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Problems running Xmage on ARM64 Linux

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2017, 18:56
by Ekkaiaa
I'm trying to run Xmage on a Ubuntu ARM64 laptop (Pinebook Ubuntu Mate 16.04). I installed openjdk-8-jre package, and launcher jar runs well.
That's the output from the first launch:

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Reading config from
XMage folder:  /home/xxx/xmage
XMage Launcher version installed:  0.3.8
XMage Launcher version available:  0.3.8
Java version installed: 
Java version available:  1.8.0_131
Java not found
XMage version installed: 
XMage version available:  1.4.23V6 (2017-05-21)
XMage not found
Downloading Java from
Installing Java ...Done
Downloading XMage from
Installing XMage ...Done
Java version installed:  1.8.0_131
Java version available:  1.8.0_131
XMage version installed:  1.4.23V6 (2017-05-21)
XMage version available:  1.4.23V6 (2017-05-21)
Then click on "Launch client" and a console opens with this message:

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/home/xxx/xmage/java/jre1.8.0_131/bin/java: 1: /home/xxx/xmage/java/jre1.8.0_131/bin/java: Syntax error: end of file unexpected (expecting ")")
If I type "java -version" shows "openjdk version '1.8.0_131'".

What I'm missing?


Re: Problems running Xmage on ARM64 Linux

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2017, 21:36
by Ekkaiaa
Just go to mage-client folder and tried the, still fails, seems got troubles with #!/bin/sh declaration, don't know why, but if I copy the java -Xms256m... command in a command line, starts and works! :)