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Release of XMage 1.4.25

by BetaSteward

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Release of XMage 1.4.25

Postby LevelX » 29 Jul 2017, 19:13

A new version of XMage (1.4.25) was released today.

Server will be updated with the next restart ( 08:00 CET and woogerworks 10:00 CET).
Launcher version will be updated around 07:00 CET do prevent that players update the client and the servers are not updated yet.

Download the Launcher jar from to install and run Xmage.
XMage Launcher

If you updated to a new version and want to revert back to the previous version you can set your xmage home (use custom) to e.g. "" (or similar URLs related to the release number) in the settings of the launcher and restart. (Don't forget to set it back to "" if you want again update to the newest version later.)

Some people had problems with java crashes since we updated the XMage internal java version to the most current java version. To check out, if this is caused from a newer java versions there is an alternate launcher config, which installs an older java 8 version within the XMage installation. If you have problems with java you may give it a try.

Direct XMage downloads of the archive files (without launcher) can be found here:

1.4.25V0 (2017-07-29) (possible to use from 2017-08-01 again)

Older versions of 1.4.25:
- None
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.25

Postby LevelX » 29 Jul 2017, 19:14

Release 1.4.25v0 (2017-07-29)


Improved editor search function, fixed some problems with search for split card rules.
The Deck mana analyse window has now some graphics.


Fixed a bug that created a endless loop if mana producer were involved, that create mana of any type lands of players could produce (fixes ##3374).
Fixed a bug that prevented players from paying costs during spell resolution (e.g. Mana Leak) - (fixes #3715).
Fixed a problem that the table health check removed tables that were just created by adding 30 seconds check stop after table start to prevent checking while server still is initializing the table start.
Afflict - Fixed that life loss of triggered afflict ability was not applied if creature with afflict was removed from battlefield before life loss effect resolved (fixes #3694).
Some Aftermath rule text fixes.


Breath of Fury - Fixed that the enchnatment was no longer properly moved (fixes #3722).
Bronze Bombshell - Fixed that its triggered ability did not work if put into play with Endless Whispers.
Grave Betrayal - Reworked card movement and color and subtype applying.
Jandor's Ring - FIxed possible null pointer exception (discard has to be a cost still lacking).
Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet - Fixed that the vampire token was also created if the destroyed creature was not moved to the graveyard.
Kormus Bell - Fixed a bug with order land type changing effects are applied (fixes #3470).
Mind's Desire - Fixed a problem with playing lands.
Mystifying Maze - Fixed that it returns creature into play untapped (fixes #3746).
Wild Evocation - Fixed handling to prevent errors in some cases.

**ADDED CARDS (39) **

Bifurcate in Mercadian Masques
Brand of Ill Omen in Ice Age
Curse of the Cabal in Time Spiral
Dark Privilege in Visions
Daru Spiritualist in Scourge
Destructive Urge in Urza's Saga
Dimensional Breach in Scourge
Festering Wound in Urza's Destiny
Flooded Woodlands in Ice Age
Giant Trap Door Spider in Masters Edition II
Hivis of the Scale in MIrage
Hunting Kavu in Invasion
Iceberg in Masters Edition II
Jeweled Amulet in Masters Edition II
Katabatic Winds in Visions
Kindle the Carnage in Dissension
Kirtar's Desire in Odyssey
Mudslide in Masters Edition II
Nix in Future Sight
Noble Benefactor in Weatherlight
Oath of Scholars in Exodus
Pack Hunt in Nemesis
Paradise Plume in Time Spiral
Pentarch Paladin in Time Spiral
Piper's Melody in Odyssey
Planar Guide in Legions
Planeswalker's Mischief in Planeshift
Reclamation in Ice Age
Reparations in Mirage
Rimescale Dragon in Coldsnap
Rites of Refusal in Odyssey
Ritual of Subdual in Ice Age
Seedtime in Judgment
Song of Serenity in Exodus
Volcano Hellion in Planar Chaos
War Elemental in Mirrodin
War's Toll in Dissension
Words of Waste in Onslaught
Words of Wilding in Onslaught
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