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Release of XMage 1.4.29

by BetaSteward

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Release of XMage 1.4.29

Postby LevelX » 19 Apr 2018, 19:39

A new version of XMage (1.4.29) was released today.

Server is already restarted with the new version.

Download the Launcher jar from to install and run Xmage.
XMage Launcher

If you updated to a new version and want to revert back to the previous version you can set your xmage home (use custom) to e.g. "" (or similar URLs related to the release number) in the settings of the launcher and restart. (Don't forget to set it back to "" if you want again update to the newest version later.)

Direct XMage downloads of the archive files (without launcher) can be found here:

1.4.29V4 (2018-05-01)

Older versions of 1.4.29:
1.4.29V3 (2018-04-24)
1.4.29V2 (2018-04-21)
1.4.29V1 (2018-04-20)
1.4.29V0 (2018-04-19)
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.29

Postby LevelX » 19 Apr 2018, 19:44

Release 1.4.29V0 (2018-04-19)


Planechase is now available with 20 planes implemented. Available as an option for new matches. View available planes in the Card Viewer under Planechase Anthology.

User interface (UI)

Added clickable links in message of the day panel (#4681);


Added localized card images download for Russian, Korean and Portuguese from;


Dominaria set (not all rule changes are implemented yet)


Cheat engine: added optional set code in card's command (example: battlefield:Human:Island:HOU:1);
Added two new sample Planeswalker decks: "Huatli, Dinosaur Knight" and "Nissa, Genesis Mage";


User interface (UI)

Fixed card hint window hangs and does not hide when the mouse move out (#4692)
Fixed summoning sickness mark in card viewer (#4514)
Fixed a problem in which card viewer would not retain selected tokens or cards option when switching between page sizes (#4514)
Fixed a problem that entchantments enchanting entchantments were not shown on the battlefield.


Added to all toUpperCase/toLowerCase calls the Locale.ENGLISH to prevent problems with some languages (e.g. Turkish).
Fixed a problem that a gained "is all creature types" from continous effects were not propertly reset on permanents.


Morph - Fixed that turning creatures face up didn't restore their subtypes (fixes #4566).


Alhammarret, High Arbiter - Fixed not working ability that prevents spell casting (fixes #4561).
Cowardice - Fixed not working target trigger (#4465)
Deep Analysis - Fixed that its flashback costs did not work with mana casting cost modification effects (fixes #4677).
Gallows at Willow Hill - fixed incorrectly creating a token for the artifact's controller instead of the target creature's controller.
Kongming, 'Sleeping Dragon' - Unified spelling for all sets it is included.
Mizzixs Mastery - Fixed a bug of that could lead to a endless loop if a player left the game.
Planar Guide - Fixed handling of exiling and returning the creatures in a not correct way (fixes #4740).
Vindictive Lich - Fixed that it did only execute the first effect (fixes #4742).


