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Unity3D Recreation of XMage

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2020, 02:02
by wenildexis5
I would like to make something like MTGA with the codebase of XMage. The goal is to make it have the pros of both two games: friendly interface and good new-player experience (so that we can convert people to MTG, which is important) from MTGA and 10000+ cards and freedom (open sourced, no colletible function, no money invovled) from XMage.

Ideally, what I would expect is that it will be compatible with XMage codebase for all future versions (i.e. all future cards can be wrote once in Java and then usable to both XMage and the Unity3D recreation).

Here's some questions for the community:

Is there already a project similar to my proposal?

Is what I'm proposing allowed by you the developers?

How is the current XMage codebase in terms of compliace with the comprehensive rulebook?

Is there anyone wanting to join me developing this?

Re: Unity3D Recreation of XMage

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2020, 03:10
by JayDi
Use github for devs discussion: