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Bug Reports XMage 1.4.38 SOFTWARE

by BetaSteward

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Bug Reports XMage 1.4.38 SOFTWARE

Postby JayDi » 09 Sep 2019, 21:12

If you have encountered any problems while using XMage 1.4.38 you can post them here.
Please mention who you were playing against: Human or the AI type.
Please describe how you got to that point. A screenshot of the battlefield at the moment something went wrong will be useful too. Otherwise, naming the cards that interacted will suffice. If you get an error log please add that too. Also often does a gamelog file from the mage-client/gamelogs/ folder help to reproduce the problem.

  1. Please use a separate post for each problem/bug.
  2. Don't report here problems concerning to install, start or connect xmage. Only game related problems of using xmage.
  3. Don't report here cards you would like to see implemented. Please report those card requests here:

Thank you for your help in detecting bugs.

Known Issues:

Already fixed but not available until the next XMage update
Look here before you post and describe a problem. Often the problems are already fixed and you only have to wait for the next update. If your problem is already mentioned as solved, there is no need to post it in this thread again.
See here:
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.38 SOFTWARE

Postby Grosduk » 10 Sep 2019, 10:52

Hello, today i had issue with newly implemented Leadership Vacuum card. Sorry, I don't have screenshot, neither error log. So here's what happened: I had my commander, Zur the Enchanter, on the table and my opponent tried to cast Leadership Vacuum. I responded with Cryptic Command, but it got countered by opponent's Mana Leak. Then, during resolution of Leadership Vacuum, something went wrong, error message popped up and game was rollbacked to start of the current turn. We repeated same actions once again with same result.

This forum didn't let me to upload logs, so feel free to ask for them.
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.38 SOFTWARE

Postby Polski Suzeren » 10 Sep 2019, 14:49

When attempting to begin a game of Commander with Syr Konrad in either the deck or the command zone, one of two errors continually occurs. Either the game never properly starts, not showing up in the active games list, or the table starts, and shows up in the game list, but the game halts during startup. Decks are listed as having 99 cards, but no cards are ever drawn, and no commanders are visible in the command zone windows. Cannot progress beyond this point.
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.38 SOFTWARE

Postby ortizm » 18 Sep 2019, 14:03

Hi! I've been having some various bugs lately:

1. The game just skips my blocking phase, and I'm not with F9 on or anything. It happened in 5 different games already.

2. When a player leaves xmage without conceding, the priority goes to him and freezes the game for everyone. Happens a lot

3. When someone asks for rollback, the next turn is automatically skipped, as if the player had pressed F9.

4. We are really anxious about having K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth in the game :D

Thank you for making xmage and always improving the gameplay! Cheers!
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Re: Bug Reports XMage 1.4.38 SOFTWARE

Postby NotNotNot » 18 Sep 2019, 22:25

Thousand Year Storm still doesn't work.
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