* Academy Drake in Dominaria
* Academy Journeymage in Dominaria
* Adamant Will in Dominaria
* Adeliz, the Cinder Wind
* Adventurous Impulse in Dominaria
* Amaranthine Wall in Dominaria
* Ancient Animus in Dominaria
* Arbor Armament in Dominaria
* Arcane Flight in Dominaria
* Artificer's Assistant in Dominaria
* Arvad the Cursed in Dominaria
* Aryel, Knight of Windgrace
* Aven Sentry in Dominaria
* Aven Shrine in Odyssey
* Baird Steward of Argive
* Bamboozle in Odyssey
* Befuddle in Dominaria
* Benalish Honor Guard in Dominaria
* Benalish Marshal in Dominaria
* Bestial Fury in Masters Edition
* Blackblade Reforged in Dominaria
* Blessed Light in Dominaria
* Blessing of Belzenlok in Dominaria
* Blink of An Eye
* Bloodstone Goblin in Dominaria
* Bloodtallow Candle in Dominaria
* Board the Weatherlight in Dominaria
* Broken Bond in Dominaria
* Brutal Suppression in Prophecy
* Cabal Evangel in Dominaria
* Cabal Paladin in Dominaria
* Cabal Shrine in Odyssey
* Cabal Stronghold in Dominaria
* Caligo Skin Witch
* Call the Cavalry in Dominaria
* Cast Down in Dominaria
* Cephalid Shrine in Odyssey
* Chainer's Torment in Dominaria
* Champion of the Flame in Dominaria
* Chandra Bold Pyromancer
* Chandra's Outburst in Dominaria
* Charge in Dominaria
* Charmed Pendant in Odyssey
* Cloudreader Sphinx in Dominaria
* Cold Water Snapper
* Corrosive Ooze in Dominaria
* Curator's Ward in Dominaria
* D Avenant Trapper
* Damping Sphere in Dominaria
* Danitha Capashen Paragon
* Darigaaz Reincarnated in Dominaria
* Daring Archaeologist in Dominaria
* Dark Bargain in Dominaria
* Dauntless Bodyguard in Dominaria
* Deathbloom Thallid in Dominaria
* Deep Freeze in Dominaria
* Demonic Vigor in Dominaria
* Demonlord Belzenlok in Dominaria
* Diligent Excavator in Dominaria
* Divest in Dominaria
* Dread Shade in Dominaria
* Drought in Ice Age
* Drudge Sentinel in Dominaria
* Dub in Dominaria
* Dwarven Shrine in Odyssey
* Elfhame Druid in Dominaria
* Elvish Impersonators in Unglued
* Eviscerate in Dominaria
* Evra Halcyon Witness
* Excavation Elephant in Dominaria
* Fall of the Thran in Dominaria
* Feral Abomination in Dominaria
* Fervent Strike in Dominaria
* Fiery Intervention in Dominaria
* Fight With Fire
* Final Parting in Dominaria
* Firefist Adept in Dominaria
* Firesong and Sunspeaker in Dominaria
* Forebear's Blade in Dominaria
* Frenzied Rage in Dominaria
* Fungal Infection in Dominaria
* Fungal Plots in Dominaria
* Gaea's Protector in Dominaria
* Garna the Bloodflame
* Ghitu Chronicler in Dominaria
* Ghitu Journeymage in Dominaria
* Ghitu Lavarunner in Dominaria
* Giftof Growth
* Goblin Barrage in Dominaria
* Goblin Chainwhirler in Dominaria
* Grand Warlord Radha in Dominaria
* Grow From the Ashes
* Grunn the Lonely King
* Guardians of Koilos in Dominaria
* Hallar the Firefletcher
* Haphazard Bombardment in Dominaria
* Healing Grace in Dominaria
* Helm of the Host in Dominaria
* Hint of Insanity in Odyssey
* History of Benalia in Dominaria
* Homarid Explorer in Dominaria
* Howling Golem in Dominaria
* In Bolass Clutches
* Invoke the Divine in Dominaria
* Jaya Ballard in Dominaria
* Jaya's Immolating Inferno in Dominaria
* Jhoira Weatherlight Captain
* Jhoira's Familiar in Dominaria
* Josu Vess Lich Knight
* Jousting Lance in Dominaria
* Kaervek's Purge in Mirage
* Kamahl's Druidic Vow in Dominaria
* Karn Scion of Urza
* Karn's Temporal Sundering in Dominaria
* Karplusan Hound in Dominaria
* Kazarov Sengir Pureblood
* Keldon Overseer in Dominaria
* Keldon Raider in Dominaria
* Keldon Warcaller in Dominaria
* Knight of Grace in Dominaria
* Knight of Malice in Dominaria
* Knight of New Benalia in Dominaria
* Krosan Druid in Dominaria
* Kwende Pride of Femeref
* Leshrac's Sigil in Ice Age
* Lich's Mastery in Dominaria
* Lim Duls Hex
* Lingering Phantom in Dominaria
* Llanowar Envoy in Dominaria
* Llanowar Scout in Dominaria
* Lyra Dawnbringer in Dominaria
* Mad Dog in Odyssey
* Mammoth Spider in Dominaria
* Marwyn the Nurturer
