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Release of XMage 1.4.45 Double Masters and 8000 promo cards

by BetaSteward

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Release of XMage 1.4.45 Double Masters and 8000 promo cards

Postby JayDi » 22 Aug 2020, 23:30

A new version of XMage (1.4.45) was released today.

Download the Launcher jar from to install and run Xmage.
XMage Launcher

Direct XMage downloads of the archive files (without launcher) can be found here:

1.4.45V1 (2020-08-29)
Download from github
Download from
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.45 Double Masters and 8000 promo ca

Postby JayDi » 22 Aug 2020, 23:32

# Release 1.4.45V0 (2020-08-23)

## Reworked promo sets and images download
* Added ~200 promo sets with ~7000 reprints and missing cards (#6190);
* Added missing cards for some sets (example: japan only reprints in WAR);
* Fixed wrong card numbers in some old sets;
* Fixed and updated all sample decks from \xmage\mage-client\sample-decks\ folder;
* Images: fixed missing and broken images for cards;
* Images: all ~49k card images are fully downloadable from scryfall source now;
* GUI: added threads setting in download dialog (increase it for fast download and decrease on too many errors);
* WARNING: if you use deck file with promo cards then it will be auto-fixed and saved on first usage (old promo cards will be replaced with new one, BUT from normal sets);
* WARNING: if you see wrong images bug in some old sets then just re-download images again;
* WARNING: if you have full images collection and want to clean up it from unused files then delete all zip/images files without and re-download images again;


## New sets and game modes
* New deck type: Historic (from MTG: Arena);
* New set: Double Masters (2XM);
* New set: Amonkhet Remastered (AKR);
* New sets: Historic Anthologies;
* New cards: added 8 cards from Mercadian Masques (Chameleon Spirit, Cornered Market, Insubordination, Port Inspector, Pretender's Claim, Righteous Indignation, Robber Fly, Unnatural Hunger);

## New deck legality checking
* Added deck legality check button in deck editor;
* It allows to check current deck for all popular game formats;
* Move mouse over legality button to see problems list;
* Click on legality button to select all illegal cards in current deck;
* Improved invalid deck message: now it shows most important problems on the top;


## New GUI themes/styles
* Added themes support in GUI;
* Theme can be changed in Preferences Dialog;
* Theme is a method to colorize GUI, change fonts and skip button styles;


## Mana calculation and playable cards
* Significly improved mana calculation and combos for many cards (#6698);
* Improved cost modification effects compatibility (#6684);
* AI can play cards with complex mana usage;

## GUI improves
* Game: added feedback needed sound notification (plays only for inactive game or app, can be disabled in Preferences, see #6853, #6558);
* Deck Editor: fixed that deck editor doesn't restore settings after games (cards list hides after draft/sideboarding, see #4350);
* Lobby: tables list gets additional info about game settings (rollback, spectators and planechase);
* Game: improved attackers draw (if attacker was blocked then arrow colorizes with gray color);
* Deck Editor: improved deck editor for small screens (fixed missing horizontal scrollbar, fixed overlapped card hint, see #6881, #6854);
* Deck Editor: improved deck editor for small screens (fixed panel sizes and scrolls, see #6881);
* Game: fixed auto-generated names for AI in new tournament dialog;

## Other
* Game: fixed empty text in some choose dialogs (example: Sorcerous Spyglass, see #6841);
* Game: fixed rollback in some situation like legendary disappear (see #5883, #1983, #5917);
* Game: fixed some corner cases for World Enchantment State-Based actions (704.5k rules support, see #545);
* Game: fixed that AI chooses itself as target for bad effects in some cards (see #6838);
* Game: fixed that Commander movement did not always work correctly after rollback (#6866);
* Game: fixed that Signature spell in Oathbreaker game mode did not return to command zone if exiled (#6870);
* Game: fixed that rollback restores user's mana pool payment settings but it must not (#5002);
* Game: fixed typos and wrong text in many cards (#6654);
* Game: updated ban lists in different formats;
* Server: fixed that too much permanents or mana sources on battlefield can crush or slow down the server (#6938);

