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Release of XMage 1.4.32

by BetaSteward

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Release of XMage 1.4.32

Postby LevelX » 26 Nov 2018, 18:51

A new version of XMage (1.4.32) was released today.

Download the Launcher jar from to install and run Xmage.
XMage Launcher

If you updated to a new version and want to revert back to the previous version you can set your xmage home (use custom) to e.g. "" (or similar URLs related to the release number) in the settings of the launcher and restart. (Don't forget to set it back to "" if you want again update to the newest version later.)

Direct XMage downloads of the archive files (without launcher) can be found here:

1.4.32V0 (2018-11-26)

Older versions of 1.4.32:
- None
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.32

Postby LevelX » 26 Nov 2018, 18:56

Release 1.4.32V0 (2018-11-26)
User interface (UI)

Added ignored list to tournaments (users from ignored list can't join to your new tournaments and tables);
Improved chat help about \ignore command (ignored users can't join your new tournaments and tables);
Added new skill level column with star icons instead text (tables view);
Improved import from clipboard dialog (if clipboard contains text then it's auto-paste on open);
Changed default USA server from to;


Added missing images for WPN and Gateway Promos (GRC) set in scryfall source;

Deck editor

Added card sorting by rarity column (#4414);


AI: improved and updated cards ratings/scores system for computer in drafting (see #5397 and #5399);
AI: latest sets/cards got updated ratings from
AI: improved scores calculation for drafting:
rare and compatible multicolor cards have a higher value for the computer;
removers have a higher value for the computer.
Added Bands With Other keyword.


Added many new sets, use scryfall to download images for it;
Added new set Ultimate Masters (UMA) with 254 cards;
Added new set Ultimate Box Topper Promos (PUMA) with 40 cards;
Added new set Game Night (GNT) with 68 cards (5 new);
Added new set Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits (GK1) with 127 cards;
Added new set from "MTG: Arena" - Arena New Player Experience (ANA) with 39 cards, 2 tokens (18 new);
Added new set Anthologies (ATH) with 85 cards;
Added 6 missing cards to Masters Edition II (ME2);
Completed set Urza's Legacy (ULG) with 4 new cards;
Completed set Urza's Saga (USG) with 17 new cards;
Completed set Planeshift (PLS) with 5 new cards;
Almost completed set Invasion (INV) with 8 new cards (missing Crystal Spray);


Updated Canadian Highlander format to November 19th, 2018 version (#5436);

User interface (UI

Fixed wrong game selection by double click on tables list (#5239);
Fixed not working deck generation for some settings (#5413);


Fixed that some sets uses same images for multi-images cards:
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN), Commander Anthology Volume II (CM2), Battlebond (BBD);
From the Vault: Transform (V17), Media Inserts (MBP), WPN and Gateway Promos (GRC), Alliances (ALL);
Fixed that some sets missing lands in lands/decks generation;


Fixed Coldsnap (CSP) booster that it missing of land card;
Fixed Battlebond (BBD) booster that it missing of land card;
Fixed a problem with casting split cards from non hand zone;
Server: fixed error on missing file settings on feedback receive;
Fixed wrong json logs for choose ability events;


Fixed exception error on copy of copy of aura for some enchantments like Estrid's masks, Animate Dead, etc;
Fixed wrong copy effects on rollbacks or errors;


