:22

Connection Problems, Windows 7

Locally Xmage runs fine. But trying to connect to any servers appears to be problematic. My observation is that there is a lot of server crashing (based on the number of mass player dumps I'm seeing), so I presumed it was on the server end but I'm not positive so here I am.

It's not "always" a problem, but it's a problem a lot. When trying to connect to a server it just hangs on "connecting", or, sometimes I can connect but when joining a game it just locks up after I select my deck and join the table.

When hanging on "connecting", I can cancel. But then if I try to close Xmage, it says I'm connected and do I want to disconnect. Saying yes causes a lockup. I can manipulate the window size but I can't make anything in window respond.

Both lockups require C-A-D end task to actually close Xmage client. While doing that process, it tells me the java binary is not responding.

I have rebooted server router and computer many times recently.
I have tried all the servers.
I have reinstalled Xmage but not a second time since it all got worse.

Problems seem to have started after SOI spoilers were imported and has gotten much worse since SOI was fully released. Of course that might be coincidental. I don't think I'm imagining the regular server problems though?

Am I crazy and janked? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you for all you do!
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby NittanyLionRoar » 13 Apr 2016, 02:51

XMage completely freezes when I try to open it on my mac. When I click the launcher, it's fine. But inside the launcher, when I click, "launch client," the MageFrame window opens and freezes. I just get the spinning beach ball. I have to force quit every time because it's completely unresponsive. I tried uninstalling and did a fresh install--but still the same result.
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby MigM16 » 13 Apr 2016, 03:27

ok so if anyone remembers the old days back when ur pc was super slow and all that, and u would be on your browser and it would idk lag out and when u move your mouse the screen would duplicate and appear all over the place this is what happens in this game ill try to get screen shots. i notice it seems to happen most often if/when i go to save a deck and i think load one. sry i really cant explain whats happening.

ok so i was working on a deck in deck editor,then i save it. as soon as i hit save this started to happen and game becomes unplayable i should try to get more pics, it does not always happen, its like what ever i hover around becomes the image that it replicates. hmm how to post pic lol

xmage 003.jpg
xmage 002.jpg
xmage messup when i hit save deck.jpg

LevelX: A known problem and probably connected to the graphics card driver.
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby Bitterfrost » 13 Apr 2016, 11:56

Not a bug, in deck editor Standard selection has still all the Khans of Tarkir cards. Would be nice if they can be removed for deck building purposes.

escplan9: Fixed beyond 1.4.10v1
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby monaco-errante » 13 Apr 2016, 19:50

since new update I cannot find horizontal scrollbar thus I cannot see my entire hand :cry:

see attached image


tried to:
- uninstall and reinstall XMAGE
- uninstall and reinstall JAVA
- change window shape

can anybody help?

Doctor Weird: Go to Preferences and then under the "GUI Size" tab move the "Hand cards and stack objects" slider all the way down to 10. You should be able to see the scroll bar now, although the card images will be much smaller.
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby Rheticus » 14 Apr 2016, 00:01

vs. AI

While trying to sacrifice a Clue.

escplan9: That was an old issue with Gitrog Monster on the battlefield. The server version showing is "Server version: 1.4.10v0" when the current version is 1.4.10v1. You need to get an updated version.
Exception Log
(1.08 KiB) Downloaded 37 times
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby gabriele83 » 14 Apr 2016, 10:32

gabriele83 wrote:Full art lands from BFZ disappeared since previous release, I know it can't be called exactly a bug, but still it was nice to have them.
I've solved the problem deleting the and files and downloading the images from mythicspoiler.
Apparently downloading from the other sources will give you just the boring non full art lands, while downloading from mythicspoiler you get only the full art ones.
Would be nice to have some kind of selector to choose to download them all since they're all available on Gatherer.
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby Ravine » 14 Apr 2016, 16:29

I was playing against a human opponent while using 1.4.10v1. I had a Prismatic Omen on the battlefield, and my opponent played a Blood Moon. Since Blood Moon had the later timestamp, it's effect should override the effect of Prismatic Omen, causing all nonbasic lands to be just mountains and tap for just red mana. In the game, nonbasic lands were turned into just mountains, but they could still tap for any color of mana.

I am still having trouble downloading card images from magiccardsinfo. I have about 900 images remaining, and whenever the download process gets through about the first 200 cards, it stops and "stalls out." Then, if I try to go magiccardsinfo in my web browser, the page won't load even though it did just a few minutes ago. Is this problem caused by something from the website's end that's making it incompatible with Xmage?
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby PalladiaMors » 14 Apr 2016, 19:16

Stinkdrinker Bandit is incorrectly giving the +2/+1 bonus even to Rogues that do get blocked.

escplan9: Fixed beyond 1.4.10v1
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Re: Bug Reports xmage 1.4.10

Postby Soujids » 17 Apr 2016, 10:11

CMC of flipped 2 FC is not set with the new rule, get a Garruk, the veil cursed destroyd with an abrupt decay

escplan9: Fixed beyond 1.4.10v1
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