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Draft Old Sets Every Week! XMage Draft Historical Society

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2019, 08:46
by cheddarsuave
For you impatient ones out there, here's how you can get involved and play in the weekly drafts:

So what exactly is this group? Well, quite simply, we are a group of Magic players who love drafting old "historical" sets and who feel like these old sets being discarded and thrown into the dustbin of history, never to be played again, is a real shame.

Why did you create this group? I was just tired of the difficulty of getting pick-up drafts of old formats to fire on XMage, plus I wanted some community and continuity as well.

How does this work exactly? Each week we progress through Magic's draft history, going forward chronologically from the oldest draft format up until (nearly) the present, then flip it back and start all over again. We have four chronological League drafts per week as well as two "Bonus" drafts per week, which are a mix of formats chosen by community members, chaos drafts, cube drafts, and more wacky formats - some really innovative stuff!

Does participating and/or winning mean anything? Yes! Besides the satisfaction of conquering a pod, we track individual player results and give out trophies for going 3-0. Just for playing in our drafts, you increase your "devotion" count and can earn the right to pick any format you'd like in our Bonus slots. We have all sorts of badges to show your draft prowess through MTG history.

Do you really get these things to fire? Yes, we have a nearly 100% fire rate for our six weekly slots. We have a core group of regulars but are always looking for more. Average time to fire a table now is about 1-10 minutes.

How do I get involved?! Just click on this link to join our Discord!

Thanks for your time and hope to see some of you give it a try!


Re: Draft Old Sets Every Week! XMage Draft Historical Societ

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2021, 08:22
by cyxizilif

Re: Draft Old Sets Every Week! XMage Draft Historical Societ

PostPosted: 05 Jan 2022, 14:49
by hiemsop
interesting) thx)