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Set Memory Limit without using Launcher

PostPosted: 25 Jul 2018, 10:44
by JBE
Hi all,

I've been having trouble, like others,installing xmage through the launcher due to java not found, have manually downloaded the correct java etc but just getting a black DOS screen.

Loading from the client is fine but am stuck on 512 memory which is causing lag.

Is there a way to set the memory limit by using the client and not the launcher?

Thank you


Re: Set Memory Limit without using Launcher

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2018, 09:33
by Heris

for memory settings hover the mouse on the indicator "Memory used %" on top menu and follow the instructions; If you don't use the launcher you have to modify the file, found in XMage directory, with a text editor. Make a backup of original file before modify it.
You have to modify the line xmage.client.javaopts=