* Memorial to Folly in Dominaria
* Memorial to Genius in Dominaria
* Memorial to Glory in Dominaria
* Memorial to Unity in Dominaria
* Memorial to War in Dominaria
* Merfolk Trickster in Dominaria
* Mesa Unicorn in Dominaria
* Mind Burst in Odyssey
* Mine Mine Mine
* Mishras Self Replicator
* Monsoon in Ice Age
* Muldrotha the Gravetide
* Multani Yavimayas Avatar
* Naban Dean of Iteration
* Nantuko Shrine in Odyssey
* Naru Meha Master Wizard
* Navigator's Compass in Dominaria
* Niambi Faithful Healer
* Oath of Teferi in Dominaria
* On Serras Wings
* Once More With Feeling
* Orcish Vandal in Dominaria
* Painbringer in Odyssey
* Pardic Wanderer in Dominaria
* Pegasus Courser in Dominaria
* Phyrexian Scriptures in Dominaria
* Pierce the Sky in Dominaria
* Powerstone Shard in Dominaria
* Precognition Field in Dominaria
* Primevals Glorious Rebirth
* Primordial Wurm in Dominaria
* Pyromantic Pilgrim in Dominaria
* Radiating Lightning in Dominaria
* Raff Capashen Ships Mage
* Rampaging Cyclops in Dominaria
* Rat Colony in Dominaria
* Relic Runner in Dominaria
* Retribution in Masters Edition II
* Rite of Belzenlok in Dominaria
* Rites of Spring in Odyssey
* Rona Disciple of Gix
* Run Amok in Dominaria
* Sanctum Spirit in Dominaria
* Saproling Migration in Dominaria
* Seal Away in Dominaria
* Seismic Shift in Dominaria
* Sentinel of the Pearl Trident in Dominaria
* Sergeant At Arms
* Serra Disciple in Dominaria
* Settle the Score in Dominaria
* Shalai Voice of Plenty
* Shanna Sisays Legacy
* Shield of the Realm in Dominaria
* Shivan Fire in Dominaria
* Short Sword in Dominaria
* Skittering Surveyor in Dominaria
* Slimefoot the Stowaway
* Slinn Voda the Rising Deep
* Song of Blood in Visions
* Song of Freyalise in Dominaria
* Sorcerer's Wand in Dominaria
* Soul Salvage in Dominaria
* Sparring Construct in Dominaria
* Spore Swarm in Dominaria
* Sporecrown Thallid in Dominaria
* Squee the Immortal
* Steel Leaf Champion in Dominaria
* Stronghold Confessor in Dominaria
* Sylvan Awakening in Dominaria
* Tattoo Ward in Odyssey
* Tatyova Benthic Druid
* Teferi Hero of Dominaria
* Teferi Timebender
* Teferi's Sentinel in Dominaria
* Tempest Djinn in Dominaria
* Temporal Machinations in Dominaria
* Territorial Allosaurus in Dominaria
* Teshar Ancestors Apostle
* Tetsuko Umezawa Fugitive
* Thallid Omnivore in Dominaria
* Thallid Soothsayer in Dominaria
* The Antiquities War in Dominaria
* The Eldest Reborn in Dominaria
* The First Eruption in Dominaria
* The Flame of Keld in Dominaria
* The Mending of Dominaria in Dominaria
* The Mirari Conjecture in Dominaria
* Thran Temporal Gateway in Dominaria
* Tiana Ships Caretaker
* Time of Ice in Dominaria
* Tolarian Scholar in Dominaria
* Torgaar, Famine Incarnate in Dominaria
* Traveling Plague in Odyssey
* Traxos, Scourge of Kroog in Dominaria
* Triumph of Gerrard in Dominaria
* Two-Headed Giant in Dominaria
* Untamed Kavu in Dominaria
* Unwind in Dominaria
* Urgoros, the Empty One in Dominaria
* Urza's Ruinous Blast in Dominaria
* Urza's Tome in Dominaria
* Valduk, Keeper of the Flame in Dominaria
* Verdant Succession in Odyssey
* Verix Bladewing in Dominaria
* Vicious Offering in Dominaria
* Vodalian Arcanist in Dominaria
* Volcanic Wind in Mercadian Masques
* Voltaic Servant in Dominaria
* Warcry Phoenix in Dominaria
* Warlord's Fury in Dominaria
* Weatherlight in Dominaria
* Weight of Memory in Dominaria
* Whisper, Blood Liturgist in Dominaria
* Wild Onslaught in Dominaria
* Windgrace Acolyte in Dominaria
* Wizard's Lightning in Dominaria
* Wizard's Retort in Dominaria
* Woolly Spider in Masters Edition II
* Word of Undoing in Masters Edition
* Wormfang Newt in Judgment
* Wormfang Turtle in Judgment
* Yargle, Glutton of Urborg in Dominaria
* Yavimaya Sapherd in Dominaria
* Yawgmoth's Vile Offering in Dominaria
* Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp in Dominaria
* Zhalfirin Void in Dominaria
* Zombie Mob in Mirage
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.29