## Abilities fixes
* Archetype cards - fixed layer to interact correctly with ability adding/removing continuous effects;
* Commander movement - fixed rare rollback error with empty library (#6952);
* Conditional mana - fixed combo with as though effects (example: Food Chain with Chromatic Orrery, see #6880);
* Converge abilities - fixed compatibility with mana payments from mana pool (example: cast Bring to Light on Cascading Cataracts, see #3816);
* Copy abilities - fixed that it can duplicate spell ability in copied card (example: gives wrong extra turnes, combo with Animate Dead, etc, see #6222, #6351, #6824);
* Discard cost - added hint text in card choose dialog about discard;
* Do if cost paid - added logs message if the player decided to pay the cost;
* Do if cost paid - fixed that some cards asks player about pay two times (fixed ~30 cards);
* Goaded abilities - improved compatibility with leaved players (#6832);
* If you control a commander - added card hints;
* Madness - fixed combo with Bag of Holding (#6889);
* Meld cards - fixed that the melt status can be randomly changed after rollback or with AI opponents (#6723);
* Metalcraft abilities - added card hints about artifacts count, fixed missing ability word;
* Move cards - fixed that some cards moves permanents in players order instead simultaneously (rules 101.4 support, see #6851);
* Offering - fixed handling of hybrid mana in casting costs of offered creatures (supported 118.7e rule, see #6961);
* Play from not own hand - added choose dialog to select consumable effect that allow to cast the card (example: Gisa and Geralf, Ghost Chieftain)
* Raid abilities - added card hints about raid condition, fixed missing ability words;
* Regeneration abilities - added card hint with regeneration shields amount and usage status (#6846);
* Regeneration abilities - fixed that effect do not discarded on source permanent blinked or changes zone;
* Regeneration abilities - fixed that regeneration shield isn't added to permanent on aura sacrifice cost (example: Stamina, Carapace, see #2221);
* Regeneration abilities - fixed that regeneration shields accumulated in attached aura instead permanent (bug example: re-attached aura gives old shields to new permanent, see #6846);
* Special actions - fixed that cast mode choose dialog ask from wrong player (related to Suspend, Entwine and other abilities, see #6919, #3309);
* Special mana abilities - fixed that it can be used to skip card's mana payments (#6937);
* You may activate equip abilities any time - fixed that not all Equip abilities were correctly affected by timing change (example: Leonin Shikari, see #6907);

