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Bug Reports XMage 1.4.22 SOFTWARE

by BetaSteward

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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.22 SOFTWARE

Postby BlackWyvern » 10 Apr 2017, 13:49

Celestial Dawn has strange interactions with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
The implementation of the ruling is correct in this instance, it's just how one has to spend mana in the client.

If CD is cast first, then UTY is played (In my case opponent control) Trying to cast spells (Was trying to cast {B} spells in my case) has to be done by individually clicking your land, generating {W}, then casting the card and clicking on the {B} icon in the sidebar.
This decrements the {W} counter to pay the cost. However, clicking on the {W} icon will do nothing.

If land is automatically assigned (IE cast and then click), even with the option to select which interaction is performed with zero cost abilities, it will generate {B} but be unable to assign it to the spell due to CD's limitation.
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.22 SOFTWARE

Postby tehboss » 10 Apr 2017, 21:17

With Ezuri, Claw of Progress and Sliver Queen in play, creating a sliver does not trigger Ezuri and no experience counter was added. The sliver came in as a 1/1, and no etb prevention (like Torpor Orb) was in play. This was playing against AI.

nvm, I couldn't see the trigger on the stack and the system had no text that the trigger happened until after it was resolved. Pressing done seemed to resolve the issue. I do see this a lot where the trigger is not showing on the stack until an instant/ability, or done is pressed. Not only the stack, but items entering the battlefield. They leave the stack but can't be seen on the battlefield until the phase change or something is added to the stack.
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.22 SOFTWARE

Postby Karaya » 11 Apr 2017, 17:54

noticed a bug :

Was playing an ally deck with firemantle mage. If he gives menace my opponent can still block with one creature.
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.22 SOFTWARE

Postby RivenSkull » 14 Apr 2017, 05:59

Another instance of a player's permanents remaining on the field after quit/concede.

Another Screenshot, and a PDF of the gamelog since I cannot upload the text file.
Gamelog Word File.pdf
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.22 SOFTWARE

Postby stomper » 15 Apr 2017, 08:05

Been having this issue for awhile now it happens randomly I can't seem to find any correlation only fix is to open another client and hope it doesn't happen sometimes it will happen only a few times other times every few minutes. Haven't seen any other posts similar hopefully its a known issue and I just can't seem to find the solution
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.22 SOFTWARE

Postby dhikar » 16 Apr 2017, 18:44

bug with momir vig's triggers

playing it as a commander, when i cast a green blue creature, two triggers appear from momir vig, but it shows twice the same trigger, sometimes the green one sometimes the blue one, which doesn't let me choose the one that doesn't appear to put it first on the stack

(EDIT): also, some of the bars to move my hand if it is too big or in deck editor to see cards aside doesn't show on the screen, had to change task bar to hide so the window could get that little more space
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.22 SOFTWARE

Postby spjspj » 17 Apr 2017, 07:42

Ravine wrote:The deck editor does not list any of the cards. I was modifying a deck and searched for a specific card, but the entire card list just vanished. I am also now unable to create any constructed tables. XMage states that my decks contain zero cards.

EDIT: You are misunderstanding the problem. This is not a case of simply expanding the card list. The card list itself is empty.
spjspj - Your client database may be corrupted or removed. Go to your directory under a DOS command prompt and type 'dir /a /b /s | find /I "cards.h2"'. Try and restore these from the original download
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