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Question about Xmage Server - Not technical

by BetaSteward

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Question about Xmage Server - Not technical

Postby Dougmark » 14 Mar 2017, 12:17

Hello Guys!

In 2015, I did a Xmage South America server, hosted by Amazon, the server was really good and people of SA loved, due the internet connection and language issues. While we get like 180ms or more in NA servers, SA servers offers a 18ms or less. Excluding the package loss, which was a problem, because you "drop" the game after a successive package loss.

Well, after a few months, Amazon started to be payed, and that was a kind impossíble to me, too expensive, to be honest. I try a sponsor of a Magic Shop, and after a few months I decided to close the server (it was like 70 US dolars / month)

But now, we have a few (and interested) players that would like to "reopen" the server, we have a plan to deal with the costs, which leads me here to ask you, Xmage developers/creators/responsibles the following questions:

*Did you have any issues with Wizards of the Coast? About using the images or anything else? Do you know if someone else had any trouble? A sue or something like that?

*We have a "plan", we would start a Xmage South American Server, open to all. No charges. With that server opened, we will measure any kind of costs. Then, we'd like to add an payment service, we don't know how exactly, but something like a donation system. Just to keep the server up. With that in mind, do you, from Xmage team, care about our work? I mean, we don't want to make money, we want to keep the server up, but here (specifically in Brazil), is really expensive to keep a server up.

We're thinking about the donations, to keep the costs of the servers and the amount that "were not need", we can make a donation for you. We really don't wanna gain or take and advantage for that server.
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Re: Question about Xmage Server - Not technical

Postby escplan9 » 19 Mar 2017, 14:58

Wizards has not approached any member of XMage about what we do. No one is paid for anything they do here, and servers are kept up currently by people just paying for it themselves. I've heard from others in our XMage Gitter that hosting a service via AWS for XMage gets very expensive very quick and there are much cheaper options. May want to investigate if that would work better first. It is well known that XMage eats up a lot of resources on a daily basis.

You are very unlikely to run into issues with Wizards. I am not a lawyer so cannot speak to anything specific here though. Good luck!
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