Acklay of the Arena - Fixed triggered ability (#5416).
Adroit Hateflayer - Fixed triggered ability only doing damage to opponents instead of all players (#5416).
Brilliant Ultimatum - Fixed that it was not checked if the player is still allowed to play a land.
Chance for Glory - Fixed that it was set indestructible all permanents instead creatures (#5425).
Earth Surge - Fixed that it applies to controller's lands instead all players.
Etrata The Silencer - Fixed that it did not cause a game loss when a player had three cards with Hit counters.
Glarecaster - Fixed that its redirect ability allows for multiple redirects not only if damage is dealt at the same time (#5368).
Goblin Machinist - Fixed that its ability didn't reveal the nonland card and put it on the bottom of your library.
Grip Of Chaos - Fixed that it's can target itself on the stack (#5409).
Mind Bomb - Fixed that it can't do damage to players with 0 selected cards.
Mistveil Plains - Fixed that the card was not moved to library.
Ob Nixilis, Unshacked - Fixed that it doesn't triggered on failing to find a card (#5367).
Outer Rim Slaver - Fixed rule text. Improved target description text (#5416).
Pemmin's Aura - Fixed exception error after enchanted creature died.
Sins of the Past - Fixed that it can cast cards from any library instead controller's.
Sylvan Library - Fixed that the order of the cards put back to library was random.
Temur War Shaman - Fixed that fight was not optional (#5410).
Whispering Snitch - Fixed that it also triggered if other players surveilled.
Fixed wrong card text: Machinate, Spell Contortion, Warleader's Helix;


Adventurers Guildhouse
Amphibious Kavu in Planeshift
Angelic Reward
Antagonism in Urza's Saga
Archery Training in Urza's Destiny
Avatar of Growth
Bend Or Break
Betrothed of Fire in Weatherlight
Blinding Radiance
Bronze Horse in Masters Edition IV
Canal Dredger in Magic: The Gathering-Conspiracy
Cathedral of Serra in Legends
Clear the Land in Mercadian Masques
Confront the Assault
Cruel Cut
Deal Broker in Magic: The Gathering-Conspiracy
Death Or Glory
Disappear in Urza's Destiny
Discordant Dirge in Urza's Saga
Dominaria's Judgment in Planeshift
Duplicity in Tempest
Elder Spawn in Legends
Enchanted Being in Legends
Enchantment Alteration in Urza's Saga
Fatigue in Urza's Destiny
Fend Off in Urza's Destiny
Feral Roar
Fight Or Flight
Forethought Amulet in Legends
Goblin Bruiser
Goblin Gang Leader
Goblin Goliath
Guard Dogs in Planeshift
Hidden Predators in Urza's Saga
Hidden Stag in Urza's Saga
Incendiary in Urza's Destiny
Inspired Sphinx
Inspiring Commander
Isamaru Hound of Konda
Kry Shield in Legends
Lurking Jackals in Urza's Destiny
Lurking Skirge in Urza's Legacy
Master of the Hunt in Legends
Metathran Elite in Urza's Destiny
Militant Angel
Mirrorwood Treefolk in Planeshift
Mistfolk in Ice Age
Mob Mentality in Visions
Mountain Stronghold in Legends
Nimble Pilferer
Noxious Vapors in Planeshift
Ogre Painbringer
Old Fogey
Opal Acrolith in Urza's Saga
Opal Avenger in Urza's Legacy
Opal Titan in Urza's Saga
Outmaneuver in Urza's Saga
Power Taint in Urza's Saga
Private Research in Urza's Destiny
Pulse of Llanowar in Invasion
Reverberation in Legends
Rivers Favor
Rot Hulk
Samite Ministration in Invasion
Scrying Glass in Urza's Destiny
Seafarer's Quay in Legends
Serra's Hymn in Urza's Saga
Shelkin Brownie in Legends
Shorecomber Crab
Shrine Keeper
Soul Sculptor in Urza's Saga
Soul Strings in Prophecy
Soulhunter Rakshasa
Stand Or Fall
Subdue in Legends
Tactical Advantage
Thousand Legged Kami
Titanic Pelagosaur
Tolaria in Legends
Treetop Warden
Unholy Citadel in Legends
Veil of Birds in Urza's Saga
Veiled Apparition in Urza's Saga
Veiled Crocodile in Urza's Saga
Veiled Sentry in Urza's Saga
Veiled Serpent in Urza's Saga
Venomous Fangs in Urza's Saga
Viashino Bey in Urza's Legacy
Vigorous Charge in Invasion
Wall of Tombstones in Legends
Zephyr Gull
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