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Macros for infinite combos...

by BetaSteward

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Macros for infinite combos...

Postby BakedWizard » 19 Dec 2016, 16:31

I'm pretty new to Xmage, only had it going for a month or so.
As well I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up before...

If you have played on xmage, I'm sure you have noticed that Passing Priority back and forth can be a major downer, especially in the case of an Infinite Combo, or near infinite combo.

As well it wastes a ton of game time on the clock clicking 2-3 pieces over n over to repeat the process...

If there was a way to set a macro, to repeat the same 2-7 actions on your turn before passing priority back to the other player.. that would be great.
Set the macro: 1 click will do 7 things.

As well, for an opponent playing vs a deck doing this; a way to pass your option for priority when its just the same step being repeated would be great.

Player 1 gets an infinite mana combo, that allows him to untap a creature, then tap it for mana... a Macro would be awesome here.
Player 2 Auto passes on priority for that specific Macro`d action...
Player 1 Casts Wurmcalling and pays the Buy Back cost...... Again a macro would be great for this.
Player 2 Counters the Wurmcalling.

I have actively avoided playing infinite combo decks on xmage because it just takes so long, and is so draggy.
When I see someone is playing counter-top, i just want to auto-quit cause i know ima lose an hour of my life to it. Not that I cant beat it, its just super annoying & i could play several other games in the same time frame.
Now if I could auto pass priority on that divining top & counterbalance, that would be great.

I'm not sure of the programming mechanics it would take to make this happen..but it would be pretty amazing.
I really like Xmage, and have gotten several of my local friends on there to play.
Your team did a great job in building xmage.

Oh yeah, and for some reason the system seems to be missing the card "Mask of the mimic"
I cant find it on my xmage, and one of friends tried on his, with no luck.
Can you please add this card?

Thanks for the great program. I think everyone who plays appreciates it.
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Re: Macros for infinite combos...

Postby warum » 05 Jan 2017, 05:27

If you wanna go infinite you gotta suck it up and do it manually. If you don't want to go through it all, explain to your opponent what's going on and how he's dead and perhaps he'll concede if he feels nice. Or just don't go infinite.
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Re: Macros for infinite combos...

Postby thriller22 » 10 Jan 2017, 04:32

Lolz :shock:
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Re: Macros for infinite combos...

Postby fireshoes » 10 Jan 2017, 15:11

I think macros for loops would be great, but there are many improvements that can be made in many areas. Devs work on the things that interest them, so perhaps someone will start work on it, but if you know java, it may be something you can contribute to the project.
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Re: Macros for infinite combos...

Postby Rhakka » 05 Feb 2017, 21:24

I second the need to record combos. Too many players decide to be dicks and make you time out and/or hope you'll mess up a click on iteration 10 instead of acknowledging the combo as they would IRL paper play. Combo is a legitimate MTG strategy that is basically unplayable online IMO.
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