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XMAGE missing card images

PostPosted: 06 Jun 2018, 10:40
by SIN7
Hey Guys,

I'm new to XMAGE. Played about 40 CMDr Games.
My problem is, that i do not have all card images in XMAGE... see image

2018-06-06 12_34_44-Downloading images.png
2018-06-06 12_34_44-Downloading images.png (11.4 KiB) Viewed 2313 times

I tried download images from all sources, but it does not work.
Other problem is, that Plains are displayed as Mountains and so on. This really sucks.
Is there any source, where you can download all Images for XMAGE included Battlebond and all Tokens und Promos?

Re: XMAGE missing card images

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2019, 11:06
by SIN7
Same problem still exist. Is there a download mirror to download all 38132 card images in high quality?

Re: XMAGE missing card images

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2019, 02:03
by rickp
i think you gotta look for them manually and then download them and insert the pics into the zip files - there are other threads on the forum detailing what to do.