Postby LevelX » 19 Apr 2018, 22:13

Release 1.4.29V1 (2018-04-20)

Fight with Fire - Fixed not working target handling.
Knight of Malice - Fixed that all controlled creatures were boost instead of only the Knight.
Knight of Grace - Fixed that all controlled creatures were boost instead of only the Knight.
On Serras Wings - Fixed that the boost was +4/+4 instead of correctly +1/+1.
Relic Runner - Fixed condional can't be blocked handling.
Rona, Disciple of Gix - Fixed target text.
Shalai, Voice of Plenty - Fixed that it also gave wrongly hexproof to itself.
The Flame of Keld - Fixed game exception during copy.
Vicious Offering - Fixed missing target definition.
Warlords Fury - Fixed wrong tooltip rule text.
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.29

Postby LevelX » 21 Apr 2018, 21:24

Release 1.4.29V2 (2018-04-21)

Fixed a problem with exiling copied spells from the stack (Time Stop and Hive Mind problem).
Fixed that casting Fervent Strike didn't give double strike to targeted creature with Kwende, Pride of Femeref onto battlefield (fixes #4813).


Benalish Honor Guard - Fixed +1/0 for all Legendary permanents instead creatures.
Knight of Malice, Knight of Grace - Fixed that boost only worked if all players had a permanent with the needed color (fixes #4811).
Jaya Ballard - Fixed that the created emblem's ability did cause game breaking errors.
Muldrotha, the Gravetide - Fixed that you could wrongly cast from other graveyards and also not only during your turns.
Navigator's Compass - Fixed tooltip rule text.
Phyrexian Scriptures - Fixed that wrongly also the card sfrom the controlling player were exiled.
Rampaging Cyclops - Fixed that its power was not reduced if blocked by 2 or more blockers.
The Antiquities War - Fixed that the third ability affects wrongly also artifacts played after it resolves (fixes #4819).

On the V2 version will go live with the regular server restart 08:00 CET 2018-04-22.
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.29

Postby LevelX » 24 Apr 2018, 22:11

Release 1.4.29V3 (2018-04-24)
Deck editor

Added the possibility to select any subset or combination of sets to show in the card pool.


Fixed that Fall of the Thran allowed AI to get back dragons (fixes #4848).


Fixed broken "any target" spells (can't target to planeswalkers)
Fixed a problem of becomes ColorTargetEffect that causes objects to not always reset to original color.
Pennydreadful update.
Updated MTGO 1v1 Commander banlist
Fixed some card numbers.
Fixed a lot of tooltip rule texts.


Planechase - Fixed Tazeem Plane
Corrected incorrect card numbers in Visions


Corrosive Ooze - Fixed that the equipments were not destroyed.
Deep Freeze - Fixed overwriting color (fixes #4843)
Fight with Fire - Fixed that it was not being castable with no creatures in play (fixes #4849).
Goblin Barrage - Fixed that targeting did not work correctly.
Grasp of Fate - Fixed rule text. Fixed that exiled permanents did not return to battlefeild if the Grasp left the battlefield because its owner lost or left the game.
Healing Grace - Fixed that it did not preventing damage correctly (fixes #4840 and #4852).
Hostage Taker - Fixed exiling even when no longer on the battlefield (fixes #4844).
Phyrexian Scriptures - Fixed that it was exiling all graveyards rather than the opponents'.
Rona, Disciple of Gix - Fixed that it was not working after leaving and re-entering the battlefield.
Yawgmoth's Vile - Fixed offering (fixes #4839)
Some more fixes.


Lat-Nams Legacy
Trained Pronghorn in Judgment
Vampirism in Visions

On server the V3 version will go live with the regular server restart 08:00 CET 2018-04-25.
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.29

Postby LevelX » 30 Apr 2018, 23:35

Release 1.4.29V4 (2018-05-01)

Added Brawl gameplay mode (Free For All and Duel variants);


[Start Wars] Fixed "same images" download bug for basic lands;
[Start Wars] Fixed Obi-Wan Kenobi emblem (viewer, image download);
[Start Wars] Fixed all tokens (viewer, image download);


AI - Improved handling of target selection if AI doe smot control the ability itself.


Fixed Rat Colony deck valid check for all formats.
Fixed a problem with stack abilities created by Designations eg. Monarch triggered ability (fixes #4457).
Fixed a problem of deck generator to use cards from sets not legal to the format (fixes #4642).


Ashes to Ashes - Fixed resolution handling e.g. related to Valakut (fixes #4456).
Caligo Skin-Witch - Fixed wrong ETB trigger ability.
Elderwood Scion - Fixed that second static ability causing game exceptions.
Greenwarden of Murasa - Fixed "exile if you do" handling (fixes #4475).
Hall of Gemstone - Fixed its ability making lands tapped for colorless add colored mana (fixes #4872).
Herald's Horn - Fixed that cast cost reduction was also applied to other players.
Homarid Explorer - Fixed wrong rarity (was uncommon, is now common).
Mana Vault - Fixed that it doesn't return mana if payment is cancelled (fixes #4473).
Oubliette - Fixed some problems, reworked the card.
Path of Ancestry - Fixed that the triggered ability did not work when it was copied by Thespian's Stage (fixes #4464).
Scourge of Valkas - Fixed damage source handling.
Sergeant-at-Arms - Fixed missing kicker condition in tooltip rule text.
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale - Fixed forcing sacrifice of creatures which have left and re-entered the battlefield (fixes #4861).
Torgaar, Famine Incarnate - Fixed that if used as commander one cannot pay additional costs (fixes #4815).


Drain Power in Unlimited Edition
Glarecaster in Onslaught
Ice Cauldron in Masters Edition IV
Psychic Battle in Invasion

On server the V4 version will go live with the regular server restart 08:00 CET 2018-05-01.
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