## Cards fixes
* Alpine Houndmaster - fixed that it boost until attack ends instead until end turn, fixed text (#6643);
* Aminatou's Augury - fixed that it can cast only one exile spell (#6987, #5683);
* Bartered Cow - fixed that it does nothing when discarded (#6884);
* Basri's Lieutenant - fixed that it created the token if Lieutenant dies without a +1/+1 token (#6863);
* Choking Tethers - fixed compatibility with spells and triggers on stack like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (#6946);
* Chromatic Orrey - fixed that the spend mana effect applies to all players (#6950);
* Crystalline Resonance - fixed that the duration of the copy effect didn't end on the next turn of the controller (#6825);
* Domri, Chaos Bringer - fixed broken riot trigger (#6872);
* Dreadful Apathy, Followed Footsteps - fixed compatible with blinked cards (#6326);
* Duelist's Heritage - fixed that it give to opponent's creature a Double Strike;
* Enigmatic Incarnation - added process action after the sacrifice step (fixed combo with Nightmare Shepherd, see #6250);
* Enthralling Hold - fixed that it doesn't blocked by Hexproof (#6834);
* Epitaph Golem - fixed that it put card on top, rather than bottom (#6868);
* Essence of the Wild - fixed the copy effect;
* Fecundity - fixed that not always works with died creatures (#6867);
* Ghostly Pilferer - fixed that it triggers on any events instead opponents only (#6983);
* Haldan Avid Arcanist - fixed that the spend mana effect applies unconditional to all players;
* Hamletback Goliath - fixed rollback error (#6882);
* Helm of Obedience - fixed that the it was always sacrified with no creature was put to battlefield (#6862);
* Hex Parasite - fixed game freeze with AI opponent (#6905);
* Highcliff Felidar - fixed a problem that not always all players were handled (#6826);
* Hooded Blightfang - fixed combo with Ohran Frostfang/Bow of Nylea cards (#6959);
* Hunters' Feast - fixed wrong text (#6878);
* Karador, Ghost Chieftain - fixed that it doesn't reset after blink (#1893, #3856);
* Limited Resources - fixed that it counting only its controller lands (#6409);
* Memory Lapse - fixed wrong work with copies (#6823);
* Najeela, the Blade-Blossom - fixed that it does not give bonus combat for opponents (#6935);
* Nissa, Nature's Artisan - fixed that ultimate ability affects non-creatures (#6930);
* Obosh, the Preypiercer - fixed that the damage doubling was always done, even with 0 CMC (#6871);
* Obsidian Fireheart - fixed that ability stops working when owner leave the game (#6855);
* Planeswalkers Mischief - fixed rollback error on play;
* Psychic Theft - fixed rollback error on play;
* Pyromancer's Gauntlet - fixed that the effect was applied to all damage of planeswalker not only to planeswalker of the Gauntlets's controller (#6877);
* Reflecting Pool - fixed that it can tap for colorless when none of other lands can (#6814);
* Sanguine Indulgence - fixed rollback error on play, fixed card text (#6643);
* Satyr Firedancer - fixed that it doesn't triggers for each opponent (#6388);
* Soulshriek - fixed that it update boost params instead locked in, fixed rollback error (#6821, #6817);
* Stormwild Capridor - fixed that damage prevention ability can't be turned off by another effects like Stomp (#6915);
* The Magic Mirror - fixed that it draw the wrong number of cards on the beginning of upkeep (#6840);
* Transform abilities - fixed duplicated triggered abilities from transformed permanents;
* Twinning Glass - fixed that doesn't check if a spell with the same name has already been cast (#6803);
* Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign - fixed that it affect first opponent instead ma the choose (#6902);
* Vivien, Monsters' Advocate - fixed that -2 ability triggers on noncreature spells (#6922);
* Vivien, Nature's Avenger - fixed missing targets for -6 ability (#6972);
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Re: Release of XMage 1.4.45 Double Masters and 8000 promo ca

Postby JayDi » 29 Aug 2020, 21:03

# Release 1.4.45V1 (2020-08-29)

## Cards and sets improves
* Added new set: Commander Collection: Green (CC1);
* Added new set: Signature Spellbook: Chandra (SS3);
* Updated Mythic Edition: added reprints from WAR set;
* Updated Dragon's Maze: fixed missing special rare cards from boosters (#7021);
* Updated Secret Lair Drop: added missing reprints, fixed wrong card numbers (images download);

## Other
* GUI: added Historic set filter in deck editor;
* GUI: fixed that Historic games aren't visible in lobby list (now it visible under "other" filter);
* Images: added startup logs about wrong charset settings in system (log hint can help to fix missing promo images, see #7020);

## Abilities fixes
* Draw card and reveal, if it ... - fixed that some cards can process to next part of effect even after replaced draw event (example: Fa’adiyah Seer with Enduring Renewal);
* God-Eternal dies abilities - fixed rollback error in rare cases;
* Monarch designations - improved effects stability after game rollback or in AI games;
* Target Elf, count Elf - fixed that some cards counts only creatures, but ignore non-creature Elf (example: Elvish Archdruid wiith Prowess of the Fair, see #7006, #7008);

## Cards fixes
* Angel of Jubilation - fixed possible rollback error on usage (#7019);
* Cavern of Souls - fixed unintended info message during mana calculation (#6996);
* Kaervek, the Spiteful - fixed wrong +1/+1 text (#7017);
* Meddling Mage - fixed rollback error on some usage of choose dialog;
* Nim Deathmantle - fixed that creature was not returned to battlefield (#7018);
* Safe Passage - fixed a problem that damage to player was not prevented (#6995);
* Undercity Reaches - fixed rollback error on plane's draw trigger;
* Vesuvan Shapeshifter - fixed that creature with hexproof could not be selected to copy;
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