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Card Requests

by BetaSteward

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Re: Card Requests

Postby Notshauna » 07 Dec 2017, 09:48

Keeper of the Dead

Additionally Jace, Unraveler of Secrets in MBP currently doesn't support it's two different versions, the SDCC 2016 and SDCC 2017.

Lastly, this isn't completely relevant to this specific topic, the card frames have changed in the latest update from a previous rectangle design to the curved dimensions used by actual cards. While I personal dislike it greatly, I can understand that others don't so I think it'd be ideal if it were an option. Thanks as always and have a happy holidays.
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Re: Card Requests

Postby Kraya » 09 Dec 2017, 22:59

Good evening guys,

I have been using Xmage for a long time now (1500 Commander games) and havent made a single request now. But now I am here with a request:

Dr. Julius Jumblemorph

I know, requesting a unstable card is unusual...
But stay with me for a moment.
He is basicly an upgraded version of one of my favourite jank commander: Mistform Ultimus
When the DR was spoiled I knew I had to build a tribal tribal deck around him. I even manged to talk my playgroup into allowing him. But thankfully the committee ruled him to be officially commander legal.
Sadly this is only for a short period, and this is why am I here, aksing for Julious to be implemented as fast as possible to allow some playtesting and having a good time.

I dont think that having him implemented with only his Changeling keyword will be much of a hassle.
He doesnt have to have his Augment/Host tutor abillity, but if you could add this one too I wouldnt say no :roll:
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